Encounters with Meg: Fourteenth

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After a long walk along the beach, we came to a place where large boulders had been arranged in a line paralel to the shore to stop erosion. We sat side by side on one of the rocks and continued our conversation. The air was warm and the breeze from the ocean made the late morning air cool and comfortable. As we sat side by side and talked , you began casually sliding your hand up and down my leg. I stroked your leg in response, running my fingertips well up toward the hem of your loose-legged shorts. I could tell by the sparkle in your eyes that the feel of my fingers stroking your inner thigh was beginning to arouse you. I leaned over toward you, and we kissed, a long, passionate kiss that made my cock grow hard. Your hand moved upward and grasped my cock through the fabric, squeezing it gently.

I glanced around and realized that the beach was nearly deserted as people left to find lunch. The was a single group of older people up near the dune line, and several shell collectors farther up the beach, but there was no one near enough to see what we were doing.

I slid off of the rock and stood before you. You looked at me inquisitively, but you said nothing. I gently pulled you down off of the rock and leaned you against its flat surface. It was a little more than waist high, so that anyone observing from a distance could see our upper torsos, but they could not see the rest of our bodies.

I moved toward you and began kissing your face–your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your chin, and finally your lips. At the same time I ran my hand down your body and between your legs in search of the treasure I knew was hidden there.

You caught my hand in yours and stopped its progress. “Maybe we should go back to the motel,” you said as you glanced around nervously.

“No, we are fine here. Just relax and trust me. Close your eyes. That’s it. And keep them sikiş izle closed. I can see all around us, so there is no possibility of anyone sneaking up on us.”


I kissed your closed eyes as a signal of reassurance, and then moved so that my mouth found yours. I kissed your lips softly and your body moved in response. My tongue slipped out and played between your lips darting teasingly between them. Your tongue stretched out to greet mine, and soon our mouths were locked together in a long, arousing kiss.

I ran my hands down your sides and along your hips. I pulled your body against mine so you could feel the press of my hard cock against the fabric that concealed your pussy. Your hips moved in response, pressing your body more tightly against mine.

One of my hands moved farther down seeking the hem of your shorts. Once there my fingers gloded smoothly up along your silky inner thigh in search of your wet, luscious pussy that was so eagerly awaiting my touch. As my fingers probed inside your shorts, you spread your legs a bit to make access easier. Your eyes were still closed. Your breathing became deeper but was still regular.

My fingers found the damp crotch of your panties. I stroked along the length of your pussy which was nestled behind the protecting fabric of your silky panties. I felt the softness of your labia and the firmness of your aroused clit as I slid my fingers up and down between your spread thighs. I looked around. No one was approaching, so I continued.

I found the edge of your panties with my fingers and slipped them beneath the fabric. The approach of my fingers as they slid across your skin toward your naked pussy caused your body to quiver in anticipation. My fingers found you wet and aroused. I stroked you softly, feeling the silky smoothness of your skin, the coarseness of your trimmed pubic hair, the brazzers firmness of your engorged clit. Your eyes were still closed. I could tell by your breathing and the movements of your body that you were fully aroused.

“Are you ready to feel my cock inside your pussy here on the beach in broad daylight?”

“Yes. I want you. I want you now! Right now!”

Your eyes remained closed as you focused on the feel of my fingers as they probed between the folds of your pussy and then slipped inside. A low moan escaped from between your lips, and you crouched slightly so that I could probe more readily. As my fingers slid slowly in and out of you, I used my thumb to caress your hard clit. Your hips mobved against my hand in response.

I moved my body close against yours to conceal my actions. With my free hand I unzipped my pants. You heard the zipper and knew what was about to happen. I freed my cock and positioned it so it was pressed between us. You moved your hand to it, wrapping your fingers around it and squeezing it gently. You pushed it down toward your pussy indicating that you were ready to feel my cock inside you. Your eyes remain closed.

You positioned the head of my cock at the enrance to your pussy, slowly sliding it up and down between you engorged pussy lips then using it to caress your hard clit. I enjoyed your wetness and softness as you stroked yourself with my cock for several minutes.

I galanced around. The group on the beach near the dunes was sitting and talking, paying no attention to us. The shell collectors had moved farther away up the beach. A middle aged couple was walking along the beach in our direction, but they were still a good distance away.

“Do you trust me? I asked.

“Yes, totally. You can do whatever you want with me.”

With that I pressed forward and slipped my cock up inside fake taxi porno your pussy. Your tightness engulfed me, and I felt your warm wetness surrounding me throbbing cock. You wrapped your arms around me and held me close as I pushed forward until I was fully buried within you. Once there, I stopped and held still.

“Do you like it, having my cock inside you here on the beach?”

“Yes, I love it. I love how you fill me up.”

I notice that your eyes were open, but you did not bother to even glance around. You knew where you are, and you trusted me to keep watch for intrusions.

I noted that the approaching couple would be near us in a matter of minutes and we risked discovery if we delayed much longer. Slowly I pulled back, then thrust forward smoothly in a motion that would not be noticable from a distance. You moved your body against mine as I slipped back and forth inside your wet, hot sheath. We moved together in our practiced way, perfectly matched in every respect, and in only moments I know that we were both on the verge of cumming.

I glanced around. The approaching couple was nearer, but they had moved higher up toward the dune. We were safe for the moment.

Tremors rocked our bodies as we climaxed together. I felt the contractions of your pussy at the same time that my cock convulsed and shot my cum far up inside you. Your arms pulled me closer to you as waves of ecstasy coursed through your body. For a brief moment we moved rapidly together without thought of discovery. Soon it is over. We leaned against the rock, our strength drained from us by the powerful mutual orgasm we had shared.

After remaining locked together for several minutes, we moved apart slightly, and I reached between us and slip my ccock back inside my pants. I leaned forward and kissed you softly as you pressed your body tightly against mine. Your eyes sparkled brightly and your cheeks glowed red from exertion as I took your hand and led you up toward the nearby lighthouse.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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