Elbow Deep Indeed Ch. 02

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Aidra Fox

First Dollars Earnt

Two weeks later I found myself being dressed by Miss Lilo as she prepared me for the 3 men from the fist gang-bang. They already paid her for no safe-word night, any hole, bare-back, delivered back to this front door at 10am the next morning, when the neighbourhood will all be free to see.

Miss had me dressed as TV slut whore, heavy make-up, heals, short skirt, weighted nipple rings, strapped cock and balls and a huge plug. “You’re going to get used, again, slut! Paid to entertain those three faggot fuckers and anyone else they choose.”

I was soon standing by the road outside our house acting like a street-walker waiting for them. The neighbours could see!

After only about 5 minutes of this humiliation and a black van, how predictable pulled up, side door opened and I was pulled in just as they drove off fast.

I was thrown across the back of the moving van and there were a few men there. “This is the Faggot we told you guys about.”

Someone else replied as I was being grabbed and groped. “We can really do whatever we want with him?”

“Just don’t damage the goods or Miss will cut our balls off and make us eat them.”

The trip was short, thankfully as there were too many men in the van to allow easy access to me. The thought of being gang-banged by all of them really had me excited and enjoying the groping they were doing and I was able to do. So many nice hard cocks all wanting to cum in me! My own cock hurting with the pressure of the attention of so many men all pressed together, sweaty, aroused and eager.

They drove to a local football ground, the gates were opened by two men, they pulled up once they’d driven into the main building.

Once inside the doors opened and I was hustled out by as it turned out 6 men to the centre of the auditorium, surrounded by what ended up being 12 men in total, all dressed in dark uniform track suits.

One spoke, “This is where we introduce you to the whole team. We hope you enjoy it, we certainly will!”

I was approached by three men, the ones who’d abused me so well a fortnight earlier. They each groped me as they crowded near, fingers went straight up my already plugged arse, my balls were pulled down low and my cock wanked hard. I was excited and responded by reaching for each of their cocks, trying to bend forward to lick each of them. For a few minutes this continued, I thought they were going to give the others a demo debauch rokettube but I was mistaken and they were just preparing me for what was to be done to me.

I soon found my wrists secured in cuffs suspended from a lighting bar hanging from the roof. I could feel my fear and excitement levels rising, my balls tightening against the tight strapping. ‘So many men, So helpless, So easy’.

I watched as One man, the first the use me before pushed nasal cannula over my head and connected the tubing to a gauge in the bar above my head.

“Interesting hey? A fully controlled fuck up bar. Lots of sluts have been sacrificed on this baby. You’re the latest slut to ‘star’ on this baby. We don’t care if it’s male or female, you’re just two holes to use and a cock, balls and nipples to torture. This bar is fully plumbed, wired and remote controlled.”

I nodded realising I was not just being whored out by Miss Lilo but I was being sacrificed by these 12 men.

One pressed a button on the bar above me and a gas entered the nasal cannula, I tried not to inhale but he laughed and just covered my mouth until I was forced to breathe through my nose. The inhalent immediately made my head spin and it felt like all my muscles had dissolved. I collapsed to hang by my wrists. The bar rose and I was soon hanging with only my toes touching the ground. The gas continued and I hung there getting higher and higher and getting unbelievably horny. I just needed it, any ‘it’ available!

I was trembling and every moment of contact between myself and anyone else was as electric currents jumping between us. I was thrusting my hips making my blue-black erection sway about dribbling precum more than I’d ever achieved.

The 12 stood about me in a circle just in the shadows and far enough away to avoid my sprayed mess. I was uncontrolled and hornier than I’d ever imagined, I NEEDED cock!

The plug in my arse was grasped making me cry out in passion begging for an “Arse-fuck me please. Fill my bum with cum please.”

It was quickly pulled out my loose hole and another hard tube was inserted way up me and then secured so I was opened up, gaped open. Suddenly I felt something expanding my guts. The lube they’d need to abuse me was being delivered way up high in my bowels and it was very hot, tingling and raising arousal to unknown levels. “That’s our special lube mix, we designed it to make any slut so loose we could use them anyway we wanted!” I almost asyalı porno came just at the thought of my pending abuse.

