Elena Jackson’s Visitors

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It was Monday and Elena Jackson was doing her housekeeping. She lived in a perfectly ordinary house in a perfectly ordinary street and a perfectly ordinary part of the city. The sun was shining and the day was warming up. There was nothing outward to show anything was other than ordinary.

Elena was happy today. Cleaning, dusting, doing the laundry and changing the beds, all ordinary Monday activities for Elena Jackson. Her daughter had visited over the previous weekend and had returned to her university in Manchester on Sunday evening. Her son would visit next weekend. He lived in the Birmingham and could easily drive over. Elena did not work. Well she did not do what people normally call work, but she earned a living by her own specialism. Accordingly, Elena expected callers during the week and her thoughts kept anticipating their visits.

She already knew that one visitor would be her estranged husband, Alan. She had been separated from him for a little over a year but had not divorced him yet.

Elena and Alan had been married when she was 21 years old and he was 24. Elena had worked for a couple of years before they started their family. They had their two babies, one of each, within their first five years together. They had moved into the house she still occupied today. She had then stayed at home and cared for the children until they finished school. As the years went by Alan seemed to lose interest in the family. Oh he did what was expected. He took them out when asked. He attended school parents’ evenings but did not really take part. Later, he forgot birthdays and anniversaries. Then he missed dinners. He was detaching himself from their lives. The two of them argued about all sorts of minor and major items. She had to do the things he wanted without question but he had not always been like that.

During their last months of living together Alan turned out to be controlling and uncaring towards her. Eventually he taken up with another woman and ignored Elena all together. However the new woman did not last long, maybe she got pissed off by his treatment of her. Elena could assume it was the same as the way he had treated her. Perhaps he simply got bored with her. Yes that would be it, good in bed but clueless elsewhere. Finally they both had had enough of their chaotic relationships.

Elena decided that she and Alan should split up. Only trouble was he did provide the finance for their lives and he was great in bed. Elena thought she would never be able to find another man to fuck her quite like Alan did. It was a pity he could be such an arsehole the rest of the time.

Alan moved out. He had set himself up in another place where he could live just as he wanted to. He now lived alone in the pokey flat above his shop in the town. He never found himself a woman to permanently share his life. Of course in the mean time he had been paying maintenance and child support. He also still paid his half of the mortgage. Their house was in joint names and he could not let this nest egg go. Oddly enough, she missed his company and the sex with him. So she had let him visit her, as long as he did not stay too long, to satisfy a mutual need. Now he regularly came back to Elena for the best sex he knew. She obliged him and this secured his payments to her.

Alan had continued his financial support for the children until they were 18 and even helped them at university but this was ending when they started work. Elena had inherited an income from her father’s estate when he died. This money, combined with the contributions from her husband made life possible. It left her a little short of funds, it barely sufficed, and there was no money for any extras. So at the age of 44 Elena had had to find an additional source of income.

On Tuesday Gloria visited her. Elena had met Gloria many years earlier and they had become closely acquainted with each other. She was a tall imposing woman with mysterious beauty and very intelligent. She had a not married. She said that she seldom met men that she was sufficiently attracted to and men she did become attracted to were scared of her. Gloria was in charge of a litigation department for a sub-branch of a large legal firm. This position made her financially independent but lonely. Gloria regarded Elena as a friend and confidant. Elena regarded Gloria with some affection but it was more the relationship between counsellor and client than true friendship. There were also other benefits.

At a few minutes after 12 noon Gloria strode purposefully up to Elena’s home and pushed the door bell. Elena let Gloria into her home. Gloria changed when the door closed behind her. The confident controller in her dissolved into soft and needy girl. She threw her arms around Elena and begged kisses from her. They stood in the hallway holding each other, lips and tongues mashing together. Elena drew Gloria into the sitting room and pulled her down onto the sofa. They sat holding hands and looking at each other in silence for a few seconds.

Elena spoke first. “Welcome back Gloria, I’ve been waiting for you all week.” Antep Bayan Escort

“Elena, you know I always love being with you, kiss me again, please.” They kissed.

“I’ve made some nibbles. Would you like a drink?” Elena moved into the kitchen. She returned with a tray of food and a bottle of Sauternes. She poured the wine for them both and they clinked glasses together. “Good health.”

“And yours too sweetness.”

