Executive Chronicles Ch. 01

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All the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age…


Four years ago, Professor Johnson had made the decision to leave his position as a senior executive with a Fortune 50 firm and to take a position as an Executive in Residence at a prestigious California university. His motives were good: he had only a working class upbringing but had managed to go to college, graduate at the top of his class and gain entry into the management training program at the company. After decades of hard work, he managed to finally arrive into the executive suite and enjoyed the perks of having done so. He was making more money than he had ever even fantasized about, had a big office with an attentive administrative assistant right outside his office door and was set for life.

But, as soon as he “arrived”, he realized that something was missing and that was a connection to the next generation of leaders. As a result, he decided to leave his executive post and accept a two year position as an Executive in Residence at the University. He was told that his duties would be light. He was primarily to be available to business students as a mentor as well as teach a single course on leadership development. He threw himself into his role with gusto and was immediately a hit. Students regularly sought him out to discuss their future business plans, discuss job options and, increasingly, discuss more personal issues with him.

Along the way, he discovered a fringe benefit of his role. Scores of students were eager for his connections and his recommendations were highly prized by the students. A single word from him could get a student an interview and then a job at a top flight company. Conversely, another word for him would result in a student being blackballed from the best companies and forced to take a job with a lower tier company.

As a result, he found himself to be very popular….particularly with the females. He discovered this by accident one day. Antep Bayan Escort He was having a closed door meeting with a despondent senior who was about to graduate. Her grades were solid but unspectacular and she did not have any meaningful work experiences. Her only hope was a recommendation from him and both of them knew it. And, based on her resume, she was unlikely to get it. After all, Professor Johnson had his reputation to protect and he didn’t want to risk it with this woman.

However, the dynamic changed abruptly as she sobbed and Profesor Johnson was able to really look at her. And there was a lot of good things to look at. Like most college women, she wore a workout top and black yoga pants. Her breasts were a thing of beauty: 36Cs without an ounce of droop in them. Thanks to the overly energetic air conditioner in his office, her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from them. They were riding high and proud on her breasts and were huge! Then he noticed that her yoga pants were so tight that he could make out her lack of underwear and her cameltoe. God it was beautiful and he could feel his cock start to react to her. He idly wondered if she had fully shaved her pussy or just left a little hair on top.

But, he would never have imagined what happened next. As she stood to leave, she went to hug him and must have felt his turgid cock even though he was trying to avoid rubbing it against her. She looked up to him questioningly and then apparently quickly came to a decision about what to do next. She prolonged the hug and languidly rubbed her body against his, quickly bringing his cock to full erection. While his cock was never huge, he had never felt it more hard than when this woman was rubbing herself against him.

As she continued to rub herself against him, she quickly started kissing his neck and his face with soft but insistent kisses. He was powerless to resist this beautiful coed and started rubbing himself back against her and start returning her kisses: first softly and then with more vigor. Soon they were full on making out in his office. His hands were roaming all over her magnificent ass while she was grabbing at his ass as well.

Abruptly she broke off the kissing and hugging. Initially he was worried: was she going to report him and claim that he assaulted her? But her next move made thing clear as she dropped to her knees in front of him, pulled down the zipper on his pants and pulled out his cock. While continuing to moan, she took his hard cock into her mouth and quickly began to suck him off. She was good at it: all lips and tongue. No doubt she had tons of experience blowing college men and was applying every bit of vigor to his cock. God it felt good as she licked his shaft and sucked tightly on his cock head.

After a few minutes, she pulled her mouth off his sloppy and wet cock and started stroking its hardness with her hand as she moved down to his ball sack. She started licking his balls and then took both of them in her mouth. It felt incredible but became even more incredible when she started to work her tongue down to his asshole while still stroking his wet cock. He quickly spread his legs as her tongue moved backwards to lick his asshole.

Unbelievable, he thought as her tongue explored his hairy asshole: a place his wife refused to touch.

He thought he would pass out as she continued to pleasure his cock and asshole.

It was the best blow job he ever had but, in a flash, he decided he wanted more . She fought to keep blowing him but he wanted her pussy….badly. As he stood her up, he quickly pulled down her yoga pants and confirmed what he had thought: her pussy was completely shaved and her pussy lips were glistening with her juices. She was as aroused as he was.

He bent her over his desk and spread her legs wide and quickly inserted his cock into her pussy. God, she was tight and wet. He had forgotten how tight college girls were, before they were stretched out with kids. He plowed into her, driving deeply inside her and then abruptly pulling out. God he felt 18 years old again as he enthusiastically fucked her tight pussy. She was into it as well and was moaning and desperately fingering her clit as he fucked her. Her juices had completely covered his stiff cock and were dripping down her legs as he pistoned in and out of her tight pussy.

But there was more one thing he wanted: to fuck her ass. His wife always turned him down and he was desperate to fuck this coed’s tight asshole. Without warning, he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock at the entrance to her ass. She spun around as he did so and looked at him questioningly.

Without a word, she spread her ass cheeks and pushed back against his slick cock. With that encouragement, he started to work his cock into her tight asshole. This was clearly not a virginal asshole he thought as she started rocking against him but he didn’t care. He was ass fucking a 21 year old college student and she was enthusiastically responding to it. It was, he decided, his new favorite way to fuck!

All too soon, he felt the pressure rising in his balls and knew he was about to cum into her bowels. It was the best orgasm he ever had as he unleashed rope after rope of cum inside her tight asshole. After what seemed like an eternity, he stopped cumming and pulled out of her ass. As her asshole gaped at him, he was fascinated to see his cum dripping out of her asshole. It was a perfect anal creampie on the most perfect asshole.

The coed turned around, smiled and dropped to her knees again to clean off his cock. He watched her lick his shaft that was covered with his cum, her cum and the evidence of his anal penetration of her. She was thorough and efficient as she cleaned every bit of evidence off his cock. Finally, once done, she looked at him, smiled and got dressed. As she did, he sat down at his computer and quickly typed out a recommendation letter for her.

It was the best meeting he ever had.

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