Dressed to Kill

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Shelly was dressed to kill, she’d had enough of staying home alone and ignoring her baser needs. It had been several weeks since “The Jerk” dumped her for her so called BFF, and now they were happily living together, and planning a future, one that didn’t include Shelly. She had no one to call, since Nora, the Ex-BFF, had taken them all with her, they had mostly been her friends anyway. Slightly antisocial, and reverted as a teen, it had always been difficult to make friends, she just lacked the skills or the will. Why waste away bitter, better get wasted!

She had been working all day on the look, she dyed her mousy brown hair to a deep auburn, she had it trimmed to fall in waves around her face, kind of bed sexy. Her bought new acrylic nails, longer and stronger than her own and lacquered them shiny black. The clothes she bought at Hot Topic, gave her a younger look, at 20 something she could pass for a teen. She dressed with care in a sheer black camp shirt, and over that she wore a buckle down leather bustier, and a short red and black plaid mini. She pulled on a black lace thong, for effect thigh high sheer stockings. Then added buckle up boots, to make her 5′ 6″ frame taller. She dug to the bottom of her jewel box, picking out any silver, chunky or leather item and trying it on. Make-up tonight was darker than usual, heavy on the eye liner, and mascara. Looking in the mirror, she barely recognized herself, still the same hazel eyes, but she looked as Goth as possible, because that’s where she was hunting, in a new gothic theme bar that opened and she had heard some of the people she worked with talking about it.

Shelly called a cab, so she wouldn’t worry about her car, or parking hassles, and gave the driver the address of “The Pit”. What a name, sounded like a dungeon, and on the inside, it looked like a dungeon. Dark recessed lighting encircled the room highlight faugh-stone walls. Rough looking chain chandeliers hung periodically throughout the main venue. Period looking rough honed tables and chairs where scatter around the border of a dance, slash concert arena, in front of a four foot stage. Black curtains fell from both wings of the band-stage, the background wall had several medieval weapons hung about for esthetics. After perusing the almost packed crowd, Shelly went to the bar and took a stool, ordering “Turkey” neat, with a beer. For a couple of hours, she developed a pattern, accept an invite to dance, return to the bar for more libation. Different partners each time, same bourbon and beer chaser. After tipping back the shot, she glanced in the bar mirror, and met the steely gaze of a patron sitting next to her.

He looked like he was lit with a short fuse.

“Dance?” she asked.

“Sorry, not a dancer.” Escort bayan He replied, in a crisp English lilt, and turned toward her to take her whole look in, he looked her over and called to the bar tender. “Another round for her and me, Tom.”

“Thanks, for the drink, I’m Shelly.” She offered her hand, he looked at it but didn’t pick it up, and this made her uncomfortable. Shelly didn’t look over at him again, for ten minutes, making up her mind how she was going to play this. She turned to him and said, “Is everyone in here fucking bugging you, or is it just me?”

Slowly pivoting on his stool, he turned toward me, grasped me by the elbow, picked up my purse and headed for the back. He escorted me to a door by the stage, where he used a key card to enter. Shit, me and my big mouth, getting “86” from another club. He hauled me beside him down a back hallway, and though another security door, the interior of this room held a couch, coffee table and TV, reminding me of someone’s home. He pushed me down to the couch, and returned with a couple of glasses, and a bottle.

“Jason, that’s me sweetness”

He handed me a glass.

“Now you can chat me up love, you and those sexy stockings have my full on attention.” He leaned forward, and stroked the skin between the stocking and my mini. Suddenly I had nothing to say, absolutely nothing. He pushed up passed the hem of the skirt, and found the lace edge of the thong, covering all my feminine secrets.

“Bloody, hell, I want some of that”

He slid to the floor on his knees in front of her, gliding both hands up the outside of her thighs and hips, he leaned in for a kiss. Slow, long and though, he took his time, he was an excellent kisser. He nibbled, and stroked her until she felt the moist heat of her sex, and began to move in time with his seduction. She felt the ridge of his swollen fuckmeat, and pondered just how big he was, very well endowed.

Shelly reach for him now, pulling the t-shirt from his jeans, pushing it up over his smooth ribs, and grazing his back with her nails.

“Little girl, are you gonna make me a happy man tonight?” he inquired. “Dance in the dark with me? Horizontal mambo?”

“Oh yes, yes please, do me.”

“Heh, Heh, Heh, you first.”

With that, he stood and shucked his jeans to his knees and placed “10” big inches in her face, “Suck me baby, eat my fuck, make Daddy feel good.”

“Mmmmmm yummy.”

Shelly scooted to the edge of the couch taking hold of his velvet hardness, she licked the bead of pre-cum, she rubbed her lips down both sides before taking him inside her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the tip tasting the saltiness. She swallowed him deep, bumping her tonsils, pausing then pulled back Bayan escort slowly, looking up at him for approval.

