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It is about 18 months since I first wrote about my bisexual encounter with Jane. During that interim Jane is the only girl that I have slept with; made long slow passionate love, as only two girls can. However, our friendship is passionate, tactile, slow and sensuous. As we saw more of each other our friendship settled down, not to that of lovers, but we’ve become very close friends. Two good friends who have come to express their friendship more intimately. We rarely sleep with each other. Rather we make love, long, slow and sensuous, completely unlike making love to any man in my experience.

So until recently, I was cheating on my adorable boyfriend, Adrian. He is still unaware of my newfound sexual liberation. I often think I should tell him, as he might want to watch. Indeed, Jane and I have discussed it on occasion. I also feel that I have put it off for too long, so that I have been effectively cheating on him for almost 18 months. However, our friendship is still very much in the front of our friendship and our sex life is good and varied. Also, the stories in Lit help to give us new ideas and thoughts from time to time.

This is another true account of an encounter with a lovely girl whom I shall call Aggie. Aggie is slightly older than I, and has completed a PhD. Of Afro-Caribbean descent, she has dark skin, and I mean dark, like Dark chocolate sold in the UK rather than ‘milk chocolate’. For those ‘Brits’ out there, she resembles Gillian Joseph, a BBC news presenter in the London area, albeit slightly bigger. Not fatter, but of rounder build with a larger bust (36C!) Her hair is shoulder length, and she too exercises regularly, though Aggie obviously uses weights more than I do.

I met Aggie through work; she is a new member of staff of a regular client of mine. My title is Sales Specialist and I sell Equipment used for medical and biological research. This regular client of mine was in the process of rebuilding an old laboratory of hers, and it was in this context that I first met Aggie. During the various meetings I felt as if I was being stared at. Every time I looked up, there was Aggie, looking at me, and, I am sure, mentally undressing me. You know what its like when you walk into a gym or a bar and you suddenly feel men looking at you, as if they are mentally undressing you. With Aggie, it was the same. But she was polite and we got on well. She had a long-term boyfriend as well so I assumed it was my imagination, or perhaps even my desire, my sexual curiosity?

Anyway, I had put these thoughts aside as my friendship with Aggie developed. We met up for quiet drinks, had some rather fun nights out, but our friendship was purely platonic, for want of a better description. From here I shall start my true account, my story.


A bank holiday was approaching, and we were discussing our plans over the long weekend. I mentioned that Adrian was away for a few days with some university friends so I had nothing in particular planned.

“Come around for dinner if you like” she suggested. “We can have some dinner, a glass of wine or two and a good chat, perhaps watch a DVD or two. You can stay over in the spare bed if you wish”.

I wasn’t sure, though I do not really know why. In hindsight, I think I was suspecting something (perhaps hoping) might happen. Often I would lie in my bed those nights after we had met, and I would wonder if she was bi, and if she fancied me? While I had never looked at her in a sexual manner, her stares and our friendship had made me curious.

Anyway, Aggie was not prepared to say no, even though I made excuses. What excuses I did make, Aggie claimed were trivial, which, in hindsight, they were. I am not even sure why I was so reluctant. Perhaps I was slightly scared to admit to myself that I found Aggie sexually intriguing and alluring. Was it a race thing? I would not class myself as racist, having come from a multi-ethnic school university. At the same time I had never even considered sleeping with someone from a different ethnic background. So I accepted Aggie’s kind invitation and before long the bank holiday was upon us. It was a lovely spring weekend; warm and sunny with a light wind. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear, but I knew I wanted to wear something sexy and revealing, if for no other reason than for allowing the wind to blow away those winter blues.

In the end, I wore some of my favourite Rigby & Pellar lingerie, a deep red set. The lace is soft and exquisite and Adrian loves it on me (perhaps that’s why he buys me sets!). I decided to wear a short deep tan leather skirt. Not mini-skirt length but just above my knees, and a nice revealing slit running down the back, complementing my light beige blouse with a low neckline, with the deep red bra visible through the material. It may sound smart but it is also very casual, and makes me feel very sexy. The outfit was completed with a pair of deep tan leather boots, almost knee-high, together with a pair of patterned stockings.

During bursa otele gelen escort the day my mind kept drifting to that evening and what may happen. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have sex with Aggie. Perhaps that’s why I had dressed so revealingly.

