Expect the Unexpected

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When I was 12, my older sister got pregnant two weeks before she left for college. To say that my father was devastated when he heard the news would be the understatement of the century. Not that he was uncaring or didn’t understand, you see, my mother delivered Bethany on her 18th birthday and my father promptly went to work. He used to lecture Bethany about the importance of establishing herself in life before she took the plunge into marriage and motherhood. Although his lectures didn’t fall on deaf ears, Bethany took the ‘it will never happen to me’ attitude. Now, six years later, she and her husband are both working full time jobs and still taking classes part time. My mother picks Trevor up from Tasker elementary every weekday and my father chases him around the house or reads children’s books with his grandson tucked securely under his arm. None of his new found happiness changed his lectures to me.

The day I turned 15 and a half, Dad took me to get my driver’s permit. As if I wasn’t nervous enough, he chose that day to begin our ‘birds and bees’ talk. I listened, but not intently. I was thinking about parallel parking. On our way home, Dad turned to me and said, “Angie, I’m awful proud of you and I hope you’ll think about what I said earlier.” All I could say was something to the effect of thanks Dad, I will. Our talks continued after that day. Dad would emphasize my potential and I would think about Bethany. He never once used her as an example, but I did.

Through the remainder of High School, I received many awkwardly written notes from boys in my class, admiring stares from underclassmen, and sometimes, lewd suggestions from upperclassmen. Some were flattering but all were brushed aside. I was determined to make my father proud. It seems though that the trouble with being a teenager is that at the time, you’re a teenager.

We had many dances throughout the year at my school and I attended all of them. Dancing to me was a way to get close to the boys I liked without getting too close. It wasn’t that I was being overtly provocative or anything, it’s just that swaying to a slow song with someone I liked had an effect on me. It seemed, unfortunately, to have a greater effect on the boys with which I was dancing. Some would excuse themselves and slink off of the dance floor while others were bold enough to whisper their intentions in my ear. I would never dance with someone I didn’t like and would never be rude to someone I did, so I let them all down gently. I used my ‘I’m saving myself for marriage’ line until I began receiving proposals, then I switched to ‘Not until I’m through with college.’ Sometimes, when I was feeling particularly facetious, I’d use the ‘the doctor says not until I’ve taken the full course of antibiotics’ line. The boys knew I was kidding with that last one, but it always worked.

There’s a particular loneliness about being 18 and not having a boyfriend. It’s worse when you’ve been asked or at least received hints from nearly every boy in your school. I hadn’t even started, yet I couldn’t wait to be finished with college. My friend Jenny was in the same boat. She was certainly attractive and had received the same lectures as me. She probably would’ve had the same attitude as my sister if it hadn’t been for me. We would talk for hours about boys and who liked whom but I would always steer the conversation back to sensibility. She would discuss her frustrations and I’d discuss mine. It was becoming increasingly clear that we were both curious about sex and the occasional eavesdropping of sexual conversations at school were only throwing fuel on the fire.

The fire was exactly where it began. It was my turn to spend the night at Jenny’s and her parents had gone to Aspen for the weekend. They’d left us enough money to supply us with pizzas and movies for their entire stay. My folks knew I’d be gone for the entire weekend and I’m sure they didn’t mind the privacy they hadn’t frequently enjoyed since they themselves were in their teens. Jenny and I began by attempting to plan what we’d be doing for two days. We came up with several scenarios but decided in the end that it’d be better to just wing it. Jenny suggested Monopoly, but with just two, we got bored quickly. We kept laughing about some of the girls at school and referred to them as the ‘Community Chest’. Then, I suggested bursa yabancı escort we haul in some firewood and get some natural heat. Jenny quickly agreed.

Neither one of us knew what we were doing. Looking back, I suppose I’m talking about more than the fire. We loaded the fireplace with logs and expected it to burst in flames with the first match. Well, it didn’t. After teasing each other about never having been girl scouts, Jenny had an idea. It seems so obvious to me now but trust me, neither of us had ever done this before. Jenny, remembering seeing her father light this thing a thousand times before, gathered some newspaper and some twigs from a box labeled kindling. With a touch of a match, the flames roared to life. Soon the raging fire had died down into the warm glow and gentle pops of a fire with which we were familiar. Neither of us had ever done this before.

Jenny joked about the bonfire parties we’d been to and suggested that we needed a couple of cases of beer or at least some trash can punch. I shrugged it off. I never drank at those parties and knew she never had either. We went to be popular and nothing more. She knew that and showed acceptance of the fact by laying her head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry” she said, “I just……” Her words trailed off. I knew where she was going. So many girls in our class had their first experience with sex at just such a party. In an attempt to cheer her up, I said “Hey, you and I are going to have some fun this weekend”. Little did I know how much fun.

