Elle’s Adventure Ch. 14

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After the upset with Amy, I had texted Anne to say it might be useful to talk about Elle. In the event, she and I were too busy to meet, but texts and a few phone calls did the trick.

I knew Anne liked to submit sometimes. Strong women often needed to “relax” as Mme Duclos had put it to me once. One advantage of being an intelligent submissive is that one can adapt.

It seemed to me, as I told Anne, that Elle was actually both too proud, but also too scared, to submit to a friend like Amy. She had a very clear sense of the hierarchy which figures of beauty have. They are on top, the rest of us are further down. In Elle’s case this would, I suggested to Anne, impede the development of her full potential. But, as she replied, even if that were so, how could it be dealt with? Inadvertently, Anne herself supplied the answer.

“You see, Fabienne, she is so like me, an opinionated little bitch who is almost insanely competitive.”

Quick as a flash it came to me.

“Is she competitive with you then?”

“Oh fuck yes, as she gets older it is almost anything you can do, I can do better.”

“Anne, hear me out then.”

“Okay,” she replied, obviously intrigued.

“Well what if I were to supply your need to be submissive? I can do domme.”

“Yum, I fancy you, and if you could I’d love it. In fact you are in luck, if you are free Friday, Pete will be away for the weekend, and I can tell Elle to fuck off with one of her friends.”

“Don’t do that!”

“Don’t do what?”

“Tell Elle to go. Tell her someone is coming round to use you.”

“Fuck, that would be hot, but she’d only want to be there.”

I had rather hoped Anne would say that.

“Tell her she can only be there if she obeys too.”

“She won’t do that.”

“What, she will run from the challenge of showing that anything you can do, she can do?”

“Oooh you French minx, I see what you did there. Crafty bitch. Yeah, leave it with me.”

I smiled as I ended the call.

I smiled even more widely a little later when Anne texted to say:

“Elle will be there and be good – Miss! xx”

Anne was as good as her word.

To see the two of them, clad only in those see-through leotards, their sexy asses showcased, sent several types of thrill through me. But would it work? I had suggested using Elle’s competitiveness with her Mum to bring her to where we thought she needed to be. That she was standing there, holding her Mum’s hand, suggested that my instinct had been right.

The rest of the evening proved it.

Elle responded wonderfully to any suggestion that she was not up to it. Anything Anne could do, Elle could do better. I had wondered how she would react to being Anne’s bitch and to being fucked hard in her ass as well as her pussy, but she not only took it all, but she also lapped it up.

As Anne came, squirting on her as Elle orgasmed from anal penetration, they collapsed together.

It was a joy to hear them:

“I love you Elle!”

“I love you, too, Mum,” Elle whispered.

“And that,” I said, “is why you needed to experience it!”

Moaning slightly, Elle turned to me, her face flushed.

“Thank you, Miss!”

Anne kissed her daughter.

“You were right,” she said to her.

“In what way?” Elle asked. “Well you said anything I could do, you could do better – and you just proved it. What do you think, Fabienne?”

I felt all kinds of good things.

Elle had responded well. We had found a line of retreat for her which she could accept. More than that, she had enjoyed it. I had thought that what she might not be willing to accept from the likes of Amy and myself, might be acceptable from her Mum.

“I agree,” I smiled at them both. “You were fabulous Elle. What did you think?”

Cuddling into her Mum’s big breasts, Elle smiled, sleepy from her exertions.

“I think you two are a pair of conspiring bitches,” she giggled, “fucking hot. And before either of you say it, you were right. Having experienced that, well…”

Her voice trailed off into a kiss with her Mum.

“Anne, Elle, darlings, I am going to leave you to it, I think you need time to relax.

Anne giggled.

“The night is yet young, but yes, thanks Fabienne.”

I smiled back, loosening the harness and removing it.

I washed, quickly, coming back to get my bag, only to find them asleep in each other’s arms. It was perfect!

I felt happy.

I hated discord, and the upset of that week had been painful, but worse still had been the feeling that I had contributed to it. Now things were set fair.

I looked at my phone, it was still only nine o’clock.

On impulse I wandered down to the restaurant where June worked. Did I want to see her? My footsteps told their own story of where my instincts were.

I went in. They were busy. A kind young lady offered to show me to a table. I chose one in the corner. I was glad they were still serving. I was not terribly hungry, but disliked the idea of trying what the English called a “salad,” so settled for some poached salmon with black kale. I ordered myself a small escort Chablis, and settled down to watch.

