Emma’s Story Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The first customer of my shift came in just a few minutes after I got out of the dressing room. He was only about 18 or 19 I thought, average height but skinny. He looked like kind of geek, and was obviously a little nervous. Since the other two girls on duty were sitting on the couch in the waiting room, I walked over to greet him.

“Hi, honey. Welcome to the Hide-Away Sauna. Is this your first visit?”

“Yeah…first time,” he said, “I saw your ad in the paper.”

“Well come on in,” I said, taking him by the arm and leading him inside, “We have three masseuses on duty right now: myself, Suzie and Tinh. You can choose whoever you’d like, and then go in the back and you can decide what kind of massage you’d like.”

Suzie and Tinh rose from the couch and we lined up for the guy to choose. Suzie is a tall blonde with C cup breasts and a tight, well toned body. She used to work as an aerobics instructor and looks like a top athlete. At 25 she was the oldest of the three of us. She wore her curly hair short and had on a tiny bright blue bikini. She gave a big smile and twirled in a circle, showing off her body. Next to her Tinh was a small Vietnamese girl with long black hair which hung straight down her back and big, dark eyes. Tinh is only a little more than five feet tall, but has surprisingly large D cup breasts. She likes to play up her little Asian girl image by wearing a short, dark red silk kimono loosely tied at the waist. I knew the only thing she had on underneath was a black G-string. As for myself, I’m about 5’5, with fair skin, long curly brown hair and green eyes. I am very slim, but have huge, full DD cup breasts, which are even more remarkable because I just turned 18 a couple of months ago. I like to dress a little more conservatively in the waiting room than the other girls, who sometimes sit around topless or even completely naked. Not because I’m a prude of course – I’ll get naked just as fast as the next girl, but because I think guys like the strip-tease we give almost as much as the massage. There is just something a little more personal about giving the feeling that I have to be persuaded out of my clothes, that I’m taking off my dress especially for them. So I was wearing a little black dress with a scooped out front which came down to mid-thigh. Underneath I was wearing a lacy black bra and hot pants style panties.

The guy was checking us all out really good. I could tell he was enjoying making the decision. His eyes kept going back and fourth between Suzie and I, although he took a good long look and Tinh’s tits. Suzie gave him another big grin and pulled her bikini bottom up a little, with a sassy little thrust of her hip. For my part, I smiled coyly and made sure my dress was nice and tight over my tits showing lots of cleavage. He hesitated for a second more, and then took a step towards me.

“I’d like you to give me a massage, please.” He said to me.

“Great!” I said and taking his hand lead him back to one of the rooms.

We have four identical rooms for giving the massages, each one decorated with a nice sofa and a coffee table where we sat while discussing business, and a massage table. There is a shower stall in the corner of each room. On the walls were somewhat explicit Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort but tasteful prints of nude women, and arrayed on the coffee table were a collection of nudie magazines, just in case the guy was still unsure exactly what kind of massage he was about to get.

I lead the customer to the couch and sat down very close to him, crossing my legs. “So, what’s your name?” I asked brightly.

“Cory.” He responded.

“Nice to meet you, Cory. I’m Emma.” Bending forward I picked up a printed card off the table with our prices on it and handed it to him. “What kind of service would you like today? You can have a massage with baby oil or powder for $100 for half an hour or $150 for a full hour. If you are up for it, you can have a two girl special for an extra $100 an hour. We can shower together after for another $50.”

Cory turned the price card over in his hands a couple of times, thinking and grinning. I think the idea of a two girl special was tempting him, but in the end he decided on just half an hour, with oil.

“Sounds like fun,” I said, “Now, I’ll massage your entire body, OK,” putting special emphasis on entire, “but I only massage with my hands. My hands are the only part of me that can touch you. Those are the rules. OK? And there is no need for tipping, your satisfaction is guaranteed in the basic price.”

“OK” he said, handing over a crisp hundred dollar bill.

“Why don’t you have a quick shower and get comfortable on the table, and I’ll be back in a minute.” As I stood up I made a point of brushing against him, almost getting my ass in his face. I left the room and went back to our changing room where I put the money in a safe, logged the visit, and freshened up a little, giving Cory time to get ready.

After a couple of minutes I let myself back in to the massage room. Cory was already naked on the table on his stomach, but as I came in he turned onto his side. He was already partially erect, and even at half mast his dick was an impressive size. ‘It’s always the quiet guys who have the most to brag about’, I thought. He must have caught me staring at him, because Cory blushed and looked down at himself.

“I see you are all ready for me!” I said playfully, and sauntered over to him unzipping my dress down the side as I went. I stopped a couple of feet away from him and pulled my dress over my head and tossed it onto the couch. I half turned and moved a little closer to him. “Help me with my bra?” I asked, and he reached for my clasp and fumbled with it. I tried not to giggle as he tugged and twisted, but finally I felt the back come loose. I turned back to Cory and leaned forward slightly, letting my bra fall forward. My bra straps slipped off my shoulders and I gently pulled off my bra. Cory’s dick was rock hard by this time and it looked mouthwatering. Unconsciously his hand dropped down and stroked it gently. I could tell he was really going to enjoy himself.

“Do you want me to take these off too?” I asked, hooking my thumbs into the elastic of my panties. He shook his head. “That’s OK, leave them on. I think you look sexier that way.”

I put my hands on his shoulders and gently turned him back onto his stomach. Starting Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort at the top of his shoulders I began massaging his muscles. He groaned appreciatively.

“Mmmm…wow. You really give a good massage.”