I suggested a movie but Jen suggested S’mores. We scrounged the cabinets and found all the necessary ingredients. She took a skewer and melted her first marshmallow and a chunk of chocolate, but after she sandwiched them between graham crackers, she fed me her fingers to lick off the melted chocolate and marshmallow that stuck to them. When it became my turn, I did the same to her. An audible moan made me realize that I had the same effect on Jenny as she had on me. Suddenly, all of the suppressed emotions and feelings that I experienced at any number of school dances came rushing in.

Jen was embarrassed until her eyes met mine. At that moment, time stood still. She read me like a book and realized that the same feelings that stirred within her, stirred within me. Our lips met with a peck. Jen withdrew and again questioned me with her eyes. Her answer came quickly as our lips pressed together and tongues explored each other’s mouths. When the kiss broke, we were again questioning one another with our eyes. Neither of us had any feelings other than friendship toward the other before, but neither of us questioned what was happening.

Suddenly, Jen did question it. She didn’t come across with an is this right or wrong attitude, but wanted to know if I had a problem with what was transpiring. At this point, all I could do was shake my head no. Jen left the room and I thought the incident was over. Little did I know that she would just return with a sleeping bag built for two and laid it in front of the fire. She grinned at me and told me that as she left, I looked like a lost puppy. I had somehow been relieved that I was not going to go through with this. I told her so and now it was her turn to look like a lost puppy. Jen conceded that this was not going to happen and curled up beside me. The temptation was only fleeting for the both of us. We’d kissed, but now we’d come to our senses.

I soon drifted off to sleep but, not without thinking heavily about what had transpired. Lucid dreams were allowing me to be with Jen but I’d assumed them to be just that, dreams. There was a gentle lapping at my breasts, first one, then the other. I remained asleep. Sometimes sleep is where we can enact our ultimate fantasies. Only when kisses trailed down from my breasts to my crotch did I realize that this was something more substantial. When I opened my eyes, Jen was lapping away at my pussy. I wasn’t shocked; I was turned on. Jen was doing for me what I’d only been dreaming about for years. My mind was numb to everything else in the world. The only thing I could think of was the sensation between my legs. Oh, I had masturbated before. I think I even had an orgasm once. But, her tongue was so delicate yet so powerful. It put just as much pressure on my clit as my bursa sınırsız escort fingers ever had but was so soft while doing it. I tightened my eyes to bear these tremendous feelings. My fingers gripped the covers to my side. My mind was going a mile a minute. My best friend was eating pussy! She was eating MY pussy!

Finally a moan escaped my lips and I peeked through half closed eyes go see Jen looking up at me. I don’t know if she thought I was still asleep or not because she just went right back to work making me feel better than I ever had. It wasn’t until my fingers ran through her hair that she was certain I was awake. She looked up, smiled, then took another lick. I was on the edge of orgasm, and at this point, I knew I’d never had one before. This was going to be the real thing. Finally, after all of these years I was having my first true orgasm. I felt my pelvis buck onto her face and my toes curled up on their own. Jen reached up and held me down with both of her hands so she could keep her tongue steadily bringing me pleasure. I screamed out loud. I didn’t expect to, but I did, and as I felt wave after wave of ecstasy flow through my entire body Jen didn’t stop. Her tongue kept moving up and down on my clit. I’m sure her jaw had to be sore by this point but she was a trooper. A second, third, and finally fourth orgasm consumed me and I put my hand on her forehead and pushed her away. I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

I collapsed in place on the sleeping bag. I felt like a pile of mush. She had brought me to heights of which I’d never dreamed. The funny thing is I said SHE. I never dreamed my first time would be with a girl. At that point though, it didn’t matter. I was in a state of pure bliss and didn’t care that it was a girl’s tongue that had brought me there. I was THERE. The numbness of my mind quickly spread to my body. My eyelids were heavy and I just could not stay awake. I closed my eyes and this time I did not dream.

When I awoke, I knew quite some time had passed. The room was almost completely dark with the exception of a few hot embers peeking out from under the ash. I realized I had a smile on my lips and rolled over to embrace the beautiful person who had given it to me. It was then that I discovered I was alone on the sleeping bag. Perhaps the floor was too hard and Jen had gone to her own bed during the night. I couldn’t imagine her doing so without bringing me along and so I got up and crept down the hallway. It was then that I noticed a light on beneath the bathroom door. I waited outside so that I could surprise her. Then I heard the sobbing. “Jen? You Okay?”, I asked through the closed door. She didn’t answer but the sobbing stopped immediately. I knocked but there was no answer so I opened the door a bit and peeked inside.

