Family is for Fun Ch. 13: Victoria

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Family is For Fun CH. 13 — Victoria

Thank you IWantIt44 for editing this writing

It is amazing to me how much my life has changed for the better after I opened myself up to giving pleasure and happiness to my father. I learned things about myself and things about my family that I never thought I would want to know. You hear stories of people getting with another member of their family and think how bad it is or wonder how anyone could do that sort of thing, but the truth is pretty simple. It is fun, exciting, and brings you closer as a family.

I never thought I would ever touch my father in a sexual way, never even let anything like that enter my head. I guess I was like most people: incest is gross. Well that opinion has changed for me, changed dramatically. If you asked me how I feel about it now, it would be a simple answer: incest is best.

My father has been sad for a long time. Sure, he smiles and acts happy, but we know. When my mother passed, we saw part of him leave as well, and through the years we could seem him falling further and further away. He needed love, the love of someone close. When the opportunity came to give that love, I gave it to him. Did I think that I would sleep with him? Of course not. The situation made that happen, and I will never regret it.

I had just come home from being out with a few friends when I went to see if my father needed anything. As he is quite often, he was working in the library. What I saw took me by complete surprise. He was sitting at his desk, looking at his computer, and on that screen was porn. Yeah, porn. I had no idea my father would ever watch that stuff, but there he was watching a woman bouncing up and down on some guy’s cock.

I couldn’t move my eyes from the screen. it was hot watching her on him, hearing her moans, seeing his fingers spreading her ass as she rode him. I’d never watched any porn before, always thought it would be gross. But the heat in my panties and the hardness of my nipples let me know I was wrong.

When I head the girl on the screen cry out, “Cum, Daddy. Cum deep inside me,” my need to make my own father smile overtook me. My desire to please him, the fire that was burning inside me needed to be quenched, and I offered myself to him.

I didn’t give my father much of a choice. I stripped as I moved toward him, leaving just my panties and thigh highs on my body. I kissed him and let my fingers caress his shaft through his pants. Then I helped him up and kissed him like a lover. The excitement of undressing him was intense, and when I finally had him in my mouth, I had to calm myself so I would not seem like a beast. I wanted to taste him, wanted to feel his love in my belly, and when he came, when he gave me that wonderful seed of his, I happily drank it.

It should have stopped there. He was smiling. I was happy to make him smile, and we were both satisfied, but I couldn’t stop. I needed more of him. When he kissed around my body, letting his hot breath roll over me, I swooned. When his fingers touched my sex, I melted. And when his tongue worked its way inside me, I had an amazing orgasm.

It was then that I knew I wanted him inside me, just like the girl on the screen needed her father inside her. So I had him lie back, and I crawled up his body, slid myself onto his hard cock, and rode him. How wonderful it was to feel him inside me! Sure, you may say sex is sex, of course it feels good, but you have not had your father enter you, so you wouldn’t know the difference. They say making love to your partner is more passionate than with someone you don’t love. Well, the passion that comes out of you when it is your father is mind-numbing.

When I felt my orgasm building, I wanted him to have one with me, and I begged my father to cum inside me. The feel of his cock swelling and pumping in my pussy as I climaxed was the best sexual experience I have ever had. I was in absolute bliss. I had made my father smile, helped him cum, and was able to share something very special with him.

I will never tipobet365 yeni giriş regret sleeping with my father that day or any other time I have taken him inside me. The passion, the love, the lust, the joy… Nothing compares to it.

That was the start of my new world.

A few days later I was cutting up some grapefruit for breakfast, and when I sat down with my food, my sister stepped out of the restroom. My mind took the sight in like I never thought it ever would. The steam swirled around her bronzed body, giving her a mystical glow. She was only in a little black bra and her panties, and she looked divine. Like a goddess stepping out of the clouds. I had been with women before, but never had I had such an effect on my sex as she gave me entering the kitchen.

Elizabeth let out a deep breath before she spoke. “Okay, way too hot in there. I am going to stay out here and cool down before I get dressed. It’s just you here, right?”

I tried to act casual, but my eyes were taking her in, her long blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun to avoid the water, her breasts, the tops visible over the bra, her stomach, tight and glistening, her legs, long and smooth… Damn she was sexy!

I felt my own fingers sliding under my tee-shirt, caressing my stomach before I knew it, and had to collect myself quickly, “Nope, nobody else here. Just us.”

She walked to the table with a sigh of relief. “Good! I want to stay like this all day. Wouldn’t that be great? Just walking around in your underwear without a care in the world?”

