Fake It to Make It Ch. 04

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As the opening chapter of this story closes, I’d like to thank my volunteer editor, adelante39, for her assistance. Aside from some glaring mistakes, she helped me breathe some life into the story as well as providing some direction for where it goes next, if it does.


Her head was still spinning as she left the classroom and school. It was a cold but beautiful afternoon with the sun shining, though she hardly noticed. The after effects of the spanking she received still tingled across her ass. Sonia’s pussy was aching for release and needed more. She’d be home soon with a couple of hours before she needed to leave: plenty of time for a little satisfaction before the night ahead.

Almost as though he was reading her mind, her phone rang.

“Hello,” Sonia answered to the unfamiliar number.

“Miss Chase, one more thing. Do NOT touch yourself before you come over tonight.”


How did he get my number? How dare he try to control me like that!

She sighed in resignation.

I may not have said it to him, but I called him master: I will obey. Hmmmmm, but I can play that game, too.

She arrived home, energized by a new plan. It wasn’t grand, just something to test the sweet dynamic she craved.

The girl in her was dying to spill her guts. She texted Carol.

“I have a date tonight.”

It seemed like she had barely pressed “send” when she got a reply back.

“Daddy’s girl gonna get a spanking? :-P”

“I’m not telling…maybe,’ Sonia replied.

She opened her books, trying to decompress from the delicious assault she experienced. The frustration faded, if not the anticipation, as she enjoyed a sandwich and a large glass of juice with the hope that she’d need it. Then, after making her way to her bedroom, she stripped off her blouse in front of a mirror, enjoying the site that so enthralled Mr. Hunter.

It’s amazing what those stockings do to my legs. And the way my skirt barely conceals them? mmmmmmmm

Standing almost naked, she ran her hands over her body, imagining the caress – and correction – she had already received and further anticipated.

After a shower and a shave, her mind went back to just how she could defy her master. Rummaging through her dresser, she pulled out a black bustier, lace thong and a new package of hose.

Don’t change, is it? Well, Mr. Hunter, let’s see what you do about this.

Sonia pulled on the bustier, adjusting her tits in the cups. She pulled the thong up her legs, with an erotic exaggeration intended to draw out her sensuality. The whole time, she kept checking herself in the mirror and enjoying it. Then, unwrapping the hose, she put on the almost nude fishnet tights, rolling up the legs and carefully pulling them up her calves, then her thighs.

Ohmigod… I am soooo bad. He’s going to have to work to get at my pussy this time. He’s gonna flip.

“Forget about him, I’m gonna flip,” Sonia thought, delighted with how she was shaping up. Feeling deliciously slutty, she sat at her vanity doing her makeup.

She checked the clock. It was almost time to leave. She completed her ensemble with her school blouse, tie, and skirt, before slipping into some black stiletto pumps.

“Fuuuuuuuuck…” Sonia was very satisfied, admiring herself in the mirror.

She grabbed her books, purse and coat and made her way to Mr. Hunter’s house.

The anticipation built as she drove. She even noticed her panties getting wet as she got out of her car. Walking from the sidewalk, she imagined all the things that might unfold tonight.

Dave greeted her at the door after she rang the bell. Sonia noticed a slight frown Ankara travesti come over his face as he glanced over her body at the entrance.

“Come in Miss Chase. Would you like something to drink before we start?”

“Thank you, sir. I might like some water later if that is alright.”

“Alright. You brought your books: good. Come into my office and we’ll go over the lecture from today. It will be good for your final exam.”

They spent 45 minutes reviewing material and going over some questions Sonia had.

He’s always been a good teacher, but it’s amazing how much more I get from him one-on-one.

Bringing the tutoring session to a close, Dave closed his books and told her, “Miss Chase, I am very disappointed with you. You changed. I was very clear that you shouldn’t do that. Also, in the future, please be a bit more discreet at how you present yourself here. Wear a long coat, next time. If there is a next time.”

Oh. My. God. I didn’t know he might take it that far.

A little concerned but still coy, she managed to reply, “But Mr. Hunter, I needed to freshen up and I wanted to please you. Don’t you like how I look? It really turned me on seeing myself. Honest, I only wanted to please you. Plus, you wouldn’t let me touch myself. I did obey that.”

She is so fucking hot. She really knows how to get me going. Who’s really in control here?

