Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 07

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I started the engine and drove away from Viv’s house, her hand was on my leg, stroking the inside of my thigh. She wasn’t doing it provocatively, more in a way that symbolised how close we had become.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yes, why?” she replied, turning to look at me.

I glanced at her and was instantly captivated by her beauty. I felt like I was the luckiest man alive.

“David! Look out!”

I was about to run into the back of a parked car! My glance was obviously not just a glance. I swerved and avoided the car.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked.

“You are! I know, I know… I should keep my eyes on the road.

The reason I asked if you were OK is because you’re leaving your home of more than twenty years behind you. As well as your marriage, which, would have been good at one time and you’ve left the church which, I thought was a major part of your life.”

“I love you David. Apart from Yvonne you are all that matters to me now. For good or for bad, you are now everything to me.” she gave my thigh a quick rub, just to emphasise her words.

She spent the rest of the short journey looking out of the passenger side window. She looked deep in thought.

When we arrived I carried her cases to the house and opened the front door. I dropped the cases inside. She followed me, her high heels clicking on the floor. We stood facing each other, holding hands. I pushed the door closed with my foot.

She took one of my hands and slipped it inside a bra cup, the other she placed on her inner thigh, “Now I want you to finish what you started in the car!”

The fingers of one hand sought her nipple, the fingers of the other, her slit. Viv’s fingers were busy releasing my rapidly hardening cock. When it sprang free she held it in her hand, feeling it’s girth and weight.

“Mmm, so big, I want this inside me again.”

My foreskin was retracting as my cock filled out, she slid my foreskin back all the way. Her manicured bitch red nails and slim fingers looked so sexy wrapped around my cock.

Meanwhile, my fingers had slid under her skirt and over her smooth stockings, over the smooth white skin of her upper thigh and reached her silk panties. I traced my middle finger along the length of her slit, pushing the delicate fabric between her folds. I felt the depression that was her entrance, she was moist there, my finger continued up to her clitoris. I teased it with my fingertip, feeling it enlarge.

She moaned softly, “Oooh, yes, I want you to take me right here, bend me over on the stairs and take me from behind.”

She removed her jacket, her top and her skirt. As she did so I stripped. She stood there in just high heels, stockings, silk bra and matching red panties. I looked first down and then back up the body of the ravishing woman in front of me. As my eyes came back up she held my eyes with her green, mischievous ones. She reached behind to unhook her bra, slipped the straps off her arms, one at a time, then stood there holding the cups over her breasts.

I started stroking my cock.

She smiled at that and slowly exposed her heavy breasts to me. Then she pressed them together then up towards her mouth, then she bent her head and licked each of her brown, erect nipples.

I started stroking faster, my balls swaying in time.

She then sucked each nipple and as she released each one, she pulled them with her teeth. I kept on stroking my cock.

She then slid her panties down, ever so slowly, the gusset was momentarily trapped where I’d pressed it into her fanny. She exposed her full bush. I thought she might have trimmed it, as part of her makeover. However, she’d only trimmed the thin line of pubic hair that had started near her navel and stopped trimming when she reached her mons. She’d also trimmed her groin where the hairs were outside her knicker gusset, but that was all.

As her panties passed her knees she let them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them, her heels clicking on the floor. She picked them up, sought out the damp gusset coated with her vaginal secretions and held it to my nose. I inhaled deeply, her musk was so earthy and sensual. Then her fingers pushed the wet gusset into my mouth. I tasted the tanginess of her pussy. I had to pause my stroking, lest I came too soon.

She turned around and bent over, looked back at me and pulled her cheeks apart, “You can taste the source if you want. I want you to do that.” she said, almost pleadingly.

I knelt down, she was exposing herself so widely, her red nails pulling her cheeks apart so that I could see right inside her vagina. That’s where I slid my tongue first. My nose pressed against her anus.

“Aaaah, yes, oh, go on, eat me.”

I thrust my tongue inside her a few times fucking her with my tongue then I licked her all asyabahis yeni giriş over, from her clit to her rosebud making sure she was coated in my saliva mixed with her natural lubricant.

I then stood and brushed my cockhead up and down her cleft, then I entered her in one swift motion. I started fucking her relentlessly. She started panting and groaning.

