Executive Platinum Ch. 12

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Big Dick

The good thing about where I had been in Mexico was that it was only one time zone different from California. But even then, by the time I took the local commuter flight to Mexico City, a direct flight to Los Angeles, passed through customs in about 3 minutes by virtue of being a Global Entry participant, and then took the commuter to San Diego, it was well past dark when I got home. No matter where you’ve been, there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

After being gone to Argentina and Mexico for nearly 6 weeks, I was lucky the dog didn’t bite me when I got home. As it was, he was extremely excited, and didn’t leave my side for the longest time. In the morning we went across the street to tell Janet that I was home; she was nearly as excited as the dog had been. She came across later in the day to welcome me home properly; we ended up in bed for most of the afternoon.

As is typical when I get home after being away for quite a while, initially all she wanted to do was get laid. To say she was in heat would have been an understatement. But after several orgasms for both of us, and it was going to be a while before I was ready for another performance, we lay there in bed and I told her about where I had been and what I’d been doing. I told her about my unexpected layover in Dallas, meeting and flirting with Melisa, almost getting caught under Gloria’s desk and practically all night sex with her. She wasn’t jealous; she has never shown any jealousy that I know of. Ours is a practical relationship, it works well for both of us. There are times when I wish she would spend the night, when we could cuddle and wake each other in the middle of the night and do it again, but that’s not to be. Truthfully we really are fuck buddies, but there are occasional times when she’ll reach up and touch my face or stroke my arm where I understand that there is more than just a physical attraction between us. I really am quite fond of her, but I leave it at that.

I didn’t go to work Thursday or Friday; getting caught up with the house, the pool, and the yard took virtually two full days. Janet came over for a while at least once every day, but always headed home to take over from the nurse in the evenings.

It wasn’t until midday Saturday that I called Gloria. She was as excited as a kid in a candy store to hear from me. At first I thought it was because it was me, but as she stuttered and stammered, I realized something was up.

“What’s up, babe? Spit it out, what’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” There was no answer from the other end.

“You had to call me “babe,” didn’t you?”

It wasn’t anything that I haven’t called her before; I ran through the names I’ve used in the past – babe, baby, honey, Gloria… shoot, I use babe probably three quarters of the time.

“Yeah, you’re right. It is just a term of endearment, what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing. I mean it’s… Well, I just don’t know how you’re going to react, and I’ve got something to tell you that…” I hadn’t picked up until just then that her excitement wasn’t necessarily about talking to me.

“Gloria,” I carefully refrained from calling her babe again, “you should know by now that I’m not going to be upset about anything.”

“I know, but I’ve just wanted to tell someone for two weeks, and there’s nobody to talk to except you and you weren’t around.”

“You could’ve called me, my phone works in Mexico.”

“Yeah, I suppose, but I didn’t want it to be just a quick conversation.” I’d told her before that long international calls are not abnormal for me so it was not big deal, but she didn’t think in those terms. I really wasn’t picking up any kind of a vibe telling me where she was coming from, I was still really thinking more about what I was going to tell her.

“I’m here now, and you’ve got me. I’ve got nothing planned but you until we’re done. And besides, I’ve got something to talk to you about too.”

“What about?” She asked, changing the subject to me.

“You first.”

“Well…” She let the pregnant pause go for several seconds; I didn’t interrupt giving her no option but to continue. “I did it.” That was all, and just to show how far out I was, it still didn’t mean anything to me.

“I did what?”

“Ronnie. I seduced him.” Even when she said it, it took a second for me to finally get in sync with her.

“Gloria! You didn’t!” I guess my response could have been a little less negative, but I hadn’t really intended it that way. It was just that she caught me by surprise. It didn’t matter that she did, it’s just that I had really thought she wouldn’t – I figured the age difference would be enough to keep her from hooking up with him.

“You’re mad at me.” Her voice transferred that she was crestfallen, and thought I was upset.

“Not at all, Gloria, not at all. It’s just that you caught me by surprise, the last time we talked I just didn’t get the feeling that you would follow through and you seemed to think he was too young.” I paused Alanya Anal Escort for a second, but when she didn’t speak I pried a bit more. “Are you going to tell me about it?”