“Miss Chase, when I give instructions, I expect them to be followed. Otherwise, there will be correction.”

“Otherwise, there will be correction.” Was that itself an instruction? Fuck… this man knows what he’s doing.

“Unfortunately, I cannot let this go. Come here. Bend over my desk.”

As she came to the other side of the desk and turned around, she saw a wide floor-to-ceiling mirror on the opposite wall.

Holy shit! I get to watch???

Sonia hadn’t noticed that the desk was open on the bottom. Seeing the two of them in the mirror made her giddy. It made this seem more real, witnessing him over her bent form, her legs spread under the desk for stability.

“Your sluttiness is exquisite, Miss Chase. But don’t forget, you are my slut now. You must follow my instruction.” Dave was really getting into this role. “Thank you, Vanessa,” he thought.

She felt his hand firmly against the back of her knee, riding up the soft texture of the fishnet against her thigh. She felt a slight coolness as his hand reached her skirt, lifting it from her bottom.

I wonder if he’ll notice my panties.

God, the way that lace emerges from her ass crack is like an erotic flower.

Sonia felt satisfaction as she saw Dave’s admiration in the mirror.

Such a gorgeous, round bottom.

She watched as he laid his hand on one cheek, squeezing firmly, sizing up the target.

“Will you disobey me again?”

“But sir, I only wanted to please you.”


Oooooh.. that was hard!


The pain makes the throbbing in my pussy incredible!


“I think it’s better with these tights on”, they both think at once.

All the while, Sonia’s eyes were transfixed by the scene playing out behind her.

I don’t just feel it, I see him making me his.

“Will you disobey me again?” Dave asked again, with his hand firmly on her ass and his fingers toying with the perforations in the net, eventually poking through to the creamy smooth skin of her cheeks.


“Yes, young lady?”

“I’ll do as you ask,” Sonia replied, with fingers crossed in her mind.

I really hope she doesn’t mean it.

“That’s very good,” Dave continued as his fingers pressed Antalya travesti deeply into the pussy he craved.

“My girl, you are a good student. Turn and face me.”

She stood and turned, intoxicatingly close.

“Taste.” Sonia opened her mouth to receive his pussy-soaked finger.

Oh my.

“Kiss me.”


Sonia melted at their first kiss. Their tongues tangled. Dave’s arms and hands moved over her back, with one hand soon under her skirt, lifting her by the ass, off her stilettos and onto her toes.

“You’re a sweet girl, very remarkable. But don’t forget. With me – and me alone – you’re a slut. Understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Hunter,” she whimpered with passion.

“I said you were a good student. It would please me to reward you. What would you like?”

He’s letting me have my way?

In a little, soft, tentative, voice she replied, “Spank me some more. Then make love to me.”

“Are you forgetting you’re my slut?”

“I’m sorry sir. Spank me some more. Play with me like a toy. Make my cunt juicy. Then fuck me HARD. Sir.” At this point, Sonia was unable to draw the distinction between role and reality.

Dave was fighting himself all the way. He could not refute what he was doing and what was happening before him, but a strong part of him was arguing that this wasn’t how you treated a woman. Again, Vanessa briefly crossed his mind and he banished the specter, at least for now.

Turning her in his arms, he placed a hand on a tit and the other on her pussy. With his tongue in her ear, he commanded, “Unbutton your blouse.”

He ground against her ass while she freed her tits. His fingers breached her tights and Sonia heard a little ripping sound.

Play with my clit hard. OOOOOOOH that’s it.

She watched the drama play out in the mirror, drunk with desire as his hands freely roamed over her sweet body, her own hands squeezing her breasts.

She moved her hands down to join his: pressing and encouraging them in. Then, Sonia gained some purchase on the fishnet and ripped the pantyhose wide. It almost sounded like her pussy was gasping in relief at being released. She pushed his hands deeper and deeper, making him finger her wetness, lifting her on her toes.

“Fuck my pussy sir! Play with my clit!” she gasped in pleasure.

As he suddenly released his grip on her, she felt his hand at the top of her back, pushing her down toward the desk. As she bent over, he surveyed her luscious ass with the orchid-like panties blossoming from the cleft of her cheeks.

“Yes, I did notice you changed those, too. Very pretty, but again, you disobeyed me.”