Aggie greeted me at the door in a very erotic outfit. She had on a red-croquet style top, through which her deep cream lace bra was easily visible, as was her dark skin. Her thighs were barely covered by a short hipster skirt, and her calves were hidden from view by a pair of white, knee-high boots. The colour contrast was sensational. Her shoulder length hair was in a ponytail, displaying the long and sensual curves of her neck and shoulders.

She welcomed me into her lovely flat and greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We stood there for several seconds, or minutes perhaps? I looked up at her, and finally she smiled, said something and led me to her living room. The room was smallish, lit by scented candles, with a table laid out for two. She had a soft, relaxing classical CD playing. I gave her my two bottles of white wine and she went into the kitchen, and returned later with two glasses of said wine. We made ourselves comfortable; I was on the armchair and she was sitting on the sofa, the curves of her legs being accentuated by her boots, and short skirt.

We made small talk as we sipped our wine, asking each other what we had been up to since we last met, how our partners were and so on. We soon got talking about clothes, as we complimented each other on our respective outfits, in particular the boots. As we were talking, I felt a strange atmosphere. Not an unpleasant one, but as if neither of us were sure where all this was leading up to. It is impossible to put in words.

The conversation soon reverted back to our partners, at which point I asked Aggie if she had ever been unfaithful to Ricardo, her partner.

She smiled back at me, slowly breaking into a giggle as she nodded. “Have you?” she then inquired.

“Only with one other so far, but I am still seeing her from time to time, and while Adrian has met her, he doesn’t know. But I’ve never been tempted to sleep with another man.” My heart was pounding, in case I had read her body language incorrectly, but I was sure she was Bi, and wanted to turn the conversation, to bring it to the fore.

She looked at me for several seconds before smiling, her white teeth showing. “I wasn’t quite sure if you were bi-sexual, Miranda” she stated, “but I was hoping that you might be”. Again she giggled as she stood up and moved towards me, and knelt before me.

What she did next was, well, incredible. She took my right boot and slowly started to kiss and lick the leather of my boot.

“God I love girls in Fuck Me Boots.” She moaned softly a smile appearing on her lips.

The sight was incredible, especially as she kept her eye contact with me, sighing softy. Her hands massaged my calf through the leather, as she licked and kissed the leather of my boot. She continued this for several minutes, and it was obvious she was becoming aroused, very aroused. Eventually, she put my foot down and picked up my other boot-clad foot, and repeated the process, her tongue exposed as she licked and kissed the deep brown leather.

Still on her knees, she straightened her back and lifted her skirt to expose her thong-clad mound, manoeuvring my foot to her mound. Slowly and erotically she started to rub herself against my foot, pulling my foot tight against her. She let out several loud moans, interspersed with sighs… as she literally fucked her mound and clit against my boot.

I was quite simply speechless, but becoming very aroused. My hand soon found my crotch as I gently began to rub my self through my leather skirt, my other hand cupping and pinching my nipple through my blouse.

Meanwhile, Aggie continued to moan. By this time her eyelids were closed, her head thrown back, as she was gasping and moaning. I could tell she was approaching an orgasm as her breathing became faster and more irregular. She gasped for breath and I could see her other hand pinching her nipple as she let out a loud moan, her body shaking and quivering under the pressure of her intense orgasm.

I just sat there amazed as she was recovering. She opened her eyes and smiled intently at me. She gently let go of my foot, placing it on the floor, allowing me to see her juices on my leather before she looked down. Slowly she lowered her mouth to the boot and licked up her juices off my boot. She then reached up, wrapping her arms around me, pulling me down for an intense kiss. I could taste a mixture of leather and her juices on her lips.

I felt her tongue hungrily force apart my lips. Our mouths were wide open, our tongues intertwined and dancing a sinful dance with each other. We were both sighing deeply, our hands caressing and exploring each other’s bodies. Soon I felt my tongue being sucked, her teeth gently escort bayan nibbling the tip.

My heart was pounding and I was short of breath when we finally broke the kiss. Aggie just smiled, licking her lips as she placed her hands on my hips. I still sat on the chair, and she was on her knees leaning towards me.

