Family Gathering Pt. 01

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Set in the world of my novel – Rise of the Church: Zadie’s Journey – and the ensuing anthology.

The church featured in this fictional story is a fictional organisation.

All characters are over 18.

Continue reading if you like stories that feature incest – something that I do not condone in real life.

Please enjoy!


Family Gathering pt. 1

Katelyn waited at the main entrance of her convent for her father. She was dressed in the same uniform she had worn for the last two months since she had turned eighteen and joined the convent. It was the standard novice uniform, similar to that used in many convents of the Secular Church of Acceptance – or SCoA – across the country: a severely cropped, zip-up shell jacket, a short, flared skirt, and a pair of high heels. Underwear was forbidden, and her pert nipples pushed through the smooth, shiny fabric of her little jacket, catching the eyes of people passing by.

She had enjoyed her time in the convent so far, and her master seemed pleased with her progress; just that morning, he had told her that she was an exemplary novice and might soon be promoted to the rank of acolyte. She had taken well to the anal training and etiquette lessons, and she was already a favourite of some of the local male patrons of the church. She did, however, feel ready for a break, and she was looking forward to seeing her family during her Christmas leave.

She smiled joyfully and dashed over to her father when he pulled up in his car. ‘Daddy! I missed you so much!’

Sean squeezed his daughter’s shoulder as she climbed into the passenger seat. ‘Look at you – a proper church girl!’

‘Do you like my uniform?’ she said, neatening her hood.

‘It really hits home seeing you in it in person.’

‘It’s really nice and soft to the touch.’ She leaned toward him. ‘Touch it!’

He touched her shoulder. ‘Yeah. Very silky!’

‘It makes my boobs feel extra soft. Have a feel!’

‘Oh, I can’t–‘

‘Come on,’ she said, grabbing his hand and pressing it against her chest. ‘Isn’t it so soft?’

He stared in disbelief at his hand as it automatically began to palpate his daughter’s breast. ‘Uh, yes… very soft.’

‘I’ve learnt so much about how to be a good submissive and how to please men and make them happy. I wish you could’ve seen what I’ve been up to.’

Sean nodded absently, watching his hand caress his girl’s young bosom.

‘So… are you taking us home, Daddy?’

Sean snapped out of his trance and jerked his hand away from her soft chest. ‘Oh… actually, I was going to take you shopping.’

Katelyn gave him a quizzical smile. ‘What for?’

He checked his mirrors and began to drive. ‘Well, now that you’re a proper SCoA girl, I thought it’s about time I got you… a little toy.’

She gave a little laugh. ‘You want to get me a sex toy?’

‘I can’t think of anything else you’d want!’ he said, his cheeks flushing.

‘I know I’m a convent girl now, but sex isn’t all we do,’ she said, sitting back in her seat.

‘What else do you do?’

She pondered for a moment. ‘We learn how to present ourselves and generally be proper ladies… and to serve the church and its members.’

‘So… shall I get you some makeup or something?’

‘The church issues my makeup.’

‘Some shoes?’

‘I only really wear my uniform stilettos.’

‘A dildo it is, then.’

‘The church has issued me all the dildos I’ll ever need!’

‘Come on, it’ll be fun,’ he said, squeezing her slender leg.

Katelyn sighed. ‘I guess it’d be good to keep up my anal practice while I’m home.’

‘That’s the spirit!’

The journey was long enough for Katelyn to tell her father about the great new friends she had made – her dorm mates were mostly new novices like her, and they helped each other out, making sure their uniforms, makeup and hair were of the correct standard to avoid the ire of their master or the supervisors. She told him how she had passed her most recent anal stretching assessment with flying colours, and she happily reported that she was often used as the demonstration subject during sexual aptitude classes.

‘So, you’re enjoying it, then?’ he said, giving her an awkward sideways glance. ‘All the, you know, anal stuff you have to do?’

‘Yeah, Dad, I love it! You don’t have to be embarrassed asking me about it.’

He gave her leg another squeeze. ‘I’m glad you’re enjoying it.’

‘We literally have so much fun. Apart from when we get on the wrong side of Master.’

Sean didn’t really want to hear about another man punishing his daughter. ‘Do you do anything other than church stuff?’

‘Erm… we go rock climbing on Fridays – that’s awesome. We play–‘

‘Every Friday?’

‘Yeah! Keeps us in shape so the church members can enjoy us fully.’ She sat up straight and gestured at her tummy which was exposed beneath her tiny jacket. ‘It takes work to get my belly this flat!’

‘Ah. What else do you do?’

‘We play tennis on oral yapan gaziantep escort Tuesdays. I’m getting really good!’

Sean laughed, pulling into a car park in the middle of a large shopping complex. ‘You were good at that before you went to the convent.’