She could hear and feel him ripping her tights, all the way up her ass. Positioning himself beside her, he pulled open a drawer behind her. Then she felt oil being slathered all over her plump cheeks, asshole, and pussy.

That smells like coconut

She watched, mesmerized, as Dave tenderly ministered to her bottom. She gasped and began to move her ass up and down as he slid two fingers inside her now very wet pussy.

“How does my little one like that? Hmmmm?”

“Oh god, sir. Please, please. I was bad. I changed panties. I am so sorry.”


Fuck, with his hand in my cunt, that is fucking incredible.


Sonia stretched out her arms to grab the edge of the desk.


She felt Dave move and looked up to the mirror to see him now behind her. Then he disappeared from her view and as her ass cheeks were roughly parted she felt his tongue plunge into her ass.

“Sir! Sir! Sir! Pleeeaaassse!”

The unexpected pleasure of his İstanbul travesti wet tongue on her ass – IN her ass – was overwhelming. Though she’d never experienced anal sex, it was almost like being fucked there. Sonia tried to pull away at the intense pleasure but is blocked by the table and her new master. Crying out, she can’t quite form the words to make him stop.

“Sir! Oh my god! Sir! Please…”

Diving in harder, his hands reached for her dripping pussy. As his fingers slid in, Sonia was pushed over the edge. The whole day – getting ready for school, the punishment in the office, the scene in the mirror, the fingers in her pussy, the control her lover-master had over her – culminated in an explosive orgasm.

She screamed out, now not wanting it to stop, “Oh my god sir! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking my cunt and ass!”

Her body responded almost uncontrollably, convulsing in his hands. Finally, she slumped, breathing hard.

“Need a rest?” Dave asked, with a surprisingly soothing tone.

“Yes, please sir. But let me suck your cock while I do.”

“That’s my girl.”

Sonia continued to lie on the desk top as Dave approached, releasing his cock to her mouth.


“Yes, my girl.”

“Make yourself wet with my juices, please.”

“That’s my girl.”

She felt her lips part, as he plunged his my hard cock inside, letting it steep in her wetness.

“Now, sir. Please.”

Dave again moved toward her and Sonia gently grasped his shaft, licking from base to head. Releasing little murmurs of “mmmmmm…mmmmm” she took him in fully. Dave marveled at the the tightness of her throat. She gently moved her head back and forth, her mouth and body hypnotized by the gentle sucking. As her strength returned she started vigorously fucking him with her mouth.

“Unh uh, young lady. You aren’t getting off that easy,” Dave warned her, attempting to control the ejaculation he felt approaching.

What does that mean?

“Stay put.”

She felt him against her ass, his hands sliding under the fishnet, ripping them even further. Then – GASP! – his wet cock slid into her effortlessly. Dave and Sonia’s mutual arousal was so intense that there was no preamble, no pretense of tenderness: they wanted each other beyond reason. Sonia couldn’t keep her eyes off Dave as they cried out in passion at the violent, erotic fucking.

“Sir, keep fucking me like that!”

Dave responded with a growl.

She squealed at the familiar crack on her ass as her luscious little cunt was pummeled by his cock.

Cumming again, Sonia was left weak on the desk as the pounding continued. The delicious feel of post-orgasmic thrusting flooded her pussy and she felt it building again. But she wanted it differently.


“Little one.”

“I want to face you.”


“I want to spread myself wide for you. I want to see your face when you cum.”

Silently agreeing, Dave withdrew and turned her around to sit on the edge of the desk. With absolute abandon, she drew up her legs and spread them wide, revealing her flowered wetness.

“Aren’t you gonna fuck me, sir?” Sonia teased as she started to stroke her clit.

Oh god, if this girl only knew what she is doing to me.

Grasping her thighs, Dave pressed deep into Sonia as she clasped her hands around his neck; smiling, sated, and eager. The vision of her desire was reaching to his loins and he felt his cock begin to twitch. The pleasure was overwhelming but he was determined to thrust through it.

Her eyes burned into his as his body was wracked, barely able to maintain control of the motion. His cum filled her pussy and she wrapped her legs around his waist. As his breathing subsided, they kissed, his arms around her back.

“Miss Chase, you are indeed a good student.”

“I’d like very much if we continue the lessons, sir.”

“Let’s get something to drink and discuss that.”

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