Extra Fun Camping

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We find ourselves in the higher part of the hills. Despite the trees around us there is still quite the view. Our camping trip is going well so far. Just the two of us spending some time together with nobody else around. This afternoon has perhaps been the highlight of the adventure so far. We had a nice picnic earlier with a simple but tasty lunch and then wandered higher into the hills for this view of the sun beginning to go down.

It is a good idea to start making our way back to our tent. We know it is not far, but both of us would like to be back there before nightfall. It is quite the walk, we are a little tired when we get there but we of course still have the energy to cook dinner over a nice fire, something we both enjoy doing, even part of the reason we are here.

The warmth of the fire keeps the night comfortable, but we find ourselves close together anyway. We both like being near each other after all. You wrap your arms around my arm and lean against me a little as you gaze into the flames, bringing that somewhat meditative state of mind that only gazing at fire seems to bring. There is little in your head; just the picture you can see and the body you can feel.

You are not sure how much time we spend sitting there in silence, both just gazing at the dancing picture in front of us. You find I adjust my body a little bit, probably just to make myself a little more comfortable. You find my hand against your thigh, just that little bit higher than it might otherwise be. You think perhaps that I am hinting at what idea I have had.

You hold my arm a little tighter, only subtly but maybe I get the hint. You can feel my fingers against your thigh, through the pants that keep you warm. You can feel me playing a little bit with you. You are not sure if it is because I am just moving my fingers for the sake of it or that I am actually hoping that you enjoy my touch. Either way, the thought grows inside you. of what may happen next.

You feel my other hand gently place itself against your knee and I fiddle my fingers around in a similar fashion. You want to let me know that part of you wants this to go further. Without saying a word, without even turning your face away from the fire, you place your other leg on top of my hand, simply crossing your legs as you would in any situation, it is just now you hold my hand to you.

My movement is restricted a little bit but my fingers still play with your legs. I press a little harder. It is a lot more obvious what my intentions are, regardless of if they were my intentions from the start. I turn my face toward you and kiss your neck gently, almost playfully. Just a little peck hints at what might happen next. My body rotates toward you a little as I kiss your neck again, a little slower and a little deeper.

My fingers move with a little strength up your legs, toward your body. I don’t get very far; you have me restricted in my movement a little bit. You hold my hands against you, as best you can at least. I don’t try very hard to break your hold, I am happy to play this little game of teasing you we seem to be playing. Part of you wonders how long this might last though and indeed how long you want it to last.

You are not entirely sure how but my hand between your knees slips out from your grasp. You don’t resist me as I place my hand against the outside of your knee, almost to your thigh. I am nearly turned completely towards you, both hands playing with your body. You move of your arms away from mine and slide it across my back, partly to encourage me onward, partly because you like the feeling of the muscles of my back.

You turn away from the fire and look into my eyes. We gaze at each other almost wrapped up together for what must be at least five minutes. There is a certain degree of enticement in the placement of our hands. You feel mine slide up your leg just a little bit more. I am almost holding you by the hips, playing with your thigh, rubbing you gently through your pants.

You turn your body just a little more to my direction, partly have our bodies pressed more against each other, partly to suggest we further this adventure we seem to be on. One of your feet seems to wander over mine, thus turning your body even further towards me. If there was any doubt in my mind what you were hoping to achieve tonight, you are sure it is gone. My fingers wander up your leg just a little further, now almost grasping your butt.

I pull towards you just a little more. Your body slides against mine a little further. You are almanbahis about as completely on top of me as you can get without trying harder to do so. Maybe you should push yourself against me to get what you want. Maybe you should let me take the situation. You are not sure which way you want to go, but you are sure you will enjoy whatever happens next.

There is so little secrecy in the situation. You are sure I know what you want from me. I lean in further to you and kiss your lips with an obvious, deep passion. The feeling within you shoots around your body, as though you are surprised, but you have been expecting this for a while now. You subtly lean back a little as my kisses strengthen against your lips. I follow you downwards, lips still pressed against yours as you lean back and all but fall to the ground.

Your legs are all that seems to separate you from me. You try to roll them around a little to get me closer. I take the hint in your movement and let you roll your body just that little bit so I can place myself closer to you. Your arms embrace me as tightly as you think you can get away with. My body is as pressed against yours as you want it to be. Now both my hands are against your hips, my fingers playing gently with your butt cheeks.

Your hips press up against mine, partly to encourage me further on, partly to let me know that you want me to be deeper in you. Our lips part as I kiss your neck again. You are a little surprised by the gasp of air you take in as the passion builds within you. You press your fingers up against my back, holding me gently against you as my kisses travel around your neck to your collar bone, to the other side of your neck.

