Every Hour, On The Hour

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You walk into the bedroom, not surprised to see me asleep on the bed. Stepping closer, you notice that I have put on a satiny, see through blue camisole and matching panties. You also notice the sly, naughty smile playing across my full crimson lips. You watch me for a moment, thinking to yourself that even in sleep I look wanton, sexy.

You start to undress, keeping your eyes on my lush, full body as you strip you clothes off. The mattress depresses as you crawl in beside me, gently pulling me against your hard frame. I awake slowly, feeling your soft but firm lips on my throat, raining kisses on my soft flesh. A small moan escapes my lips, what a wonderful way to wake up.

I stretch like a feline, drawing your eyes to my high, firm breasts. You notice my nipples, dusky pink and hard, straining against the gauzy fabric of my camisole. Shivers run down my spine, my toes pointed straight out, my arms above my head, my back arched.

Leaning into you, I tenderly kiss your chest, my lips leaving a trail of dew on your bronze skin. I decide to play a game I know you like, we call it kiss, lick, blow. I place small kisses on your chest, naughtily lick the same spot, and finally pursing my lips and blowing on the wet. I rain our special kisses all over you chest, avoiding your small male nipples for a moment, teasing you. I know you love when I play with your nipples, how hard they get when my tongue snakes out to flick them softly.

Your hands are in my hair as I play our game, you know how turned on I get feeling your fingers in my silky brunette locks. Your finger traces the shell of my ear, caressing down to my neck. I’ve decided to stop teasing you, but, rather than give you the kiss first, I lick your hard nipple slowly, raising my lips off you quickly to blow on your wet nubbin. You groan in pleasure as I move to tease the other, a cat like smile on my face, my grey eyes shining.

I lick and blow on your other nipple, pulling another growl from your throat. I smile again against your skin and begin kissing my way slowly to your neck. MMM, I think; another spot that needs attention. I press my lips into the little hollow between your neck and collar, my tongue darts out, tickling you lightly. My lips are pressed firmly against that spot as I begin to nibble that same spot. Your hands are in my hair again, caressing my scalp as well as holding me against your neck.

Suddenly, I need to kiss you; I move my mouth from your neck and press my lips firmly against yours. My tongue darts out to trace your lower Bahçeşehir escort lip, pressing you to open for me. You open your mouth granting me access, allowing me to probe my tongue into your mouth. Your hands are roaming my body as our tongues dance around each other. I feel your fingers slide down my stomach, grazing the hem of my camisole. I moan into your mouth as I feel your hands slip under the fabric to stroke my warm, bare flesh.

You take control, flipping me to my back, keeping your mouth locked to mine. Your hands slide further up my stomach to cup my large full breasts, stroking over my dusky pink nipples. You feel them harden under your fingers as you lightly pinch and pull. I moan into your mouth, oh god that feels good. Your mouth leaves mine, dropping down, hungrily wrapping around my fabric covered nipple. I gasp when I feel your teeth lightly bite my engorged nub, tingles run through my body, centering in my now hot pussy.

My breast arch toward your mouth, wanting the attention only you can give. My fingers grasp the hem of my camisole. I lean up quickly to pull it over my head, your mouth only separating from my nipple enough for the fabric to brush by. My fingers entwine in your sandy blonde hair, holding your head to my breasts. You place your nose between my mounds, inhaling my feminine scent deeply before moving to give the other nipple attention. I feel your lips wrapping around to frame my half dollar sized areola, slowly moving inward to engulf its center. You nurse my nipple like a hungry child, sucking harder and harder, trying to coax forth the mother’s milk that is not yet there.

I’m moaning in delight, I love when you play a little rough, nipping and biting at my sensitive flesh. Shivers soar through my body at your touch, setting my blood on fire, making my pussy swell and drip. I begin rocking against you slowly, moving just enough that my thigh caresses your semi-hard cock. MMMM, my pussy twitches when I start thinking about your cock, seven inches of thick, hard, pleasure giving cock. I can feel your hardness rubbing against my thigh, my hand sneaks down to grasp you firmly. My fingers don’t fit all the way around you, MMM, god you’re so thick. I begin to lightly stroke up and down your rod as you continue to lick and suck my breasts. I want you hard and I want you hard now!

I take my hard away from your hardening cock, putting my hands on your chest and pushing you to your back. I’m in control now, I think as I give you a sexy cat smile. I Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan scoot my body down, positioning my mouth above your pole, oops! MY slut pole as you have fondly named him. I gaze at MY slut pole, fascinated with the bumps and ridges that will disappear in a moment. My gaze moves slowly up your body till my sparkling grey eyes connect with yours.

