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On the day of her 18th birthday

She looked so much like a little girl again, he thought, running down the stairs with her dyed multicolor hair around her shoulders. She was beautiful and had matured into a lovely young woman, with graceful curves, perfect C cup breasts, and an hourglass figure. She was the image of beauty that so many teenagers and even women wished for. Her squeal of delight brought him back to the present as she tore open her gift, wrapping her arms in delight around his neck, holding the new, mint condition, working polaroid camera.

“Thank you so much, daddy! It’s exactly what I wanted!” She sounded so happy that he couldn’t help but smile and hug her tightly in return.

“I love you, baby. Happy birthday.”

Later that evening, he was relaxing on the couch, watching a movie, when his daughter burst through the door, cheeks flushed, eyes bright. She was practically covered in snow from head to toe, but oh! how happy she looked. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he took in her cold appearance.

“Hey, love. Did you have fun in the snow?”

As she took her winter clothes off, shedding snow everywhere, she eagerly launched into recounting the tale of fun, friends and snow she had lived that day.

“Oh, daddy, it was wonderful! Maria and Johann and even Carlos greeted me when I left the house this morning with a terrible off-key rendition of Happy Birthday. We went to the big hill on the edge of town and played around in that…”

He slowly got distracted by how beautiful she was, standing there in the light of the cabin they lived in, her breasts lightly bouncing as she breathed and talked.

“And we went to the cafe in the village for lunch, you know, the one with the absolutely wonderful house-made beşiktaş escort bread? It was sooooo good…”

He was vaguely aware of the fact that his pants were tightening, staring at her chest. When she spun around, though, the sudden movement caught his attention, and he tugged the blanket further up his body.

“That’s wonderful, sweetheart. Why don’t you go up and take a bath to warm up? I’ll be here and we can have some hot cocoa and watch a movie or something.”

“Okay, daddy. I love you!”

She kissed him gently on the cheek.

He watched as she flounced upstairs, staring pervertedly at her ass as it moved with her motions. He realized she may not have had dinner, and went upstairs to ask her what she wanted. Knocking lightly on the partly open door, he asked “Hey sweetheart? Is pizza okay for dinner?” Peeking inside, he was greeted with a sight he never thought he’d ever get to see. His daughter was fully nude, her beautiful, cream-white skin seeming to shimmer in the lights of the bathroom. Her perky breasts stood at attention, dark pink areolas accented by her nipples, hardened from the cold bathroom air. He blinked, sure he was dreaming. But as quickly as the moment had come, it passed again, and he had to leave, despite his raging hard-on, to go cook pizza for their dinner.

After dinnertime and during the movie, she sort of began to nod off. He had a feeling she was faking it to get away from him and go upstairs, but he wasn’t hurt. He chuckled and playfully pushed her off him, saying “Go upstairs, get some rest baby. I’ll be here in the morning.” She nodded and made her way upstairs, closing her door only part way like she usually did.

Less than fifteen minutes later, beşyol escort the movie was over, and as he was turning off the TV and getting ready for bed, he heard a strange sound coming from his daughter’s room. Frowning, he went upstairs and peeked in her room to ensure she was okay, and the sight that greeted him rooted him to the spot.

She was lying there, fully nude, masturbating. Two of her fingers were deep inside her and she was pushing them in and out hungrily. She was soaking wet, her cunt juices dripping off her fingers and onto her bed, running over her hand and pussy lips. Her other hand was rubbing her left breast, pinching the nipple, rubbing it, playing with it. And the moans that came out of her mouth were loud, hungry, needy. So, so sweet. He couldn’t help himself; his pants tented as his cock throbbed painfully in his jeans. He was divided. He wanted her so badly… but wasn’t it wrong? So wrong… that turned him on even more. He entered her room.

He quietly knelt down at the end of the bed, running his pointer finger over her dripping wet cunt. She didn’t seem surprised, in fact, she almost seemed like she had been waiting for him. She removed her fingers, but before she could take them away, he grabbed her hand and licked her juices off her. She tasted so sweet, but slightly tart, like sweet pineapple sorbet. He wanted more, and so letting her hand go, he eagerly dove into her cunt, licking eagerly, swirling his tongue around her clit, relishing her moans and cries of pleasure. He pushed one, then two fingers inside her, moving them fast and hard, fingering her needily. Fuck, he was horny. He sped up and it didn’t take long for her to cum, crying out “Daddy! Yes!” the whole time.

After beykent escort her orgasm, he got up and first pulled off his shirt, revealing his toned chest. He worked hard to maintain his appearance, and it was so worth it. Then he tugged down his pants and boxers and out sprang his 10-inch cock. She blushed deeply at the sight of it, but leaned back, spreading her pussy lips for him. God, she was beautiful. Her light pink folds glistened with her juices, dripping slightly. Her hole looked so tight. He couldn’t wait to be inside her. He stroked his cock slowly, admiring the beauty in front of him. He leaned forward and spat on her pussy. Then, with a soft groan, rubbed his tip against her and pushed it in.

She moaned as his thick, throbbing head slid inside her, pulsating against her walls. Inch by inch, he slid it in further, until he was balls deep in this beautiful girl. She was panting and flushed beneath him, and it turned him on further. Pulling nearly all the way out, he pushed back in, thrusting hard deep inside her, over and over, speeding up slowly. All that could be heard were her moans and cries of “Daddy, please! Please fuck me!”

With each successive thrust, he rammed deeper inside her, thrusting hard and rapidly. Her nails dug hard into the bedsheets and her back and hips arched to meet his as she writhed in pleasure beneath him. She was as tight as he’d imagined and she felt so good around his cock. He’d been missing the pleasure, and fucking his daughter was everything he’d thought it would be.

Before too long, he could feel himself throbbing, his balls aching as he got closer to his orgasm. He grunted softly and opened his mouth to tell her, but all that came out was a guttural moan as he shot his load deep inside her, filling her tight cunt with his hot, creamy cum. Not long after, he felt her walls tense around him as she cried out in orgasm, their cum mixing inside of her. Exhausted, he pulled out and laid next to her, her body pressed close to his. The last thing he heard was “I love you, daddy…” before he drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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