Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 02

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He glanced down at Lacey, “Stand up and lay across my desk.” He slid his pants the rest of the way down as he finished his sentence. Slowly she rose to her feet she hopped up onto his desk. Her skirt bunched around her hips as she moved backwards, leaving her ass on cold metal.

“Do you want me on my back or stomach?”

He walked over to his desk and stood in front of her. “Back for now, I want to watch your face as I take your virginity.”

Nodding her twists lifting her legs onto the surface. Her pink panties in full view, if she spread her legs just a little bit he would be able to see a damp spot on them. He opened the drawer and set a bottle of lube onto the desk, then looked at her.

“Lose the skirt.”

She reached for the button quickly getting it unfastened. Her thumbs slipped into the waistband as she slid the rough material off. He then pushed her legs apart, noticing the damp spot she had. He smirked, “Looks like someone is enjoying this too.”

She blushed turning her face toward her shoulder.

“It is involuntary.”


He hooked his fingers under her panties and slid them down the slender curves of her legs. She kicked off her other sandal. She looked up at her teacher thankful she shaved the night before. Her pussy was pale, pink and perfectly smooth. He leaned down and looked up at her, smirking before he pressed his tongue against her tight, little slit and pushed her pink lips apart. Her body gave a slight shiver. She felt herself grow wet as she watched him lick between her legs. The faded blush on her cheeks turned bright pink as she moaned softly. He spread her open with his fingers and pushed his tongue deeper, flicking it wildly inside of her. Her lower body squirmed as his tongue slipped in between her lower lips. A stream of small whimpers left her mouth. He moved his mouth up and clamped his lips down on her clit, sucking at it hard as his tongue flicked against it.

“G…god,” she struggled to speak as pleasure filled her body. She should hate this but fuck it felt to good. He slipped a finger into her tight hole and slid it in all the way as his tongue continued its rapid assault on her clit. Her left leg twitched uncontrollably. The sweet juices of her pussy were flowing onto the desk. She could feel her heart pounding as his finger moved inside her. He kept moving the finger all the way, then back out, making sure to loosen her up as much as he could before using his cock. She was going to cum and she couldn’t stop it. As his finger slid in as her back arched off the desk. A loud moan escaped her slightly parted lips. He moved his finger a few more times before slowly withdrawing it; he also raised his mouth away from her pussy.

“Enjoyed that I see.”

A light blush grew on her cheeks, “Y…yes actually I did.”

He removed his finger and small amounts of her cum squirted out. She couldn’t help but blush. He smiled as he tugged her to the edge of the desk, “good you will love this then too.”

He placed the head at her pussy and slowly began to push his cock into her. She swallowed the lump in her throat. Was she prepared for the pain to come? She looked up as he was pushing his way into her. He gripped her hips as his head slowly pushed her lips apart and began to sink Cebeci Escort into her tight little hole. “Oh damn…” She took a deep breath.

He was struggling to get in and it hurt. She closed her eyes, trying to focus. He slid out; applying more lube then tried again. He slid in with much resistance but the lube helped out slightly. She winced in pain whispering a small protest. Her body was slowly adjusting to him but the tight muscles of her aching sex was making it slightly difficult. Looking up at him she smiles slightly.

“Am I to tight for you?”

He smiled down at her. “I was trying to do this without hurting you much, but as tight as you are…that seems impossible.”

She glanced up at him, “The pain is fading.”

She turned away from him, her eyes fixed on the stage. Slowly she slid her hands up under her own shirt then slides it over her head. He stares as the floral printed top flutters to the ground. Her C-cup breasts were spilling out the top of her pink bra. He was looking down at her breasts, she swore he almost licked his lips.

“Well, i’m glad it is.”

“Does my teacher wish to see?”

He quickly nodded, “yes. Let me see them.”

Biting her bottom lip she slides her hands behind her undoing the clasp. When she feels it give way she looks at him again. In one flawless motion she slips it off baring her breasts to him. The cold air of the auditorium makes her nipples harden to a little pink point. He reaches down and grips both of her breasts, kneading them like they were dough. She moans his name softly as he squeezes and fondles her. He continued to push his cock inside of her, now reaching her hymen, he looked down at her.

“This is going to hurt for a second.”

She gives him a quick nod telling him she is ready. Her lungs fill with air and she holds her breath. He pushes forward and tears through it, his cock sliding in a little easier afterwards. As she exhales she whimpers in pain. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

He stops moving and peers down at her, “Are you good?”

She smiles and nods. “Yeah i’m fine.”


He slowly moves again, only having to go a couple more inches before his entire length was sheathed inside of her. As the pain fades pure pleasure builds lower in her body. Her whimpers of pleasure start to get louder. He now slid himself back, and then trusted forward.

“There, you are already used to me.”

He smiled as she sat up and kissed him deeply, her large breasts pressed to his chest. The feeling of him moving deep inside her was bringing long drawn out moans from deep within her. He was surprised, but kissed her back, he thrusted into her slowly once more, and then began to speed up. She moaned against his lips, “mmmm…f.fuck that feel so good.”

A blush filled her entire face.

He smiled, “Glad I’m not the only one thinking that.”

He moved his lips down to her neck and bit on it gently. Her blush slowly starts to fade.

“N…No you’re not the only one.”

She smiled and laid back down on the desk. His green eyes scanned her body, taking in the sight. Her body was perfection. She laid before him; her ivory skin was soft to the touch as his fingers traced Çıtır Escort every curve. Her body gave a shudder as he leaned down, taking her right nipple into his mouth. The tip of his tongue swirled around her pert nipple. She could feel heart racing and slamming against her chest.

