Drinking So No Driving

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I couldn’t believe those assholes. Who did they think they were? I know when I’ve had too much to drink. I have a slight buzz but I know I could drive home safely. They took my keys and tried to stuff me into the car but I wasn’t having it. If I couldn’t drive my own car home, I’ll just walk.

So that’s what I did. It was a bit chilly but manageable. After a few blocks, I cooled down a bit. In my fury, I didn’t realize I lived quite a bit away. It would probably take me a couple hours to get home. I decided to walk back to the bar but when I got there, my car was gone. Those bastards took my car!

I reached into my pockets for my cell phone but it wasn’t there. It must have fallen out when they were trying to get me into the back seat of the car. The anger inside of me boiled. Those so called friends were so dead to me. Now how was I going to get home?

I cussed and kicked the empty air in front of me. Like the drunken idiot I was, I slipped and landed flat on my back. Feeling defeated, I just laid there with my eyes closed. A voice broke the cold silent night, “Hey buddy, you ok?” I opened my eyes and a big black guy was standing over me. He helped me get up to my feet and I did a once over of him.

He was taller than me by a couple inches and a bit heavy, but solid. He looked like the nerdy type. His head was bald, maybe in his mid 40s, thick glasses and had a look of concern. I told him I was ok and explained what happened. He introduced himself as Reuben. I replied, “Hi I’m James.” Reuben offered me a ride home and I agreed.

As we rode to my place, I learned he was single and a computer teacher at the local middle school. He and some of his coworkers were getting a couple drinks and discussing some school stuff I had no interest in. At one point he looked over at me and asked, “So how old are you James? You look like you’re barely legal to drink.” I laughed and let him know I was 30.

I kept catching him stealing glances at my lap. It finally registered that maybe he wanted a piece of what I have in my pants. I smiled at the thought but brushed it off. The alcohol must still be messing with me. I looked over at his lap and saw a nice bulge there. The thought of his fat cock in my mouth hardened me pretty quickly.

We arrived at my house but I didn’t see my car. I’d hoped they’d dropped off the car and left my keys somewhere I’d know to look like by the flower pot by my door or something. Defeated for the second time tonight, I let him know I didn’t have my key but I was going to try and find a way in. I thanked Reuben for his help and told him to go home.

“James, I can’t just leave bursa escort you here. How about you come back to my place and tomorrow we’ll figure out which one of your friends has your car,” He suggested. I sighed deeply and agreed. We drove the rest of the way back to his place in silence. I’d fallen asleep at one point but awoke when I thought I’d felt his hand in my lap.

I quickly looked around and Reuben had just gotten out of the car. I unbuckled and did the same. He had a nicer place than I did. Teaching must pay pretty decent. When we got in, he told me to make myself at home and gave me a quick tour. His house was moderately decorated with stuff from Ikea. He showed me the guest room where I’d be sleeping. He lent me some basketball shorts to sleep in so I thanked him again and he shut the door behind him. I took off my shirt, put on the shorts and fell onto the bed and just wanted to sleep so I could go find my car.

I was still so angry. The more I thought about it, the more it fueled my rage. I couldn’t sleep. I went to Reuben’s kitchen and saw a bottle of wine that was half full. I fished out $20 and placed it on the counter. I think that should cover what I was about to consume. I sat in his living room and turned on the TV with the sound pretty low. Infomercials were on.

I sighed and drank. After a few minutes, Reuben emerged and sat down on the armchair to my right. He was wearing a bathrobe and still wearing his thick glasses. I told him about the money on the counter and he said, “Hey, after the night you’ve been having don’t worry about it.” He motioned to let him have a swig and I obliged.

We sat there talking about trivial things. While he was talking about where he’d gone to college, I noticed his robe was opened up a little. The wine was getting to my head and I tried to focus. I could see a nice plump cock peeking out. I must have been looking too hard because Reuben had stopped talking. I looked up at him as he looked down.

Embarrassed he quickly closed it. We laughed and continued our conversations. Somehow we got onto the subject of strip clubs. He’d never gone and I was describing all of my adventures in some. He listened with envy. In my drunken state, I was a bit animated in describing some things. I was telling him about a horrible dancing stripper and decided to demonstrate on him.

As I awkwardly gave him a horrible lap dance as I had received, I felt his hands move to my hips. We laughed as I lost my balance and sat in his lap. Our laughter died down and I felt his cock twitch under my ass. Embolden by the wine, I slowly moved my ass in a circle against it. His hands bursa escort bayan on my hips held me securely.

