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Big Tits

After a long hard day at work I come home. You greet me at the door and instead of a normal greeting — a kiss on the cheek; you grab my crotch, lean in close to me and whisper in a tone that is part demanding and part mischievous saying, “this is mine tonight.”

Hearing this tone in your voice and your actions makes my cock react immediately.

Before you remove your hand from me you quickly and roughly rub my hardening member through my pants and think aloud “I am going to have fun with this.”

You walk away from me towards the kitchen and my other senses return. I notice you are wearing a dress I have not seen on you before. It is a red and black number that is tight in the right places, revealing just enough hints that you are a sexual being without being overtly slutty. Your entire outfit is amazing with matching heels that scream sexy, black pantyhose, and a confident aura that I have not seen from you in a long time.

Dinner and the rest of the early evening are a blur. My mind is going crazy wondering what you have planned. After dinner each of the kids are picked up by friends to spend the night out. When the last one is away and the door is closed and locked you look at me and in a demanding tone say “why are you still dressed!?!”

You walk to me, I hear the sharp clicks of your heels on the tile floor, and push me to my knees. You raise your dress up just enough to reveal your almost completely shaven pussy framed by your crotchless pantyhose. I gasp in awe as you grab me by the back of my head forcing me into your sex.

You say something but I do not hear it as I begin to lick your hot pussy right in the foyer. You are holding onto my head, pulling me into you, grinding your sex against my face, my mouth, my tongue. Your scent is intoxicating! I lick and rub against you like a starving dog that has been given his first meal. You lift one of your legs onto my shoulder to get better leverage continually grinding on me.

“That’s it,” you say “tongue me there. Make me cum. Make me cum on your face!”

Your voice is demanding yet I can tell that you are being pleasured. My only desire in the world right now is to please you. I take hold of your ass, feeling the expensive nylon that encases you. My şahinbey escort tongue vigorously explores you. Searching for the right combination of places to lick, suck, kiss, nibble, and touch to bring about your orgasm.

After what seemed as an eternity locked in pleasure, you pull me tighter into you. Your legs tighten around my head, I can hardly breathe but I don’t care because I feel you on the verge of an eruption.

“Yes, I’m cuming,” you announce as I do everything I can to push you over the edge. I latch my lips around your clit sucking and licking it at the same time. Your legs squeeze my head and I feel your juices flow onto me and I lap up as much as I can — you taste so good. You keep pressing me into you until you are completely spent.

You regain some of your composure and you let go of my head, somewhat pushing me away.

“Go upstairs and shower” you command. Your confident nature tells me that I am still under your control.

I go upstairs as quickly as I can while almost tearing my clothes off in the process. I take what must have been the fastest and most complete shower I have ever taken. I want to smell good for you. My cock is still throbbing from before, but I don’t dare take too long stroking it because I know I will erupt — and I know I must save that for you.

I dry off and enter the bedroom and see you on the bed. There are no lights on, just several candles giving the room a warm glow and an intoxicating smell. You have removed your dress and now sit on the bed in just your hose (still a bit damp from before) and heels. I see a smile on your face as you see my manhood stiff and throbbing.

“Do you like seeing me like this?” you say as you trace a finger around the opening in your hose then delicately touching your most intimate lips.

I stand at the bed nearly paralyzed; only able to muster a nod as I see you begin to finger yourself.

You insert a finger into your pussy as you begin to pleasure yourself. “Good” you say. “Just stand there and watch me. I must show you what I like.”

I watch your long slender fingers trace around the edge of your crotchless hose. Your hand rubs your swollen outer lips. I hear how wet you are as your finger, first one then another enter you. I watch your thumb rub your clitoris and then you bring your other hand to rub your breasts. I see your nipples are erect as you close your eyes as you begin your journey towards your own personal pleasure.

I watch you totally transfixed in your beauty and sexuality. “Damn, I have never seen a more beautiful sight.” I think to myself as you approach climax. Your moans and cries are echoing off the walls as you work your fingers in and out of you faster and faster, rubbing your clit with more and more force, pinching and pulling your nipples. I keep watching you as your climax takes control of your entire body.

I want you so bad, but you did not tell me to join you, so I wait until you have finished for you to give me my next command.

You are radiating lust when you tell me to lie down on the bed.

I don’t move, I fly onto the bed to lay down next to you.

“No,” you say. “Lay on your back with your head at the end of the bed.”

You get up as I adjust my position on the bed to meet your request. As I do you pull the restraints from the posts and secure my feet and hands so I cannot move. I am tied tight against the bed, my arms and legs are spread wide and my cock is throbbing!

“I see you liked the show,” you coo as you sit on my chest. One hand is behind you gently rubbing your fingernails against my cock and balls. “I need this inside me now,” you say as you grab my stiff dick and slide down my body until your still wet pussy meets my member. In the position I am in, I cannot do anything so you sit up over me. I feel the heat of your pussy lips as you start to mount me. Electricity shoots through my body as you slide onto me. Your lips open and take me into you. You are so wet and so hot! It takes every ounce of my abilities to not explode into you as you reach the bottom of my shaft.

“MMM,” you moan. “That is more like it. I needed a hard cock in me!”

You begin riding me, forcing my hardness deep into you, then rising up to where I almost slide out, and back down again. Each time you rise up you come down on me harder and harder, ramming my cock deep inside you. I struggle, trying to meet your thrusts and you say “just lay there, I am in control now.”

On each down stroke I feel you grind into me pressing your clit into my pelvic bone. I am in complete bliss. I never want this to end. You keep riding me, fucking me harder and harder. Our bedroom is a chorus of sweaty bodies slapping against each other with our grunts and moans become indistinguishable as we approach the point of no return. Harder and harder you ram yourself onto me. The springs of the bed squeak and join the song.

You feel my body stiffen and say “don’t cum yet, I am not ready.”

I wince and focus even harder at not losing my load. It is an almost impossible task as I have been on the verge of cuming ever since you greeted me at the door.

“I can’t hold on much longer,” I cry out to you.

“No, not yet” you reply sounding disappointed in my approaching climax. “Do. Not. Cum. Yet.” You say punctuating each word with an ever more forceful thrust onto me.

I try to focus on anything else but cuming, but you have put me into a state that I am unable to control. My body betrays me as the orgasm I have been holding off starts to take over me.

“I am cuming!” I cry as the hot jets of cum erupt out of my cock deep inside you.

“Uuungh,” you moan as you feel me filling you. The waves of heat flow through your body. You keep ramming yourself onto me as my cum continues to flow. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” you are almost chanting as you force yourself onto me, trying to coax my body to continue.

I see a woman hungering for another climax as my cock starts to soften. The look in your eyes tells me that you were not finished and you need more. You straighten up on the bed, and say “now, finish me!” as you kneel down, one knee on either side of my head.

I am unable to move as you lower your recently fucked pussy on my face. You rub yourself all over me; your nether lips kissing me all over. I can’t help but to open my mouth to take you inside me tasting our combined juices. You start grinding against me, you haven’t cooled off from when I was inside you and now my face and tongue are to pleasure you. It doesn’t take you too long to reach the orgasm that you desire. I feel your entire body stiffen as your climax explodes through your entire being.

You collapse onto me and we both pass out in a sex induced slumber. When I come to, it is to the feeling of your hands rubbing my again hardening member…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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