I liked the atmosphere. It lacked that sense of haste and pressure some places had, and I was able to relax. Then, there she was. Yum, I thought, as I looked at her bum in that rather too tight and slightly too short skirt – except, of course, tight and too short suited her, not least in those four-inch heels, which made her legs look even longer, and made her bum look tighter. Who needed food?

As I was slightly in the shadows, June had not spotted me.

I admired the way she worked the house. Friendly, with a quip for everyone, always quick to help, and that smile! OMG, as Elle would have said! What was happening to me?

Elle, like Anne and Penny, was fun. Amy was more of a “project,” but the idea was simple enough. Having fallen for Elle’s undoubted charms, I wanted to help her and her Mum realise their desire for each other, and to bring Penny from the emotional Siberia in which she had been living since her husband’s death. These things were in train, and the events of the early part of the evening had filled my heart with joy. I loved pleasing and helping others. Amy might take a little longer, but the key to that lock was Elle, and she (I giggled to myself) had been turned.

“You look pleased with yourself! I thought you were busy tonight, what’s up, your girlfriend let you down?”

I looked up, pulled from my reverie by June’s voice.

Instinctively I gave her a beaming smile.

“They needed time to themselves,” I said. The moment the words were out of my mouth, I realised how that must have sounded.

June mouthed an “O.”

“They? Quite the little vamp aren’t you,” she sighed, “why can’t I meet someone who just wants me?”

“It’s not like that,” I protested, realising that I was possibly making the hole bigger.

“I bet,” she smiled, “well I’ll bring you your meal now – more Chablis?”

“Thanks. If you have time later, I’ll order a bottle, if you will finish it off with me?”

She laughed.

“I’d love to, but we just lost our bloody cleaning lady, so I will have to stay behind to do her job.”

On impulse I replied:

“Hey, look, if you join me for an after-work drink, I’ll help you clean up.”

“In that pretty dress, hardly. Anyway, you’re a teacher, there’s more to cleaning than you might think.”

“Check,” I responded, “I am sure you must have a uniform I could borrow.”

“Okay,” June said, looking at me quizzically,” but what do you know about cleaning?”

“Checkmate,” I riposted. “I paid my way through university by cleaning. I worked for one of the biggest contractors in Paris, so there’s not a lot I don’t know.”

June suddenly smiled and looked impressed.

“You are an intriguing little thing. Tell you what, done!”

And so saying, she turned on one of her elegant heels and sashayed off, giving what was, surely, an extra and provocative wiggle to that tight bum.

Why the devil had I done that?

I’d been good at cleaning. My obsessive nature made me so. Everything in its place and place for everything. I had an eye for detail, and, using it, even in the gloom of the restaurant, I could see that the corner where I was could have done with a good dusting. The cleaner had clearly been one of those who believed in cleaning where the boss could see it, but at the expense of those areas less visible on a cursory inspection.

A few minutes later, June came back with a bottle and a wine-cooler.

“Don’t drink it all. I will join you.”

“Yes, Miss,” I giggled.

“Less of that, you tease,” June smiled back.

“Promise I will leave some for you.”

“Make sure you do!”

June said it with a grin. I looked into those grey-blue eyes for a moment, and saw something with which I connected.

Another member of staff brought my supper, and as I ate it and thought, I found my eyes kept wandering to June.

The meal was good, whoever the chef was, had a light hand with the pastry, and the salmon was just right; the Chablis went well with it. However, mindful of June, I was moderate in my consumption.

“How was that?”

Again, June’s voice pulled me from my daydreams.

“It was good, my compliments to the chef.”

“I’ll tell him. He’s new here, Australian. I don’t know, with you and him,” she giggled, “we are almost cosmopolitan!”

“I noticed,” I said, with a hint of sarcasm, which made June smile.

Not having a sweet tooth, I declined dessert, and none of the cheeses seemed worth my while, so I settled for a cappuccino.

“At this time of night?” June asked.

“Who needs sleep?” I quipped back.

“Girls who work two jobs,” she replied.

“Even on Saturday?’

“No, but why do you ask?”

“It’s just that you look tired, and I’d be happy to come round early tomorrow and help clean properly. I’m still happy to help you tidy up tonight, but in the daylight I could see more of what needs doing.”

June looked puzzled.

“You’d do that?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Well, let me think. No sleep bursa eve gelen escort in, hard, dirty work, and the pay is lousy.”

