Early Morning Neighbor

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My name is Bill. I’m middle-aged, married and mostly live the classic boring suburban life.

When I was growing up, I always assumed I’d get to the big city someday. But that never happened; instead, I landed steady but dull work and moved around from suburb to suburb for the job. Each time the houses and people look the same. Everyone is friendly, but it’s shallow because we’re all busy with life and sooner or later we’ll get transferred again anyway.

We’ve been in our current house for five years. We slightly know the neighbors on one side. We knew the ones on the other side even less. The dad drove new BMWs all the time but wasn’t home much. The mom was a workout queen who tried to keep looking twenty years younger. We didn’t see much of them. When they moved away, we barely noticed.

A few days later on Saturday we saw a moving van arrive. The couple looked similar in age to us. My wife and I came to say hello.

Their names were Scott and Susan. Scott looked like me and every other guy on the block – polo shirt, middle-aged and fighting his waistline. He seemed decent. And I immediately warmed up to Susan. Compared to the workout queen with her way-too-skinny ass, she looked a lot more normal. She had a friendly smile and a nice curvy body. I liked her, on several levels.

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” I said. We all smiled and chatted some more.

The more we talked, the more I liked both of them. Scott and I hit it off right away. Not only did we have various shared interests, but we had similar personalities. He laughed at my jokes.

Susan was also very nice. She just seemed like a very genuine person. And I’ll admit I checked her out some more. She wore jeans that really showed off her nice hips and curvy but firm ass. I couldn’t tell much about the rest of her body, which was okay. I felt a little guilty, toward Susan for checking her out as soon as I met her – and to Scott for checking out his wife, since I was beginning to really like him.

After a few minutes they had to go back and direct the moving crew. But I invited them for hamburgers on the grill – and they accepted. A few hours later the whole family came over. Everyone clicked very nicely. I was pretty happy. Maybe these would be the friends we never seemed to have.

On Sunday afternoon, I helped Scott put together some things in the garage. We kept talking. This guy was really cool. When we were done, he opened two beers and we stood and talked in the growing darkness. I thought this might be the start of a beautiful friendship.


On Monday morning, I followed my usual routine. I always get up very early, and spend an hour or two working in my home office while everyone else is asleep. It’s my favorite time of day and I get a lot done. The office is in a back corner of the house and it’s nice to have the peace and quiet.

There’s a small window that looks directly across to what was now Scott and Susan’s house. I casually glanced out the window and received an enormous shock.

Right across the yard, less than twenty feet away, I could see Susan through a window, in what must have been their bathroom. In all the years our former neighbors were there, that window had been covered every day. But now the blinds were up, and the view unobscured. Susan had clearly just gotten up. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt that came just below her bum, standing at the bathroom sink and unpacking things out of a box.

I was mesmerized…and confused. Why in the world was she standing there, not wearing a whole lot, with the blinds open? Surely she must know the window was visible from our house.

But of course I couldn’t take my eyes away.I could see most of the bathroom, including the tub and shower, though not the toilet (which was fine with me.) My own window was small and high up the office wall. It was very unlikely Susan could see me sitting at my desk. But she was on full display.

I watched her do nothing in particular, in her baggy shirt that didn’t show anything. Frankly I felt dumb and stupid – voyeuring her as she put away mouthwash and aspirin. But I was still fascinated. I already mentioned I found her kind of sexy. And now here she was, half-naked. Obviously she didn’t realize it and would probably yank the blind down as soon as she did – which is why I kept low in one corner of my window. But part of me hoped…well…you know. That maybe that baggy shirt would come off.

I felt bad but couldn’t stop. Here was a woman I knew…a brand new friend and neighbor…but all I cared about was getting a look at her with no clothes on. I rationalized to myself that I hadn’t done a thing wrong. I was just looking out my window like any other morning. And, after all, I wasn’t really seeing anything at all. Her street clothes actually showed off her body better than the t-shirt. And it was perfectly normal for me – caught in such an unexpected, unusual situation – to be curious. Right?

