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I had to see Gary again, but I was not sure why. I didn’t have an internal argument about it, I was just physically compelled.

I made some excuse to not be with Betsy and drove over unannounced. Gary was watching TV before he went to his second job. He was happy and surprised to see me and kissed me hello. I kissed him back and we sat on the couch not really talking, but he could tell I wanted sex.

He started rubbing my foot with his, and it went from there, till we were locked in an embrace and rubbing our crotches together through our pants, me on top of him. I was hard and grinding my cock next to his dick, and it felt good.

I pulled his pants off, exposing his underwear, then moved to start sucking him. I kissed his rod through his underwear, then grabbed the waistband and pulled slowly down, exposing him for easier access. It was about 5 inches or so, with dark hair, but a very thin patch of it was present.

I kissed all around his smooth balls, then took one in and sucked.

He wiggled and squirmed and moaned in delight, as I moved it around gently in my mouth. I let it drop and moved to the base of his balls and licked, slowly, to the edge of his anus, then worked my way back up his sack to the base of his cock, then slowly all the way to the tip, took it in my mouth, and then swirled my tongue around the head.

I was trying my best to drive him wild. He was only the second guy I was with, so it wasn’t as if I had much experience. I finally sucked the head fully in my mouth. I started sucking like a mad man.

Meanwhile, with my free hand, I had freed my own member and started slowly stoking, I was getting hot. I kept working his cock in my mouth, Up and down, and swirls every now and then, just to keep him on the edge and not push him over.

He was pushing my head in place, and making his hips move up to meet me in order to hasten the inevitable, but I wasn’t letting him get off that easy. Just as he was about to explode, she walked in.

Emily. türbanlı escort “Oh God, Gary, really, in the living room? gross” she yelled.

It was Gary’s younger sister, and she was hot. I saw her once before, and hadn’t really thought about her, and didn’t think she would have anything to do with me considering I was doing her brother. But here I was, her brother about to cum in my mouth while stroking my cock, right in her living room.

I stopped sucking and sat up, and Gary covered up. Foe some reason she wanted to watch something on TV, and Gary just muttered, “Whatever.” He grabbed his clothes and walked out to get ready for work.

I looked at her in her chair, and she was no longer interested in what she needed to watch on TV.

She was watching my cock instead. It was then that I remembered I had it out and it was hard. And getting harder as she stared at it. I was noticing her for the first time. She was about 20, i think she went to the local college and lived at home to save money. She had strawberry blond hair, freckles all over and was very petite. Probably weighed 90 lbs. wet, and had tiny breasts and a curvy petite ass.

She had an odd look on her face. I finally asked her if she was OK, and she said she had never seen one so big. I’m not large compared to porn standards, but 8 inches works wonders when it can.

I asked her if she wanted to touch it. Just then, Gary raced by heading for the door, but paused slightly at what was happening in his living room with his baby sister and I. He gave me a look, and then glared at her for a second, and headed out without saying a word.

She paid him no mind and came over to the couch, I leaned back a little and she sat next to me. Her eyes never looked at me, just my junk. “My boyfriend is no where near this big” she said, “and you have Gary beat by a couple of inches.” I didn’t dwell on that last part, but I guess she just did see him naked. She slowly tüyap escort reached over to touche it.

It was interesting having this girl check me out, and she was licking her lips. I was saying to myself “Suck it, go on” but left her alone to just do as she pleased. Finally, she bent down and tried it in her mouth. It felt good to have her warm mouth around me, and i slowly moaned as she tried it out.

She sat up and smiled. It was at this point I needed relief. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, as she just said had a boyfriend, and of course, she just walked in om me sucking her brother. But I wanted to make this work.

When she smiled, I stroked her hair, and smiled back at her as she kept her hand on my shaft. We kissed a while, and it was here I made my move. I pulled her shirt up, exposing the cutest little tits ever. She leaned back in and we kept kissing. I held one of her breasts in my hands rubbing and tweaking her tit, as she kept stoking me.

I released from her mouth and put my mouth on her breast and stated sucking and nibbling her. she moaned and leaned back, making it easier for me to move my hand lower. I slowly worked my way under the waistband of her sweats as I continued to suck on her breast.

I felt the fur patch that was her pussy, and slowly started rubbing her entire pussy area.I could feel her tremble slightly at my touch, but she didn’t protest or move to stop me.

If anything, she shifted her legs so I could move my hands between them easier. My middle finger found her clit, and rubbed it slowly. She sucked in through her teeth as I rubbed her clit a little faster. I kept this up never stopping sucking and licking and kissing her tit.

it was then that I decided to go for broke. I pulled her sweats down, and lowered my face toward her pussy, kissing and licking the way down.

I moved my body down and between her legs. It was the smallest pussy I had ever laid eyes on. It was barely hairy tuzla escort (way before the shaved look of today). I started in and as eating her out like a champ. I was certain her boyfriend had nothing on me, and the way she as holding my head and carrying on, I suspect I was right. I went at it like a boss, I wasn’t letting this tiny pussy going to waste.

I was throbbing after being so stimulated with no real relief, but I wanted this girl to have a proper orgasm on my tongue. And when she threw her head back, and wrapped her legs around my neck and screamed, it worked. She thrashed about in pure ecstasy.

I then got up and planted a kiss on her lips, and she lingered as she tasted herself on my face, and my cock was right there, at the point of entry, just dying to enter her sopping puss. But I was hesitant. I was huge, compared to her small frame, and wasn’t sure it would fit. I rubbed my cock head all over her pussy, driving her and me wild, then asked if she wanted it inside her. Her eyes got wide, and she shook her head yes.

I laid into her gently. I eased in and out of her slowly, trying not to make it hurt, I finally got all the way in, after slowly getting in and out of her for quite some time. It was driving her crazy, and she moaned and breathed on my neck. Damn. It was very tight, and wet. I was going to enjoy this one.

We started to increase the tempo and the only sounds were our bodies slamming into each other as I fucked her with my cock. It was so tight, and so nice. I looked at her face but she had her eyes closed, off in her own ecstasy. Until she started screaming again, and this time a huge gush of liquid escaped from her cunt. A squirter. I never had one of those before, or since, and it really turned me on.

I let loose a volley deep inside her pussy while she kept her orgasm going under me. We returned to normal breathing and then it became awkward, as the realization of what transpired between us and how it would all work out. I let my cock slip out of her, and rolled over and started getting my clothes. We got dressed, and I left. I never went back to see either of them, and I have no idea if she told her brother anything, but he never tried to get hold of me either.

I went home to Betsy. And when I got there, it seemed my night wasn’t over yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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