Etienne and Monique Ch. 08

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[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne (Etiennette) and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental…but if you happen to know any conjoined, albino, lesbian twins I could do with some help on the research ;)]


Chapter 8: The dame, the domme, two sisters and their lover


The car moved fluidly up the winding drive toward the house, the large surface area of the Citreon’s tyres ground the gravel hard, a sound that felt unusually reassuring.

Huge elm trees, rowan trees, laburnum and oak lined the drive, very British. Monique remembered a fact from her school days, about hedge dating and surmised that this house had likely been here for some three to four hundred years. In fact it was present long before the French revolution, possibly as far back as the late medieval period.

The tyres continued to crackle across the gravel of the drive as the girls drew to a stop at the foot of steps leading up to the old house. Dutifully Veronique tooted the horn thrice then twice as instructed. There was a few seconds delay before the large double doors opened.

Two buff, semi-naked men stepped through the large dark oak doors carrying something on their shoulders. It was overly dramatic, pure theatrics, but executed with practised precision as two more buff slaves stepped into the open. Between the four they carried a sedan chair draped in a rich red material, on it a wrinkled old madame wearing far too much makeup becomame visible as the sedan chair tilted forward when the muscular slaves began their descent of the steps. Monique stifled a chuckle.

The old madame was dressed in a satin ball gown gathered in sharp pleats on her shoulder and at her waist. A dress-brooch glinted in the afternoon sun, dappling the floor at the base of the steps. Her almost white hair was lifted to a large bun on her crown.

“Shh sis’ pay her some respect. She’s forgotten more about bondage than you’ll ever learn. Besides, if she takes offence and wants to spank you, I won’t stop her even if it hurts me too.”

“Okay little pet, get us out of the car and when you face the madame keep your head bowed, do not look her in the eye.”

“Oui, oui Mistress.” Veronique said with a slightly nervous quaver in her voice.

Veronique leapt from her seat and around to Monique’s door. She opened it and held out her hand for the sisters to pull themselves out by. With a slight shuffle the sisters climbed out of the car and into view just as Madame Ricqot and her entourage reached the base of the steps.

“Good afternoon young ladies,” Madame Ricqot stated with a crackling, elderly voice. Her accent was English and very well spoken.

“My my, what exquisite creatures you are, so exotic, delightful.” The old madam said, raising a pair of worn opera glasses to her eyes. She scanned the sisters up and down.

“You must be the young miss Etiennette, Katharine has told me a great deal about you.”

Etienne and Monique blushed slightly, seldom did they receive such a compliment on first introductions and never with such a theatrical flourish.

The old madame took note of the leash Monique held, and the route it took to Veronique’s collar. All the while Veronique glared at the floor, but the bulge of the nearest slave remained just in her field of vision. She glanced away, she was struck by how much the sight of it repulsed her. The revulsive thought surprised her and for the first time she realised that she was genuinely in love.

“Madame, please permit me to introduce my sister, Monique.”

Monique took her cue and bowed slightly, Etienne compensated for the shift in their centre of gravity by leaning away.

“My pleasure mistress Ricqot.” Monique responded. To this Etienne was shocked and a little embarrassed.

“She’s not our mis…” Etienne began to whisper to her sister through clenched teeth, but was interrupted by the madame.

“Oh-ho-ho! Little madame, I am not your mistress. If I were, you’d surely know it, oh what a beautiful plaything you’d make.” The madame instructed her bearers to turn and return to the house.

“My daughter is in the study, I’ll take my leave. Mina will be with you shortly to assist with getting your things up to your room. I shall see you at dinner?”

“Yes madame, we shall look forward to seeing you again.” Etienne replied. She gave her sister a stern look to which Monique replied with a shrug. Veronique was nonplussed but said nothing.

Shortly after the old lady had retired back into the mansion, a tall, slender young lady appeared. She was statuesque. Her hair was cropped into a tight, asymmetrical black bob. Her face was chiseled and finely featured, with a demure but stern expression. She wore bright red lipstick and deep, dark eye make-up. Her clothes bursa bayan eskort were unusual, a kind of business suit but with evocative styling. Instead of a shirt or blouse, there was just a collar and tie that plunged between her small breasts, her waistcoat beneath the jacket had a cup to them, lifting what little breasts she had into a moulded cleavage. Her pencil skirt had a slit up the front to just below her crotch. As she walked down the steps toward the trio there was the faintest metallic flash of a chastity belt beneath.

