Duke , Dana pt. 3

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Duke & Dana

Part 3

She had known Karen since grade school but they hadn’t become really good friends until half way through high school. Dana thought she knew everything about Karen but apparently not.

“Well when was your first time?” Dana asked.

Karen didn’t answer immediately. She considered what may happen if her friend new the details of her first encounter with a canine, but then she realized what they had just shared. Why would it matter if she knew?

“Back during the summer before we went to college,” she began, “I was dating Jason Henley, remember?”

“Ya…He was a real jerk. You only were dating him because he was hung like a horse.”

“That’s beside the point. Anyway, his grandfather passed away and he and his parents flew back east for the funeral over a weekend. He called me to house sit, so I went over to their house…”

Karen pulled up in front of Jason’s house at just before 9am Friday morning. She could see his dad loading luggage into their BMW. She walked up the sweeping drive to where he was just as he closed the trunk.

“Hi Mr. Henley,” she said giving him a hug, “I’m sorry to hear about your father. I hope you’re doing ok?”

“Thank you for you concern but I’m fine,” he replied, “JASON! Karen’s here.”

Karen continued up the walkway toward the front door and met Linda Henley. They didn’t say anything as they passed because Jason’s mom didn’t like Karen for whatever reason. Jason was at the front door holding some keys and a piece of paper with a somber look on his face.

“Hey baby,” Karen said jumping into his arms and kissing him full on the lips, “I’m gonna miss you.”

“I’m gonna miss you too. Jack’s in the back yard. Here are the instructions on how to take care of him, the birds and fish. The first number is for my aunt’s house where we’ll be staying and the other is my dad’s cell phone. If Jack gets out, the first place to look is down there at the Peterson’s,” Jason pointed down the block toward a big two story home on the corner, “That’s his girl friend’s house.”

“His girl friend?” Karen asked with a funny look on her face.

“Ya…they have a female Shepard that he goes down to visit and they knock it out, but we raised the fence so I don’t think he’ll be able to get out now.”

“She’s gonna miss his cock,” she said stepping close to Jason and caressing his cock through his jeans, “Like I’m gonna miss yours.”

They kissed passionately until the horn of the car made them stop. Jason jogged to the rear passenger door and waved before climbing in. The Henley’s pulled out of the drive way and headed down the street while Karen watched them go. She was very horny knowing she wouldn’t get any of Jason’s big cock for at least the next three days. She looked at the paper Jason had given her and walked into the house.

The Henley’s were very well off and had a magnificent home. Karen loved being there and would enjoy feeling like this house was hers for the weekend. She went to the back yard to see Jack, their 4 year old black lab and mastiff mix. He was a 145 pound pussy cat around Karen. He never jumped or barked at her and always lavished her with ‘kisses’ when she was over. She scratched his head as she walked around the pool to the shed where the pumps were and turned on the pool heater. She planned on using the facilities to their fullest. She returned to her car, got her bag and put it in Jason’s room, planning to spend every night in his bed rather than the guest room, then began to get undressed.

Karen laid a towel on one of the chase lounges by the pool and stripped off her wrap revealing a very skimpy bikini. She saw Jack lying Kartal Escort in the shade, gnawing on a bone she gave him earlier as she walked to the pools edge. She dove into the cool water and made a quick lap before climbing out to catch some rays. Karen kept hearing Jason’s words about Jack and his girl friend and it made her feel funny but she wasn’t sure why. She noticed the warmth in her pussy still lingering after the hasty goodbye she and Jason had. The feel of his cock through his pants in her hand made her very horny. It wasn’t long before her fingers found their way to her pussy and began massaging her erect clit. She bucked her hips and ground her sex against her fingers as a huge orgasm began to build. Karen dipped a finger into her frothing valley, then another. She was about to cry out in pure ecstasy when Jack licked her face.

“Oh Jack! Yuck, you slobbered all over me!”

Her moans had gotten his attention and he had come over to investigate. Karen removed her hand from her bikini bottoms and sat up, wiping his drool from her cheek and neck. She was mad for being interrupted but not really. She loved Jack and his playful nature. She scratched his ears and he laid his head on her stomach.