‘Maybe we can have a game while I’m home?’

‘I dunno… maybe if you promise not to cheat again.’

Katelyn frowned. ‘When did I ever cheat?’

‘You distract me, prancing around in your tiny skirts and no underwear.’

She laughed and slapped his arm. ‘You shouldn’t have been distracted – you’re my dad!’

Sean grinned as he pulled into a parking space. ‘You knew what you were doing.’

Katelyn attracted many lustful stares as she strolled through the shopping complex with her father, and she was accosted frequently. People loved seeing convent girls out and about, and they didn’t hesitate to ask her to pose for a selfie. She even let several men fondle her breasts through the thin, satin fabric of her jacket while her father watched.

‘You’re so polite,’ he said as she stood with her hands clasped behind her back, letting another guy palpate her soft chest. ‘You’re such a good church girl!’

‘It makes me happy to fulfil my duty and spread joy wherever I go,’ she said with a smile.

Eventually, they arrived at the shop and headed straight to the anal dildo section. Sean was quite bashful and lurked behind his daughter while she picked up and studied the first few toys that interested her without any hint of awkwardness – she had grown up in a country ruled by the SCoA, so she had only ever known a culture of total sexual freedom and tolerance.

‘Would you like some help?’ said a beautiful young blonde in a convent-style uniform.

Sean jerked his head up and looked around as though he thought the girl was addressing the shelves of phallic objects behind him. ‘Oh, no, I’m just waiting for my… uh…’

Katelyn turned and grinned at him. ‘Chill out, Dad! You’re so old-fashioned, it’s cute.’

‘Ah, you’re helping your daughter find her next toy?’ said the blonde with a disarming smile. ‘Well, as a girl of the church, she might be looking for something quite advanced.’ She plucked a heavy-looking dildo off a nearby shelf. ‘This actually came in yesterday, and it’s already been very popular.’

‘Oooh! That looks fun, Dad,’ said Katelyn, scampering over.

Sean struggled to form a reply.

‘Why don’t you help her try it?’ said the shop assistant, ushering them to a padded table between the shelves of toys. She placed her hand against Katelyn’s back, gently bent her over it and pushed her little skirt up her back. ‘If you’d like to take the dildo, sir…’

Sean stared at his daughter’s casually exhibited genitals. It was the first time he had seen her intimate parts for at least fifteen years, and he couldn’t help but guiltily admire their secret beauty.

‘Here you go, sir,’ said the assistant, placing the synthetic cock in Sean’s hand.

Sean snapped out of his trance and accepted the toy with glazed eyes.

‘Give me a shout if you need me,’ said the blonde. ‘Enjoy!’

After a pause, Katelyn looked back and laughed at her father’s bewildered expression. ‘It’s okay, Dad – I know it looks big, but I can take it!’

Sean looked from the sizeable dildo in his hand to his daughter’s puckered sphincter. ‘Are you sure you–‘

‘Just make sure you cover it in plenty of lube,’ she said, pointing at a dispenser on the wall. She raised a leg to rest her knee on the table and waited patiently for her father to stop dallying.

Sean hesitated for another moment before placing the synthetic phallus under the dispenser nozzle. ‘If you’re sure this is what you want, sweetheart.’

Katelyn relaxed on her elbows as he tentatively pressed the bulbous tip of the dildo against her tiny orifice. ‘You’ll need to push harder than that, Daddy.’

‘I don’t think this’ll fit in there,’ he said, holding her little waist as he applied more force. ‘Shall we try a smaller one?’

‘It’ll fit,’ she said, rocking back slightly. ‘Don’t worry about–oh!’

Sean recoiled in panic when she took a sharp intake of breath, her tight opening abruptly dilating and swallowing the thick head of the silicone penis. ‘Are you okay? Shall I pull it out?’

Katelyn gave a little laugh and rocked her hips again. ‘It feels nice, Daddy. Keep pushing it in.’

Sean regarded his daughter’s impaled bottom with a degree of awe; how could something so small and lovely accommodate something so big and intimidating? Her sphincter was stretched taut around the intruder, and he could barely believe that it wasn’t causing her excruciating pain.

Katelyn hummed happily as he cautiously slid the girthy object into her bowel; it was long for an anal toy, and she felt a familiar ache deep inside as it invaded the inner limits of her rectum.

‘I can’t believe that whole thing is inside you,’ said Sean as he pressed the base of the phallus against gaziantep oral yapan escort her smooth bottom. He reached between her legs and caressed her little tummy. ‘How is there enough space in there?’

‘The church has trained me well,’ she said, playfully wagging her rear. ‘You don’t have to stop there, by the way.’

