Easy Women on Easyjet

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I’m not a big fan of air travel but last week I experienced something a bit different and thought I would share it with you.

Flying Easyjet is sort of OK. You get what you pay for. Delays are the norm and the scramble to get on the plane brings out the worst in everyone. I arrived at my departure gate with a little time to spare and noticed the Easyjet staff arrive to begin boarding. A queue formed which I found myself near to the front of just by chance.

They held us up while they invited passengers with speedy boarding to come forward. A couple of sheepish looking men stepped forward clearly self-conscious that they had been the only ones to pay the extra for the speedy boarding privilege. Then it was the turn of people needing special assistance. For this flight it was families with young children. Three families stepped forward and made their way through.

I checked out one of the mothers in these family groups. She was really nice looking and had clearly had a good holiday with lots of sun. The husband looked a little worn and was carrying all the bags and shit that go with taking two young kids on a flight. The wife/mother/milf (I think milf suits her best) was carrying only her handbag and looked very sexy in her light summer dress. Perfect for where we were flying from but not that great for when we landed.

All regular passengers were next invited to board and being at the front of the queue, I made my way past the staff showing my passport and boarding card. I followed the family down the stairs, still checking out the milf. She was really hot. It was impossible not to stand just a little too close as she ushered her children forward. I think she noticed me being close but didn’t seem to react.

We were kept waiting a little while in a holding area and then moved onto a bus to take us to the plane. As I positioned myself on the bus, I made sure I had a great view of the hot mother I had been fixating on. She was getting me all worked up. The bus filled up and I soon found a crowd of people between the family and me. I decided to turn my attention to the crowd and it wasn’t long before another lady caught my eye.

She had dark hair, was very good looking, about 40 years old, but no wedding ring but lots of jewellery. I couldn’t tell if she was travelling alone but she was wearing a black dress and had a nice full figure beneath it. The bus got more crowded and we were forced to huddle together. The dark haired woman shuffled my way and accidentally stepped on my foot.

“Sorry, ” she purred.

I shrugged and smiled. She didn’t really smile back but I carried on staring at her from very close up. She didn’t appear to be with Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort anyone and I considered sitting next to her on the flight.

As we all got off the bus to make our way over to the plane, I followed her up the rear steps to the back of the plane. My eyes fixated on the way she moved and my mind filled with thoughts of undressing this beautiful woman and discovering her body. Some women get so much better with age and peak in their 40’s. This was just such a woman.

As we got to the top of the stairs, we shuffled onto the plane and waited for people to sort their bags out and take a seat. Again she stepped back and got my foot again. This time we laughed and joked it was becoming a habit. In the end we sat together although there was very little conversation. She took the window and I took the middle seat. No one sat in the aisle. She was quiet and reserved and sort of minding her own business. I on the other hand was checking her out at every opportunity and feasting my eyes on her.

The plane took off and the cabin lights were dimmed for the night flight home. When the drinks were brought round, I took my chance to offer her a drink and she accepted. We struck up a very polite conversation about the flight and the joys of travelling. She seemed to relax more and started to make more eye contact.

The more we spoke the more I wanted her. I glanced at her tits beneath her dress and her legs at every opportunity I got. She must have noticed several times but we carried on. She ordered more drinks to return the compliment and we talked more. This time she started to make light physical contact with her hands every now and then. A playful push if I made a joke or a tap on my arm to emphasize what she was saying. We were getting along famously.

Then we ran out of conversation and there was a moment or twos silence. I couldn’t think of what to say and she said nothing back. I looked at her a couple of times and she smiled back. My cock was stiffening in my trousers and my thoughts turned to what I would like to do to her.

“What are you thinking she asked?”

I smiled but didn’t answer.

“Go on,” she demanded, “Tell me.”

“You don’t want to know,” I answered.

“I might!” she smiled.

“I’ll have to whisper,” I said. With that I leaned over and she offered me her ear. “You are the sexiest woman I have met in a long time,” I said boldly but in a friendly way.

“Mmmmm,” she said. “It’s been a long time since anyone paid me a complement like that.”

“Its true,” I said.

“Keep talking Romeo,” she joked as she sipped on her drink, smiling. She nearly spilt Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort the drink and grabbed my arm that was resting on the armrest between us. The physical contact set me off. My cock stiffened more and I became bolder.