“Somewhere more comfortable?” she suggested. I just nodded as I slowly stood up, suddenly feeling how damp and turned on I was. This was something totally new and very pleasurable. “So she was planning on seducing me after all,” I thought to myself.

In the middle of her bedroom was a large bed but what caught my attention were the iron head and footboards. Hanging from one post were a few bras, again in luxurious lace. The room had a scent of candles, and I could see the soft flickering of candlelight. Before Aggie started to kiss me I saw a collection of toys on the bedside table.

She kissed me hard as she pushed me onto the bed, falling on top of me. She kissed aggressively, her mouth hungrily opening up mine, her tongue forcing its way in between my lips, seeking out my tongue as she fenced with it. I felt her hands caressing my body up and down, before cupping my cheeks as she kissed deeper and more passionately. Her hips were slowly moving in a circular fashion, grinding into my own. My heart was pounding and I could feel every beat.

Finally we broke the embrace, both of us gasping and smiling as we fought for breath. I felt her hands move to my blouse, impatiently unfastening my blouse. I felt that I might lose a button but soon my blouse was open. The closeness of her breath over my nipples made them harden further and soon I felt a soft kiss on one and then the other as she started to suck on the nipples through the lace of my bra. I closed my eyes and sighed deeply as I felt her head move from one breast to the other. My eyes were closed and my mind was chasing its own tail.

“Have you ever fucked a black person before?”

“No” I replied

“Not even a black man?”

“Oh god no.”

I moved my hands for the hem of her croquet top, and slowly started to lift it up over her head. She moved accordingly, allowing me to remove her top with no obstructions as she continued working on my breasts, sending shivers up and down my spine. My hands unclasped her bra and undid her skirt, my hands running up her thighs feeling the soft smooth skin as I cupped her buttocks. She sighed over my breasts. Feeling how close I was, I pushed Aggie up asking her to stand.

As she stood up, her skirt slid down her thighs onto the floor, revealing a matching cream thong. Soon she removed her bra, revealing her full yet firm breasts. I pinched her nipples feeling them harden further. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I brought my lips to her breasts, as I gently licked and sucked one and then the other. My hands cupped them, bringing them as close together as possible. I was just able to lick and bite both nipples simultaneously, feeling the cool soft undersides against my hands. The sight of my pale white skin against her deep brown added to the eroticism of the moment. I felt her hands pull my head close to her breasts and I could feel her heartbeat and her sighing deeply as she threw her head back. Her hands were running through my hair as she released the ponytail. I took the waistband of her thong between my fingers and slowly pushed it down her thighs and to the floor. I slid off the bed onto my knees and straightened my back; my hands now caressing her calves. Her hands were still in my hair, tugging and pulling it, sending out gasps of mild pain as I continued to make love to her breasts.

My mouth started to travel, leaving a trail of kisses, my fingernails gently caressing her body, in particular from her firm buttocks up to her back and down again. My mouth finding her soft, pierced belly button, I began sucking on the stud, flicking it, and heard her giggle.

Aggie now sat on the edge of the bed with her legs apart and looked down at me. I turned to face her, still on my knees, looking into her black mound; the short hairs, the dark lips, the pink interior. My hair was still being stroked softly and gently as we made eye contact. We both smiled.

Standing, with Aggie immediately in front of me, I finished undressing, pushing back my blouse over my shoulders. Letting it land on the floor. My hands caressed my body, watching Aggie intently as I saw her eyes follow my hands, from caressing my breasts, from my waist down to my leather clad hips, and back up. Slowly I reached round, unfastened the skirt, pushed it down onto the floor over my hips revealing my chocolate coloured patterned stay ups, and matching thong. My hands moved to my mound, I sighed, gently rubbing myself through the thong, still watching Aggie’s gaze. Soon my bra was unclasped, holding it in place with one hand, as I eased the shoulder straps down, seeing Aggie stare with excitement, moaning, talking loudly.

“Oh God,” she sighed, “Stop teasing mudanya escort me, let me see your white breasts, you bitch.” She begged.

Answering her command, I allowed my bra to fall exposing my breasts, uplifting, both nipples proud, erect. For several minutes I stood there, sighing gently, moaning, watching Aggie as I caressed my breasts, pinching my nipples, with each tug, I let out a gentle sigh, a gentle moan of pleasure. My hands still stroking, using my finger nails caressing my body, stroking my mound thru the thong, pushing it in deep, past my lips. During which, Aggie’s hands hand become restless as she caressed herself, her breasts, her trimmed pussy.