The shorts I was wearing must have felt nice against him. I bet he could feel the deep crack of my ass against his cock. I spun around and straddled him like some strippers had done for me. His robe was now wide open. His fat black cock was standing at full attention. I kissed him and he held me close. It felt so erotic to feel his chest on mine, our hot skin against each other. I felt his hands on my ass and then felt him peel down the borrowed shorts.

I heard the plop of the shorts on the ground and felt his manhood against my ass. I flattened myself against him even more and felt his hot cock slide up my crack. I kissed and sucked on his neck as he groped my rear end. The silent night that once had our voices and laughed echo were now replaced with hungry moans.

One of his fingers slid between my cheeks. As it passed over hole, i let out a moan of need. I wanted him in me. I slid down and got on my knees. I devoured his manhood.

I wasn’t planning on staying down there that long, I wanted his cock in me. I licked and sucked. I heard his moans of ecstasy in between my slurping.

“Oooooh yes. Suck that cock,” Reuben urged. He put his hands on my head and then started to fuck my mouth. I didn’t want him to cum yet but the lust overtook him. Pushed my head down and with a final thrust, my mouth was flooded with his cum. I gagged and choked a little, surprised at the ferocity of his orgasm.

His semen was all over my mouth. I swallowed what I could. His strong hands grabbed me by the shoulder and brought me up to kiss him. Our tongues dancing against each other. The smell of sex fueled our lust.

I was straddling him again. I could feel his softened, cum and saliva covered cock nestled under my ass. I started to give him another lap dance.

“Mmmm Reuben, you’ve been so good to me. Did you like me cucking your cock,” I asked. He replied with, “Mmmhmmm.” I could feel his cock slowly come back to like so I continued, “Reuben, I need you to fuck me. And then fill me up with your cum again. Can you do that?

He nodded as his slick cock was sliding between my ass cheeks. I played and pinched my nipples. I felt so sexy. Reuben shrugged off the robe and reached into one of its pockets. He pulled out a small bottle of Astroglide.

I grinned wickedly and said, “Oh, you were planning on fucking me?” He answered, “I always have a bottle in my robe because I jack off with it.” I laughed as he popped it open and squirted some on his finger.

I leaned in for another kiss escort bursa has i felt the cold gel make contact with my awaiting hole. He circled my rim and then slid inside. I let out a groan into his mouth as he started prepare me. His other hand pulled and groped my ass cheek.

As his fingered my ass, I grabbed the bottle and squirted some on my cock. It was feeling left out so gave it some attention. I felt Reuben insert and other finger. He slowly stretched my me out.

“I want you in my ass Reuben,” I whispered. So his hand grabbed and spread my cheeks. I squirted some lube on his cock and slowly guided his cock towards my hole. I watched him as the tip kissed my opening and then slide in.

His eyes rolled up as the head of his cock slid in me. I moved my ass up and the tip of his cock popped out of me. The look on his face was priceless. He looked like he was mentally saying, “No, No. Let me back in.”

I smiled as I sat down again so his cock could enter me. He felt good inside me. The slurping sound of the lube and our heavy breathing filled the air. Inch by inch i was taking him in, slowly riding his black cock.

With his hands still on my hips, he started to press down and thrust his hips up. He wanted more. I picked up the pace, bouncing while stroking my own cock. Reuben started to grunt and moan with each thrust. It was turning me on even more.

“Mmmm yeah. Fuck my ass Reuben,” I pleaded. He was really starting to let me have it. Just as I was losing myself, he stopped. While confused I felt his cock exit out of me. He turned me to face away from him. He grabbed under my thighs and opened my legs.

His hard cock sliding against me and then filled me once again. I laid back as he kissed and sucked on my neck. I jacked my cock while he pounded my asshole.

“Yes! Fuck me!” I yelled. As he continued to ram his cock in me, over and over again.

“Yeah you like that baby? You like me fucking you like a slutty whore?” he growled in my ear. I could only reply with moans and groans of lust. He was fucking me so hard.

Reuben was about to cum and felt his hands grip me tight. With a last couple thrust in me, I felt his hot cum fill me. We were both spent. I just laid there on top of him. All you could hear was our heavy breathing. His cock slowly went limp inside of me.

I got up and he handed me his robe from under him. I wiped off and caught some cum that was slowly crawling down my leg. I smiled at him as he got up. We kissed and I looked over at the sun rising. He suggested we take a shower and go to bed.

I agreed and with a last glance at the sunrise, I noticed a small red light in the neighbor’s window. A shadow moved and the light was gone. Perplexed, i followed Reuben and we quickly showered. I fell asleep next to him wondering about the neighbor and what a crazy night I’d just had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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