“Bonne journée madames et petite soeur, je suis maîtresse Katherine l’esclave. Je suis ici pour votre lit. Maîtresse vous attendra dans l’étude une fois que vous avez comble de votre voyage.” The girl said fluidly, her voice was soft and serene in contrast to her appearance.

[“Good day madames and little sister, I am Mistress Katherine’s slave. I am here to bed you in. Mistress will await you in the study once you have freshened up from your journey.”]

“Bon. Merci, s’il vous plaît aider notre animal de compagnie avec les sacs.” Etienne replied, directing the girl toward the back of the car.

[Translation:”Thank you very much, please assist our pet with the bags.”]

Veronique was already making her way toward the boot of the car, her hobbled walk was getting Monique excited.

Veronique raised the boot and pulled the bags and knapsack onto the gravel. She passed the knapsack to Mina not wishing to give her the bulk of the chore. She then lifted the two suitcases and Monique’s briefcase gesturing for Mina to lead on, all the while Monique held on to her leash.

Mina bowed briefly and held out her arm pointing toward the hallway. Mina took the lead with Monique tugging Veronique along behind. Veronique struggled to keep up, the bags were heavy and carrying them as well as having to walk in such a restrictive skirt kept her off-balance.

Once in the hall all of the visitors were pleasantly surprised by the décor. It was not a harsh, imposing and dark dungeon-esque experience they had expected it to be. The staircase swooped down much like those at the sisters’ house only it was fashioned exquisitely from dark wood. The walls, however were a creamy off-white wallpaper with tasteful sandy yellow filigree and a warm coffee brown below dado level.

Etienne noticed the front banister pillars on either side of the staircase were a male and female nude tied to the upright, gorgeously carved into the wood. She stroked the female figurine’s upper torso as she took the first step, peeking at Veronique and Monique with a playful smirk, the two reciprocated.

As they ascended they became aware of the portraiture following the line of the staircase. On either side were several large, square paintings. The first and most obvious of these depicted Mina, their current guide. Monique could not help but notice how pale and drawn Mina looked in the painting, as though her face was washed-out by an artists interpretation. She looked cold and distant, her face sunken and sallow.

“Zat is from when I first arrivé mesdames. I was most lucky, but did not know eet back zen.” Mina stated with some hint of embarrassment. Mina increased her pace up the stairs, pulling ahead of the visitors, then stopped near the top. She directed their attention to a much larger rectangular portrait. Monique blushed.

In the picture Mina was naked, she faced out of the painting and was kneeling. The outline of her shaved pubis was dramatically contrasted to the deep red-black background. Her thighs were in-line with her torso and spread apart. Mina’s tiny breasts were pulled up and out of shape by the strings attached to clamps on her nipples. At closer inspection there were also strings attached to her arms and legs leading up to the fingertips of a stunning domme stood behind her. This was patently the mistress Katherine, daughter of Madame Ricqot.

“Wow!” Monique uttered. Miss Katherine was both imposing and graceful, with waist length blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and was pushed aside by two ample breasts visible over Mina’s head.

The other noticeable feature to the painting was the transformation in Mina’s demeanour in contrast to the portrait at the foot of the stairs. Despite the obvious discomfort she would be in considering the additional hardware she sported, her face was aglow and her eyes smiled out of the canvas.

“Stunning is eet not?” Mina queried.

“Zat was painted just last month, Mistress is most superb is she not?” Mina added.

“Calm down sis’, highly inappropriate.” Etienne muttered under her breath, feeling familiar stirrings below.

“Oh?” Mina said with a start.

“Do you share zee sensations mesdames?” Mina began, her intrigue piqued, she was unable to halt her inquisitiveness.

“Oh merdre, pardon et moi, most unseemly of zis one, please reprimand ‘er.” Mina said with utmost regret of her outburst as she bent forward and bared her rump.

“That is not necessary,” Etienne replied, pleased that her status bursa evi olan escort as the domme was established.