They snacked and drank while they talked of their week. Elena stood and lifted Gloria’s hand. Gloria followed her meekly to the bedroom. Scented candles had perfumed the room and the blinds diffused the warm sunlight around the bed. The bed was covered a deep quilt with fluffy pillows at the head.

“Undress for me.” Elena commanded Gloria. Gloria peeled off her blouse and skirt displaying her black lace underwear. “You look beautiful. Let me unhook you.” Elena unfastened Gloria’s bra and pulled her panties over her hips, letting them drop to the floor. She was left in her suspender belt and stockings. Gloria twisted around on her heels and fell back onto the bed.

Elena looked into Gloria’s eyes and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. She was not wearing a bra. Her tits fell forward and Gloria reached for them. Elena kicked of her shoes and leaned to slip her skirt off. She had not worn panties either. She knelt on the end of the bed and put her mouth to Gloria’s pussy. She licked and sucked Gloria’s clit at the same time slid a hand under her arse to raise her hips up. A finger slipped between her cheeks and tickled her tight button anus. Gloria bucked up and Elena plunged tongue into her labia. Gloria squealed and reached again for Elena’s body. This time she pulled Elena up to face her and their tits rubbed together hardening their nipples. Elena worked her fingers in Gloria’s vagina and on her clit. Gloria wriggled and struggled but the pleasure overwhelmed her. She gripped Elena’s neck and forced her lips onto her breasts. Elena gratified her by taking first the left then the right and sucking. Gloria came to an orgasm and gasped a few words.

“Oh sweetheart don’t stop that, never stop doing that to me.”

Elena shifted her legs and straddled Gloria’s chest letting her bum rest on Gloria’s tits. Gloria was faced with Elena’s shaven pussy. She raised her head and took the swollen lips in her mouth. She flicked her tongue on Elena’s clit and lapped at the moist slit in front of her. Elena held Gloria’s head and stroked her hair. Elena’s juices dribbled down her legs and she murmured in satisfaction.

“You do such a good job. You are the perfect sex playmate, you know that don’t you?”

The two women lay side by side and caressed each other for the next minutes.

“Come, let’s shower.” Elena helped Gloria from the bed into the en-suite. As the soothing water poured over their naked skin they sponged and soaped their aching bodies.

Gloria dressed again. Elena pulled a robe around herself. On the sofa they took several deep breaths and finished the wine. Gloria picked up her handbag and handed Elena an envelope of money. She whispered, “Here’s for your expenses. It’s the same I usually pay. You certainly are worth every penny.”

Elena accepted the envelope and noted the thickness, judging the amount was what they had agreed on. “Thank you.” She dropped her eyes.

She led Gloria to the door and they kissed again. A long kiss between lovers.

“Bye my lover.” The severe business woman strutted back to her car and headed for another afternoon of work.

“Bye, Gloria. See you next Tuesday.” Elena closed the door, sighed and went to clean up the bedroom yet again.

Wednesday was the day Alan came to bring the money he promised. To be fair he never missed paying Elena, but then again he never missed his reward. Lately Elena had noticed that Alan was more aggressive than in the past. He had got into bondage or S&M or something. Anyway he now liked sex to be much rougher than he had even when they lived together. She was dressed in her special ‘Alan’ underwear and a robe.

‘Alan’ underwear was cheapest she could find. Thin bra and panty sets with the stitching partly removed. This allowed him the pleasure of ripping her clothes off her body without actually hurting her. It put him in a good mood to think he was in command. She would just spike his beer as well to make it all happen quicker. He could make her feel good but there was no need to make it an ordeal.

He arrived at 2:05pm, just like clockwork, his usual time. He knocked loudly on the door. Elena opened it and immediately turned away and led him into the lounge. She did not take him to the bedroom. Alan carried a bag in his right hand.

“Strip off.” He ordered. “I need you bad.”

“Good afternoon, Alan, have you had a fruitful week?” Elena pointedly asked.

He calmed a little. “Yeah, I’m good.” He took her hand and pulled her to him. He went to kiss her but she turned away.

“Please don’t kiss me. You don’t really love me do you?”

“I loved you once, let me hold you again”. There was almost no enthusiasm in his voice, just a plain statement.

She let him embrace her. She could feel his cock, erect under his trousers. “You are still good at it, aren’t you, Alan?”