Right. No, I was just being porno dirty and wanted to see Susan take her clothes off. That’s the truth. Because men like to see nude women.

I kept watching but the shirt stayed on. I started to get bored, and told myself it was time to stop watching and get back to work. But I didn’t. Finally…Susan began to leave the bathroom. As she did, she began to pull her shirt off. But all I saw was her bare back as she left the room and turned off the light.

I kept checking the window for another fifteen minutes but saw nothing more. At one point I heard a car nearby start up and drive away. I wondered if it was Susan.

I managed to get back to work, marvelling at that little episode. It had been a thrill, but probably good that I saw nothing else. It looked like we might become very good friends, after all. Spying on friends was hardly right.

The rest of my day went normally. I waved at Scott when I got home from work, but didn’t talk to him or Susan. The next morning, Tuesday, I immediately checked the office window. Their blinds were down. Okay. She had obviously realized her mistake.

On Wednesday, I glanced over again. Blinds. I felt good about that – this was never going to happen again. That evening, Scott popped over to borrow my hedge trimmer. We stood and talked for a while. I really liked the guy. It wasn’t hard to put Monday’s incident way in the back of my mind and pretend it had never happened.


On Thursday morning, I had something a little different to do – an early morning conference call, scheduled to suit different time zones. I sat down and dialed in. As I waited for the connection, my eyes drifted to the window, almost out of habit. And I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Susan. Topless.

Once again the blinds were up, and this time I had a clear view of Susan in nothing but a pair of panties. Her bare breasts were completely exposed. Her nipples and aerolae were nicely pinkish-red and stood out like headlights. Her panties looked very normal – white, bikini style, not too skimpy, as an unflattering thong would be. I just stared, until someone on the line asked if I was there.

The call was torture. It was important and needed my full attention. I had to refer to documents and spreadsheets, and yet all I wanted to do was watch Susan in her underwear. I kept looking over but only caught brief glimpses before I had to look back at the numbers on my screen.

I didn’t even see the moment when she took off her panties. But suddenly I realized she was now completely nude and stepping into the shower. And the shower curtain was almost transparent.

I desperately wanted to watch Susan naked and showering. But the call was getting complicated, and I just couldn’t. I summoned every ounce of willpower I had and focused on the phone. A couple of times I looked over quickly to see her bare ass, but I just couldn’t keep watching. The call dragged on for over a half hour. Normally I would have been totally engaged, but I was just hanging on, my attention pulled in two completely different directions. I glimpsed Susan towelling off and primping in front of the mirror. Eventually she left the room, while I was still on the phone.

When the call finally ended, I hung up, exhausted. I just stared out the window at the now-empty bathroom. What in the world just happened? Why had Susan left the blinds up again…especially this time, when she was totally nude and showering? I was bewildered. I was also furious, for more than one reason. I blamed Susan for putting me in this position. And I felt cheated out of an amazing opportunity – even though it was obviously wrong,

Though, how wrong was it? I hadn’t really done anything except follow my usual routine. I hadn’t taken a single step to provoke this. It was really all Susan’s fault. Heck, I could probably file an indecent exposure complaint against her – if I was an idiot. And would this happen again? Two times didn’t make a pattern…yet. How could she not realize how exposed she was? I mulled all this over for the rest of the morning – interspersed with memories of Susan’s tits.

They were nice tits, after all. She was such a normal, attractive woman. She looked great in her panties. I hadn’t had a chance to really get a good look at her nude; just a glimpse of her bush and brief looks at her curvy bum. Part of me hoped this would never happen again. But of course the other part was dying to see Susan totally naked again. Though I was sure it wouldn’t happen again. She had to come to her senses.

Sure enough, on Friday the blinds were closed again. On Saturday I was tempted to get up early as if it was a weekday…but instead stayed in bed with my wife. We ended up making love. I concentrated on her. That was much better than furtive voyeuring of Susan. My wife and I have had our struggles over things, including sex, but it didn’t justify neighborhood spying. I love her, not some naked early morning neighbor.

