Ed’s Auto Repair Shop

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Another boring week night. After spending all day standing in front of a machine, then coming home and spending the evening drinking beer and eating Joe’s greasy food at Joe’s Bar and Grill, my life was in a rut.

I was with Ed and Mickey as usual, sitting in Joe’s wishing we had something to do. Ed asks me what I’m doing this weekend, I tell him same as usual, go to see my kids at my ex’s house (really my house) since I’m paying for it with my alimony and child support. Then Sunday watching football, the same as every weekend.

The bar is the same as most week nights, us three, and maybe 3 or 4 more customers, it’s quite as shit and you can hear everyone’s conversations. Everyone sitting in the same chairs every night.

Ed’s a huge dark skin guy that is always covered with grease from his auto repair shop across the street. Mickey’s a short just over 5′ light skin guy that can’t make a decision for himself. I’m Charlie, brown skin average height, average weight, just average everything. When I say Ed was huge I mean huge all over, he had tree trunks for arms. Sometimes he would wrap a towel around his arm and hit a telephone pole to make it shake showing off.

We all three have rooms above Joe’s and spend out nights here. We all thought tonight would be the same, but things were about to change.

The door to the bar opens and in walks this young white guy, barely 20yo. He walks up to bar and ask Joe if he could use a phone. He tells him he has car trouble and he wants to call someone to come pick him up. Joe ask him what he’s doing in this part of town, and he tells Joe that he’s new to town. A college student and riding around had gotten lost.

He said his car was smoking and had stopped running. Ed stood up and started to walk over to the bar, I could see the gleam in Ed’s eyes. If that white boy knew what was good for him, he would turn and run out the door and never stop running until he got back to whatever town or city he came from.

Well he wasn’t lucky, Ed grabs his arm and tells him he’s a mechanic and that he would be happy to look at the car to see if he could help. The young guy tells Ed that he’s in school and doesn’t have much money. Ed’s face really lights up on hearing this.

Ed has a thing for young white boys and for young white girls too. Ed tells him let’s not talk about paying until he could see what was wrong. Ed and the young start to walk out the door. I look over at Joe who’s smiling and shaking his head.

Mickey ask me “should we go out there with them”, Mickey could get on your nerves sometime. If he wanted to go he should just go, but he was good to have around sometimes, especially when you’re horny as hell and there’s no women around. He really knew how to polish a knob, if you know what I mean.

I tell Mickey come on lets go, we get up and start walking out and Joe tells us to be gentle with him. But knowing Ed gentle was the last thing that boy was in for. As Ed arap porno always liked to say going to give them some “Virginia Black Snake”. Ed was carrying around a 9″ cock under his mechanic’s jump suit.

When Mickey and I got outside Ed had the hood of the car up and he was leaning over looking in the engine compartment. He raised up and said it was just a water hose busted and that he could have it fixed in no time. The white boy said he didn’t have money to pay for it, but Ed as if he didn’t hear him told the boy to get in the car and guide it as he, Mickey and I pushed it across the street into his garage.

Ed went about fixing the car and Mickey stood there drooling looking at the white boy’s ass. I asked the boy where he was from, he said from the western part of Virginia in the mountains. I asked him how he liked our city. He said it was okay, he had been riding around sightseeing when he got lost and then his car started smoking.

Ed finished working on the car and told the young guy to start it up, when he did it was working fine. He got out of the car and told Ed he didn’t have any money but he could go and see if he could borrow some from people at school, or get his parents to send it to him.

Ed smiled and asked “do I look stupid or something, as soon as you leave here I’ll never see you again”. Then he said “now there is a way you can pay me”. I was watching Ed, he was moving closer and closer as he talked. Ed the snake, was slithering up to the young boy now.

Ed said you can help an old man out with a problem I have. The boy asked what problem. Ed unzipped his pants and pulled out that monster cock. Mickey was all smiles now he knew what was coming up. He wouldn’t have to be the one to service that monster tonight.

The young boy looked shocked, and had could hardly say that he wasn’t gay. Old Ed in his charming way says “hell boy I ain’t gay either, but I got a hard dick here and you need to pay me”, then smiling he says “it’ll just be between us here, won’t nobody know, hell we don’t know none of your friends”. Ed takes the boy’s hand and places it on his cock.

Ed had a way with people he could get almost anything from anybody, he would flash his gold tooth smile and talk calmly and he had them eating out his hand.

The boy didn’t move his hand away and Ed looked over at me and smiled. Mickey moved over and rubbed the boy on his ass. The boy jumped. Ed gave Mickey a stern look for him to slow down, and told the boy in a clam voice that it’s alright.

Mickey and I knew just what was going to happen next, I had seen it happen many times before and Mickey knew because it had happened to him. Ed gently pushed the boy down to his knees, talking gently to him telling him how much he wanted to have his cock sucked and that it would always just our little secret. Slowly he inched the boys head to his cock, the boy didn’t open his mouth at first but Ed kept bedava porno pushing his head forward until there wasn’t anything else for the boy to do but open his mouth.