“Not just a nice pair of tits, huh? I actually have a therapeutic massage license. Took a six week course.” I continued to work my way down his back, popping each vertebrae in place and caressing and stretching the muscles.

“Can I ask you a question…how old are you” asked Cory between contented sighs.

“Young enough not to mind being asked that.” I laughed. “I’m 18.”

“Wow. So am I. Do you go to high school around here?”

“Up at Ridgefield. I just finished, graduated early.”

By this time I had moved down to his calves, which were much more well developed than his upper body. “You have very athletic legs,” I commented, “Do you play a sport?”

“I run track and cross-country.”

We slipped back into silence as I massaged his calves and up his thighs. Then I moved up to his ass and gave it a good squeeze. He spread his legs a little and I brushed his inner thigh up near his balls. I didn’t want him to get too worked up yet but this was usually the time when guys started getting a little frisky.

“How long have you been working here?” He asked.

“Four months, since my 18th birthday. I turned 18 on a Wednesday and I had my first day that Friday. Just as soon as I could.”

I gave his ass another gentle squeeze. “I’ve done some modeling, too. For a couple of internet sites and I did one calendar.”


“Yeah. The calendar was one of those ‘hot girls and fast cars’ ones. I was topless on the hood of a hot rod.”

“I’d love to see that!” said Cory enthusiastically.

“It was done locally. You could probably get one. Look around auto parts stores.” Then I added, “I’m on the internet, too. Mostly soft core stuff…I did one of those ‘barely legal’ photo shoots a few days after my birthday… one hard-core shoot.”

“You’ve done hard-core modeling?” gasped Cary, obviously excited.

“Just once, a couple of weeks ago. It was BigNaturalBoobs.com. I had to strip and dance around a little, and then suck a guy’s dick. Then I lay down and he fucked my tits and came on me. It was fun…$2000”

Cory took a couple breaths like he was going to say something, then turned his head to look at me. In return I leaned on the table, squeezing my tits together with my arms and smiled at him. “Yes, sweetie”

He hesitated for another moment, and I could tell he was about to tell me how much he wanted to fuck my tits and come on them. The most skillful part of my job is keeping guys content with a hand-job, since that is all I’m allowed to give them.

“Hold on to that thought and roll over on to your back.” I told him. “It’s time to do your front”.

I started massaging the front of his thighs, stroking my hands up almost to his dick but never quite touching it. Surreptitiously I took a glance at the clock – ten minutes left, perfect.

I walked slowly around to the other end of the table, lightly dragging my fingernails along his body as I did so, until I was standing at his head. Bending Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort over slightly I started massaging his shoulders and chest, working deep into the muscles of his arm, and then lightly brushing his nipples. Lightly stroking my way downward I brushed his stomach and lower abdomen, again almost touching his dick but not quite. Bent over with my hands on his stomach my tits hung just inches away from is face. I could feel his breath against my nipple, then one tentative lick. That was against the rules, but it felt so good. I lowered my body slightly to let him suck on my tit, then shifted to give him the other one. That nipple he sucked into his mouth greedily, teeth lightly biting. Again I shifted, pulling free my nipple and settling my tits on either side of his face. I gave them a quick shake then stood upright again.

Cory looked up at me grinning as I sauntered toward the middle of the table. As I moved my hands went to my tits, cupping them. My fingers pinched my nipples, still slippery with his saliva. “You liked that, didn’t you? You’re a breast-man, I can tell.”

“Mmm…those are the most amazing boobs I have ever seem.” sighed Cory.

Looking directly into his eyes, I casually took his dick in my hand. It was rock hard, long and thick. I’m a girl who has seen quite a few dicks in her short life, and this one was a beauty, and I told him so. “You really have something to be proud of here.” I added.

Gently I started caressing his dick using long, slow strokes along his length. “It really turned you on hearing about my hard-core modeling, didn’t it?” I purred, “Well, it really turned me on, too. I loved doing hard-core. There were six or eight guys there in the crew, all watching me get fucked.” Gradually I squeezed his dick harder as I stroked it, gliding my hand from the base up to the swollen head. I could hear Cory begin breathing harder, panting in time to my rhythm. “You’d love to see the video of that, wouldn’t you? See that guy’s dick slipping in and out between my tits, see me sucking him off, see the cum splashing all over my face and chest, see me licking it off my tits.” Cory had his eyes closed and he was starting to arch his back off the table. I knew he was going to cum soon. “But what you really want is to be the guy fucking me, isn’t it,” I continued, “To fill my mouth with your big dick, to slide it between my lips all the way to the back of my throat, you’d grab my hair and fuck my mouth, wouldn’t you? Get me all slopping wet, then bend me over and plunge you rock hard dick into my pussy. You’d really stretch me out…”

At that moment Cory gave a final gasp and his body tensed as a massive glob of cum sprayed out of his dick. I had been leaning forward, whispering in his ear as I jacked him off, so his first shot sailed over my arm and landed on the carpet somewhere. As I straightened up his second shot caught me near my collar bone and dripped down my chest. His third and finally his fourth spurts oozed onto his own chest and stomach.

“Holy shit!” I cried. “I’ve never seen so much jiz come out of one guy. Did you get any on the ceiling?”

The glob which had hit me on the chest had dripped down the side of my tit and was about to fall to the ground, so I scooped it up with two fingers and casually sucked them clean. Licking my lips I looked at the small lake of cum which had pooled on Cory’s stomach, but he had already grabbed a towel and was mopping it up.

“Oh, God…” he groaned, “That was amazing. You are absolutely the sexiest girl in the world.”

“Thanks!” I said brightly. “I aim to please.”

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