Drew’s Ride in Gym

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Ah, high school gym class. We’ve all been there, some of us like it, some didn’t, some had wild sex fantasies about it. Drew was one of those with the latter. He was a closet gay senior who went into gym every day at school with a mix of emotions. He was scared he’d get caught checking out the other guys, he was excited to see them all undress in front of him, he was always hopefully his dreams would come true and one of the sexy jocks would fuck him in the locker room.

One day when heading to gym from English class Drew decided he had no motivation to do anything for the rest of the day. He tried to get his best friend Sandy to ditch with him but she told him he’d be better off going to class. She knew he loved gym anyways. Rather than skipping he went into the coach’s office and said he was sick and didn’t feel like he could do any exercising in class. The coach was fine with his story and told him to do some work from another class up in the bleachers.

Of course Drew needed to make a stop in the locker room. He rummaged through his locker, took a few peaks at the guys in their boxers, grabbed a book, said a few ‘what’s up’s, then headed up the stairs to get to the top of the bleachers. He faked reading his book, what he was actually into was the guys stretching. There was 20 guys in the class, half of them were drop-dead gorgeous in Drew’s book. He focused in on one guy in particular, Jeff. Jeff was a wild cowboy-like senior. He was never without his straw cowboy hat, not even in gym. Drew had talked a few times with Jeff at parties and always had at least one eye on him. He always looked for him first in class to catch a glance of his rugged manliness.

Drew decided that if he could pick any guy in the school to have fuck him it would be Jeff. He had his hottest fantasies with him in mind. In his mind he’d sucked Jeff’s cock in his truck 270 times, jacked him off in biology class 47 times, had him walk gaziantep escort in on him and another cutie then join in on the action 12 times, and just plain ol’ fucked him in the locker room 417 times. Since they both turned 18 his desires increased. A newer fantasy overcame him while he sat alone in the bleachers. After watching Jeff do his warm-up routine a mild erection was building up and Drew wanted to let go.

Soon the noise from the class disappeared. The lights in the gym went out. All that was left was Drew in nothing but his gym shorts and a dark figure heading up the stairs. He had a feeling who it was so he stood up and started rubbing his chest and grabbing the bulge in his shorts. When he opened his eyes the man of his dreams was standing in front of him. Straw hat, glistening ripped bod, skin-tight athletic shorts, hairy legs, heart-stopping grin, and the look of a man who knew his cock was in for a nice ride. They put each others hands behind their necks and touched foreheads. Drew let out a nervous chuckle; he was sure Jeff could hear his heart pounding. Their eyes closed and slowly they came closer. The smell of a full locker room filled the air. Their lips finally touched with a simple kiss. Drew told Jeff he could die right then and there. Jeff placed his hands on Drew’s chest, they locked lips, exchanged tongues, then Jeff pulled Drew’s body into his.

Feeling the strength of his new love turned Drew into a submissive boy. He told Jeff to do whatever he please, his body his just a toy. He complied by pushing Drew to his knees the shoving his crotch into his face. He reached down and slid down the shorts. A bulky, cut beast whipped into Drew’s face then found its way into his open mouth. Neither used their hands, slow pushing of the hips and extensions of the neck were all that was used. Jeff moaned loudly and rubbed his body in every direction. He took the toy advice and grabbed onto the back of Drew’s head. Without even gagging Drew had the entire tool in his mouth.

After a minute the cock pulled out of the slimy box. A few strands of spit were sucked back into Drew’s mouth then the cock hit his moist lips looking for another go. Their eyes met, they exchanged smiles, Jeff winked, then his rock slid back down easy like rain. He whipped his head back and yelled in ecstasy. The noise coming from Drew’s throat was like a plunger. He couldn’t breath but he felt like air was totally unneeded at that point. Spit oozed out and fell onto his fingers which was how he was preparing his ass for its pleasure. Jeff wrapped up the throatjob by giving Drew a few full-length licks from lips to tonsils.

Jeff lightly rubbed Drew’s cheek and gave a devilish smile. He stood his toy up, propped his knees on the bleachers, bent him down, and pulled on his hips to give a can’t-miss angle on his dripping hole. It was like riding a bike, he placed his hands on Drew’s hips then pulled forward to enter the hole. With ease his cock was sliding in and out giving Drew every inch of his perfect rock. The gym was a perfect place for a workout like this. Jeff gained speed and sweat, soon it was like riding for miles. He took his hands off the handlebars to wipe off the sweat, luckily his bike doubled as a towel. After the first few miles he leaned forward to gain some speed.

Drew was barely breathing. His lungs went flat and he kept gasping for the hot sex-filled air around him. His back was covered in Jeff’s sweat. It dripped onto his skin and rolled to the other side giving him Goosebumps. Jeff threw his soaked head of blonde hair onto Drew’s back and began to slow his ride. He needed a mile or two to finish up, then he wanted protein shakes for both him and his toy. He gave one last powerful push which would’ve broken Drew in half had he not already gone limp.

Jeff’s cock pulled out with a fistful of spit and ass-juice slipping out of Drew’s hole and splattering on the ground. Drew worked his cock up again and neared a blissful climax. They both sat down on the bleachers and locked their mouths together, moaning louder and louder as the cum got nearer. Jeff broke the kiss and swallowed Drew’s bursting cock. As he sucked up every drop of cum he stood in front of his toy, ready to give him what he dreamed about every night. He grabbed Drew’s hair which was still soaked from his own sweat and pulled it towards his cock. Drew kissed the precum off the shining cock and closed his eyes for the dream to hit him. Jeff let go of the hair and let loose a canon of cum that opened Drew’s lips with its force. Every shot pounded Drew’s tonsils like Jeff’s cock was doing a while ago. Once the final shot of hot, gooey cum dribbled onto Drew’s chin he gave Jeff’s rock one last kiss.

He looked up to Jeff’s adoring face, Jeff winked, then bent over to give Drew’s cum back. Two huge loads of cum flooded Drew’s mouth and drained over his cheeks. As he began to swallow some of the protein dripped down to his shoulders. He knew he needed all the protein he could get so he licked it off his shoulders then went searching for the last of it in Jeff’s mouth. They embraced with a long, sloppy kiss. Jeff said he needed a hot shower after that workout. Drew asked if he was planning on working out the next day but he was given an odd response. Jeff said some dreams are never as good when they come true.

A loud whistle startled Drew back into consciousness. He closed his book and headed back to the locker room to get ready for his next class. As he closed his locker Jeff was the first guy in to dress out. They made small talk, Drew played the dream back in his head, then Jeff said next time Drew faked a sickness he would too. Drew explained how he was just in the bleachers daydreaming. Jeff suggested they could sneak out and hang out at his truck. Drew headed to his next class. In his mind he sucked Jeff’s cock 146 more times in his truck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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