Ezmerelda Ch. 01

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Ezmerelda Ch. 01: Spanking Clean

“Ezmarelda, would you please do something about the laundry today. And I’ll take tea in my study at ten thirty. I would like to have a word with you then.”

That voice, so deep and resonant produced by the exaggerated length of his vocal cords and formation of his throat, manifested itself in a deep, static, rumbling that always made her swoon. The tone seemed to cause a vibration in her very spine, tickling her so deeply that she blushed from the intimacy of the act of him just saying her name.

“Of course, Sir, it will be my pleasure. No cream but with raw sugar–you do like it very sweet and dark then?”

She gave him her smile—perfect teeth flashed white against her dark roast coffee colored skin. She spoke with a sultry innuendo every chance she got. Even Ezmarelda knew that sarcasm would not work on this big man.

He was a handsome man of large stature with exaggerated features that gave him the look of a character chiseled from dark stone. A few gray strands interspersed his long black hair, and burst into a white fog at his temples. He was at the height of his middle age but still exuded the power and passion of a younger man. He had a strong physique and a handsome distinguished look but his style had rough edges around the pretense of his refinement, giving you the suspicion that he was about to lose control in some way.

She folded the sheets rapidly now because she knew he was upset with the way she had allowed so much to pile in the laundry room over the past weeks. She had become much more interested in teasing the master than she was in the diligent care and running of his house. This was especially true now that she had realized he had taken to watching her in his sultry brooding way as she went about her duties.

She had first begun to notice how he watched her as she moved through his chambers. His eyes bore into her as she passed him in the halls and when she worked in his kitchen, she could not shake the feeling that she was being scrutinized, even when she was alone.

Of course, now that she knew he had been attracted by her charms, she seized every opportunity to flaunt them in his face. She always was a hussy who loved to tease the boys but in this man, in this setting, the privacy of his home, she found the perfect victim.

“OH! Let me get that, Sir.” She took delight in giving him long delicious looks down her loose fitting blouses at the tops of her breasts.

“No, that will be alright,” he would protest.

“It will be for your pleasure, Sir” she would say as she dipped low in display for him.

A glimpse at her cleavage or even the fine outline of her heavy breasts was always the first thing to turn an innocent encounter with a man into a hot intercourse of word/glances and thrusting innuendo. Even women were not immune to Esmarelda’s charms. They either took on an air of jealous disdain for her earthy beauty or the shrewd eyes of lust.

She also saved all her jobs that required her to be up on the low kitchen ladder or on a chair for days when she knew he would be in the house. In fact, she often would ask him,

“If it isn’t too much to ask Sir, could you steady the ladder while I change the lamp?”

She always chose her skirts and undergarments carefully on those days so that they would be revealing in some way. She knew in this kind of situation he could either see a good way up beneath them or at least see the pronounced outline of her panties though a thin material.

She also was very aware of the pants she wore. She had a full rear, very shapely, and a narrow waist. The effect when she worked on her knees was that her waistband of her pants opened out at the back revealing the delicate line of her spine all the way to the small triangle of her thong panties.

She knew well what a fine sight she was treating him to. She knew he was hers to control from the day his hungry eyes started feasting on her. Just when her teasing games seemed about to overpower him, just when she thought he was going to break down and pathetically plead for her sexual favors like so many before, he turned and said the unexpected.

He spoke roughly to her that morning. He had voiced deep disappointment. The house was a shambles, the dishes piled up, dust lay on lentils, things weren’t picked up, but bingöl escort his ire was most aroused by the growing accumulation of his personal laundry.

“Ezmarelda, you have been disappointing me lately with your performance.…. Things are falling apart around here in the house and if you do not improve your behavior you are going to force me to take stern action,”

“His scolding confused her. His tone, the severity of his words, his towering presence, all combined to frightened her. Yet, she was stimulated by the vibration of the moment. The fierceness of his demeanor, and her embarrassment at the reprimand, tangled with the pulsing in her loins and the tickling static his voice was producing. Her reaction was astonishing.

He was speaking in a loud tone. She couldn’t help herself. The smile broke her expression of seriousness and produced a furious reaction in him.

“You find this amusing? Well do you, Ezmarelda?

She did not know what had come over her. Maybe it was the fact that she felt ultimately safe with him, in his house and in his control. Maybe it was the feelings she had begun to experience whenever she thought of his strong hands, his attention being lavished on her. Now she fantasized about being taken roughly by him. But it was the deep feeling of passion and excitement that dared her to do what she did next.

