Everything Comes Around

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Cum In

Okay. Kacey Owens wasn’t the sexiest thing ever. At 18, she was on the thin side. She probably weighed just over 100 pounds. She kept her mousy brown hair brushed straight back, if at all, and then held with a scruchee while at work in the fast food restaurant where we met. I was one of the so-called ‘maintenance men’, which meant emptying the buffalo, the large rolling garbage bin where all the plastic bags ended up before we took them to the dumpster outside. I also unloaded the twice-weekly supply trucks, cleaned the restrooms, mopped up spills, and occasionally had to plunge a clogged toilet or put a new end on an electrical cord. Not a glamorous job, but I didn’t care; I had already had my career in construction. I just did it for the extra money.

Kacey was a troubled teenager. I discovered, after some long discussions with her, that she was occasionally physically abused by both her father and mother. Not badly, but enough to embarrass her and to enforce and prey upon her naturally submissive nature. As we got to know each other, things began to happen. She didn’t care that I was 49 years older than her, and I certainly wasn’t complaining about her age! I was in good shape after 35 years in construction, and not ready to give up sex just yet, especially if it meant getting with a young woman in her teens.

The first time we had sex was in her room at home. That was scary because of the possibility of being found out, so I began doing her in different places; once at a motel and more often, in my car. She responded eagerly. I pushed her limited sexual experience; regularly using her mouth, that wonderfully tight pussy, then I took her asshole. She became more and more submissive to me, telling me she would do anything I wanted. All I had to do was do it, she said.

This, in turn, spurred my dominant streak; one that I had never been able to indulge with my wife, due to each of us considering the other as an equal. With Kacey, however, I had nothing to lose, and I pushed her. We had a couple of threesomes with a friend of mine, and I introduced a little pain into our relationship as well. She willingly wore nipple clamps whenever I directed her to, and I spanked her ass. She also dressed much more provocatively when not at work. To be honest, she began to blossom in that 8 months we had.

I knew that her newly-found sexual awareness would make her attractive to other guys her age, and when she met Lee I wasn’t surprised. We only had two more encounters after that. I urged her to devote herself to Lee, since he seemed like a responsible guy. They got engaged, and eventually married after he joined the US Navy.

I stayed on at work for another year and a half after they left town, then finally called it quits. I wanted to enjoy my ‘golden years’, if that’s what they’re supposed to be. I stayed active, and worked out until the pandemic hit. A few months ago I got a text from Kacey.

‘Hey, whats up?”

I have to admit, my heart began to race a little when I saw her name on my phone. I hadn’t deleted it, for whatever reason. I texted back, and we began a conversation.

‘Can I call?’

I slipped away immediately, driving to the gas station near my house. I called her and we caught up a little. Lee had just deployed to the Mediterranean, she informed me. “I’m lonely,” she whined.

“How long has he been gone?” I couldn’t hide the sexual arousal in my voice. I knew how horny she could get.

“Three weeks,” she told me.

Wow! Three and a half years, and I was suddenly thinking about sex with her again! We made plans for me to drive up and see her.

It was almost a hundred miles one way, quite a day trip, but nothing would prevent me from going! So I made excuses to my wife, got on the highway, and two hours later I was at the gate of the Navy base.

Things had tightened up considerably in the last few years, what with terrorism and the Covid-19 virus. I told them I had a friend in base housing, and they wanted to know her name. “Kacey,” I said.

“Last name?”

Fuck! I wasn’t sure I even knew! I told the guard that I could call her, and he told me to do it from somewhere besides the front gate. I was embarrassed and aroused. I was so close!

“Kacey? I went to the gate, but they wouldn’t let me in.”

She laughed. “I forgot,” she told me, giggling at my discomfort. “I’ll meet you at the McDonald’s down the road.”

Were we destined to always meet at a fast-food restaurant? I had to chuckle as I reflected on this, waiting for her to come and ‘rescue’ me. It seemed weird to be on ‘her turf’, this now-22 year old! I was 71 now, for god’s sake — what was I doing?

The poised, confident young woman who greeted me was nothing like the dependent teen I had known. As she told me later, “being a military dependent doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip.” We talked a little about what we’d been up to, and she told me she’d ‘gotten with’ a guy on base, but Tekirdağ Escort she only met him the one time.