He did not make a reply. He slipped his hand inside her robe and tugged it off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. She stood in only her underwear. “Magnificent. You’re still magnificent. Twenty years and two kids and you have a great fucking body.”

“Twenty four years, but never mind. Want a beer?” She took the tops off two bottles, and then crushed a small tablet into his as she turned around.

He gulped half the bottle straight down. “Here’s your money. Mortgage payment, you are still paying that aren’t you? There’s no more maintenance since Susan turned 18. But I’ve put some pocket money in for you as long as you make me welcome.”

“Yes, I pay the mortgage. It’s finished this year you know.” She replied then added. “Come and sit next to me and I’ll show you my welcome.”

Elena could still enjoy sex with Alan. He had a technique, and line of attack that could arouse her like nobody else could. Pity he was such a bastard at everything else and cruel sometimes with it. Still a good fuck and the cash made it worthwhile. As long as he did not hang about too much.

Alan opened his bag and moved next to her. She became apprehensive. He picked a pair of handcuffs from the bag, grabbed her wrists and cuffed her hands together. Before she could react he pulled her ankles up and wrapped tape round them so she could not escape. He forced one hand down the front of her panties and squeezed her pussy. It hurt.

“Yummy, that’s sweet.” He shoved a finger inside her. “You’re getting wet aren’t you?”

She was not but would not admit that to him. He balled his fist and ripped her panties off. They gave way easily. Next he grabbed her tits, mauling and pinching. The bra went as easily as the panties. She shrank back and made her frightened face. That pleased him. He laughed.

Alan unbuckled his trousers and dropped them to the floor. His cock jumped up in front of Elena. “Oh my god,” Elena thought, “He’s still got a great cock.” Now she really did start to get moist. She stared at it wobbling about. “Use a condom, Alan. I don’t want that in me without.” To her surprise he had brought his own.

“Open up, Gal.” He demanded and held her chin. She knew what was wanted. She opened her mouth. He flicked her lips with his cockhead and slid it into her mouth. She closed around it and got to work on pleasing him. She used her tongue and lips to keep him happy. He arched over her and grunted. Just as she thought he was enjoying himself he pulled out and spun her round onto the floor. No finesse with Alan. He cut the tape holding her feet and spread her legs. Holding her cuffed hands he rammed his cock into her pussy from behind. It did not take long for him to come inside her. He puffed and grunted as he slowly shoved his length in up to the hilt. She used to like him doing this but all tenderness was gone. It was just raw sex now.

She dropped onto the floor. He took cords from his bag and wrapped one round each of her feet. He rolled her over onto her back and tied the cords to stretch her legs far apart. Now he took a small leather strap from his bag and began beating her body. First he made light tickling swipes but then he struck harder aiming at her pussy, belly and tits. She shouted at him to stop. He wouldn’t. She screamed in pain and he laughed. He knelt down and pushed his cock into her again. This time he fucked her hard. No gentleness. She was unable to interact or respond. This was a brutal fucking. He leaned on her and bit her tits and arms, marking her skin. He squirted his cum and pulled out. He stood and yanked off the condom to let the remains drip onto her hair and face. At that moment she hated him more than ever.

“There, you bitch. I’ll take you like that every time I come round. You are still the very best fuck in town.”

He took off the restraints and packed then in his bag, leaving Elena on the floor. He found her torn panties and wiped his cock on them. She sat up as he dressed himself and looked at him for an acknowledgement. Nothing.

“I’ll see myself out. Make sure you’re ready next Wednesday.” He left.

Elena picked herself up off the floor and sniffed back a tear.

At about half past four on Thursday afternoon young Peter Willen sprang from his car and walked briskly to Mrs Jackson’s front door. Elena Jackson regarded him as young because he was only four years older than her own son. In fact the two boys had been in the same clubs at school and this was where she had first met him years ago. They had become reacquainted not long after Alan moved out, quite accidently, at the shopping centre near his office. Today he visited for her for an adult purpose.

She had often wondered why he came. When she asked him he had told her he enjoyed the experiences that she could supply. She had asked him for money and he willingly paid. He added that she needed the cash and paying absolved him of any guilt feelings for not loving her. Their relationship remained a purely business transaction.

Peter rang the door bell and stood back. Elena opened the door and invited him in.