“On this occasion I shall let it go. Sister, please explain to miss Katherine’s slave how we experience excitement.” Etienne enjoyed putting her sister on the spot, not least of which because it only served to get her even more excited.

“Oh um, I am sorry. Of course sister.” Monique began, clearing her throat for a seemingly well rehearsed explanation.

“While internally we have different organs and ‘parts’,” Monique added air quotes to emphasise her point.

“Externally they are fused below the waist. We have twice the amount of nerve endings to our clitoris, wired up to our nervous system and shared.” Monique continued, the blush she had gained was starting to dissipate, this environment was not one where she felt uncomfortable. Monique began to relax.

“So when one of us is stimulated the other feels it too.”

“But…” Interrupted Etienne.

“Oh yes, but…” Continued Monique.

“When one of us is excited and the other gets excited as a result we run the risk of getting caught in an uncontrollable cycle if we cannot both calm down.”

Mina pondered this for a moment, possibly experiencing something of a language difficulty. Then her mouth opened in realisation.

“So you mean madame…” Eventually she said.

“What she means is, that if we become jointly excited it is possible that we will both become so aroused that we cum, with no external stimuli.”

“Mon dieu, zat I should like to see.” Mina chuckled.

“Est une bon visage, incomparible.” Veronique finally spoke up, unable to keep silent a moment longer. Etienne glared at her and she returned her gaze to the floor. The party continued their trek down a long corridor adjoining French windows that lead to a balcony until they reached the room that had been reserved for them.

Mina opened the door to an opulently decorated room in white and gold. The sisters were astonished, their hostess had thought of everything. Even considering the visual tastes of the twins. The only obvious difference to that of a five star hotel room were the metal rings attached to furniture here and there and the clever arrangement of a table near the large window in the centre of the wall which could fold up to become a makeshift stock.

A cunning arrangement of the table in front of the window meant that anyone locked in the stocks would have their posterior visible through the window. A railed ledge beyond the window facilitated some extra interaction with any captive which would make for quite a display from the drive below.

Veronique placed the luggage at the foot of a large Louis XIV wardrobe, the single, most grand item in the room. Meanwhile the conjoined sisters whispered back and forth on the bed. Etienne adjusted her top and Monique refreshed her make-up, soon after Veronique returned with a large jug of water and two glasses on a tray.

“Mina will take you from here pet,” Etienne informed Veronique, gesturing for Monique to hand the leash to Mina.

“For this stay things will be slightly different,” Etienne revealed, there was a sense of anticipation in her voice.

“Pets have their own quarters here, you will be in a dormitory with the rest of us at night, unless called for.” Mina added.

Veronique’s eyebrows raised and fixed in a high, shocked arch. Monique’s silence spoke volumes. The two lovers locked lips briefly and Mina tugged on the leash to indicate the need to leave.

“Hush little pet, I will see you soon enough. Go make some friends.” Monique said in whispered tones to soothe her beloved.

“Oui Mistress Monique.” Veronique uttered with subdued apprehension as she followed Mina’s provocative walk out into the hallway. She glanced back to see Monique following her exit dolefully whilst Etienne reassured her.

“What are they going to do to her?” Monique challenged her sister.

“Do? They aren’t going to ‘do’ anything to her sister, we will see her soon, she will just be shown to her quarters and be given her new outfit.

“New outfit?”

“Oh sister do calm down. Veronique will be fine, she is in no danger and when you see her next I am sure that you will like what you see.”

Monique had to submit to her situation. Her sister had been right about everything else so far, she had no reason to doubt her now.

“So what do we do now then sis’?” Monique queried impatiently.

Etienne turned to face her sister and gently cupped Monique’s jaw in her hands. Her eyes widened with a soft expression to reassure Monique once more, then she pressed her lips to her sister’s then wrapped her arms around her. Monique’s arms began limply at her sides and then rose to clench around Etienne’s waist. The kiss lasted a good half a minute and was impassioned, but Etienne broke away slowly as Monique began to lose herself in the lust of it.

“Very soon someone will be,” Etienne began to say, softly.

There was a knock at the door bursa rus escort which remained open wide. A young brunette stood at the doorway wearing nothing but a thick, black leather posture collar. Her eyes were transfixed on the sublime vision of the sisters locked in embrace. So much so that she had not noticed that the pair of them were now looking at her.