“In the last 3 weeks?” I was shocked. It seemed she had definitely pushed her own boundaries.

She told me, “No. It was a few months ago.” Which meant she’d been unfaithful to Lee even before he left. I was learning lots of things today! She went on to tell me that military wives are pretty loose and wild, once their men go off to sea. Most of them went home, but the ones who stayed had lots of company, if they wanted it. She called it ‘serving the troops’ and she laughed about it. She told me that wasn’t her, but I wondered.

Kacey had also changed physically. She’d added 20 pounds, at least, but it was in all the right places. Her legs had filled out, as had her chest. The tank top she wore hinted at more than the little mounds I had delightedly clamped at one time, and fondled while we had sex. Her hair was darker and looked spectacular, cut in an almost ‘pixie’ style, which framed her face beautifully.

“God, you look gorgeous,” I told her.

That made her smile. She didn’t have the same comment for me, which made me think about how much I may have aged. Was she having second thoughts? I didn’t feel any different on the inside. My mind was still trying to convince myself I was 18. My hair was longer, back to the way I wore it before working in fast food, but it was clean and not ragged looking.

She was thinking; about what, I wasn’t sure. But something was definitely on her mind. I made my mind up to head back south and act like a real retiree; that she was probably thinking this was a bad idea. Then she said, “I missed you, Brian. I mean, I wanted to call you every once in a while, tell you what I was doing. Maybe get to talk…”

I nodded. “I missed you too, Kacey. I really did.”

That seemed to clear the air, and we headed back to the base in her car. We slid through the front gate like butter, thanks to her windshield sticker. The guard hardly glanced at me.

Inside, the apartment was spartan. They had a used sofa and a rickety table beside it, and little else. The kitchen was ‘utilitarian’ but dated. Worn linoleum showed torn spots, and the laminate on the countertops was orange. Ugh! Home-made drapes made the place look like a 70s movie set. She must have seen the expression on my face, though I tried to be complimentary.

“I could have gone home,” she said, “and let mom and dad take their problems out on me, but this place is mine, for now. Anything is better than home.”

I turned and pulled her to me, the first physical contact we’d had since I got up there. She was hesitant at first, then relaxed into my arms. “I like it,” I muttered into her hair.

“I like this,” she whispered.

She pressed her breasts against me, and I held her tightly, enjoying the feel of them against my chest. I let my hands drop to her waist, and then her butt. Our heart rates both went up; the air was heavy with desire. She looked up at me and I kissed her. At first it was tentative, but then I felt her tongue at my lips and opened them to admit it. She pressed herself lower, urging me to pull her in. I did. Soon I was grinding my hardening cock into her groin, breathing heavily.

“The bed’s really comfortable,” she sighed.

The bedroom was as empty as the rest of the place, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was a place to lay her down, and to be with her. As she pulled me to the side of the double bed, I thought about the first time with her, in her room. Pop music posters had adorned the walls, and her cat roamed among teen-age litter on the floor — headphones, a small boom box, wrinkled clothes. This room was much cleaner, at least. She sat on the bed once her knees encountered it, and reached for the zipper on my pants.

“God, I’ve missed this,” she said, looking up at me as she freed my cock. She held it without looking down, caressing its length. I pressed forward. Only then did she bend her face to her task. As I slid into her mouth, all those days came back to me from 3 1/2 years ago. She was my slut again. I took her head in my hands and began to fuck her face, grunting as I slid in and out of her mouth. She dropped her arms, letting me do what I wanted. When I drove deep, she gagged, and her eyes began to water. Her retching sounds added fuel to my fire.

“Take that cock, Kacey,” I growled. “take it down your throat.” And she did, even though I thought she was going to hurl once, when her gag reflex violently betrayed her. I paused for a second as her stomach clenched and she fought to keep everything down, then drove right back in. I felt the head slip past her uvula. Her mouth was streaming saliva, but her hands remained at her sides. Good girl. I pulled out and drove forward again, impaling that fresh face on my cock. I was more brutal than I imagined I could be, and still she allowed me my pleasure. Finally, I had to have her.