“This isn’t gonna work Jack. Go lay down,” she told him.

He raised his head then began sniffing the air. He found Karen’s damp fingers intriguing. His tongue shot out to taste the wonderful smelling digits. Karen thought it was cute at first then was fascinated at how his tongue moved over, around and between her fingers. It was very stimulating to her. Once he was satisfied he had gotten all that was on them he searched for more. When his head went to her crotch, she pushed him away. He moved around the end of the lounge and tried again.

“No Jack!” she shouted, pushing him away more forcefully.

His persistence was admirable but she needed to finish what she started or she would go crazy. Karen finally decided she would have to go inside and reached for her wrap. Jack took her momentary distraction to stick his nose in her crotch and have a taste. His broad tongue swept up her bikini covered sex making her jump.

“HEY!” she shouted and stood up quickly, causing the lounge to skid loudly on the concrete.

Her sudden movement startled Jack and he moved back. Karen had shuddered from his sudden unwanted advance. Disgust and embarrassment surged through her along with a strange feeling of arousal. That arousal concerned her. ‘There has got to be something wrong with me. It’s wrong to feel like that from a dog. Why am I thinking about him?’ she thought as she backed away from Jack. He watched her leave but didn’t move to follow.

Karen walked into the air conditioned house and went straight to Jason’s room. She sat on the bed for a moment as her thoughts ran wild. She felt dirty and depraved, horrified and yet aroused all at the same time. Her pussy nagged to be satisfied but her mind grappled with the moral dilemma over her unnatural urge to explore what Jack had done to her. She decided to take a shower in hopes it would clean away more than just the chlorine from the pool.

After drying off, Karen opened her lap top and began to search the internet for more on the subject of sex between humans and dogs. The shower had cleansed her body but not her mind. She quickly found more than she bargained for. Lots of pictures and videos of women engaging in all forms of sexual acts with animals, not just dogs, but she focused on the canine side of this new perversion of hers.

The images assaulted her senses, making her wet and feel repulsed. She found herself seeking the ones with dogs giving Kartal Escort Bayan women oral satisfaction. The looks of ecstasy on their faces and the cries of pleasure tore down the remnants of her moral resistance, but then Karen saw a video of a woman jacking off a large Shepard before he mounted her and fucked the day lights out of her. The shock she felt was equaled by the flood of arousal. She mindlessly reached for her drenched sex and the moment her finger came in contact with her stiff clit, she came.

The intensity of her orgasm surprised her as she nearly bucked her computer off her lap. The flood of her juices soaked the towel she sat on and the bed spread below. When Karen finally recovered, she felt ashamed but that passed quickly. Now she wanted to see if Jack could please her like she had witnessed other canines doing for the women on her computer. She read some ‘How to’ articles on the subject then put on a robe and went down stairs to get Jack. She made a stop in the kitchen for some peanut butter, just in case, then called Jack to her.

He ran to her call and rushed into the house. Jack was excited to be inside and was jumping around as Karen led him to Jason’s room. He was sniffing the air, following her closely. Once in the room she closed the door as he roamed around the room and eventually zeroed in on the towel on the bed. His sensitive nose took in the powerful aroma and he even licked at the material a few times. Karen removed her robe and sat back down on the towel then leaned back on the bed. Jack licked at her thighs then her wet pussy. She gasped at his warm tongue passing over her moist folds.

“Mmmmmm…that’s a good boy,” she cooed softly.

She spread her legs as wide as she could, holding them open for her four legged lover. She could feel his tongue plunge into her depths then bathe her lips and clit in warm saliva. Karen began to quake with tremors of pleasure as a new orgasm shook her very core.

“OH GOD YES!” she screamed.

Jack continued to lap at the fresh flood of womanly nectar, but soon Karen had to push him away from her over stimulated pussy. She lay panting on the bed for several minutes in the euphoric after glow of her first canine induced orgasm. Jack sat softly whining as if he wanted more. Karen sat up and looked at him. His tongue lolled out of his mouth as he panted but the sight of his bright red cock poking out of its sheath captured her attention. It was only out a few inches but she could see how big and thick it was. Karen had always been a bit of a ‘size queen’, that’s why she liked Jason so much. Now she was seeing something even bigger and it was making her uncomfortably horny.