“Do I get a kiss?”

June smiled.

“What if I say yes?”

“That seals it,” I said.

“What if I add that does not include getting into my knickers?”

“What if I reply that’s fine with me?”

She grinned.


As the crowd thinned after 10:30, June began to slow down. I marvelled at her energy. Those heels looked great, and made her legs and ass look so sexy – but at a price. But you would not have guessed it from her professionalism.

After 11 o’clock, some of the staff began to go, and having paid, I got up to help June.

“You really did mean it! But not in that dress, there’s an overall in the back, look, let me show you.”

June showed me through to the staff room and to the locker where the uniforms were kept.

“That’s the shortest one we have, none of us can wear it without being indecent, but you might manage it!”

I giggled.

To my disappointment, she left me to change. I would not have minded her watching, but hey, so what? The nylon-like material reminded of my days at the Agency, but June’s guess had been right, it came to mid-calf with me!

“Hey, look at you!” June laughed. “I think I preferred the dress!”

“Well,” I joked back, “you can see it later!”

We busied ourselves stacking the dishwashers and tidying up. It was nearly midnight when we finished, but I could see June was exhausted.

“Shall we stop now? Want any of that Chablis?”

We had actually been drinking it as we worked, which might have accounted for our frequent giggles.

“Any left?” June asked.

“Just a small glass each. We can clean them in the morning.”

“You are on!”

We settled down in the waiting area, and I poured June a glass.

“Hey, you, I’m the waitress! After my job now, eh?”

“That might be the one bit of you I am not after,” I replied.

“Told you, you are not getting into my knickers tonight!”

“How about tomorrow night then?”

“You’ll be lucky, I finish even later then!”

“I believe in luck,” I shot back.

“And what about your girlfriend then? What would she think?”

That was not so easy to answer, but June deserved some sort of answer.

“I could explain that she is not my girlfriend, would that help.”

“Oh, one of those ‘we have an open relationship’ things, then? Nah, don’t think so, in those someone always gets hurt.”

“You sound like you were the one?” I said, probing a little.

“I was, and don’t want to go there again.”

“Okay,” I said, “at this risk of you never wanting to talk to me again, let me explain.”

I explained, to an increasingly incredulous June, the situation with Elle.”

“You would have been right if you’d said that what you were going to tell me was unbelievable, but this, wow, this is just the weirdest thing. So this Elle, she’s a student of yours? Isn’t that unethical?”

This was not, I suddenly sensed, sobering up a little, going well.

“It’s a grey area, as I am not a regular teacher, but yes, you’re right.”

“It’s hot though.”

Suddenly I felt relieved.

“I don’t approve, but they are all adults, and what’s it to do with me?”

“The first is true, the latter, well, I could see why you might now want to kiss a girl involved in such a complex situation.”

“What if I still did – hypothetically?”

“Well, speaking hypothetically, I’d be fine with it.”

“Who said it was you?” She giggled, “maybe I like schoolgirls too. Actually,” she added quickly, in case she had gone too far, “I don’t. But,” she said, leaning in, “I do like you!”

As her lips touched mine, the world stopped. The moment was perfect. It was as though for a brief moment there was an unspoken and indescribable connection. As she stopped, I started. Yes, it was there. She started when I stopped. Was it there for her?

Our eyes locked. She pulled away and smiled.

“Glad you were fine with it,” she quipped.

“More than. Is this a silly question, but did you feel it?”

“What, that ‘wow’ thing? No, nah, not at all – except when we were kissing of course!”

We smiled at each other.

“You’re still not getting into my knickers tonight, you know.”

“I know, but I may get lucky tomorrow.”

“Maybe your pervy girlfriends will want you?”

“Maybe I will want you?”

There was a frisson, a tension. I think if either of us had pressed, we would have ended up in bed together, but I didn’t; nor did June.

“Can I walk you home?” June asked.

“I’m only ten minutes, down toward the cathedral. Is that on your way?”

“Yup, but even if not, I’d still do it. You better remind me what that nice red dress looks like.”

I dashed back and changed. There was no doubt about it, my knickers were wet.

As June locked up, I asked what time I should meet her in the morning?

“Would 7:30 be too early?”

“No, fine by me.”

As we walked, my hand mysteriously görükle escort found that her hand was looking to be held, so we walked hand in hand. It felt good. The streetlights, or something else, lent a romantic air to the city streets. We walked in silence, but a silence pregnant with much meaning. Too soon we arrived at Penny’s.