I pulled Tekirdağ Escort Bayan from her mouth and reached for her top, yanking it up over her head. Her fresh young breasts stood out proudly, the nipples pointing slightly upward. I slapped each one, just once. They bounced nicely. She gasped. I looked in her eyes, and saw the need that was always there. This was just an older version of the slut I had helped create, begging to be used again. I stepped back and dragged my shirt up over my head, then flung it across the room. She was already working at the buttons on her shorts. She slid them down, standing momentarily to reveal her cunt to me as she pushed them down hurriedly. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them.

I reached out and she took my hands. I pulled her up, then turned her around so her ass was against my cock and balls. Sliding my hands down over her abdomen, I whispered, “this is mine for now,” and I could hear her sighing her agreement. “Bend over.”

Kacey put her hands on the mattress, stepping outward as she did. I leaned over her and slid my palms over her tits, taking the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. “Do you still take it in the ass?” I asked hoarsely.

Her voice was hardly a whisper. “I… I’m out of practice,” she said.

I assured her that would change, as I pinched and squeezed those lovely brown buds, bringing a squeal from her. She pushed her ass back into me, begging my attention, and my cock slid upwards along the crack of her ass. She shuddered; I could feel it in my loins.

“Put your knees on the bed. Put your face down on the mattress,” I ordered, and she crawled forward onto the bed as I felt her waist slip through my hands. Her skin was so silky, and yet so firm. “Twenty-two year old skin,” I muttered, and she said, “it’s all for you.”

“I know.”

I put one foot on the bed and I lined up with her pussy. I wanted to give her an orgasm before I went into her ass. I knew she was aching for some good old hard fucking from behind. One thing I had learned about Kacey: when she was really horny, she liked it hard and fast. Later I could take my time with her and enjoy watching her face as I pleasured her. I had around 3 hours before I needed to head back. As I slid into her wet pussy, I thought maybe I could stretch that to 4 hours.

“Ughhhhhhh! That’s what I need,” she hissed. She rocked back into my thrusts, yelping like a little puppy each time my balls slapped her from underneath. I reached around and put my fingertip on her clit, urging it out as I rolled it in little circles. It was, like her, a little plumper than before. I could feel an oily sheen covering it already. “Ohhhh god!” she groaned, “that feels… feels so good!” Her legs stiffened as my cock plumbed her depths. I got into a rhythm, drawing her gripping labia out as I withdrew, smashing them in as my groin slapped against her ass. Her voice was rising in pitch as she reached for her climax. I doubled my pace, slamming into her, holding onto her hips with both hands. Suddenly, she tensed up, and I felt her cunt grip me even tighter.

“Ohh ohhh oooooOHHHH!”

She shrieked, her climax shooting through her like an electrical shock. I held onto her hips tightly, refusing to slow my pace; enjoying the sensation of power I had over her at that moment. She was a sock puppet, and my dick was the hand up inside her, controlling her every motion. Giving her voice.

“That’s it, cum for me honey,” I grunted, “cum for your daddy.”

Her wails of pleasure seemed to intensify as she heard those words, and I suddenly wondered if her own father had used her like this. Given her demeanor when I first met her… I pushed the thought from my mind. There were more immediate issues to address, such as stretching her orgasm until I reached my own.

I felt her go weak, her body unable to cope with the charges going off within it. As her legs gave out and she began to collapse towards the mattress I rode her down, pushing her forward as I continued to piston in and out. Her voice was faltering as she gave herself over to the beast that was her climax, now just a guttering series of sobs. She was shaking, her body begging me to stop but at the same time gripping me like a fist. Only her wetness enabled me to continue to pound into her. I was close, now.

“You ready, baby? You want my cum?”

She couldn’t give a coherent answer; she was babbling in tongues, clawing at the sheets as her pleasure synapses continued to fire. I put my hands on her shoulders, raising my upper body as my hips kept up their assault, but I was slowing, giving in to the carnal desire to breed. The slap! slap! slap! of sweating skin on skin was the only sound in the room. And then it was there.

I felt as if my soul was pouring out of me and into her in tea-spoon sized bursts. My balls clenched and released, pushing my cum up through my cock and into her womb, as deep as I could get Escort Tekirdağ it. The first mighty gush almost took my breath away. It had been too long since I’d come inside a woman. With the next, my hips drove forward again, timing my thrust with my ejaculation. My hands sought hers, still gripping the sheets. I wrapped my hands around her wrists and kept thrusting, forcing my cum into her as she mewled and panted, her head turned away from the picture of her and Lee on the bedside table.