Sean took a moment to gaze upon his daughter’s delightful vulva, suppressing a private desire to run his fingers between her delicate and slightly protuberant inner labia. Her empty and unused vagina wasn’t there for his enjoyment, though – its exposure was merely a necessity to allow him access to her anus. There was, however, something about its casual nakedness combined with its exclusion from the activity that he found extremely arousing, and he hoped that his growing cock was not too conspicuous inside his trousers.

He withdrew the heavy shaft almost entirely before driving it back into her depths, evoking an appreciative sigh and making his penis twitch in vain anticipation. His confidence grew with each plunge, and he soon found himself dildo fucking his girl with some vigour, quickly forgetting his previous misgivings as he impetuously reamed her innards.

Katelyn squeaked and whimpered as her father got a little carried away, but he didn’t seem to notice in his new, feverish state, and he continued to bully and punish her insides, jerking her forward as he repeatedly rammed the base of the synthetic phallus against her little rump. Her hair swayed and brushed the table’s leather cushioning, and the zipper of her little jacket tapped rhythmically.

‘Are you getting wet?’ said Sean, impulsively sliding a fingertip along her glistening slit. ‘Oh, God, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry!’

‘It’s okay, Daddy,’ she said, breathlessly.

Sean let the hefty toy flop out of his daughter’s backside. ‘Shall we get this one, then?’

‘You didn’t have to stop – I thought I was going to climax.’

‘Excuse me,’ said Sean, catching the blonde’s attention. ‘I think we’ll take this.’

The assistant gave him a curious smile. ‘Wouldn’t you like to try another one?’

He handed her the used toy. ‘No, thanks, we need to get going.’

‘I’ll just get that prepared for you,’ said the girl, hurrying away.

Katelyn straightened up and tidied her lustrous uniform, her breathing returning to normal. ‘There’s so much to choose from, Dad. Can’t we stay a bit longer?’

‘I thought you weren’t fussed about coming here?’

‘Well… it is kinda fun.’

Sean exhaled loudly. ‘I shouldn’t have done that – I shouldn’t have let myself–‘

‘Daddy, it really is fine. No one – except maybe some oldies – would think less of you.’

‘I think less of myself, and I’m not particularly old.’

‘Nah, you’re old.’

‘I’m forty!’

‘How is touching my vagina less acceptable to you than putting a dildo in my bum?’

Sean tutted and shook his head. ‘I came here to help my daughter find an anal toy, not to get horny and play with her vagina.’

‘My question still stands.’

‘Look – I still remember a time when it was illegal to touch your daughter like that.’

‘Well, it’s not anymore.’

Sean sighed and stared at his feet.

‘Here you are, sir,’ said the shop assistant, handing him the boxed dildo. ‘I hope your daughter loves it.’ She winked at Katelyn as Sean paid.

Katelyn grabbed her father’s hand. ‘Are we going home now? I can’t wait to see everyone!’


It was early on Christmas Day, and Katelyn was sitting on the floor in a cute little crop top and matching shorts opening presents with her parents and older brother, Harry. She smiled and laughed while Harry told her about his chaotic love life, and her mother, Sharon, informed her of the neighbour’s recent drunken escapades.

They had always been a close-knit family, and Katelyn had missed them dearly since she had joined the convent. She missed their light-hearted banter and their kind, supportive attitudes, and she missed the warm hugs and the way her father tussled her hair – she would always feign annoyance at that, though.

Harry passed her a wrapped gift when she finished thanking her mother for yet another pair of stilettos. ‘You’ll love this, church girl.’

Katelyn looked from her brother to her father with suspicious eyes. ‘It’s not another dildo, is it?’

Harry furrowed his brow. ‘Someone got you a dildo?’

‘Your father got her a dildo,’ said Sharon with a sardonic smile.

‘No way! If I had known–‘

‘I’ve got enough dildos,’ said Katelyn, ripping open her brother’s gift. She cocked an eyebrow as she extracted a bunch of interlinked straps. ‘Is this a–‘

‘Try it on,’ said Harry, shuffling closer to her.

‘I didn’t come home on leave to do convent stuff,’ she said, placing the harness on the pile of opened presents.

‘Can’t you just try it in for a second?’

Katelyn sighed. ‘Maybe later.’

‘I know that means “no” in girl-speak.’

‘Oh, gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan just try it on so he shuts up,’ said Sharon, rolling her eyes.

Katelyn tutted and sighed. ‘Fine. But just for a second.’

Harry whooped and picked up the harness to help her into it. ‘I’ve been looking forward to this for ages!’

‘Are you sure this is my present, not yours?’

Harry laughed. ‘Both, maybe?’