Monique’s sudden excitement at the arrival of this buxom voyeur immediately affected the twins.

“Oh my!” Monique huffed and puffed.

Etienne cleared her throat, pushing past the overwhelming heat building in her loins.

“Um, yes?!” Etienne snapped, rather more harshly than intended.

“Oh please excuse me madame’s,” The large breasted brunette began.

“Mistress Katharine has commanded that I escort you to the drawing room once you are ready and settled.”

“Thank you, stay there a moment.” Etienne replied before turning once again to her sister.

Etienne smiled wryly at Monique who was still staring at the girl’s ample bosoms noting their rise and fall with each breath in exquisite millimeter detail. The girl’s aureole were quite prominent from the curve of her breast and were not much darker than the surrounding skin.

Monique’s eyes travelled lower. The girl was of generous proportions in all respects, she had some meat on her bones. Her navel was a dark hollow that dipped in deeply. Her navel paunched out at the base to show a plump but not overhanging belly. The skin of her pubis grew redder as it neared her mons and was peppered with prominent little follicles that had recently been shaved or waxed because her vulva was clearly visible with the absence of pubic hair.

Monique had extremely good vision and could see clearly the slightly prominent inner lips of their voyeur glistening with a hint of moisture.

Etienne whispered to Monique “No harm in looking sister.” as she fell on Monique’s lips once more, this time with greater fervor and cupping her sister’s breast as she did so.

Something about the place just screamed “Sex!”. No movement, or event took place there without some form of gratification being attached and Etienne had found it very easy to allow it to seep into her very being. Monique in turn found it easy to allow her sister the extra attention, she had been far more amorous since Veronique had entered their lives and she greatly enjoyed the benefits of her sister being more attentive.

Having realised that she had not even taken in the girl’s face, Monique glanced up once more. The brunette’s hair was tied in a high pony-tail, the sides of her head shaved close. Her face was quite round and flat, with a tiny button nose that seemed almost stylised. Her waist was cinched, extremely narrow, like a 1950’s pin-up despite her generous figure. Her skin was lightly freckled belying the fact that brunette was not her natural hair colour.

Etienne came up for air exhaling sharply, she rested her forehead on her sister’s chin for a moment before turning to the girl.

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did?” Etienne quizzed the girl.

“This one cannot presume to know the madame’s thoughts.” The girl said, but her slightly red face, neck and upper torso along with the now greater prominence of her nipples told the sisters everything.

“Then please lead on, umm?” Etienne said finally.

“This one’s other name was Brigitte, she does not tend to use it any more.”

Brigitte lead the twins slowly down the stairs. Monique focussed on her bouncing, jelly-like bottom as the girl turned and noticed something she had missed before. Protruding from the centre of Brigitte’s arse was a long black tail, emanating from a black plastic cup that separated her cheeks, quite clearly and firmly pressed into her anus. Monique nudged her sister who nonchalantly whispered in her ear.

“I think you’ll like Veronique’s even more.”

Monique nearly buckled on the stairs at that revelation, but maintained some semblance of control, at least outwardly.

Brigitte lead the two of them across the hallway to a large set of double doors and into a lavishly decorated drawing room.

The room was decorated in a much more old-fashioned style than the others the twins had seen at first glance. A white marble plaque was the most prominent item in the room. It adorned the fireplace at the end of the room and read “The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain. – Byron.” At that moment Monique thought that she understood. She had spent a great deal of time trying to understand her sister’s drive and her love of bondage, this was the first time that she had seen it summed up in a single sentence and it was a profound moment.

The ceiling was quite low and adorned with roundels and ceiling roses in the plaster. The walls of the drawing room were covered in wood panels, the largest on wall to their right had a relief of a hunting scene carved into it. Their were several chairs of differing prominence; some with elizabethan shaping, others had more padding and lions feet. Two red and gold chaise longues sat either side of the fireplace. On the left-hand chaise longue rested the titan figure of the lady Katharine, she was reading a book that was being supported by another slave. Lady Katharine was no shrinking violet, it was obvious from her stature that it would be impossible for her to be a wall-flower at any party.

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