The feeling burning in your body, originating from your neck, seems to well up inside you. You really wish that feeling could be felt all over. You move one of your hands to mine and gently move my hand to your back, hinting that I should access your body a little closer. It does not take much for me to get the hint. With my mouth still against your neck, my hands begin to climb up your back, venturing under your shirt, gently pulling it along your back.

You can feel the increase of flowing air against your skin accompanied by my fingers as they explore around your back. Your shirt seems almost by itself to part away from you. You quickly pull it over your head, exposing your breasts to my body as my face begins to wander further down. I kiss your chest with as much passion as those kisses can be felt. I kiss your shoulders, your arms and even your hands. My kisses travel back up your arm and eventually get to your breasts.

You can feel the sensation of my lips gently grasping and enjoying your nipples. The passion grows within you. Your breathing deepens as what can only be described as the boiling feeling within you grows. You try to pull my shirt away, though it is difficult at the angle I am. I get the hint though, and it does not take long for my shirt to leave my body, exposing my chest that you enjoy to see.

My lips continue traveling across your body, down to your belly, around your belly button, kissing just above your hips. You know that there is another lot of clothes in my way right now. You want me there, even need me there to purge the feeling growing within you of which you have no control. You rub your fingers through my hair and subtly push me downwards just a little, trying to hint want might happen next.

It doesn’t take me long to pull my fingers down your legs, pulling your pants down and away from you. Your underwear is all that separates my lips from you. My fingers grasp them, and I gently pull against them. My kisses keep traveling down to your legs and further towards your knee. My fingers still grasp your underwear as my head keeps traveling further downwards.

My kissing now begins to travel back up your legs. As this happens though I begin to pull your underwear down at the same pace that I go up. They obstruct my kisses once more just above your knees. You can feel my lips reach your thighs. You begin to spread your legs, hoping that my lips will end up closer to where you want me to go. It does not take much for me to get the hint. I may not have needed much guidance anyway. One of my fingers slides down your leg a little.

You feel one finger rub gently against your clit, simply teasing you. A ripple of boiling passion shoots across your body with a gasp of joy. My finger is quickly replaced by my tongue. You feel the tip of my tongue press gently against you. almanbahis giriş My movements are slow, but strong enough that the feeling within you seems to build at a raging pace. What little control you may have had over this situation is certainly gone.

My single finger now ventures to your pussy and pushes slowly into you. You deeply breath in as the feeling of my finger against your G-Spot seems to take control of you. My mouth presses against your clit as your pussy gets wetter and wetter. You hold your fingers against the back of my head and grip my hair. You don’t need to keep my head there, you know I want to taste you, but you cannot help yourself.

I slide a second finger into you. My other hand grasps your ass and seems to pull my head a little closer into you. You can hardly see my face, but you don’t really mind. My attention is elsewhere, and you love every second of it. The pulsing of pleasure pushes around every aspect of you. You try to open up your legs even further for me, but you simply cannot do it. It doesn’t seem to slow me down though. My desire to taste your pleasure is obvious.

You notice that you are holding back your voice. You immediately are not sure why, nobody is here. There are no neighbours or anyone within miles. Upon this realization your voice cries out with unrestricted power. You can feel me flinch a little as your voice seems to echo around you. Despite my momentary flinch my face continues its journey between your legs. I add another finger to the feeling between your legs. The pace of your breath seems to quicken even more.

You find your ankles pressed against my back as best they can, perhaps trying to push me a little further towards you. The feeling grows within you. You didn’t even think it was possible that the volcanic feeling burning inside you could get this intense. Each movement of my tongue seems to find a new part of you, a new degree or aspect of your passion. Your voice continues to echo, urging me on. Each cry of pleasure seems to draw me closer to you.

You can hear nothing but your voice, feel nothing but my tongue and fingers. You are sure your eyes can see something, but you just don’t seem to care what it is. Another great wave of passion crashes within you. Your fingers grip my hair as your orgasm seems to tear what little control you have of yourself apart. Your hips roll, your body pulses, your lungs grasp for what little air you seem to be able to harbor.

You cannot contain yourself. Your orgasm is the earthquake that destroys whatever control you may have had. All you can feel is the feeling pulsing within you, like waves on the ocean. I cannot steer my face between your legs any longer. I seem to fall away from you. A great smile is all you can see of me. I have brought you the feeling I wanted you to have. My happiness is obvious. Your body seems to fall against the ground.

You gasp as you slowly regain the feeling of where your limbs are. I kiss your belly once again and slow my pace. You have got the feelings that I wanted you to have. I have achieved your orgasm. That is all I really wanted. You run your fingers through my hair in an attempt to thank me. The sounds of your voice were all the thanks I needed.

