Earl and Mom Ch. 03

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–This story picks up right after Earl accidentally came in front of his mom

–Note: 1 – This story is told 100% though Earl’s perspective

–Note: 2 — The Mom’s perspective is told in Kate and Son 03


“I didn’t mean for that happen,” I say. “I’m really sorry.”

OMG, how did that happen? What is she going to do now? I mean I really have messed up this time. There I was standing in front of my mom with my cock in my hand and my cum all over the kitchen island in front of her. She was looking at me and trying to make eye contact. At least I think she is was as I was trying to keep my gaze down and away from her eyes. I just can’t make eye contact right now.

“Honey, that’s my fault,” she says. “I mean I pretty much dared you to do that by telling you I called your bluff.”

I look down at my cock and the mess that I’ve made. I hear her words and I try to make sense of them. She is saying this is her fault?

“And then after you started, I ah, I ah didn’t know what to say,” she tells me.

Okay, this might not be as horrible as I first thought. Still, this is bad.

“And now you hate me. That was so so wrong of me!” I almost yell at her. Not really thinking she hated me. I just wanted to hear some more reassurance.

“Honey, honey honey!” she says. “Please stop feeling upset. I’m not upset. In fact, I’m actually pretty impressed.” she tells me.

Okay, I’m starting to feel much better.

“What?” I say

“With you honey. Most guys can’t do that in front of a girl. They either get shy, or scared, or what not and just go soft before finishing like you did. I’m proud of you!”

“What do you mean,” I ask

“Honey, to be able to get that hard is impressive on its own. And then to be able to cum in front of another person like that. I can tell you firsthand that not many men can do that,” she tells me as I start to smile feeling better about myself and what just happened.

She lets that sink in for a bit.

“Looking past the awkwardness honey, did it feel good?” she winks at me. I love my mom. How many moms could watch that and then make their sons feel good about?

“Yes, it did”, I say and try to hide my growing smile.

“You sure did have a lot. I mean look at it all,” she says and looks at the kitchen island.

“A yeah, I guess I did” I agree.

“Look at how far you shot it!” she says and points the closest pool of sperm next to her. She reaches down and puts her middle finger just a half inch above it.

She looks up at me and says, “a little bit further and it would have got on me.” She walks close to it and bends down to take a very close look.

“It’s really interesting to look at it on this dark surface.” She bends down for even a closer look. “If you look hard enough, you can see the little sperm swimming around looing for an egg to pregnant.

She looks up at me as she lowers her middle finger into a pool of my sperm.

“It’s still kinda warm,” she says and starts to circle her finger around like she did last night on the monitor.

“Mom?” I say and don’t really know what I’m saying.

“Do you know how long it’s been since I touched sperm, honey?”

“Ah, no mom. Yesterday at work?” I say jokingly.

“Rude!” she says and laughs.

She bursa otele gelen eskort continues the circle motion until she lifts her fingers towards her face. She holds them under her nose and smells.

“You smell nice honey,” she tells me.

“Ah, thank you I guess,” I tell her wondering if she is going to taste her fingers. My cock is starting to get hard again I notice. My mom’s eyes look up to me and then down at my cock to notice the same thing.

“Honey! Does it turn you on watching me smell you?” she asks and takes another deep breath smelling my sperm. My cocks also jumped another 10 degrees.

“It looks like it is honey!” she smiles with her sperm scented finger under her nose and watches my growing cock.

This brought my cock up to 30 degrees and gaining every second. What do I tell her? Should I just tell her, yes, of course? You look really hot smelling my sperm on your fingers. But in regards to smells, what I really want to smell is her pussy. I mean it’s really sexy that she is smelling my sperm, but why don’t I get to smell her? Should I just ask for a smell? I mean she has seen a lot of me. She has seen me jackoff and cum in front of her. Can she do some sharing now?

“I guess it’s pretty obvious that it does,” I tell her looking down.

She giggles a bit as she looks down at my cock.

“Can I smell yours?” I ask her before I lose my courage.

She looks up at me. “Can you smell my what honey?” she asks. I think she knows what I’m asking but wants me to be man enough to ask her without being vague.

“Can I smell your vagina?” I come right out and ask.

“Honey!” she says. “I ah, I don’t know honey?”

“Please,” I beg playfully. “Come on!” My cock is now fully erect now.

“Have you ever smelled another girl before honey?” she asks with a caring look on her face.

“No,” I tell her feeling like a guy that has never gotten laid which of course is true.

She looks at me for a moment. “Oh honey, I’m flattered. I really am. Oh, I don’t know.” She says as she is contemplating.

“Do you really want to?” say asks and looks at me.

“Yes. I really do.” I tell her with a smile.

“Honey, pussy, ah I mean vagina, oh screw it! Can we just call it pussy? I mean let’s call it what it is in this context. Okay honey?” she asks.

Wow, I can not believe my mom just asked to call her pussy a pussy.

“Okay,” I say half giggling.

“Okay then. Well, honey, I’m just afraid you might not like it?” she tells me acting a bit nervous.

“Why would you worry about that?” I ask her. “Do you have something wrong with yours?”

Oh no, is she sick I wonder. Maybe she is on her period or something.

“No honey,” she laughs. “My pussy is very healthy. It’s just that some guys really like the way pussy smells and some guys don’t. Some guys actually get turned on by it. And other guys want it to smell as much like nothing as possible.”