I returned to my kneeling position, having stepped out of my skirt and thong moving close to her. I leant forward, lifting her boot-clad legs around me, feeling the soft, supple leather against the skin of my back as I kissed her knee, slowly, softy, sighing, moving upwards leaving a trail of soft gentle kisses up her dark thigh. Suddenly I was starting at it, feeling her hands run through my hair, begging to kiss her, lick her, to eat her. The skin was so dark, silky smooth from being freshly shaven apart from a little whips, triangular in shape.

My tongue ran up one labia, and then down the other side, moving my head in a gentle circular motion. She tasted divine, the pink interior glistening with her juices. My hair was suddenly pulled, Aggie’s hands pulling me in closer, as she gasped, begged me to taste her.

My tongue pushed pashed her lips, finger nails gently making small circles on her thighs as my tongue drew small circles inside her, tasting her, feeling her velvety texture as my tongue licked, twisted, explored her pussy, gently sighing into her. I felt her grip tighten slightly on her hair, I sensed her body move, perhaps arching her back, my tongue darting in and out, licking swirling tasting. My finger nails lightly caressing her upper thighs.

“Oh god, Oh my fucking god.” She cried. She arched her back, whilst gyrating her hips, upwards, downwards, or in a circular motion, pushing hard against my tongue, my face.

I continued, replacing my tongue with one finger, sliding it past her labia, gently twisting, caressing, and feeling her tightness grip it as I reached for the magical spot. A second, and then a third finger was slowly inserted, deliberately stretching her as I reached and found her magical spot, sliding them in and slowly, using the entire length of the fingers to finger fuck her.

She moaned, gasped, swore; her clit was being continually kissed and licked, nibbled as my fingers pushed in, gently eased out. Her breathing became more vocal, as she shouted out. Feeling her hands tighten, tense, I continued, picking up the tempo.

She came, loudly. Her body tensed, her back arching, the free hand gripping the duvet cover as her body went into a series of shivers, convulsions, whilst I was eagerly tasting, licking as she came, feeling, seeing her juices trickle down, my head being pulled in even closer, my nose rubbing, teasing her clit as my tongue worked inside her, feeling her spasms as her intense orgasm travelled through her entire body, feeling her juices cover my face, my lips, my tongue. I realised, I was trapped, her feet were still wrapped around me, preventing me from moving away,

Realising the bitch had cum twice already, I moved, as if processed by a demon as I parted her legs, literally forcing them apart and climbed on top of her, kissing her deeply, letting her taste her self on me, rubbing my hips tightly, grinding against hers; before finally straddling her, my mound close to her face, my boot clad feet running down her sides.

Learning from her rulebook, my hand was soon firmly grasping her hair, as I pulled her face, her mouth towards my mound, feeling how wet I was. She eagerly accepted the challenge, her hands stroking my lips, feeling her breath against me. Her tongue replaced her fingers running up and down my lips, tasting, the tongue tip swirling, moving in small circles against my exposed labia, sending a shiver through me, a moan escaping. As her experienced tongue began to probe, my back arched backwards, moving my arms to allow me to lean back, my arms taking my weight, my eyes closed, sighing with every touch, every caress.

I felt her deep inside me, pushing back against my labia, twisting, licking, lapping, feeling my muscles contract around her, as she pushed further, deeper inside me.


She found the magical spot, making me moan, loudly, deeply as I felt the tip of her tongue caress the spot, feeling her fingers gently rub my hood, my clit, sending yet further shivers through my aching body. She eased her self out, replacing her tongue with her fingers, sliding them deep into me, feeling my muscles tighten against them, as they were slowly eased in, and then out, using the entire length to finger fuck me.

Slowly, she eased them in, and then withdrew them. I soon felt my hips move in time, exaggerating her movements, sending a chill up my spine. I realised this was going to be an intense orgasm. Before I had chance to gather my thoughts, I felt her breath close over my clit, feeling her tongue swirl, lick my clit, her teeth gently nibbling, adding to the sensations within my body.

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