On anime porno Saturday afternoon, both Scott and Susan popped over for a visit. They said they were settling in nicely and we all sat down for a chat. They really were good people. We had learned earlier that Susan was a nurse, but hadn’t found a new job yet. Now she mentioned she had done a lot of morning shifts in her last position, and was used to an earlybird routine. That would explain why she was up so early in the morning.

Talking to Susan, I tried to forgot that I had seen her nude. She had a great smile and personality. I felt comfortable with her. A couple of times, as she was talking and looking me in the eye, I suddenly felt a wave of guilt over my early morning spying on her. But it passed. The everyday warmth of her personality made her seem a different person – a real person, not a nude figure in a bathroom window. She was down-to-earth, funny and smart. It just happened that I had also seen her bare breasts, and more. But at the same time, I was afraid of the future, and that I would face this same temptation to watch her naked, over and over.

When they left, my wife said, “They really are nice people.” I had to agree. But I couldn’t shake the knowledge that I was withholding a secret from everyone. I felt bad about it. And angry.


On Monday I went to my home office with my heart pounding. Since this had all started the previous Monday, I thought it might be a weekly pattern. But the blinds were closed. I was relieved, and got to work. But I kept looking up and over, just in case.

On Tuesday they were open, but no one was there. I started on some emails, but could barely concentrate for more than a few seconds at a time. After about ten minutes, Susan came in. She had on the baggy t-shirt again.

I stopped working and just watched. Please take your top off, I thought. And soon she obliged.

Susan reached down and casually pulled the top up and over her head. First I saw panties again…this time, black bikini style. But then….her tits. Yes! Her shirt was still covering her head as I began to ogle Susan’s beautiful bare breasts for the second time. Now there were no distractions and I was determined to enjoy every second of scantily-clad Susan. As she dropped her shirt on the floor, I got up and stood closer to the window, off to one side. I turned off the office light to be sure I couldn’t be seen. Now there was no doubt I was spying on her. But still, she was providing the free view.

I admired Susan’s breasts. Again, they were nothing sensational. But they were naked tits! I felt so immature. Yet in a strange way I also felt mature because I was ogling a mature woman, with a mature, realistic body. Susan was not some young hottie or supermodel – she was a real, normal woman. Stupid logic, but anything makes sense when you’re watching a topless woman, and hoping her panties come off.

Unlike the other day, I could now really see and concentrate on what Susan looked like under her clothes. She had a classic pear shape…relatively slim up top and broader in the hips and ass. She was nicely fleshy but still looked fit and firm. Her breasts were not particularly big and were showing a bit of sag, but they still had a very nice shape and look to them. And those headlight nipples and aerolae were still distracting. She was standing at the sink, looking at herself in the mirror. The angle was just perfect.

She looked great in her panties. She had wrinkles and occasional folds of skin in different places. I couldn’t see much of her ass but I already knew it was curvy and proportional. Everything just looked right. It was mesmerizing. Only one thing could make it better, of course. I wanted Susan to take off her panties. Come on, Susan. I thought. Take off your panties. Show me your pussy.

She spent several minutes at the mirror. At one point she appeared to be squeezing pores, and I began to really feel stupid again. But I didn’t dare look away. Any other thought was trumped by my obsession with how I had missed out seeing Susan’s pussy the other day, and how much I wanted to see it now. I wanted to see Susan nude.

Susan finished her pore-squeezing and walked out of my sight. I almost relaxed – maybe that was it for the day. But a minute later she returned. And now she was shimmying out of her panties. I almost had a heart attack. Susan was going to get totally, completely nude while I watched.

The panties quickly slid to the floor and I had a complete look at Susan’s pussy. She had a full bush, though it looked trimmed and under control. The dark contrasted with her skin and looked perfect. She kept moving, headed for the shower. I was so excited. This time I would have an uninterrupted view.

I watched her lean over, starting the taps. Now I had a partial view of her ass. It looked warm and inviting to be touched. She leaned over more…presenting just enough of her arap porno rear to me. I wished I was a little closer and could see even more of her natural jiggles. Everything about her was so normal, right, and sexy.