In the hall mirror I saw the most erotic image. Viv, her high heels making her look as if she were standing on tiptoe and emphasising the muscles in her shapely, stocking encased legs. The suspender belt curving over her bum, her heavy breasts swaying in time to my thrusts and her head looking back between her legs. My thick, glistening cock momentarily visible, her labia clinging to it before it plunged back into my mother in law.

Her anus was still coated with a mixture of my saliva and her juice. I inserted the tip of my finger.

“Ahh yessss!” was her response.

Then I inserted my finger all the way. I could feel through the separating membranes, my cock passing to and fro past my finger as I fucked her other hole.

“Oooh, you dirty bugger! I’m starting to cum, don’t stop, keep your finger in there. Ahhhhh…”

As she came so did I. I withdrew and shot four strings of cum over her back, the rest over her bum and gaping cunt.

After I got my breath back I picked up my shirt and wiped up my cum.

“It’s OK, I’ll take a shower, do you want to join me?”

I did, there wasn’t much room as it was just a shower over a bathtub with a plastic curtain. I’d like to say that I had another erection and fucked her again but I didn’t.

We washed each other, everywhere, it wasn’t erotic, just intimate and nice. It was such a thrill to me. To know that no part of my mother in law’s body was now out of bounds to my touch. I also knew that it wouldn’t be much longer before I would take Viv anally.

When I was dressed I brought the rest of her stuff from the car. She dressed in a different set of silk underwear but the same top and skirt. She re-applied her makeup. Not as expertly as it was before, but not far off.

“I’ll get better, the beautician showed me the basics for my skin type and colour.”

“So you want Yvonne to see the full effect as well?” I asked.

“Well yes, I do. I won’t wear makeup every day, but today is special.”

I helped her with unpacking and when I saw the rubber contraption I held it up.

“It’s for administering an enema, this end goes into lukewarm water, you pump this bit until water comes out of this end then you insert it in your bum. Then pump it until you feel a bit full. Then you pull it out, sit on the loo and hold it as long as you can. Then let it out and repeat a few times until the water coming out is clear. I did it just before you picked me up today.” she admitted, flashing her wicked eyes.

“When did you buy it?”

“Oh years ago, when I was a health nut. The thinking at the time was that poo can get compacted and stay in your bowels a long time and release toxins that affect your general health. This helps break them up and clear you out.

We both know that before too long you’re going to take me up the bum and from our frolics thus far you know I want that. I’ve encouraged you to finger my bum. I thought bringing this along would make sure it never gets messy.”

“So you thought we might do that today?”

“Yes, perhaps, but no rush, when you’re ready… I’ll be prepared.” that mischievous smile again, “I bet you and Yvonne have done it.”

“Oh yes.”

“Ooh, you dirty bugger, you stuck your big cock up my little girl’s bottom! Then I bet you pushed it in and out, didn’t you?”


“I bet she moaned and grunted didn’t she?”

“Yes, a lot.”

Viv was rubbing her thighs together.

“I’m imaging what that looked like, your big cock stretching her bottom, did you cum inside her bum?”

“Every time.”

“Ohhhh yes!” she lifted her skirt and put her hand in her knickers, “I wish I’d caught you both doing that.”

“Well, talking of getting caught, she’ll be back from work any minute. We’d better get downstars, especially with you looking so flustered and me with a hardon.”

I adjusted myself and left Viv furiously masturbating and went downstairs and pottered about.

After a few minutes Viv came down looking immaculate. She walked past me,

grabbing my arse with her red talons as she went to put the kettle on.

I heard Yvonne’s keys in the lock. She walked in, looking tired after a hard day. She kissed me and asked, “Did you manage to pick up mum OK?”

Before I could answer Viv walked into the hallway.

Yvonne’s bag fell out of her hands onto the floor, her eyes wide and mouth open, “Mum?!!!”

Viv just smiled lovingly at her.

“Oh mum!” Yvonne asyabahis giriş ran into Viv’s arms they hugged each other tightly.

Yvonne started sobbing, her mother’s eyes filled with tears as she stroked her daughter’s head.

When she’d calmed down Yvonne held her mum at arm’s length, “I’ve never seen you like this, you’ve always been so plain and frumpy. Mum you’re gorgeous! David, isn’t she?”