That was all it took, she had been dying to tell someone – anyone – about this for a week. She was all over the place when she started, I finally got her to slow down, take a deep breath and start from the beginning.

“Okay, I guess really it had to do with you. When you could only be here for the one day, and I couldn’t even spend that whole day with you, and you were going to Mexico and didn’t even know when you would get back… I know I told you I wanted to come and visit at your place for a while, but we didn’t even get a date set for that. And then when I went to work the next day, I couldn’t believe that we had done it, right there at my desk. And almost getting caught by Ron, and you just saying that I should go for it. And then on Monday he came by my desk, apparently for no reason, just to say hi. He asked questions about you, how often did I see you, how often did you come by or did I go there, and all that. And then he came by again on Tuesday, and I told him I was really having trouble with my computer at home, that it was really acting strange. He jumped on that and offered again to come by and help out, and we agreed he should come by on Saturday. He came by my desk almost every day at some time or another. On the way home Thursday I went shopping. I wasn’t even looking, but as I was rolling down one aisle, there they were – all these boxes of condoms hanging on the wall. I almost didn’t get any, I didn’t think it would really happen, but I decided it might be better to be ready.” She giggled. “I haven’t bought condoms in 20 years. I remember thinking, ‘this is just like being a teenager again, ‘and then I thought, ‘that’s fitting, he practically is a teenager.'”

Her story was disjointed, apparently disparate sentences and thoughts gradually flowing together into a jumbled compilation of the seduction of Ron.

“Did you find out how old he was,” I asked?

“Yeah, I did. I’ll get to that.”

“So was he legal?”

“Of course he was legal. Now stop interrupting.”

I laughed. “Whatever you say.” She hesitated in restarting her tale, “you were picking out condoms,” I prompted.

“Oh yeah, I felt like when I was first married. After Melissa was born, we had to use condoms for a while until I could get on the pill, and back then at the store we went to you had to ask for them because they were behind the counter. I was only 18, so it was kind of embarrassing to have to ask. This time when I got to the counter, the girl at the counter never even paid attention. She just whisked it over the bar scanner and put it in a bag.”

“So Ron was going to come over on Saturday, I was hoping he would make a move, I mean, after the way he’s been coming around my desk day after day, I knew he was interested. I wanted to wear something sexy, but not just throwing myself out there, you know?”

“You always look good, Gloria”

“Oh, I do not.”

“You have since I’ve known you.”

“Yeah, but you’ve only known me since I’ve been working out. You didn’t know me in my slob days. You know I’ve lost 43 pounds?”

“You would never know it now.”

“It’s true. I put on some of Melissa’s shorts; I sure couldn’t have worn those two years ago. But now they fit like a glove.”

“And I’ll bet your ass made them look good, didn’t it?”

She giggled. “You ought to know.”

“Why should I know that?” I threw back, “I’ve never seen your bottom except in a thong or naked. You never wear hot shorts for me. But that’s okay; I like you naked better anyway.”

Gloria laughed, “and I like being naked with you.”

“So that’s it, you met him topless, wearing shorts that were probably a size too small?”

“They weren’t a size too small; Melissa and I are almost the identical size I’ll have you know.”

“So I noticed. Okay, so you met him topless with shorts that were a perfect fit.”

“Will you stop it? I was not topless…” The pause was just enough to let me know she wasn’t done, “but, I didn’t wear a bra.”

“Oh yeah, I see,” I teased, “you wanted to seduce this poor guy without him knowing that he was being seduced, so you put on your tight little shorts and something braless when he was coming to your house for the first time. Just a little subtle seduction.”

“Do you want to hear this or not?” I could hear the irritation in her voice, she’d been dying to tell someone about this, and I wasn’t being the most cooperative that I could be.

I laughed. “Okay,” I said submissively suppressing my giggle, “I’ll be good. You just tell me what happened.”