She was sitting up on the bathroom floor and, judging from the trash can full of tissues, she’d been crying for quite awhile. The poor girl barely had any mascara left to run. I sat down beside her and put my arm around her shoulders. What’s the matter? I asked. “You didn’t say a word! You pushed me away!”, She exclaimed. My heart was instantly broken. She’d taken my lack of response to mean I somehow didn’t enjoy what she had done for me. She thought I wanted her to stop and that’s why I pushed her away. I desperately wanted to tell her that was not the case. I wanted to tell her that I didn’t speak because I was paralyzed with pleasure. That I’d pushed her away out of pure survival instinct. She’d given me no less than four orgasms and a fifth would surely do me in. It was then that I decided that instead of telling her these things, I was going to show her.

I stood up at that point and reached out with both hands to indicate I wanted her to stand with me. She complied and I embraced her and laid her head on my shoulder. I placed a kiss on her neck and while stroking her hair with one hand, I trailed the other down her body. I knew how beautiful she was, now I was feeling how beautiful. Her skin was so soft and her scent was amazing. There was no perfume, just a hint of her shampoo and a clean sweat smell. I don’t know how else to describe it. She smelled good. I trailed my fingers down her spine and cupped one butt cheek in my palm. She then pulled back and looked me in the eye. I just smiled, moved görükle escort my hand around to her front and slipped my middle finger into her pussy.

She may have been upset, but she was still turned on. My finger was positively soaked! I moved my finger in and out of her as I pulled her forward and placed a peck on her lips. Immediately her mouth opened and our tongues met once again. This time there would be no stopping for either of us. We were beyond any barrier or even any questioning what we were doing. I then did something that shocked us both. I pulled away from her and never lost eye contact with her as I brought my finger up to my lips and inserted it into my mouth. It was wet, but not like I had ran my finger under the faucet. It was slick, viscous. As for the taste, there really wasn’t much taste. I knew that I wanted more. I knew that I wanted it from the source.

Slowly I sank to my knees in front of her. She leaned back against the sink and her legs involuntarily parted. She knew what was coming and I wanted to give it to her. As my nose approached her beautiful mound, I could smell her arousal. My tongue parted the curls of her pubic hair as my nose nuzzled into them. I took a tentative lick and the taste was much like I had tasted on my finger. This time it was slightly metallic but slick and wonderful. I couldn’t believe what was going on. My head was swimming as my tongue drove deeper in to my best friend’s pussy! I was now eating pussy and what’s more, I loved it! Doing this for her was almost as good as when she had done it for me. I lapped her petals open and then held them in place with my fingers. My tongue dove inside it’s first pussy and I relished the sensations. Then, I realized that I was down here on my knees to bring her to orgasm, to give her the pleasure she’d given me.

My tongue found its way up to her beautiful clit. It was still hiding behind her tiny hood but it had stiffened considerably. I was able to feel it much better than before when I had taken my first few licks. I moved the hood back and began to swipe my tongue back and forth across her little bud. Whimpers were escaping her lips as I continued my assault. I really did feel like a conquerer. I was going places I’d never been before or had even dreamed of going in the first place. This was wonderful and the more I licked, the more I liked doing it. At that point, her legs began to shake and give out on her. I wanted to continue but knew that it’d be better for the both of us if we were laying down. I stood placing kisses over her mound, then belly button, then breasts before diving my tongue back into her mouth. “Umm hmmm”, escaped her lips as I again took her by the hand and led her back to the sleeping bag.

Once there, I wasted no time in getting my tongue back into her beautiful pussy. I could feel the warmth of the hot coals on my butt as I was up on all fours with my head down buried in Jen’s crotch. I was thinking that I could do this forever when I felt the rocking of Jen’s pelvis. I knew from my earlier experience that she wasn’t doing this on purpose. She simply could not sit still. I also remembered what she had done to control my bucking. I placed my hands on each of her hips and held her in place as my attentions to her clit continued. She began moaning loudly as I tongued her. Moans turned into screams and finally her hands were on my forehead. She now knew why I had pushed her away. I knew from earlier experience that she was too sensitive for me to continue so I simply kissed my way back up her body and cuddled beside her. Moments later, there was a slight snore piercing the near darkness. I knew that I’d repaid the favor. I also knew that it was something she and I would do again.

I laid beside her that night wondering if what we’d done would change our relationship forever. I knew that it had but I wasn’t certain for better or worse. Eventually I did drift off to sleep. This time when I awoke the room was brightly lit. It was morning and I was once again alone on the sleeping bag. This worried me. After last night, I had no idea what to expect. Would Jen be sobbing in the bathroom again? To my delight, she was not. I found her sitting at the kitchen table without a stitch of clothing on. Heck we were alone in the house so why bother? I joined her and reached in to the pizza box for a cold slice. I told her I could think of nothing better for breakfast. She grinned and agreed but then said there might be one possible exception. It was then that I noticed she’d sneaked her toes up between my legs and one of them was entering me. At that point, I definitely knew our relationship had changed. For the better.

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