“Oh mom, I really doubt I’m one of the guys in the last group. I’ve thought about how it smells for a long time now. And the thought of it smelling like nothing is kinda boring”

After listening to me, she smiles. She slides her hands on the inside part of her skirt and starts to work on something. I bursa eve gelen escort bayan can’t tell what at first, but then it becomes clear that she is taking down her panties under her skirt. After just a few seconds, she has them down to her ankles. She then bends down and picks up what looks to be a light pink thong. After standing back up she has them in her hand. She turns them a bit in her hand to orientate the inside crotch part to face her.

“Ahhhh!” she yips and tries to hide her panties from my view. “Honey I’m wet already,” she says and giggles. “I was hoping these to be a bit less, interesting.”

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see anything more than I want to see those panties now!

“Oh come on!” I say with a tad bit of frustration. “I’m standing her naked with my cum on the table in front of you. You can show me a little pussy juice in your panties.” After saying that, wow, I really let her have it there and made a solid plea at the same time.

She looks at me, then down to my cock and then to the table. “You have a point,” she says.

“Please don’t be grossed out honey,” she says timidly as she un-clutches her panties and turns the wet crotch area to face me from across the kitchen island.

“It’s very natural for a woman to get wet like this, in turn, wet her panties with her juices.” she tells me.

I look at the inside of the thong with a wet area that has turned the light pink cotton material a dark pink. It was about a half inch wide and an inch long.

I just stared for what might have been 10 seconds, an hour, I’m not sure?

“Grossed out yet honey?” my mom asks?

I shake my head a bit slowly from side to side as to convey my thoughts and to not tax my eyes too much from the object they have fallen in love with.

“That might be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” I tell her. “Wow,” I add as I look back up her and give her a thankful smile.

“Honey, thank you!” she says as I see her eyes start to water just a bit. Out of all the nice things I’ve said to my mom, I never would have guessed that telling her that her wet panties are beautiful would have such a positive effect on her.

She then brings them up to her nose and she smells them. She then looks at me with her eyebrows raised a bit.

“Okay honey, are you ready for this?” she asks and smiles.

“Yes!” I tell her.

She smiles and tosses them to me from across the table. I catch them in mid-flight with both hands. They are soft and much lighter than I had expected. I open my hands to look at them. I move them around to find her wet spot that she had shown me from her side of the table. With only a second of fuss, there it is. A wet pair of panties that I was holding in front me.

I start to bring them up to my nose, slowly as I take note that in a few seconds, I’ll be smelling pussy for the first time. My breathing slows with anticipation of the first smell. As they get closer to my eyes, I can see the wet spot better now. From across the table, it looked just like a wet spot. But only a foot away from my eyes, I can tell it’s wet yet, but it also has some thickness. Oh wow, this is blowing my mind.

I look over to my mom and she gives me a reassuring look as I move bayan eskort bursa them to right under my nose. I take a deep slow breath through my nose to smell. My senses are greeted instantly with the sexiest, warm, earthy smell I have ever smelt. It was raw. It was passion. It was life. I’ve heard people joke about it smelling like fish sometimes and that was the only thing I had to go on as a base. In this case, it was a bit like wood clue, potatoes, dirt and a bit of fish all wrapped up in a musky human smell. It was intoxicating. I knew I was hooked and never wanted to go without this smell again.

My eyes are closed and I’m on my fourth deep sniff when my mom breaks the silence with a, “What do you think honey?”

I open my eyes and look up at her across her panties. “I had no idea how much I would like it,” I tell her and catch myself as I was actually starting to get emotional.

“Honey!” she says seeing me fight back the emotion. “It’s ok.”

Looking back down at them, I gaze right at the wet spot. I really did not know what to do next.

“I’m glad you like them, honey. You know the scent gets a lot more fragrant as the day goes on. So after thinking about it, I’m glad I shared them here in the morning instead of the afternoon?” she tells me.

“So, you’re saying they get even sexier?” I ask her as I now hold them up to my nose with a single hand.

“Ha ha. I guess if you really like pussy, you could say that,” she tells me.

“Well, I guess I really like pussy then.” as I look back down at her panties as my other hand grabs my cock.

My mom sees just what I did. She knows I need to cum again and I need to cum while smelling her panties. I need to do this and need to do it now. After wrapping my hand around my cock slowly, I look up at her for any hint of protest. Her eyes dart back up to mine with a curious slash it’s okay look. Her left-hand moves to her right breast and nipple area and touches it a bit on the outside. What is this! Did she just do that? And did she do that for her to feel or for me to watch? Regardless, I liked it!

I move the panties down to the tip of my nose and run my nose across the wet spot. I can detect the moisture as it slides across my nose. I can feel the moisture from the post-cum and now pre-cum leaking out of my cock. My mom’s hand is now circling the outside of her nipple and pinching it. Her eyelids are heavy.

My hand starts to slide back and forth the full length of my shaft. My mom now brings up her other hand to pinch both nipples at the same time. I’m gonna cum and cum hard again. My hand is now moving back and forth as fast as I can. As I start to cum, I put her panties in my mouth and taste pussy juice for the first time.

“Cum honey, cum!” my mom yells encouragement.

I close my eyes to focus on the taste of pussy juice and the joy of shooting my sperm at will. I add my saliva to the panties to help coax out as much of the pussy juice locked inside as possible. In return, my mouth and tongue are greeted with a brand new taste that I knew I would spend the rest of my life chasing.

After my climax is over, I open my eyes. My mom is still pinching her nipples, but not with the same hurried pace as before. I have her panties in my mouth about a third of the way in.

“I take it you like how it tastes also?” she asks me with an accusing half grin.

“What gave you that Idea,” I say, or make that do my best to say with her panties still in my mouth.

“Ha Ha, you goof!” she giggles while still making circles around one of her nipples. “You know it’s not nice to talk with your mouth full of panties.”

…to be continued…

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