We came down to earth together, with my sweaty chest glued to her perspiring back and her hands now gripping mine. We were still joined at the waist, our fluids swirling together inside her vaginal tunnel. I felt her sigh. “Fuckkkkkkk,” she gasped, her breath gently ruffling the scattered sheets. I didn’t want to, but I got off her. It was like tearing velcro loose. As I stood I looked down at her. Her cunt was resting in a small pool of wetness. Her tanned back was glistening in the Florida humidity. The place felt like an oven.

“No a/c here?” I asked, as I helped her get off the bed.

“Not in enlisted, I guess.” She looked at me guiltily. “Sorry.”

I pulled her to me. “You got a refrigerator?” She turned and pulled me to the kitchenette and got us each a bottled iced tea. As I swallowed the first gulp, I stared at her. “You look good, kid,” I told her. It wasn’t a joke. Her tits had filled out nicely, and her tummy was still flat. I touched it with my tea bottle and she jumped.

“No bread in that basket?”

She grinned, the teenage Kacey returning for a moment. “Noooo,” she chided me. “You think I wanna mess up this body?” She raised her arms and walked into mine. “That was nice,” she said into my ear.

I slid the bottle along her ass crack, making her flinch again. “So, what’s next?”

She dropped to her knees, sliding her ice-cold bottle down my side. It was my turn to shudder. She stared at my cock, smeared with our cum, and set the bottle down behind her. “This,” she said, and began to clean me.

Ten minutes later we were back on her bed. She turned her back to me, telling me without words what she wanted. I kissed her neck and she stretched to drag a bottle of lube from the bedside table, turning the picture onto its face as she did. I reached around and took it from her. “Like old times, huh?” I dribbled it onto the head of my cock, then coated a fingertip with it. She rolled over and started to get up on her hands and knees again and I told her, “No. Just like you were.” I put my fingertip on her puckered brown hole, and with a gentle push it went in.

She said over her shoulder, “I wore it this morning, knowing you’d be here.” I assumed she meant a plug, because her ass accepted another fingertip easily. I poured more lube where they breached her sphincter, and rubbed it in.

“That’s my girl,” I said softly.

I jacked my cock a couple of times, making sure it was ram-rod stiff, and leaned forward, aiming right at her puckered bullseye. The head seemed awfully big, but as I pressed, it disappeared. Her light pink ring seemed to boil around it like a geyser, then gave way, taking me halfway to my belly. She groaned, but then relaxed and let me feed my dick to her. At one point, when there was only an inch left of me, she gasped. I squeezed more of the lube where we met, and she pushed outward, inviting me to go all the way. Once my belly was against her ass cheeks I began to move, out and back in, but slowly.

I fucked her that way for quite a while, making it last for both of us and playing with her nipples as she arched back into me. “You feel good,” she sighed. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear, making her giggle and flinch, and again it was the teenage Kacey, a little silly and a whole lot less experienced. I ground my cock into her at its deepest, rotating my torso against her backside, and she brought her hand around to cup my cheek. “Mmmmmm, do more of that,” she begged.

My second orgasm was still a ways off, but hers was fast approaching. I could tell by the way her belly began to rock as she gripped me with those lovely full ass cheeks.

“Oh god!” That came out in a rush, as if it had snuck up on her, even though she’d been working towards it. “Oh fuck!”

I slid my hand down her belly and found her clit again; her magic button. One or two slow rolls of it and she was breathing hard again. Her legs pulled back around mine and her toes curled up. I rolled her clit between my finger and thumb, pulling it free of its fleshy hood and achieving maximum sensation, and she went into overdrive.

“Gaaaahhhh! Fuckkkkkk!” she growled, shaking her head from side to side.

That was my cue. I began to thrust more forcefully, my groin slapping against her ass, drawing the little half-screams I had become accustomed to hearing from her. I heaved to one side, drawing us both upward. She scrambled to her knees and I stayed with her, my cock still buried in her tightest hole. I was over her now, in complete control. Kacey was in slut heaven. I thought, she was made to serve. As I pummeled her from above, I felt my orgasm barreling up from my balls. Aaaggghh!!! I cried out, lost in the sweet agony of release, and began to spurt into her colon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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