“This is mine, alas,” I said.

“Okay, Fabienne. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early?”

“Don’t I get that kiss?”

She smiled.

“Can you reach this high?”

“You bet, catch!”

Putting my arms around her neck, standing on tip toes, I did a little jump; she caught me by my bottom. I kissed her.

She kissed me.

“Good job you weigh nothing,” June smiled.

“Good job you have good reflexes.”

“Well,” she smiled, “it would hardly do for the two of us to be found on the pavement making love.”

“Was that an option?” I asked with a grin.

“Dirty girl,” she smiled, “but hey, who knows. See ya soon?”

She kissed me again.

I seemed to float to the pavement.

I watched as she went, my eyes following her until she vanished.

I went inside and slept, uneasily, waking at five.

What the hell had just happened?

I was not looking to fall in love. In fact I did not do falling in love, at least I never had, fallen in love, I mean. Elle was one thing. A project, if you like, helping an attractive and intelligent young woman and her gorgeous Mum to realise an ambition they had both nurtured. Penny had been a bonus, and while there was still work to be done on Amy, my work was almost complete. Then, I would go back to Paris, and that would be that.

But now, June?

Such thoughts kept me away from a good sleep. The more I pondered it, the worse it got.

June had already been let down by someone. I did not want to join their ranks. But how presumptuous was that? Who knew what would happen? Snap out of it woman, I told myself.

I went down and made myself some breakfast and then went to shower.

What to wear for cleaning?

I had brought some short shorts and with a tee shirt, that would be fine.

When I went down at seven, Penny was breakfasting.

“How did it go, with your friend? You are up early!”

“Elle will tell you,” I smiled, adding only, “I think you might find that things are much better now.’

“Thank goodness,” Penny smiled, sipping her tea, “it was getting awkward, and I am not sure my arse could take much more rough fucking!”

“I’ll let Elle tell you,” I added.

“Not seen you so casual before. Gym?”

“No, cleaning for a friend.”

Penny looked puzzled, as well she might.

“You are full of surprises. But you seem happy. See you later?”

“You will, darling, just not sure when.”

With that, I grabbed my shoulder bag and headed back to the restaurant.

I was early. June was as early, and I could see her just a few paces ahead of me.

“You should have knocked,” I said in a voice loud enough for her to catch it.

She turned, and smiled.

“Like those shorts, your bum looks cute in those, I bet?”

I did a twirl.

“Check,” she said, opening the door.

Once inside, I put on the overall, and we got the cleaning things out. I went into automatic mode as though back at the Agency.

After an hour, June said:

“Wow, you are good at this!”

I was in the middle of scrubbing the floor and looked up smiling.”

“I told you!”

“Yes, I guessed you were a good little scrubber!”

I looked puzzled. Of course I was a scrubber, what was that to smile about?

“Let me get you, and me, a coffee.”

By the time the coffee was ready, I had finished the floor, so it was a good moment to stop.

“I don’t know how to thank you, Fabienne. This so so kind of you.”

“Nice coffee,” I smiled, “and I am happy to help.”

It took another hour before I was happy with things, and by then June had other reasons to worry.

“Damn, if it is not one thing, it’s another!”

“What now?”

“One of our waiters just phoned in sick, and it is our busiest night. Fuckety fuck!”

“I’ve done waitressing,” I said, “and I’d be happy to help.”

“You really do want to get into my knickers, don’t you?”

“Moi? How can you say such a thing?”

“Because it’s true!”

“That remains to be seen, but it’s a genuine offer, I have only one price!”

“I just told you,” she giggled playfully.

“It’s that you have dinner with me on your night off.”

“Oh,” June said with surprise. “Done!”

By the time we had finished, I was, to put it mildly, hot and sweaty. June noticed.

“We have a shower out back if you need to cool off.”

I smiled.

“But with you here, who’s to say I would cool off?”

“Please yourself,” she laughed, “but there’s a towel and things.”

“Okay,” I smiled.

As I’d stripped to my knickers to wear the uniform, there’d be no need for a change of clothes, so I could shower and then stay to help June.

She showed me to the shower room.

As I stood there, lathering myself, I could feel a familiar tingle – and an urge to please myself. I resisted.

Damn, I thought, I should have put the towel where I could reach it.

I felt the cool air hit my wet body.

As I walked to get the towel, the door opened.

It was June.

She looked at me. I looked at her.

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