As Ed slid his cock into his mouth, he was telling him how good it felt and that he was doing a good job. My cock was rock hard now and I unzipped my pants and let my cock out, and I stood there stroking it. Mickey was really excited, he was stripping his clothes off.

I grabbed Mickey’s arm and pulled him over to me and pushed him to his knees, and pushed my cock in face. Ed seeing tis smiled at me said “we got us a pair of good little cock suckers here”. Mickey knew how I liked my cock sucked and he went to work on it, swallowing the whole cock into his mouth, and running his tongue along the bottom of it.

Ed then was pulling the young boy up and telling him to take his clothes off. When he pulled his pants down we saw that his cock was hard. Ed seeing this told him he knew he would like sucking his cock. Ed grabbed his arm and pulled him to him and gave him a big wet kiss.

Then he grabbed the boys cock and started to stroke it. Then he called Mickey and told him to go get the lube and get the young boy ready. Mickey knew just what to do, he stopped sucking my cock got up and went in Ed’s office. He came out with a tube of lube.

Ed started to strip off his work jump suit and I stripped off my clothes. Ed then sat on his work stool and pulled the young guy to him and pushed his head back down on his cock. This left that pretty white exposed, and Mickey knew just what Ed wanted. He started putting lube up and down the crack of the guy’s ass, then he started using one finger working it into that ass.

The young was jerking trying to get his ass away from Mickey, but with Ed holding his head down and Mickey being persistent it was a losing cause. After using one finger to loosen the guy’s ass, Mickey stuck two fingers in it. Now the boy was starting to get use to what Mickey was doing and he was starting to relax.

Ed then winked at Mickey and told to go head and get that ass ready. Mickey was happy as shit, Ed was going to let him fuck the boy first and get the boys ass ready for Ed’s monster cock. Mickey moved up behind the guy and aimed his cock at the boy’s ass hole and started to push. Ed took his cock out the boy’s mouth so he wouldn’t bite it, but held him down firmly.

Mickey worked his cock into the guy’s ass and started to slowly hump in and out, he closed his eyes and was happy as hell. It wasn’t often that Mickey got to do the fucking, he was the one getting fucked most of the time, except when he would get one of the prostitutes (male or female) up to his room.

After a little of Mickey working his cock in the guy’s ass, Ed slid his cock back into his mouth. I was left there just stroking my own cock.

The young boy must have been doing a good job because I could see Ed starting cüce porno to raise his hips, closed his eyes and grabbed harder on the boys head. Ed yelled out that he was coming and started filling the boy’s mouth with cum. Mickey didn’t miss a stroke, he smiled at Ed and kept on humping.

Mickey was really going at it and Ed and I just stared In amusement. It was something seeing this little short guy standing on his toes fucking a white boy who was now pushing back enjoying being fucked. Mickey was now doing more holding on that fucking, and soon he made a funny face and filled the boy’s ass with cum.

Mickey almost fell after that, and Ed stood the boy up and pushed him over the other work stool, he took some of lube and worked it on to his cock then lined it up at the boy’s cum filled ass. When Ed started to push his cock into that ass the boy screamed out for him to stop. Ed just stopped pushing and let the get used to it, telling him to relax.

Going slow and working inch by inch Ed finally got all of his cock into that ass, balls deep. Then he pulled out a little, you could see a little sign of relief on the boy’s face when he did this. But Ed then pushed back in and pulled out a little faster this time. He slowly started to get into a rhythm fucking that ass.

Watching this I was rock hard, I called Mickey over and told him to lean over the hood of the car, I put some lube on my fingers and lubed Mickey’s ass up, getting it ready for me to fuck. I then lubed my cock up and moved behind Mickey, I aimed my cock at his ass and pushed in.

I loved fucking Mickey, he knew how to work his ass muscles, it was like his ass was massaging my cock. I started to fuck in and out of his ass and he was pushing back and we were really getting into it. Ed started to mess with Mickey and told him that the white boy had a great ass and that he might have to stop fucking him and only fuck the white boy’s ass.

That really got to Mickey, I could see it in the way he was looking at the white boy. Ed could see it too, he just smiled and kept on pounding the white boy’s ass. The boy was now getting into having Ed’s huge cock in his ass, he was now working his ass back as Ed pushed that cock into him.

Mickey was working his magic on me and I was ready to cum, I grabbed Mickey’s hips and slammed into Mickey one last time dumping my cum into his ass.

Ed was one of those long winded guys and he fucked that boy for another 5 minutes, then he screamed and slammed his cock into that ass. When he did this the white boy screamed also and shot his load all over the floor. Ed filled so much cum into that boy’s ass it was spilling out around his cock.

When Ed pulled his cock out it made a slushy sound. Ed smacked his ass and told him he was a great fuck. Then he said “oh shit I don’t even know your name” what is it boy. The boy said Benji. Then Ed told him to put his clothes on cause he was ready to go back to drinking his beer.

After everyone had gotten dressed, the white boy got into his car Ed leaned in and told him to come back Saturday night. The white boy backed his car out, Ed locked up and we made our way back to Joe’s. We were back where we started sitting in Joe’s waiting for something to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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