I keep kissing your body though now my kisses seem to travel further upwards, however slowly they may seem to travel. You can see the bulge in my pants from this angle. You are hoping you might get more than just the thought of it. You wonder though if your lungs can withstand what may happen next. You are sure that the cries of your ecstasy may have strained your throat, but maybe you can tolerate just that little bit more.

My kisses keep journeying up your body and return once again to your breasts. It does not feel as nice as it did last time, but it must have something to do with the fire of desire still burning within you. I seem to spend a little longer on your nipples than you thought I might otherwise. Maybe I want that passion to grow back again, and I am willing to play with you to wait for it. You can feel my desire in each press of my lips. You can feel that feeling growing once again.

Maybe I am right in letting you build up slowly again. You seem to nearly have caught your breath when my kisses begin to return to your neck. You can feel the hardness of my shaft pressing gently up against your leg. With your legs parted still you can feel my tip pressing gently against your thigh. Maybe I am teasing you, maybe I am teasing myself. You are not really sure; you almanbahis yeni giriş do not really care.

You place a hand at the edge of my pants and push your finger downwards, hinting that I should remove them. You play with your fingers at the edge of my pants just a little, pulling down as best you can from this angle. I unzip them and pull them downwards, revealing my bare cock, fully erect and ready to push within you. I steer the end of my cock to rub against your wet pussy. You are not sure if I am teasing you or myself. You don’t really care; you love the feeling either way.

I slowly drop my body towards you and kiss your lips. You cannot quite return the kiss as the feeling of my cock plunges within you. I go a little further than you thought I might otherwise, though perhaps it is because you are so wet already. My body is up against yours. You love the feeling of me inside you. I seem nearly to rest here for a moment before my hips venture away, drawing the desire across you again.

Once again, I kiss you deeply. This time you are more able to return the kiss. You feel my shaft slide against the walls of your pussy, stirring that feeling growing inside you once more. You want me, need me to push myself into you. You can feel me going deep into you again. You are sure that it is easy for me, given how wet your pussy is. You gently wrap your ankles around me as best you can, pushing me into you, pushing me just that little bit deeper.

You can feel every little part of me sliding deeper into you. It seems my tip gets a little further than you thought I might. I keep increasing how far I go into you with each thrust, though I remain quite slow at my pace. You can feel my heartbeat against your body begin to quicken. You can feel the passion growing with me. You can tell I want so badly to be inside you.

You know I cannot get any harder for you, my cock is certainly at full attention. You grab my butt and push me a little further into you. You cannot feel much more than the desire of me inside you. The water flowing around your body seems to focus around your hips. You can feel yourself getting even wetter for me, if that is even possible.

With each thrust into you I seem to plunge just that little bit deeper. You are not sure if I actually do or not, but you really don’t care, the raw passion within you is starting to regain control of you. Your breathing pace quickens as my thrusts within you begin to as well. You can feel that my desire for you is growing. My grip of your body seems stronger as each thrust gets more and more powerful. My pace begins to build.

You can see the sweat running from my forehead as I begin to get faster and faster. You try once again to widen your legs to let me further in. Your voice seems to start to act of its own accord, like something that you don’t actually control. You know I want to hear your pleasure anyway and you are glad to give me what I want.

You can hear my cock pushing itself deeply within you. You try to help me push myself further into you. I keep thrusting, pushing, seeming to get deeper and deeper, going further into you that you knew was possible. Your voice once again begins to crash around you. Each scream of your passion urges me on. Each cry your voice makes seems to build my pace.

Your fingers grip my back with great strength as your body once again pulses with the orgasm echoing around your body. Your cries of pleasure seem to be the only sounds around us. You know I want to hear you orgasm. You know I love your pulsing pussy’s seismic grasping of my cock. You have so little strength left with you. You all but fall against the ground as my cock pounds further into you.

With each thrust I seem to slam against you. Each pound gets you closer to a gigantic orgasm. My cock seems so large within you, to fill up every aspect of your gushing pussy. Your cries keep echoing out and urging me on. You are not sure if you can even handle the pounding, I am giving you anymore. Your vag grips me so tightly as your body seems to explode. You can feel my pleasure too as I deal one more thrust, one more push within you.

You feel a great explosion of my cum deep, deep within you. The warmth of me seems to flow into you. A cannot help but continue to push every little last drop into you. My pace begins to slow, though my depth perhaps remains the same. Your throat seems to give out as we share your final orgasm. My body gently falls against yours and I drift to one side of you. You can feel some of my cum dripping from your pussy.

My finger plays slowly with your clit just that little more as I catch my breath, my smiling face pressed up against the side of yours. If this is what happens when we go camping perhaps, we should do it more often. What a natural joy to embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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