Jack stood and moved closer. She lovingly scratched his head and stroked the soft fur down his body, moving her hands closer to his mighty penis. Once she reached his sheath, her hand closed around the furry cover. The heat of his cock was intense and she slowly stroked him. His hips began to move, turning into violent thrusts. Her wrist and arm were being coated in his hot pre cum. She was beside herself with excitement at the prospect of feeling this huge cock being thrust into her. She released him and got onto the floor. He began to jump around her excitedly as if they were going to play. He pounced and pawed at her, knocking her over a couple times.

Karen finally got on her hands and knees and crawled around like she had seen the women in the videos do. Jack jumped and continued to paw at her playfully. She wantonly displayed her drooling vagina to him and he would lick her but didn’t try to mount her. When he stood beside her, she reached for his cock and gave Escort Kartal him a few strokes, making him hump the air vigorously, then turned her backside to him. He mounted her immediately and began humping but dismounted after only a half dozen thrusts. This happened again and again. Karen was getting frustrated and tired trying to support his weight. On the next attempt she reached between her legs to help guide him in. This was more productive. He managed to get the tip in but had trouble maintaining a coupling.

“What am I doing wrong?” she wondered out loud.

Her pussy was hungry for cock and she needed to cum so once again she tempted Jack to mount her. This time when his flaming hot cock pushed into her pussy she dropped her shoulders to the floor. Jack thrust forward and drove about half of his 9” penis into Karen’s creamy hole. His grip tightened and he yanked her backward, impaling her fully on his cock.

“OH GOD!” she cried, “Yes…yes…YES!”

The powerful orgasm, lurking just beyond her grasp, exploded within her. Jack’s thrusts were erratic and he was jerking side to side. Karen could feel his knot slapping at her entrance but he wasn’t able to bury it in her before it was too large to enter. She could feel the scalding hot cum gushing into her convulsing canal. She came hard again. Jack suddenly pulled out and squirted his seed on her thighs, ass and calves. She collapsed to the floor as the flood of cum drained from her opening. She had hoped to feel his knot inside her but they could work on that since it was only Friday afternoon and the Henley’s wouldn’t be back before Sunday evening.

“So did Jack tie with you?” Dana asked, excited to hear more.

“Well not that day. I was a bit sore and tired. He was a BIG dog. I did get his knot in me a couple times before they came home but we never tied. He was just too erratic. I would have loved to have that monster in me, because he was even bigger than Duke here,” she said pointing to the Dane lying on the floor near by, “And that’s how I know Duke is trained. He didn’t need to be told what to do, was very calm in what he was doing and when Jack finished, he gave me a couple quick licks then went to lie down. Where as Duke licked us both clean afterward. Now to the real question. Do you think Kara trained him by herself or did Danny help her? Does he even know?”

Dana couldn’t answer. She sat and stared at Karen who had a cynical look on her face. It was plain that she believed Kara had done the training without Dan’s knowledge.

Dan worked on an off shore drilling rig and he would be gone for two weeks then off for two. That’s a long time to go without sex. She had always struck Dana as a nympho too. She had also been surprised that Dan even let her get a dog as he really wasn’t into pets, saying they made it difficult to go anywhere because you always had to make arrangements for them. It was beginning to look like Karen’s assessment was right. Kara may have done this herself and Dan doesn’t know of her sexual escapades.

“I just can’t believe it,” Dana finally said with a look of dismay, “I guess if she did do this to fill in the time without Dan, I should be thankful. It’s better than her cheating on him with another man. If she is fucking Duke, how can she take that huge thing? We’re both nearly six feet tall but she’s barely 5’-2” and very petite. I’d think he’d split her in two.”

“I don’t know but she’s no innocent virgin. Maybe she’s a size queen too. Are you gonna confront her over this?” Karen asked.

“I’m not sure. At least we can enjoy Duke’s training for now. They’ll be back a week from today so I’ve got time to think about it.”

They both considered the possibilities for their weekend together with Duke. Dana would have to make a decision at some point and that could make things between her and her sister-in-law very tense.

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