I squeezed my thighs together, feeling the heat between my legs. No, it would not be good for her to walk around like that all day. I could barely contain myself with her standing in front of my dressed like that for the little amount of time that had passed as it was. The thought of her prancing around all day looking that hot would drive me insane.

My lack of words were not missed, so she tried to knock me from my trance. “You okay? You seem a little lost. You wouldn’t want to walk around in your underwear all day? My dorm mate and I used to strip down and study like this all the time.”

I took a slow breath and popped a piece of grapefruit into my mouth before I spoke. She used to sit half naked with her roommate? Really? Was she trying to get me to ravage her? Was she trying to tease me? “Well, of course it would be nice. Even better if someone was willing to take them off me.”

I couldn’t even believe I said it. Elizabeth and I rarely talked about anything sexual. I mean, we both knew when we had sex with a man, but she didn’t know I had been with a woman before, and I sure as heck didn’t know if she had or hadn’t been with one.

She gave a girlish giggle. “Of course that would be better. Not much matches the feeling of lips caressing your body as gentle fingers remove your clothes.”

Was she trying to tease me? Was she really seeing if I would bite on the flirtatious little sister standing before me? “Gentle fingers, huh? So you need a woman to take care of that for you, Liz. Just the soft touch of her lips and the gentle caress of her fingers right?”

She smiled and took a piece of my grapefruit. “Couldn’t tell you about that, never done it, but it does sound amazing, doesn’t it? The touch of another woman, someone who knows just how to touch you?”

My hand slid farther up my body, and I was caressing the bottom of my breast as I pictured my sweet sister having her clothes removed while being caressed by another woman. What was wrong with me? Why was I so turned on by thinking of her being pleased? Why was I so hot looking at my sister standing like that in front of me? Is this what happens when you sleep with a family member? Do they all become part of your fantasies and desires?

Elizabeth gave me her innocent little smile. “Are you okay? Do I need to leave you alone?”

I quickly moved my hand from my breast and shook my head. “No, sorry, had an itch. I would love for a nice woman to take my clothes off as she kissed my body. Nothing tipobet365 giriş matches that feeling, that sexiness.”

She giggled. “Have you done it? Have you been with another woman, Victoria?”

I could feel my face heat up, not that I was embarrassed by being with another woman before, but because of the situation. I was doing all I could to not be excited, and she asked me about some of the most fun I have had with another woman. “A couple times. In college, Lynn and I used to give each other an orgasm before big test days to help us relax. Some of the best orgasms I ever had.”

Elizabeth’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. “Lynn? I never thought she would play with another woman. She is hot!”

I laughed. Lynn was hot, very hot, and I had had a lot of fun with her, but that was not who I was thinking about pleasing. I wanted to show Elizabeth what the touch of another woman felt like. I wanted to kiss her body, caress her and please her. I took a few daring steps toward my sexy sister. “Not much matches the touch of a woman, Liz.”

She took a piece of the fruit, and as she bit it, the water inside released on her. I watched the juices from the grapefruit slide down her chin, roll down her neck, and drip between her breasts. I smiled at her, and she giggled. Now was my chance, my chance to touch her the way I had been thinking of since she left the shower.

Moving close to her, I set my hands on her hips and whispered, “I love grapefruit. I’ll get it.” She leaned forward and lifted her chin, exposing herself for me. I brought my mouth to her soft skin and slowly licked the tart juice from her breasts.

Elizabeth’s hands want to my sides, and she slid one up my body to the back of my head as I kissed up her neck. Her words were a whisper. “Holy shit. Your lips are heavenly.”

I moved my fingers up her back, letting just the tips touch her smooth skin, stopping them at the clasp of her bra. My mouth moved to the side of her neck, kissing her softly. I wanted her more than ever now, and I was going to have her. Who cared if she was my sister. I already had my father, so what was the difference? I wanted to give her the pleasure I had had, the passions I had felt.

I slowly kissed up to my sister’s ear and whispered, “I’ll show you the touch of a woman.” My fingers unfastened her bra, and I moved my lips back down to her neck. She released me just long enough to let the bra straps fall from her arms and then ran one hand through my hair to the back of my head and the other went back to my side.

I let my body separate from her for just a moment, allowing her bra to fall between us, and then kissed down to the side of her breast. My hands moved up her soft skin as my mouth took her nipple and I caressed her breasts slowly. I rolled my tongue over her erect nipple then nipped at it.

She pressed into me then pulled back to look into my eyes. “Please take me to the couch.”