Kneeling on the soft carpet, Katelyn let her brother pull the straps under her arms, over her shoulders and around her back and chest. She lifted her chin as he wrapped one around her throat – there was a leash attached to it – and she gave another sigh as he bound her wrists behind her back.

‘Fuck, this is hot,’ said Harry as he tightened the straps around her torso. ‘Doesn’t she look hot, Dad?’

Sean chuckled and shook his head as his son stood and took the leash.

‘You happy now?’ said Katelyn, pursing her lips and looking up at her grinning brother.

Sean stooped and adjusted the two straps around her chest. ‘You look amazing like this.’

‘Hey!’ she yelled as he grabbed the fabric of her little crop top. ‘What’re you doing?’

Harry’s hand paused at her chest, a finger swirling gently over her pert nipple. ‘It would complete the look if–‘

‘Can I open the rest of my presents now?’

‘Let him have his fun,’ said Sharon, ‘and he’ll calm down.’

‘Mum, he wants to see my boobs!’

‘He’s been dying to see them for years,’ she said with a laugh. ‘It would be a lovely Christmas present for him.’

Harry grinned down at his dumbfounded sister. ‘Mum’s not wrong.’

Katelyn rolled her eyes. ‘Fine!’

Harry made a funny noise that conveyed his disbelief and glee as he pulled up her little top. He froze and stared, transfixed, when he uncovered the undersides of her young breasts.

‘You alright, Son?’ said Sean.

Harry nodded slowly. ‘Yeah… yes I am.’

Katelyn looked down at her chest as he continued lifting her top, exposing her pink areolae and nipples.

‘Wow,’ said Harry, shifting the soft fabric until his sister’s breasts were fully displayed. ‘They’re so beautiful. Do you mind if I…’

Katelyn rolled her eyes again. ‘Fine.’

Still stooping over her, Harry tenderly palpated a pert breast, testing its weight and soft consistency with an adoring tenderness. He moved behind her and placed his hands under her arms, helping her to her feet before giving both her breasts an indulgent massage.

‘I thought he got over that phase of being obsessed with my boobs,’ said Katelyn, glancing at her mother.

‘I always caught him staring,’ said Sharon with a half-smile.

Harry stood a whole head taller than his sister, so he still had to stoop a little to watch his hands manipulate the soft flesh of her chest, and he enjoyed the pleasant scent of her shampoo as his nose nestled by her dainty ear. He stopped and pulled her leash, guiding her to the sofa where Sean was sitting. ‘Fancy a squeeze, Dad?’

Katelyn rolled her eyes once more.

Sharon tutted. ‘Stop rolling your eyes, Katelyn, it’s very unattractive and unbecoming of a convent girl.’

Katelyn cast her eyes down in shame. ‘Sorry, mum.’

‘It’s okay,’ said Sean. ‘I know this isn’t what Katelyn had in mind for Christmas.’ He gave an adoring smile as he drank in the sight of his daughter’s naked breasts. ‘Would you mind if I do have a little feel? They really are beautiful, as your brother said.’

Katelyn nodded and bent forward slightly, offering her chest to her father. ‘I hope you enjoy them, Daddy.’

‘That’s better,’ said Sharon as her husband began to knead the proffered tits. ‘Good girl.’

Katelyn smiled at her mother’s approval. She decided it wasn’t so bad being their little convent girl for a while. in fact, it was nice to let them enjoy her in this new way – she could show them what a good SCoA novice she had become.

‘Look at this arse, as well,’ said Harry, grabbing a firm buttock and giving an approving smile when she stuck it out a little more for him. ‘I bet the church members love it.’

Katelyn smiled as her brother tightened the straps around her chest – there was one just above and another just below her breasts which swelled and became flushed under the pressure. She leaned forward a little more as her father pressed her breasts together and sucked her engorged nipples into his mouth.

‘Can I get a picture with my little sister?’ said Harry, gently tugging her leash and pulling her away from her father’s suckling mouth.

‘Let’s get her in the stilettos I got her, first,’ said Sharon, helping her daughter into the elegant shoes.

Katelyn gave a pretty smile as her mother pointed her phone at her, and she didn’t complain when Harry cupped and lightly squeezed her breasts for the photo.

‘That’s a nice picture,’ said Sharon, reviewing the image and grinning at her son. ‘I’m sure you’ll treasure this one.’

Harry went over to his mother, still holding his sister’s leash. ‘Fuck… that is hot! I’m gonna make it my profile pic.’

Katelyn drew from her novice training to maintain her dignified, ladylike posture in her high heels and a pleasantly submissive demeanour while her brother walked her around the room by her leash. She held her chin high and her chest out, her firm nipples proudly leading the way, and she hoped that her family was impressed by her exemplary obedience and loveliness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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