Gloria went on to tell me how she had also worn a halter top of Melissa’s. She explained that she really didn’t have anything that could be worn braless without being too obvious, so she borrowed Melissa’s top. It also had the advantage that Alanya Çıtır Escort when she leaned forward it hung open a little bit, just like her dress had. She figured there was a good chance that she might be able to entice him just like she inadvertently had at work.

He was due just after lunchtime, so she went out into her small garden in back, leaving the sliding door open so she could hear him ring when he got there. The clothes seemed appropriate for gardening, showing that she really had thought this through a little bit. She admitted she was really antsy, and really horny, by the time he finally arrived just a little late at about a quarter to one. She said his eyes bugged out when she met him at the door when he saw her bare midriff, and obviously braless halter top, and tried desperately not to just stare.

“Hi Ron, I was just out back doing some gardening. Come on in.”

“Hi, Gloria. Hey, I’m really sorry I’m late.”

“Not late as far as I’m concerned, you just said you would be here noonish. It’s close enough for me, I had nothing else planned. Can I get you to something to drink? Water, soda, beer?” His eyes lit up when I mentioned beer.

“You have beer?”

“Sure. I think we have Bud Lite, maybe some Lone Star, or I think there is some Shiner Bock in there?”

“I’d love a Shiner Bock.” I smiled to myself, no better way to get a young man in your pants than to get a beer in his gut.

“You’ve got it. Do you want to see the computer while I see if I can find the beer?”

“Sure. I might as well get started; you never know how long it’s going to take.”

“Are you pressed for time,” I asked?

“Oh no, not at all. I wasn’t sure what we were going to run into, so I didn’t plan anything else for today.” He could not have said any better words as far as I was concerned.

I took him into what I use for the office and set him up with the computer. I logged in for him the first time and told him the password in case he had to reboot – which every time I’ve ever had the computer worked on seems to be done about 30 times. He sat down, I went to fetch the beer and it turned out I did have Shiner Bock. I know Melissa likes it – apparently it’s a favorite of the college crowd. I poured myself a glass of wine.

I took the beer back in to him and found he was already neck deep into the computer. I set the beer on a coaster next to the keyboard and just stood back. He started talking techie stuff, of which he was in over my head as soon as he started talking. I stepped up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders and rubbed them a bit. “Ron, it’s been really bad for a long time, and I’m sure you know what you’re doing, but I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.”

I had never touched him at work, and he had never touched me before either. I just squeezed his shoulders and then let my hands slip off. I felt him stiffen slightly when I touched him and I could tell he made some mistakes on the keyboard as he reached up and hit backspace a couple of times. I figured I better just let him be, said I’d be back in a while and left.

I went back in every 15 minutes or so to check on him. Each time I did, I walked up behind him and squeezed his shoulders again, letting my hands stay on him a little longer each time. I brought him another beer, and later a third. I finished my glass of wine and poured another, drinking it much faster than the sipping that I normally do – not that I was nervous or anything. He had actually been at it for a couple of hours before he called me back, telling me he had it pretty well squared away.

He started talking again about registries and caches and viruses and all kinds of other gobbledygook that meant little to me, so I just told him to show me. He started pulling up programs and showing me how fast they were now working and all the little tricks that he’d installed to make things work better and faster. I leaned down, crossing my arms and resting them on the back of his neck so that my face was down next to his. When he showed me something innocuous, I leaned forward, resting my breasts against the back of his neck and shoulders, as I reached over to touch the keyboard and point at the screen. I pulled back after a few seconds so that it didn’t seem like I was doing it on purpose, but when another opportunity arose I did it again. I could tell I was having an effect on him; looking over his shoulders I could see he had quite a bulge in his pants.

At first I was reaching over his shoulders, but finally told him to get up and let me sit down. We traded places so that he was now standing behind me. I began to pull up programs, see how things were working. He began directly behind me, but he shifted to one side where he could look over my shoulder. I realized it was the same little movement that I’d detected that time at work and knew he was hoping to be able to see down my top, so I helped. I leaned forward to make sure my top gapped open for him. Alanya Elit Escort I teased him by playing with things on the computer longer than I needed to, finally telling him that it was a wonderful job and that the computer hadn’t worked this well even when I first got it.

