Dreams Become Reality

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I walk into his house the only sound is my heels clicking against the floor. The darkness surrounds me like a blanket, as a faint scent tickles my nose. I can feel him as he comes up behind me, my breath quickens with fear and anticipation. He says nothing as he slides his arms around me; his fingertips gently trace the outline of my body through my dress. I lean into him; he kisses my neck as his hands cup my breasts. He presses against me as he squeezes and teases my breasts making my nipples harden. He turns me around slowly and kisses my cheek as his fingers move to unzip my dress. His hands are warm on my skin as he slowly trails his fingertips between my breasts, tracing them with his fingers coming close to my nipples but not touching them, neither of us speaks as I reach out and unzip his pants. I slide my hand inside and squeeze his cock through his underwear; he slowly gently rolls my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, I moan softly as I feel his cock growing in my hand.

I gently brush my lips against his as I remove his hands from my breasts; hold them in mine as I kneel in front of him. I kiss the palms of his hands; he touches my face softly as I reach up and takes his cock from his shorts. I lick my lips as I take his cock in my hand and rub it across my lips. I lick the head, my tongue teasing and caressing the tip. I lick under the rim and back to the head. I hear him moan as I take the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly caress it with my tongue. My eyes are closed as I slide my tongue up and down the shaft of his hard cock. I lick him slowly, loving the feel of his skin against my tongue. I lick back to the head and slide my mouth down on his cock, my hands on his ass as his hard cock fills my mouth. He begins to move slowly, enjoying the moment. I reach between my legs and part my lips with one hand. I continue to acquaint myself with his maleness. He enjoys my attentions and his head rolls backward slightly. I moan as he takes his cock from my mouth, reaches down and helps my to my feet. He wets his finger with his mouth and slides his finger into me; I catch my breath as his mouth covers mine. His tongue explores my mouth as his finger slides inside my pussy.

I cling to him, my pussy wet and throbbing against his warm finger. My Escort bayan pussy grips his fingers wanting him deeper, as he teases me. He kisses my neck, as his thumb caresses me, I grab his shoulders as my legs become weak wanting more than his fingers. My body tenses as my pussy contracts around his fingers, I dig my fingertips into his shoulders, as the passion builds in my body. He slowly removes his fingers, I take them and rub them over my lips as he looks into my eyes; my tongue flicks his fingers as I watch his face. He watches me as I take them into my mouth still looking in my eyes; he moves them in and out of my mouth. My body tingles…needing more…

He began kissing on my lips and sucking on my tongue. Down to my neck slowly licking as he cupped his hand on my breast. Kissing and sucking on my nipples; licking over my naked body. When he reached my navel he let his tongue play with it while his hand was still under my breast. Nibbling on my pelvic above the pubic hair, he then noticed that there were some juices going down the side of her pussy lips. As he licked on my inner thigh I began to writhe and moan. Letting his tongue roll all around my pubic hairs he then let his index finger open up my pussy. As he put my finger in my pussy feeling the wetness and then letting his tongue start to explore it.

With his tongue in my pussy he let it work around and around touching all and everything inside my wet pussy. Going to the top of my pussy with his tongue licking the sensitive spot that had never been touched. He felt my pelvic rise up to his tongue every time he would start sucking on it. Taking his tongue out of my pussy he started talking to me asking how it felt and if I wanted more of it. He finger was still fucking me. Kissing on my inner thighs and letting his tongue just kiss and lick all the way up and down my thighs. Knowing that I was feeling hot and wanted to cum. He then put his tongue in my pussy again and let it go all the way in as far as it would go. I started using my muscles as I gripped on it and started to roll my hips. My movements got faster and faster and then all of a sudden I stop and tighten up. I started screaming and moaning at the same time.

My juices started to shoot all over his tongue. My hot cum had covered Bayan escort his tongue, lips, and face. He kept on licking and sucking as I started shaking and holding on to his arm squeezing him. He continued to suck on my sweet lips as her tongue was in my pussy. I then started rubbing my hands up and down his back. I said, “Baby I feel so good and that was wonderful. I never knew that foreplay could be so fulfilling and satisfying.”

While I talked to him as he lay on my right side. He was letting his hand go up and down my leg, as I continued to tell him how good I was feeling. He wanted to make sure that I felt better and didn’t want me to come down from the heat that I was feeling. With my leg up he eased his cock in my wet pussy. I never knew it was coming and when I felt it I gripped it hard and moaned. Baby I said oh baby that feels good as I let my leg rest on his and he was giving me all of his cock. I started pumping on it slowly at first then my rhythm got faster. When he started rubbing my stomach then down to the hairs around my pussy I just let my muscles work on him. I said, “Baby I want some of your cum in me.” His finger start playing with my clit, as it had been overlooked and never had come from its hiding place and when he touched it I winced slightly. With my eyes closed, I just moved my head back and forth moaning. He knew that I was about to cum again. He took his cock out causing me to open my eyes. Then he lay on his back and told me come and get it.

I got up and straddle him and sat down on his hard cock. It went right where it was supposed to without guiding. I could do what I wanted while sitting on it and he could suck on my nipples. Taking one in his mouth and sucked slowly and gently. With his hands on my waist I started fucking him like he had never had it before. Squeezing then letting it go was what I was doing to it. He then put hands under my breast and began massaging them. When I went all the way down on his hardness I started cumming and appeared that it wouldn’t stop. Letting me release all that was in me and with his cock still deep in my wet pussy. He eased me backwards never removing his cock and when he got on top of me. He took my legs and put them on his shoulder and started fucking nothing but hot wet pussy. Escort I came three more times as he filled my pussy with hot cum.

As we lay on the bed kissing and hugging feeling the wetness on the bed I said that we could do that for the rest of the day and all night. I felt really good and had a glow about my face. He had to ask me when is the last time that I had been fucked. I couldn’t believe it when I said that it had been more than three months. I went on to tell him that I had been tempted to play with it while lying in bed thinking about it but never did. He knew then how and why I had so much cum. Then I asked if he had a problem with my staying over the weekend. Did he have any plans? “No, he said, I have no problem with you staying here in fact I want.” I rose up to kiss him. Then I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. In the shower I took the soap and bathed him down as he in turn washed my curly hairs around my pussy and let his fingers play with my hairs. I knew that this was going to be a long weekend in bed.

I dressed and was headed for the door. I turned and said I will be right back got to go and get something from my apartment plus some snacks. Smiling and glowing I walk out the door. He was putting on some soft music and got ready to fix a couple of steaks.

When I returned I looked better than when I left. Wearing shorts and a white t-shirt I asked if my pager went off. After telling him about what I had done I sat down for my steak and said, “ I want another kind of steak.” We both laughed. She got up and went to get a drink asked if I wanted one.

We sat there talking then I get up and came over and sat in his lap and automatically something started to rise, with the feeling the softness of my hips on him. I started wiggling in his lap and when I felt to see if he was hard I got up and grabbed his hand and headed to the bedroom. As we walked in the room I was pulling off my shirt. As it hit the floor there was no bra on and nipples were hard. Standing there wriggling my hips out of my shorts, he was thinking that I wouldn’t have on panties either. I didn’t as he suspected but instead were red thongs. Thin strap around my waist and just a little covering my pussy. Pubic hairs were sticking out on the sides. Reaching around and untying it and letting it fall I then said, “I want you on the bed.” We embraced and started kissing and falling on the bed. I reach over and cut off the lamp and said this is going to be a long night baby so lets get comfortable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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