After about 10 minutes of being full of the tube and their arousal lube I was desperate to be used, I was begging for them to use me, I screamed at them, “Get your money’s worth fuckers!” Humping my hips back and forth pointlessly trying to get more stimulation in my bowels, my cock leaking like a tap.

Suddenly some stepped behind me, the tube was withdrawn dragging my guts with it, I groaned in appreciation. “Oh god yes! Thank you, use me!”

The man who’d used me first stepped before me and grabbed my balls pulling me forward using them as a handle and almost making me cum. Then the man behind me punchfucked me! I began what was to be one very very long anal orgasm. My whole body felt as if it was one huge expanding receptacle, orgasming in response to whatever was being done or was to come. His clenched fist pounded in and out of my hole, deeper and deeper with each punch, “You said it takes it over the elbow?” He asked the man still using my balls as a handle, “Elbow deep, 2 fists wide is what it’s advertised as!”

Hearing that Miss Lilo had advertised me made me cum even harder, my bowels constricting in waves about the fist and forearm punching through it which they both noticed and announced to the gathering. He punched on, now fully pulling out and punching straight back in, I was stretching both deeper and wider, my anus a memory, a gaping needing hole, my rectum just a tube to allow anything to get deep in me.

“Fuck, that’s my elbow. Sorry boys no use using a cock in this slut unless you go in two at once or skull-fuck it, you’ll never feel anything in this chasm.”

Some one from the crowd called out, “Can we film this?”

“Anything, as long as it’s not broken!”

Now I really came, the last punch actually entered past the elbow, I felt the extra stretch, the bump of the elbow joint crushing my prostate and the pressure making me ejaculate across the wrist of the man holding me in place by my swollen balls. I screamed in utter ecstasy my whole being, one huge filled hole spasming, pumping my load freely before a dozen strangers who’s whole efforts were to be to express their filthiest desires through the agency of what they’d paid for, me!

I must have gone into some form of active trance as the next memory I have is being laid on my back across a azeri porno huge black man.

I was choking on a cock thrusting balls deep into my throat, the attached balls pressing against my nose and forehead, it felt as if at least two BIG cocks were furiously pounding my gape as my calves were resting across some mans’ shoulders, his hand gripping my hips to aid his full pounding fuck in and out. The man I laid upon must’ve been hung like a horse as I could feel his slower moving cock way up in my guts. They noticed I was aware once again. “Welcome back faggot slut. You’ll have a nice surprise when Miss Lilo shows you the last hours action, 12 loads anally, facially, in fact all over your faggot body.” I moaned in appreciation.

The three fucking me went into overdrive and I was the fleshy hole they pumped, aiming for loads 13, 14 and 15. I sucked, I wriggled, I wanted to be their loose cum-dump.

They pounded away, I gasped a breath whenever I was able and revelled in the prostatic massage as the double anal fuck slammed into me over and over. Eventually the man in my throat just held my head still and buried his cock as deep as humanly possible unloading what must’ve been a huge load by the number of pulses running through his thick, gullet deep cock. He groaned and announced what a good bitch I was. He pulled his cock, a long thick one from my throat and lips as I sucked and licked it clean, eagerly seeking a taste of his deposit. As I tried to concentrate on the cum the man beneath me rammed in deep, very deep and began to roar as he bred me, his mare. The other pounded even faster and also filled me, I could just feel the juices beginning to join the rest pouring from my destroyed arsehole and I came again even though my cock and balls were aching from being strapped up and abused for so long.

They all pulled out of me leaving me slumped face down and arse up across a padded table near the suspension bar I’d earlier been hung and fucked on. I gradually became aware of a camera being directed at me, close-ups, almost internal shots clearly showing the copious pearlescent semen liberally splashed in and on me, I was literally coated inside and out with cum.

“You can rest for a while, we’re going to have a few beers then it’s piss time and we’re going to stretch you more than you’ve ever dreamed possible!” I mumbled my appreciation and excitement as they moved off across the space to a bar and began drinking.

‘Oh god I’m fucked, my hole will never close!’ I dimly thought, balls were still aching and my cock almost black in its strapped state.’Lucky me I thought.’ as I drifted off into an ecstatic fugue state to wait for round two, I’d earnt my first dollars, and I liked it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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