“You are beautiful and have a very sexy smile,” I said unaware of how cheesy this all sounded. I lowered my hand onto her leg and she put her hand on top of mine. She moved her ear to be nearer to my mouth so I nibbled at her earlobe. My hand rubbed on her leg through the black dress and her hand pressed down on mine, not trying to stop me but just being there. My nibbles turned to kisses and she moved away so I kissed at her neck. She moved back to allow me more access to her neck. My hand rubbed on her leg. How much could we get away with in a darkened cabin? I was about to find out as her hand moved off mine and crossed the armrest onto my lap. She rubbed at my groin searching for my cock.

It didn’t take her too long and she was rubbing me as I got to full hardness. I moved up the armrest to allow us to get closer. I switched hands and turned towards her. We kissed but with our heads lowered even though no one could see any of this. Most people were asleep or sitting out of site. Cramped Easyjet seating does have its advantages.

My new friend froze as my hand moved onto her bare leg but she offered no resistance as I ran my hand up her leg. In fact she uncrossed her legs allowing me access. Still kissing her, my fingers found the material of her panties that were covering her damp pussy. It took very little effort to slip a finger beneath the material and soon I was fingering her. She moaned through this kisses.

My mind was a step ahead. How could I fuck this woman on the plane? She seemed to have the same idea and whispered how good my hand felt and how she would like something else in there. As she said this, she rubbed my cock even harder.

Then her head lowered to my groin and she was pulling at the zip on my trousers. I shuffled to offer her better access and she soon had her hand on my naked cock though the zip and my boxer shorts. Then she pulled out my cock and slipped it into her mouth. She worked my already turned-on cock for a few moments. I just wanted to cum as quickly as possible before we got caught. Its funny how you can’t rush it when you really need to. Her mouth worked its magic some more and then she deep throated me. Moments later I was shooting my cum into her mouth and she was swallowing all of it.

When she finished and came back up for some air, she left her hand on my cock in my lap. I reached over and stroked her, feeling her tits and upper body. Beylikdüzü Genç Escort Then I slipped my hand back down again and searched under her dress. She moved to allow me easier access once more and I worked her pussy with my finger. She moaned very lightly as I rubbed her clit and slipped in and out of her. She gripped my hand between her legs and I fought to pleasure her. She was trying to hold out but her orgasm hit her. A stifled gasp could be heard (at least by me) and then she held her tongue and enjoyed a silent orgasm of her own.

All this was more than amazing but I still had the uncontrollable urge to fuck her brains out. I needed to be all over her body and feel it all. A couple of orgasms were nothing compared to the animal lust I felt.

At this exact moment, the milf I had been admiring earlier walked by with one of her young children. She may have been standing there watching and I had only just noticed her. Her eyes were on my crotch, which was covered by the hand of my companion. It was obvious what we were doing. She smiled and raised her eyebrows.

I looked right back at her then turned to kiss the woman I had just shared orgasms with. We kissed and she carried on rubbing my cock. The milf was gone, probably to the toilets with the child. I carried on petting the other woman. A few moments later the milf sat down next to us. We both sat up but she leaned over and said, “Don’t let me stop you both.”

So we carried on kissing and petting. The milf didn’t do anything but just sat there. We got all steamed up again and the woman by the window was back in my lap searching out my cock. With her head in my lap I looked left next to me at the milf. She was looking at me switching her gaze between my lap and my eyes and smiling. I looked into the milf’s eyes as the other woman slipped my cock into her mouth for the second time. I sighed gently and the milf smiled back at me. The milf had her hand between her own legs and was rubbing herself, pulling at the material. I could see her pussy. No underwear. My left hand moved across to stoke her as the other woman sucked my cock to another orgasm. This time she lifted her mouth off and my cum shot out. She licked at my cock and tried to reclaim the lost cum. All the time I was stroking the milf between the legs.

We were disturbed by a stewardess offering more drinks so we all sat up and straightened ourselves. The milf returned to her seat leaving me with the woman who had given me two blowjobs. There was cum on her black dress from where I had shot my second load. She rubbed at it and smiled.

“Where the fuck did she come from?” my cock sucking companion asked.

“Dunno,” was all I could answer. “Think she has gone back to her husband now.”

We both laughed. The flight soon finished and we waited patiently to make our way off the plane. The milf looked over at me a few times and smiled. She even put a finger in her mouth. I smiled back. How could I fuck one or both of these women before the night was over?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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