She turned her back to him and tossed her long dark hair and said with a certain taunting self-righteous logic,
“if you didn’t spend so much time staring at my ass I wouldn’t spend so much time putting on shows for you. Then I would get my work done.”

He pressed his lips together and, stepping in closer, said,
“Yes, that is true isn’t it? Maybe if you keep giving me attitude, I will have to give you an ultimatum.”

Realizing that she was committed to this dangerous tactic, she pressed on,
“and what ultimatum would you offer me, Sir?

“Why it would be a simple choice, Ezmarelda.” And the danger of the moment; the tingling between her legs and the flutter in her heart from the vibration of his powerful voice made her blush before him.

He mistook this for anger and pressed on with the slice of a thin smile on his lips. “You will finish all the laundry you have allowed to pile up or you will chose between two simple options. One, to leave this house and my employ at the end of this day with the wages you owed plus a severance or, Two, you will submit to my special form of corporal punishments for every task you fail to perform to my satisfaction from now on.”

She took a step back from him, eyes cast down. Feeling his gaze on her; she stalled for time. She knew all along that he was going to ask for some form of sexual favor but this was not what she had expected. It was an inevitable conclusion in this drama, but what did he mean by corporal punishment?

Finally she let her eyes meet his, “And what do you mean by this, Sir? What form of punishment?”

Without skipping a heartbeat, eyes burning into the depth of her act he responded,
“Why, you will be spanked, Ezmarelda, spanked severely and accordingly for each of your transgressions.”

There was a moment’s pause as his words sunk in and dissolved into a picture in her mind.

“If you agree to stay on with me this is the way it will be from now on. You will continue with all your responsibilities in the house. You will be rewarded better than you have been for your accomplishments and you will be punished as described for your failures.” She felt trapped. Her breath became heavy. She felt the blood rush to her temples. She knew she was probably crimson red with embarrassment. Ezmarelda had never pushed any situation to his point. She was on new ground and it excited her tremendously.

“There is one other area to discuss Ezmarelda; you will continue with your little performances for me. It is one of your talents which, as you have noticed, bring me much pleasure. Part of your new job description then will be to treat me, as well as my guests, to little glimpses of your beauty much as you have been doing since you began working here. As I have said you will be handsomely paid for your new job responsibilities and there will even be an allowance for special clothing. In time I may want you to wear a uniform but for now you will continue bitlis escort wearing your own…lovely outfits at work. You do dress well …

“Thank you, Sir.”

“…for your body type…provocatively.” Now he seemed to embarrass and maybe even redden a bit around the sharp cheek bones and neck. “Of course you know I like to watch you?”

“Yessss Sir,” she knew just where his eyes were every moment he was in her presence. She tuned her movements to his responses, “ I have noticed you like to look at me.”

“I will leave you now to consider your decision, Ezmarelda. I will come back at the end of this afternoon to see what you have decided. If you choose to leave my employ I will prepare a check for you and say goodbye. On the other hand, if you choose to stay I will welcome you to your new employment. And then I will see how well you have done what I have asked you to do.”

The day had passed in a flurry of laundry duties and worry. She knew in her soul what her decision was the moment it became clear to her what he was proposing but she still felt fear and worry about the reality of his intentions.

She hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl, except for some rough sexual handling by an older lover who liked to slap her ass whenever it was presented in the right setting. That had never bothered her but somehow she knew the Master had a more serious idea about corporal punishment. Could she allow herself to be handled this way? Why would she subject herself to this kind of treatment? Again the flutter of excitement between her legs at the thought of a grown woman being spanked by a grown man told her that she was eager to please this Master or maybe eager to displease him just to see what would happen. It was with this myriad of thoughts swirling through her head that she plowed on through the huge piles of laundry that day. She continued to heap the dirty clothes into the washer and the wet piles of clean clothes into the high-capacity front load dryer. She pressed his shirts and sheets, pants, his socks and peculiarly small underwear while she waited for the cycles to end.

It was late afternoon when she heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the servant’s stairs. There were piles of folded fresh clothes stacked on the large worktable in the room. She had just heaped the last load of wash cloths and cleaning rags into the washer and the largest load of sheets and linens was still tumbling in the dryer. They were done, in fact they were overdone but she had just turned the dial for another cycle to give herself more time to finish the last load of wash. He stepped into the doorway of the Laundry and stood surveying her work.

“Have you decided what you would like to do, Ezmarelda? Will you stay or should I prepare you wages?

She looked up into his eyes and, brushing back a long lock of her black hair that had fallen across her eye, she said,

“I will stay on with you Master.” She wasn’t sure because his expression only changed slightly but she thought he looked pleased by her words.