I hold your gaze as my mouth opens wide, swallowing as much of your cock into my mouth as I can. You toss your head back, closing your eyes as you feel my wet mouth slide down your thick pole. MY slut pole comes to immediate attention; I have to draw back, then slide down slowly. My lips tighten around your thickness; my tongue caresses your underside as my head bobs slowly up and down on your length. Your moans and grunts urges me on, knowing that I please you excites me as I slowly fuck your cock with my hot mouth.

My hands move to your balls, rolling and caressing them with my fingers. I squeeze lightly as I begin sucking your cock faster. I move my mouth further down your length with every bob of my head, taking more of you into my mouth every second. Your hands are wrapped in my hair again, pushing me lower on your cock, guiding my head. I move faster, finally taking all of you into my mouth, massaging your head with my throat muscles as your pubic hair tickles my nose. Your moans are turning into words now, oh god baby that’s it, suck my fat cock!

My head bobs up and down faster and faster, your hands pushing me down harder and harder. I want your cum, I want to swallow your creamy seed, feel it slide down my throat and fill my belly. I fuck your cock with my full lips faster and harder, squeezing and massaging your balls just the way you like. MMM fuck it with your mouth baby! God it’s so good! I felt your balls tighten in my hand, knowing that my reward was coming soon. I bobbed faster and faster, your moans and pleading becoming louder above me. OH FUCK BABY!! THAT IS SO FUCKING GOOD!! FUCK MY COCK YOU SLUT!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Your hips arched up one last time, you’re back arched and your head flew back, OOOOFFFFUUUCCKKK!

You’re hot cum hit the back of my mouth with force, sliding down my throat, its heat scorching me. I released your cock from my mouth, letting the rest of your hot gooey cum shoot onto my breasts and stomach. Your body relaxed, you opened your eyes and looked down at me, mouthing I love you. Your eyes stayed glued on me as you calmed down, you watched as I massaged your cum into my Escort Bahçeşehir breasts, using my fingers to roll it onto my hard nipples.

I flick my tongue out to lick my lips, my hands making teasing circles on my firm mounds. I ask you, who’s your slut baby? You are! Whose cock is that? Yours! Do you want your slut to fuck her cock now baby? OH GOD YES! I smiled in that naughty way I have, crawling up your body till my hot wet pussy dripping down on MY slut pole. You want it baby? Your hips arch up, yes please! You want me to slam my tight wet little fuck hole down on my cock baby? Strain in your voice, ppllleeaaasseee! Close your eyes! You close your eyes quickly, Good boy.

I stand up and quickly remove my soaked panties, squatting above you once again. I grasp your cock firmly in my hand, slowly inching my pussy toward you, BEG!

Please baby please! I need your pussy now baby! Please! FUCK ME!!

I slam down on your cock, squeezing tight with my pussy muscles as I pull back up. I almost let your cock slide out of my tight fuck hole before slamming back down again. My hands are on your stomach for support as I begin to ride you harder, slamming my pussy down on your cock harder and harder. You feel and hear my juices squishing loudly as our bodies thrust against each other. Your balls are soaked with my hot cum; I ride my slut pole faster.

There is nothing tender about this fuck; I want it hard and rough. I want your cock to stretch my tight hole, to ravage me from below. I ride harder, arching my back to take you deeper. Oh god it hurts, but feels so good. So fucking good as I slam my tight puss down harder and harder. I feel my orgasm rising, building deep in my loins. Your hand reaches forward to stroke my hard little clit, flicking back and forth across it as I ride you harder, harder!

Like an illicit prayer from my lips, harder! Harder! HARDER!! I’M YOUR FUCKING SLUT! HARDER! HARDER!!! Your hips are arching up to mine, fucking me from below while I fuck you from above. Your fingers are flicking at my clit making my pussy ready to explode. My body tenses in the final moment before ecstasy, pleasure and pain spread out from my dripping hole, I scream in ultimate please,


My pussy squeezes like a vice around your throbbing cock, my words send you over the edge. I feel you harden inside me as I ride out the last of my orgasm. You grunt and groan again as your cock shoots its thick creamy cum deep in my used hole; the pleasure of your hot seed sends me over again, OH GOD!! AGAIN! BABY AGAIN!! Our bodies are covered in sweat, cum seeps out of my hole around your cock to soak the bed, we pant, exhausted but satisfied. I fall against your chest, your cock still embedded in my pussy. I lean up to give you a tender kiss; Wake me up again in an hour k baby…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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