Susan stepped into the tub and under the spray. She faced forward, giving me another complete glimpse of her pussy and tits through the nearly see-through curtain. The view wasn’t quite as good but her nipples and bush still stood out clearly. I was mesmerized as she stood under the spray for a moment, and then picked up a loofah and bodywash. She scrubbed all over, and I wished I had a sharper view. Still, it was fascinating, and I remained totally obsessed watching out the window. The shower didn’t take long, and she only seemed to rinse her hair. In a few minutes, she was done.

She pulled the curtain back, returning me to my high-definition view. She took a towel from a hook and I watched her dry herself, standing in the tub. She then wrapped it around her wet head and stepped out, the rest of her still stark naked. There was something super-sexy about her now – the top of her head covered but otherwise bare and nude. She turned and I saw her nice ass again, but only for a moment as she left the room.

I waited several minutes, not daring to take my eyes away, but she didn’t return. Finally I looked at the time, realizing how much I had spent voyeuring Susan. I managed to snap out of the daze and sat down to do some work. Every couple of minutes I checked but there was nothing.

I stumbled through my tasks and then the rest of my normal morning routine. Part of me acted as if nothing had happened…like it had been in some faraway, parallel universe and only a faint memory and image. The other part was obsessed with what I had seen – Susan’s bare tits, bare ass, and bare pussy.

Driving to work later, I had a jumble of thoughts. This was the third time I had seen her through the window, and the most spectacular yet. Was this going to be a permanent thing? Why in the world was Susan letting this happen? Why was it so random? And most of all, what was I going to do about it? I analyzed the situation. I was voyeuring Susan in the nude, but it was really her fault, after all. I didn’t seek it out – I was just minding my regular business! And, I reasoned, how could I resist such obvious temptation?

But of course, it was wrong. Wrong anytime, but especially because she was a friend. And my wife would feel betrayed if she found out. And then there was Scott…also my new friend. Yet here I was checking out his wife’s bare tits and pussy and watching her shower.

So I had a dilemma. And I began to feel angry.

I hadn’t asked to be put in this position, and couldn’t figure out how to solve it. Just stop looking? I knew I wasn’t capable of doing that – maybe some guys could stop watching such an available, naked woman, but not me. Change my routine? I prized my quiet early mornings in the office and grew resentful at the idea of having to give them up.

The only thing I could think of was to somehow make Susan understand the risk she was taking…hopefully without her realizing I had already taken advantage of it.

An opportunity presented itself as soon as I arrived home. I saw Susan in her driveway and immediately walked over. We made small talk, but I tried to steer the conversation toward daily routines. I mentioned how I liked to work early in the morning, even pointing out my window. I then added something inane about how windows were typically much bigger, pointing randomly at a few including her bathroom window. I didn’t want to be too obvious, but hoped it would click. She didn’t react, but just kept smiling and talking. I did like her smile.

The next morning, I immediately checked. Her blinds were open again – now two days in a row! Obviously hinting didn’t work. I didn’t see anything for a while, and managed to concentrate on some work. Then suddenly I looked up and she was already in the shower.

So I stopped and once again watched Susan naked.

This time she did her hair, and must have taken ten or fifteen minutes. A couple of times I managed to look away but soon I was back. The curtain blurred things but hid nothing. She turned around several times, so there was always a nice variation between seeing her ass and her pussy.

When she finished, the towel went on the head again. I loved that bare beneath look. But this time she stayed in the bathroom, standing by the sink again and presumably the mirror. She took out a lotion bottle, which got me excited. Sure enough, soon I could watch the sight of Susan rubbing her entire, totally naked body, massaging lotion into her skin. She pushed and moved her tits around as she ran her hands over her whole body.

As Susan lotioned up, I got very hard. On the previous days, I had felt myself stiffen, but I was more excited than truly aroused those times. But now I was getting a full hard-on. It was easy to slip my hand down, open my pants, and to start stroking my cock. Which I did. I masturbated as I voyeured Susan.

She finished lotioning and disappeared again. I waited a bit, my cock softening. I decided that was it for the day. And the dilemma was only getting worse.

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