“But, Sir, I have not completely finished the work you asked me to do.”

Curiously enough, these words brought a bigger smile to his eyes.

“Then I shall have to do something about that, wont I Ezmarelda? Panic struck her as the moment she had thought about all day ticked closer.

She was frightened but secretly she longed to be taken by this powerful man. She was tired of teasing her boy friends and taunting them into doing what she wanted. She longed to be taken, to give up her control to a dark strong man who would not tell her his plan, not seek her permission and, most of all, satisfy his own desires with her rather than lay himself at her feet.

“I work for you Sir and I have failed to do what I was asked to do so it is yours to decide how you will punish me and mine to willingly comply with your wishes, Master.”

She let her eyes drop down towards the floor to wait for his response but not before keeping them trained on his and offering a small smile and a nod of acquiescence. A long pause ensued and only the threshing of the dryer and the swishing of the washer filled the room but Ezmarelda could only hear the pounding in her chest. It seemed to take for ever, that moment that lasts an infinitesimal hour, but she felt his hand on her bolu escort arm as she felt the vibration of his words,

“You will be punished for this transgression but not too severely this first time, Ezmarelda. It will be more to introduce you to the new rules in this house. Remove the clothes from the dryer and place them on the table.

Ezmarelda opened the dryer door and scooped the clothing out and turned to drop them on the table as she had done so many times that day. But this was different. She could feel his eyes burning into her back as the Linens burned her bare arms. She bent to drop the large load on to the table and felt his large hands at her waist. Firmly he bent her forward over the hot linens.

“I am going to lift your skirt now Ezmarelda.”

She lay down across the warm linens and felt her skirt being lifted up her legs. The cold air in the room told her exactly where the hem was as it moved higher exposing more to his view. She had never been embarrassed by her own nakedness. She knew she was stunning and her legs and rear were her best dowry, handed down from her beautiful mother. But now she was mortified to feel his eyes on her ass and the backs of her thighs. She felt the strong hand at the base of her spine, pressing her into the hot pile of whites under her. Thank god she had worn these pretty panties today. She could have been wearing an old pair or, worse yet, nothing at all. She knew she was already reeling this dark man into her boat. But now she didn’t quite understand how the tables had turned and how she now found herself in this deliciously humiliating position.

He began to spank her on her cheeks now and with each stroke she could feel the entire shape of his big hand. She thought she could tell when his fingers where open and when his hand was cupped. Of course she could hear the distinct sound of a cupped hand and the open slap of an open hand but she actually believed she could feel that whole big hand role out and caress her buttock with each firm slap.

Just as it began to sting a bit more than was comfortable he stopped.
“Remove you skirt and you blouse now, Ezmarelda.

“Oh no Sir I couldn’t do that.” She heard the words inside her head as she stood and began to unbutton her blouse.

The room was warm and cozy from the heat of the equipment but a cool whiff curled around her breasts and caused her nipples to harden and become erect like little penises. They had always drove the boys wild and she loved to see their reactions when they became hard through her clothes or the way the lucky ones gaped the first time she opened her blouse for them. But again this was different.

He only watched expressionless as she now stood before him with her little soldiers at attention for him. “And you skirt, Ezmarelda, remove it and you panties as well.”

And so this was how Ezmarelda on that day found herself naked and bent over a pile of hot cuddly linens in the laundry room of the strange man for whom she worked. He was now firmly tanning her bottom cheeks and she was squirming in a mixture of sexual abandon and real discomfort from these administrations. Just as she thought tears would come to her eyes she felt the unmistakable tremble of her orgasm. Not a large scale one like with some of her more monumental lovers but a slow and seeping one brought on by the mixture of feelings that this punishment had brought. Her Master felt it too. He parted her cheeks and placed his thumb against the lips of her nether region.

“What is this I see now, here between your legs, Ezmarelda? Is it a sign that I have brought you pleasure with this reprimand?”

“I am sorry Sir. I could not help…”

“It is alright my dear. I know you have longed for this release. From the first time I saw you I could tell that you were hungry for this. Now that I have opened this dark cabinet to you there is no limit to the wonders that await you.”

“mmmm” Ezmarelda had to restrain herself from squirming. The stinging in her ass and the aching between her legs were making her want to raise her ass like a big dark cat in heat.

“Now Ezmarelda, I will help you release your tensions and then you will dress and leave. I will see you on Thursday. Open your legs, Ezmarelda and up on your toes.

To be continued…

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