Her voice dropped to a hush, “please don’t stop.”

He smirked and decided to enact his plan, his hips began to slow and he moved his mouth away.

“So I expect that you will stay after class every day from on, right. Either that, or get here very early in the mornings.”

He looked at her lying on his desk, pleasure visible on her face. She was shocked.

“You want me to stay after. Everyday?” His thrusting had now stopped completely as his gaze stabbed through her.

“Yes I do, because I want this, everyday. I’ll even raise your grade for you.”

She had to pause to think; so many things could go wrong.

“What if someone finds out?”

“Who would?” He sat there, his finger lightly toying with her nipple.

Thinking about she knew he was right.

“Ok I’ll stay after.”

“Good girl.”

He smiled and pulled her up to him. His lips merged with hers as he kissed her passionately. She kissed him then let her head fall back as she moaned his name. He lifted her up off his desk; his hands gripping her ass tightly as he impaled her onto his cock with each thrust. She could hear how wet she was every time he slammed up into her pussy. His lips were attacking her neck and he was moaning her name every time she sunk down on his cock. Her pleasure was so intense, she caught herself grinding downward as he slammed up into her. He was so deep inside her, and the feeling of his lips on her neck was driving her body crazy if he kept it up her cum would be running down his swollen manhood. He left multiple little marks across her lower neck and collarbone. His moans were deep and thick with lust as his rhythm got more sporadic. He knew he was close cumming himself, he could tell it would be a strong release. She start rolling her hips as he thrusted upwards. She was so close, so very close. She nuzzled her face into his neck breathing in the scent of his cologne. A throaty growl rumbled from his lips.

“God…, I’m about. To cum.”

He gripped her hips tightly and slammed her down onto his cock. She bite down on his neck as her body spasmed as he held her. The walls of her dripping sex constricted around him as her orgasm shook her to her core.. Her breathing was heavy and shaky. He felt her tighten around him and it pushed him over the edge, his balls tightened and he erupted deep inside of her. Strands of hot, thick cum coated the walls of her pussy. It felt so go he had to sit her down on the desk and lean on it so his legs didn’t give out. She felt their combined spent passion drip from between her legs, drop by drop it ran down his shaft

Taking a deep breath she looks at him. “Are you ok?”

He looked up at her, clearly dazed and in a blissful state.

She smiled and laughed a bit, “I said are you ok?”

“Oh yea…fine…that was just the most intense orgasm i have ever had.”

He laughed lightly as her body collapsed onto the desk.

She muttered Demetevler Escort to herself, “that was nothing like fingering me.”

“Well I certainly hope not, I’m much bigger and longer than fingers. So, did you enjoy your punishment?” He laughed to himself.

She shook her head, ” Yes but if you want me to stay after everyday it is no longer punishment.”

He smiled and slowly slid himself out, causing their combined cum to leak onto his desk. As he slid out her body gave one final shudder before lying completely still. The cloudy white liquid pooled between lacey’s legs as she focused on her breathing. He looked over at her from his chair staring at her naked form sprawled across his desk. His soul focus as he sat was to watch as her body expelled his seed from her body. The only motion was Lacey’s chest rising and falling with each breath. His eyes made their way down her body then back up to her neck where delicate purple blotches formed a hickey collar. The deep shades of color would be there for days. He felt a surge of possession sweep through him.

He shook his head a drawing his gaze from her voluptuous figure. “What is it then?”

She started to laugh, “An unofficial lesson.”

“Lesson for what? Teaching you how to please a man perfectly.”

She smirked then nodded before rolling off the desk. Her ass jiggled as her feet hit the floor, not to watch would be a sin.

She looked at him and then smiled. “They our private lessons only for me.”

He smiled and pulled his boxers back up, the cotton stuck to his still slick cock.

“Yes only for you.” He picked up her pink panties. “And I’m keeping these.”

Blushing she looks at him then at her naked body. Her face was bright red as she reached for her clothes.

“Ok but those match my bra.”

He smirked, “Ok, I’ll keep them both, maybe frame them and hang them right there.” He pointed to a spot on the wall that was just above the main part of the stage. That spot was visible from most spots in the auditorium.

“You will do no such thing. The whole school would see and you would get in trouble.”

She grabs her bra and silently slides it into place. Her hands reach behind her to clasp the lace back strap. She bent over and shook her bra trying to properly position her C tits. She stood back up and found Mr.Davies staring at her. She could feel a blush creeping up on her cheeks. She stepped back placing her feet into her skirt. As she pulls it up her phone rings. He smiled at her and made a zipped motion across his lips. Quickly she snags it off the floor hitting the accept button.

“Yes mom… I am on my way I had to stay after.” She listened to her mother on the other end. “No it is not detention I will be home in 20 minutes or so.” She hung up as fast as she answered. Turning she looked at him and to her surprise he was dressed now as well.

“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then huh?”

He leaned down and whispered to her. “No panties tomorrow.”

She smiled and pressed her lips to his, her shirt resting atop her immense cleavage. He was startled by her actions but soon kissed her back. His hands slide up her bare torso, the tips of his fingers close around her shirt. Her lips moved against his as she felt him tug her blouse down into place.

“As for the no panties request sir, maybe i’ll wear shorts tomorrow so you can’t see.”

She flashed a sexy grin; grabbed her flip flop and her bag before she ran to the door. Outside the door she stopped long enough to grab her other shoe. He watched the doors close behind her and suddenly he could not wait to see her tomorrow.

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