My self-preservation instincts kicked in. I was on dangerous territory here so I made a joke of it, “Yeah, she scrubs up well, your dad’ll be gutted when he sees what he’s lost.”

Viv just smiled. Yvonne said, “More fool him, serves him right.”

I went to make us all a meal and left Yvonne chatting with Viv.

After the meal we watched TV for a bit then I excused myself as I needed to be up early for work. Sleep didn’t come easily and I tossed and turned, all sorts of scenarios running through my mind. I didn’t know how we were going to keep our relationship a secret from Yvonne. A living arrangement that at first seemed ideal now seemed stupidly foolhardy. Yvonne wasn’t an idiot.

I heard Viv go to her room, a short time later Yvonne came in quietly, trying not to wake me. She slipped under the duvet and lay close to me. I could feel the heat radiating from her naked body.

She whispered softly in case I was asleep, “You awake hun?”

“Uh huh.”

“This change in mum, it’s you isn’t it?”

I thought, “Oh shit, she’s worked it out.” there was no point in lying.

“It started on holiday didn’t it?”

Her voice was very calm and matter of fact, she wasn’t pissed at me.


She sat up in bed, so did I, “Tell me what happened.”

Haltingly, I proceeded to tell her everything, the beach, exposing myself in the chalet, the first kiss, the Sunday meal, the evening the following day, everything. As I told her the tale, her hand went between her legs.

“This is turning her on!” I thought. My cock thickened and grew.

“Why aren’t you angry at me?” I asked.

“I’ve no right to be… I have someone else as well.”

“I know.”

“It’s Cathy.”

“I know.”

“But, how? How do you know?”

“I saw you when you came home from badminton, when you kissed Cathy in her car, I was outside, I’d taken rubbish to the bin.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I thought it might just be you experimenting, I know you’re willing to try anything once. I thought I’d let it lie and see what happened. The thought of you together was also a turn on.”

“I’ve already said you might react that way to Cathy, but she said she doesn’t want to be anybody’s fascination fuck!”

“How long has it been going on?”

“About two years, since just after you and I met. At first it was just a new sexual experience, nothing serious and there weren’t that many occasions when she and I could get together. After we were married and bought this place, she could come here, when you were on lates.”

“How serious is it now?”

“I’m in love with her, we want to live together. I’m so sorry hun, I do love you but not in the same way as I do her.

I think you and I married too young, I fell for you but the love I have for you isn’t as strong as the love I have for her. I was too young to know that, too inexperienced.

Even what I feel for Cathy might not be what I could ultimately feel, but right now it’s where I need to be, with her.”

“I think the same has happened to me. I was torn with guilt. Eventually I knew if I was forced to choose I’d choose your mum. That was even before she looked as she does now, so I know it’s not just physical attraction.”

She put her forehead on mine, “What are we like? I’m so turned on though, thinking of you fucking my mum. Fuck me now David, please, pretend I’m her.”

She scooted down the bed and lay back, legs wide apart. I entered her easily and started fucking her hard, her tight pussy squelching. I wasn’t thinking of Viv, just of giving Yvonne pleasure with our last fuck. She came quickly. I wasn’t far behind, she could tell and pushed me away before I came. My cock was bouncing, denied it’s release.

“Don’t cum in me, go to her. Spend the night with her. I’m going downstairs to call Cathy. I’ll move out tomorrow and come back at the weekend for the rest of my things and we can all talk then. Tomorrow night mum can sleep with you in this bed.”

Yvonne’s juices had become a bit sticky on my deflating cock. I went to the bathroom to wash, then slipped into Viv’s bed. She was still awake, I could tell she’d been crying.

“No, go back! Yvonne!”

“It’s OK she knows.”

I explained what Yvonne had said then asked, “Why were you crying?”

“I was thinking it was a mistake coming to live here. Every night you sleeping with Yvonne and not with me asyabahis güvenilirmi and then I could hear you both.”

“That was our last time.”


“Yes. I think we’ll end up getting divorced, but very amicably.”

“And she was turned on by the thought of you fucking me?”

“Very much so.”

“I’d let her watch us, it would excite me.”

Viv started wanking me under the duvet. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” said Viv.

Yvonne came in wearing her white bathrobe. She sat on the bed next to her mother.