When I stood up and turned toward him, his face was slightly red. He turned away, but not before I saw the tent where his prick was down his pant leg and obviously quite hard. I pretended I didn’t see it, and led him out to the kitchen. My second glass of wine was gone, I actually had quite a buzz on too, so I grabbed us both a beer.

“How can I ever thank you Ron? You can’t believe how terrible it was trying to work on the computer the way it was. You’re a real lifesaver.” I handed him the beer and again he tried to turn so that he wasn’t facing me. As soon as he could he leaned on the counter so it was between us, but from my sideways view point it did nothing to hide the bulge in his pants.

I took a drink from my beer, setting the rest of it on the counter. The counter is just the right height so I can rest my arms on it easily by leaning forward just a bit. I did, which made the halter top gap open just a bit. I waited for him to say something, to give a hint that he was going to make a pass, but he didn’t say anything. I caught his eyes glancing down a couple of times, but after a while I knew he wasn’t even going to so much as make a comment to see if I was interested. I finally realized he was just really shy.

“I’ve noticed you coming around quite a bit at work. Have you been coming by to see me?”

He looked at me somewhat sheepishly and said, “You noticed?”

I smiled at him, “Every woman notices when a good-looking man comes around. And when they come around quite a bit, you begin to think that maybe…” I just let my thoughts trail off, giving him an opportunity to say something.

I will give him this; at least he looked me in the face. “I think you’re really pretty, Gloria. I think you’re the prettiest woman in the office.”

“Why thank you, Ron. That’s really nice of you to say.” I left my beer on the counter and reached over and took his hand, and just held it. “An old lady like me likes getting compliments from a young man like you, that’s really nice.”

“Why do you say that? You’re not that old.” His thumb rubbed against the back of my hand.

“I bet I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“No way, what are you maybe 30?”

“Ronnie!” I gave him my best “how dare you” shocked look, and then smiled. “You know you never ask a woman her age.” I cocked my head slightly, coquettishly,” how old are you?”


“No way! You’ve been working for us for several years.”

“Yeah, full time for just over a year now, but I worked for two summers before that. When I was in High School, they had this program where I was going to Junior College and getting both high school and college credit. I was taking year-round classes and graduated when I was 17, I had enough college credits that I started university as a sophomore, I only had to go for three years. But I’ve been playing with computers and programming since I was in junior high school, so it feels like I’ve been doing it forever. I graduated with an IT degree and started here full time a week later. I was in that summer intern program for two years though; that’s probably why they hired me so fast.”

Twenty-one? My mind only half heard what he was saying. Twenty-one? And then it dawned on me, not only was he young, he was exactly as old as Melissa, literally young enough to be my son. My mind was writhing in agony, but my mouth continued to function.

“When did you ever have time for a girlfriend with all that studying and work?” I let go of his hand, picked up my beer and took another drink; trying to keep it nonchalant.

He just looked at me for a moment and sheepishly answered, “I’ve never actually had a girlfriend before. Girls don’t usually pay attention much to nerds.” I realized he had been blushing almost continuously since we’d begun talking; I also realized he was confessing to me that he was a virgin. I should have backed off at that point, but I was more than a little inebriated, and more than a little horny. I had invited him over that day, knowing that if he made an advance, I was going to let him seduce me, but now realized if anything was going to happen, I was going to have to seduce him instead.

I looked down for my glass of wine, instead finding I was still holding my beer. I don’t like beer that much, but I took another sip before I put it down. I reached for his hand again. “So you don’t think I’m an old lady?”


“And you think I’m pretty?

“I think…” he paused, that perfect little pause that said he was thinking, “I think you’re gorgeous. I think you’re the most beautiful woman I know.”

I reached out for his other hand, pulled him around the corner of the counter to where he was facing me. I didn’t look down, but I still tell there was still a huge bulge in his pants through my peripheral vision. I continued to turn until my back was to the counter and he was facing me. “Do you think I’m sexy?”

His eyes opened wide; “I, um…”

I gave him a few seconds. “So, you don’t think I’m sexy?”

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