I took her hand in mine and led her to the next room. When we got to the couch, I turned to face her. I ran my fingers down her jawline and brought my lips to hers, tasting her sweetness for the first time. When I opened my mouth for her, she took the invitation and we made love with our mouths. She was an incredible kisser!

Elizabeth brought her hands up to glide over the back of my neck and through my hair as my fingers trailed down her sides and into the waistline of her black panties. I ran my fingertips along her hips as our mouths continued their dance. I didn’t want to stop kissing her, feeling her tight against me, feeling her heat so close to me. But I wanted more of her, wanted to taste more of her, to feel more of her. Sister or not, she was beautiful and sexy, and I wanted to please her.

I broke our kiss and stared deep into her blue eyes. Our breathing was heavy, our lust and desire painted on our faces. We needed this. I kissed her nose lightly and whispered, “Lie down, Elizabeth. I want taste you.”

She nipped at my chin playfully. Lowering her hands to the hem of my shirt, she slid tipobet365 güvenilirmi it up my body and over my head, kissing my lips as it passed them. She smiled at me as she began to lower herself to the cushions and stopped briefly to lick my left nipple then suck on my right before setting herself down. I put my hand on her shoulder and guided her back on the couch then moved down to my knees in front of her beautiful body. She was so sexy!

I kept my eyes on her beautiful blue orbs as my fingers gently pulled her panties from her wonderful body. I ran my hands back up her legs and let my thumbs slide over her plump folds. She closed her eyes when I moved my thumbs back down her sex, and a happy sigh came from her when my tongue slid over her wet pussy.

Elizabeth spread her legs farther, lifting them to hook them into her elbows as my tongue rolled over her delicious sex. I slid my tongue lower and rolled it over her perineum, and her breath came out in deep gasps. When I let the tip of my tongue touch her anus, her whispers came down to me. “Please, yes, please Victoria, fuck! Rim me please.”

I smiled to myself. What a wonderful thing to hear her say, to hear her practically beg for. I slid my tongue over her anus then swirled it several times. She pulled back hard on her legs, spreading herself and lifting her ass up for my mouth. I slid two fingers deep inside my little sister’s hot pussy as my tongue swirled and flicked over her rosebud, and when I felt her tight pussy beginning to clench on my fingers, I slid my tongue inside her.

The gush of her orgasm was wonderful! It rolled out of her, slid down to my tongue and into my mouth as I worked her tight ass. Her moans were high-pitched, and her whole body shook with the pleasure I had the privilege of giving her, and I continued to press my fingers against her walls and flick my tongue in her bud until her hands fell upon my head and her hips pulled her sex away from me.

I looked up to Elizabeth as I released her. Her breasts were heaving, her eyes were glazed, and her lips were quivering, a glorious sight to see. I gave her thigh a kiss and stood up to see her better as she released her legs and pulled herself fully onto the couch.

She let out a small giggle then licked her lips as her eyes rolled over me. “I want to taste you, Victoria. I want you to slide onto my tongue and to cum like you made me cum.”

I moved slowly, bringing my hands to my yoga pants and sliding them down my body for her, letting her see every inch of me as it became exposed. When I stood, I ran my fingers over my wet sex before her. She bit her lip and beckoned me with her finger. I would not resist in any way. I lifted one leg over her and rested on my knees on either side of her lovely face, lowering myself to her. As her hands hooked around my legs, I spread my folds for her. She did not hesitate. The first long, hot lick sent delightful chills through my entire body. When her tongue and lips began to work me, I found out her perfect kissing didn’t compare to her expertise of licking a wet pussy.

It was mere minutes before my body was moving forward and I was gripping the arm of the couch as my breath was sticking in my stomach from the intense orgasm she was giving me. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t control my body from the shaking, couldn’t do anything but release gasps of air in the sheer delight of my orgasm that rolled onto her flicking and rolling tongue.

I thought I was going to pass out before I could lift myself from her mouth! When I finally could, I rolled my body to her side and slunk down so I was close to her, my face close to hers and our arms around each other. We kissed several times, smothering each other’s soft lips while our breathing returned to normal. How exciting, how thrilling it was to have her so close to me after the beautiful encounter.

We held each other for a long time, almost an hour with small kisses and caresses, before we thought it best we move so we didn’t get caught. After a long shower and a daydream, I moved on with my day.

When Elizabeth stepped into my room that night, we enjoyed each other again, the second of many times that we would share our love.

My world had awakened to this newfound joy, this discovery of the best sex ever possible. Between my father and Elizabeth, I will be happy forever.

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