“David’s told you mum?” Viv nodded, “I’ve just told Cathy. She’s bringing me home from work tomorrow, to pick up some essentials and I’ll be going back to live with her. We’ll be back Saturday morning for the rest of my things. Then we can all sit down and work out the practicalities.”

“OK love.” said Viv, still stroking me, Yvonne noticed the movement.

“Are you…?”

“Yes, do you want to see?”

Yvonne bit her lip and nodded. Viv pulled the duvet off enough for Yvonne to see her mothers painted fingers wrapped around my hard cock.

“He does have a lovely cock doesn’t he mum?”

“Oh yes, much bigger than your father’s.”

“I loved sucking it.”

“What about one last time, while I watch?”

“Can I?”

Both Viv and I nodded.

Yvonne stood up and dropped her bathrobe, she climbed over the bed and got into the 69 position over me. Viv held my cock by the base as Yvonne took my whole length, deep throating me, Viv’s eyes went wide as Yvonne took all of me, the head obviously entering her throat.

Yvonne’s vagina was leaking copious amounts of her lubricant, her pussy right in front of my face. I looked at Viv. She had a look of sheer lust on her face as she got on to her knees, leant over us and spread her daughter’s pussy wide for me. I buried my face in Yvonne’s snatch.

“Gluck! Gluck! Mmmmm, Gluck!” went Yvonne as she continued to deep throat me.

Viv watched us, all the time with her hand between her legs. Then she whispered something to Yvonne. Viv got on her hands and knees and Yvonne stopped deep throating me. She turned, pulled me up and positioned me behind her mother.

She grasped my cock, pointing it at the entrance that gave birth to her and with her other hand on my bum pushed me into her mother’s wet vagina.

“Yesssss, go on, fuck my mother!”

Then she shuffled onto her back in front of her mother, spread her legs and pulled her mother’s face into her cunt.

“Go on mum, eat your daughter!”, she groaned.

Viv needed no further encouragement.

There were two sex monsters in the room, like mother, like daughter.

I pounded Viv’s cunt, her bum cheeks rippling with each thrust. All I could hear from Viv were muffled groans. Yvonne was wailing, her head thrashing from side to side. I couldn’t see, but Viv had inserted first one, then two then three fingers in Yvonne’s rectum.

Viv then disengaged, she helped Yvonne onto her hands and knees and beckoned me to fuck her daughter. She spread her daughter’s arse cheeks, Yvonne’s anus slightly open and twitching, it hadn’t fully closed after Viv withdrew her fingers. I guided my cock inside Yvonne’s anal passage.

Viv’s eyes were wild with lust. She watched as Yvonne’s sphincter spread around my glans, closing around my shaft as it went over the rim. Yvonne grunted. My cock continued to slide into Yvonne’s bowels.

“Look at what you’re doing to my baby girl, with your big thick cock in her tight bottom!”

Yvonne started wailing with pleasure, “Fuck meeee!”

Viv then got in front of Yvonne and spread her legs so that daughter was now eating mother. Viv was propped up on her elbows so she could watch her daughter eating her pussy, while her son in law fucked her daughter up the bum.

Both Viv and Yvonne had several orgasms. The smell in the room was intoxicating.

I was pumping hard into Yvonne, her smaller, tighter bum cheeks were rippling, but not as much as her mother’s did. The grip of her sphincter and the silky warmth of her depths were bringing me to the edge.

“I’m going to cum! Both of you lie down heads together!” they quickly did so. I knelt over them stroking my cock. My legs went weak as I came. Rope after rope, painting both their faces and tits. I collapsed on them and we lay there panting.

I got up and cleaned them up as best I could with Yvonne’s bathrobe. Then we all got under the duvet, our arms around each other.

“That can’t happen again.” said Viv.

“No, it can’t.” said Yvonne.

“I agree, life would be too complicated, I couldn’t cope.” I said, “But what a way to draw a line under a relationship.”

Yvonne gave us both a quick kiss, “See you both on Saturday.” she bent to pick up her robe, giving me a quick glimpse of her pussy from behind then she left the room.

Her pert bottom swayed as she left, dragging her robe behind her. That was the last time I saw her naked.

Viv snuggled up close to me, one leg over me and we fell asleep.

To be continued…

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