“Good afternoon, Mrs Jackson,” he greeted her.

“Good afternoon, Peter. I’m so pleased to see you.”

“Oh and I’m pleased to see you too Mrs Jackson.”

They embraced and hugged each other close. Elena could tell he was happy to see her. (He was not carrying a pistol in his pocket. She did not say it; he was too young to recognise the quote.)

Peter always referred to Elena as Mrs Jackson. It was a hangover from his school days. He felt it showed respect for a lady who needed respect showing to her. He followed her through to the sitting room. She turned to face him.

“This is for you.” He took his wallet from his jacket and counted out some bank notes. “It’s the usual amount.”

She watched him. Then took the money and put it in a box on the sideboard.

“Thank you, Peter. Shall we go?” She led him to the bedroom.

He took off his jacket and shirt. Sat on the chair at the side of the room and kicked off his shoes. Elena unfastened his trousers and pulled them off his legs. She stepped away and unbuttoned her dress, letting it slip over her body to the floor. She was left in her ‘everyday’ undies. They were pretty but not overtly sexy. Good enough for a young man to admire and then strip off her.

Elena knelt in front of him and fondled his cock. He ran his hands over her shoulders and down to her tits, gently lifting them from their support. He stroked her nipples and rolled them between his finger tips causing them to stiffen. She worked on his cock and began to lick and kiss the swollen member. He lifted her up and she in turn kissed his chest and neck as she stood up. He tugged on her panties and slid them down her legs. Peter raised a hand and rubbed a finger up and down her slit, paying attention to the little nub of her clit that he could see poking out. She pulled back surprised and giggled. He continued playing between her legs with one hand while holding her bum with the other. She could not escape. He felt her wetness increasing as he fingered the honey pot.

Peter urged her back to the bed and lay her down. He slipped on a condom and shuffled on his knees to get level with her before arching over. Elena took hold of his torso and pulled him to her. At the same time she spread her legs a raised her hips allowing a smooth entry. He pushed in slowly and let her gyrate to accommodate him comfortably. He had absolutely no desire to hurt her. He admired her mature body and the dark areoles of her full tits, so different from the skinny girls outside. Here she was his. They spend the next minutes savouring the ever-pleasing experience. She gasped and panted as he pumped into her. He flexed and strained using his legs and his arms to heighten the activity. Then their orgasms came. Both yelled in turn as the explosions of pleasure coursed through their brains. Once, then again. They lay side by side dabbing the sweat from their skin as it trickled in the crevices of their naked bodies.

Peter rolled over and sat up gazing at her. “What’s that?” He pointed to a yellow-blue mark on her shoulder. He looked over her more closely now. “And this?” There were puncture marks, bites, on her tits. “And here?” He was looking at the lacerations on her legs and belly.

“My husband visited me yesterday.” She said quietly. “He plays rough now.”

“He hurt you didn’t he? I don’t like you being hurt. Don’t let him do it again.”

“Look here Peter. That’s between him and me, you understand. What I do with him is my business.”

“I don’t like him hurting you.”

“Peter it’s… Well, it gets him off. I used to like it as well, when he wasn’t so rough but I did use to like it. Now I don’t stop him.”

“Mrs Jackson, he’s hurting you. He’s damaging you. I won’t have you damaged.”

“Peter. I don’t belong to you. Anyway, this is my job and this is part of the job. I do this for a living.”

“Not if you’re defective. You’re spoilt goods, Mrs Jackson. I won’t have anyone hurting you for any reason. Let’s get showered. “

They showered together. Peter examined the markings on Elena’s body. They dried off. He got dressed again and went to the door.

“I’ll be back again next Thursday Mrs Jackson.” He hugged her again and walked away, unhappy at what he had seen.

Friday afternoon was drawing to a close. Shortly before 6pm Geoffrey Rowley called on Elena. She opened the door to him with a smile and he smiled back. They felt a common bond in that both were separated from their spouses.

Geoffrey’s wife of more than thirty years had recently told him that she was bored by him and no longer needed him. She had had another man for years. Her lover was a richer man, a man who pampered her. He treated her as she felt she ought to be treated so Geoffrey was superfluous. She spent several nights each week with him and only returned to Geoffrey to ‘keep him on side’, whatever that was supposed to mean. In effect his wife had created an open relationship although Geoffrey did not want one.

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