Fancy Dress Ball Ch. 01

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We go to an expensive hotel for a fancy dress ball and wanting to make a full night of it we check into our room early so we can have some fun before we get dressed up and join the party downstairs.

You run a bath for me with plenty of suds and fragrant oils. You leave me to get undressed and soak in the bath whilst you unpack in the other room. By the time you return I am all hot and bothered with the heat and steam and I have been playing with my clit in anticipation of what is to come.

You enter the bathroom with full shaving kit and get me to stand in the bath with my back against the wall. You start to apply shaving foam to my pubes, gently massaging it in before using the razor, and stroke by stroke I become smooth and completely hairless. You then tell me to turn and face the wall and bend over a little so that my pussy lips are exposed. Again you massage foam on me teasing and tickling around my clit and anus. Carefully you shave away any remaining hair and wash me down.

I now step out of the bath onto a large soft fluffy towel, which you ask me to lie upon facedown . You pour baby oil on to my back gently rubbing and massaging it in before moving on to my legs, especially my inner thighs, letting your fingers wander into the cleft between my pussy lips and buttocks, letting the oil run down the crevice to my anus. You start to circle the rosebud opening of my anus with your finger, gently pushing it in as I relax. then you move on to my pussy, inserting a couple of fingers and moving them in and out for several minutes until my juices are flowing freely. I don’t want you to stop but you make me turn over and lie on my back so you can cover my breasts with oil and taking one at a time you massage it with both hands, gently nipping my nipples which are Alanya Masaj Salonu now erect and tingling. Your fingers move down over my stomach and I open my legs, so desperate am I to have you touch me there again. I am so aroused my clit is standing up out of my lips. You flick it with your fingertip making me moan before bending down to suck and tease it with your tongue. I try to reach and touch your by now hard cock but you resist me and tell me I have to wait for it as you haven’t teased me enough yet.

I am extremely aroused now and at such a pre orgasmic height that the slightest touch would send me off, but you stop all contact with me and suggest we get ready for the ball. I am desperate to cum and plead with you but you refuse, promising that denial now will only heighten the pleasure you have prepared for me later.

Reluctantly I get dressed. I am wearing a period dress with tight corseted bodice that pushes my breasts up, so much so that the slightest wrong move and they will be exposed for all to see, and a full skirt with petticoats and hoops. And as its a masked ball I have a small delicate beaded mask. You are dressed as my latin american lover, Zorro without the hat and with a small black mask. I should have been wearing period underwear too, but you have changed that to just sheer silk stockings and suspender belt.

We enter the lift to go down to the ball and as the doors close we start to kiss and I can’t resist from rubbing your groin and feeling your cock grow and stiffen. You take my breasts out of my bodice and suck my nipples which keeps me just on the brink of orgasm. The lift stops and we have to quickly adjust our clothes, easy for me but more difficult for you because of the massive bulge in your trousers.

We Alanya Masöz Escort mingle in the crowd and have a drink but all the time my mind is on how and when you will release the passion and sensations in my body.

Dinner is served and we are sitting at a huge table with floor length cloths. Dinner proceeds and we progress through several courses, becoming more and more merry as the wine flows freely and also more and more aroused as we can’t help but keep touching each other, I brush crumbs from your groin with my hand, you touch my breasts as you reach for the salt, however then you drop a spoon and go down to search for it. You end up going under the tablecloth after first making sure that no-one has seen you. I feel a slight touch at my ankles and give a slight gasp before realising what you were up to. Of course I can say or do nothing as I still talking to other guests at the table and they think that you have just popped to the loo. You wriggle closer to my legs, pulling up my skirts and disappearing beneath them so that even if someone was to look under the table now they wouldn’t be able to see you. you run your fingers up my silk covered legs, then slowly run your tongue from my ankle to the top of my thigh, burying your face in my pussy, smelling the aroma of pure sex and feeling my wetness on your cheek. I am close to exploding as you wet your finger and start to rub my clit. I am so frustrated as I can’t move or cry out, my nipples are on fire and start to push out over the top of my dress, showing the world how aroused I am. Meanwhile under the table you remove your finger and take out of your pocket a pair of vibrating love balls which you slowly proceed to push inside my juice drenched pussy. i can feel them vibrating Alanya Öğrenci Escort ever so lightly and feel sure you are about to make me cum. But no it isn’t yet as you have decided to come out from under the table.

You sit beside me again, smiling as you know that inside me is a pair of balls vibrating and setting me on fire. I have to concentrate hard not to make a sound, I am so desperate now to feel your hard cock inside me.

You now invite me to dance, I can’t believe it, as now not only will the balls be vibrating inside me but they will move as I walk and dance. Luckily it is a slow dance and we stare at each others eyes through our masks. You can see the pleasure on my face and you pull me tightly against you, so tight that my breasts are squashed against your chest, stimulating my nipples even more, as we move my breasts pop out and you gently fondle them as you push them back into my bodice. I press and wriggle my hips against you feeling your hard cock against me. My pussy is now soaking and pulsating, the juices start to trickle down my thighs. When you suggest going upstairs, I jump at the chance, don’t think I can stand this teasing much longer.

We practically run to the lift and once inside I hit the emergency stop button and decide to get my revenge. I order you to remove all your clothes, which you do whilst I hitch up my skirts and pull the soaking love balls out of me. When you are naked except for your mask I drop to my knees in front of you, and after teasingly stroking and licking your throbbing cock without putting it into my red painted luscious lips, I back away and pull down my bodice, releasing my full breasts, I engulf your cock between them, moving your cock between them, I see precum at the tip and bend to lick it off as I continue to squeeze your cock. I sense you are about to cum, and so I quickly…before you realise what is happening…grab your clothes, press the lift buttons and exit at the next floor, running to our room leaving you in the lift with a massive hard cock and wearing just a mask………..

to be continued

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