“Ahh you witch, your so good, such a good little cock sucker.”

He pressed forward, urging her to take more, fingers massaged her scalp and lightly pulled at her hair. After minutes her jaw began to ache, he held her head and face fucked her.

“Shit, so hot, I’m there baby, swallow it all.”

So she did, and when she had cleaned him off thoroughly, he pulled her to stand in front of him and kissed her with that talented mouth, plunging his tongue deep, he kissed her silly. Then bending forward he flipped her over his shoulder and toted her upside down into the next room with a king size bed in the center, he tossed her onto the bed and began stripping, throwing his t-shirt, kicking off shoes, pulling off socks. He leaned over the bed, planted a kiss on her, and peeled off his jeans and briefs.

Shelly appraised his body, heated gaze wandering over his defined chest, and ripped abs, and his cock even when limp was impressive.

“Shell, how do you like it, can I eat your kitty?” He smiled and joined her on the bed, and began with the buckles on her boots, and pulled them off, with each stocking he removed, he kissed the arch of her foot. Next he pulled off her skirt, then licked his lips and slid a finger under the thong tracing the band of lace along her mound.

“Yes please.”

“Please what baby?” he whispered.


“Tell me, tell me now.”

“Lick me, eat my pussy, make me scream.”

She brought his hand up to her mouth, and sucked the finger he had been using to tease her, then put it back, wet.

His cock jerked against her leg and he unbuckled the front of the leather bustier, and threw it across the room when he got it off, and pulled the camp shirt over her head popping a couple of buttons.

“Plump titties you got there, perfect.”

He lowered his head to her breasts while he fondled her pussy. He suckled her with such force, a tingling began in the pit of her stomach, she arched her back, and fed them to him, her breath coming in shallow gasps. He nibbled his way down her ribs, teething her hip bone, making her jump, and spread her legs to look at her pink flesh.

“Pretty kitty, did you wax it for me, mmmm, just a strip of fur left.”

He lowered his head to her leg and bit the inside of her thigh urging her legs to spread for him, he pulled her lips apart and licked her, tonguing her box, and sucking her clit.

“Ahh, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Her hips twitched and she reached for him, stroking the back of his head. “That’s so good”

He chuckled in his throat, and buried his head between her legs, Escort cupping her ass to bring her up to his mouth. He pushed a finger inside her box, and started stroking her in a constant rhythm. Soon, she arched, very soon, she grabbed at the sheets, and gasped hoarsely, “Jason!” , and all her muscles clenched, ending with a flutter deep inside.

He turned his head to the side nibbling her thigh, then moved up over to her belly and breasts. He comfortably settled himself and began to kiss and nibble at her throat and ears. He sucked at the side of her neck, pulling the skin to leave his mark, then laving the spot to sooth it. He ground his hips into her, circling and stroking his cock up through her pussy, he was growing harder by the second. She reached down between them and stroked his cock.

“Jason, I want you, fuck me.”

“I want you too, put me in your kitty.”

She slid the head down, until it found her clef, and he pushed forward, it took two tries for him to pop past the tight entrance. He pushed in again, then groaned and pulled out, only to return to that point and push further. She wrapped him in her legs, and scraped her nails on his back. He set up a slow, steady pace, and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue in her mouth, as his cock fucked her pussy. He pinched her breasts, and pulled her nipples. She pushed her hips back at him meeting his every thrust. They both moaned, and he unhooked her legs and pulled out. Pushing himself up on his knees, he grabbed a leg and flipped her over on her belly, then pulled her ass up to him, and shoved himself back in.

“Shell baby, I need to fuck you, I need to fuck you hard.”

He began to stroke in viciously, lifting her with every stroke, hands grabbed her hips where tomorrow she would have bruises. Inch by inch, he took her from behind, moving her up the bed. He filled and stretched her, satisfying that itch she needed to scratch. Her breasts jerked with he pounding he was giving her, and she glanced over her shoulder at him worshiping him with her eyes. She was getting it good.

“Oh God, fuck me!”

Laughing he said, “You can call me Jason love, no need to stand on ceremony.”

He pushed her shoulders down and angled her ass up more, at first he patted her then began smacking her cheeks, one side then the other. The stinging of her cheeks made her skin sensitive, her pussy gripped him like a vice, and began to spasm.

“I’m cuming, please Jason please, ahh-hhh.”

“Mmmmm Baby, take my cock, milk my prick.”

His grip tightened as he jerked into her uncontrollably, he folded and bent across her back, and bit her shoulder. Exhausted and finished he rolled to the side and spooned her up against him, both their hearts were beating, shaking them visibly, a sheen of sweat covered them.

“Sweetheart, I feel like I just died, that was the best.”

“Well, when I left home tonight, I was dressed to kill.”

She giggled, and he hugged her, kissing her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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