Fantasy Fulfilled

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This is a true story — happened the weekend before this was submitted! If some of the details are light, it’s simply because we don’t remember all of them.


Fantasy Fulfilled

It was a cooler Saturday in September, as the desert summer was finally giving way to fall in Las Vegas. We went to a lifestyle-friendly afternoon pool party that included many other middle-aged people like us, some of which we had met before — I suppose you could call them friends really.

It was BYOB, the pool and hot tubs were warm, as were the people. The booze was flowing, bunches of naked and semi-naked people having a good time, and occasionally having an even better time in and around the pool.

We had a great time for the day, but over time all of our booze mysteriously disappeared. (Mysteriously disappeared into our mouths, that is!) Needless to say, I was pretty loose and happy the whole day; the wife even more so! I’m pretty sure she made a few new friends in the pool. After several hours at the party, we made our way at home.

We stripped off our clothes and crashed into bed. At 10PM. On a Saturday. We felt so old. But we were still pretty heated up from the party and started playing around in bed.

Then it happened.

I have to give some background:

What gets me off? As corny as it sounds, watching my wife get off! Any fantasies I have usually surround her getting what she needs, whether from me or from others while I watch. And the thought of other people watching her or us doing so further enhances my enjoyment. We’ve lived out the exhibitionistic part of the fantasy a few times in the past.

Through many years of marriage and dirty talk during sex, I knew one of her top fantasies. One of the most erotic things she likes to feel is the splash. Oh yes, the splash. The hot splash of a man’s cum shooting onto her body. That makes her crazy in a hurry.

But her fuller fantasy is even more. She fantasizes about being blindfolded, sometimes imagining being tied down, while multiple complete strangers are having their way with her. Finishing, of course, with the splash!

But then it happened.

We were playing in bed, talking dirty, and the fantasy came up again. My buzz had worn off enough that my brain starting thinking mid-fondle, “You can make this happen. Tonight. Like, right now.” So I stopped, and told her so. We laughed about it, and then my brain again thought, “Hello?! Really, you can.” So I told her again. Maybe it was because she was still pretty drunk from the party, but the clouds parted, the sun shined upon us, angels sang, and she said: “Okay!”

So where in Vegas do you find horny single males ready to make good on somebody? No brainer: The Green Door. For those of you that don’t know about The Green Door, Google is your friend.

It’s a club where couples and singles pay admission, and once in, almost anything goes. Nakedness, public sex, masturbation, orgies, watching, performing; whatever, it’s all good. And lots of single horny guys. Repeat: LOTS of single horny guys. Regardless of what others may write or say, it’s safe, as long as you play safe.

After getting the thumbs-up after one last “Are you sure?”, we got out of bed and worked on getting dressed. But we knew guys get a bit dumb when horny, so we decided to give them clear instructions. We got a permanent marker out, and on her belly, I wrote “CUM HERE” and drew an arrow up to her breasts. Then I wrote “PLAY HERE” with an arrow pointing down between her legs. Okay, in my excitement, I made a typo on her, and wrote “RLAY HERE”, but I did try to correct it.

We finished getting dressed, and got the important stuff worked out: the safe word, two old ugly ties, non-latex condoms (she’s allergic), and regular condoms in case I happened to get lucky with someone. We then headed out the door.

A quick 15 minute drive and we were there. We paid the entrance fee, bought a quick bottle of water, and immediately walked through the bottom floor up to görükle escort the top floor. Surprisingly, it was pretty busy and there were several couples in the club, along with lots of single guys, of course.

We found a large empty play room and set up shop. If you’ve been to the club, there is a room upstairs next to the bondage rooms with a large-sized black vinyl bed in it. It has an enclosed outer lounge area, with a single door for access to the play room, and wall-sized tinted windows on two of the walls. The windows are transparent, so people can hang out in the lounge area and watch through the windows, play with their loved ones or themselves, or whatever they’d like. Due to the lighting, they could see in pretty clearly, but it was difficult to see out.

Since she was only wearing a sun dress, undressing her took about two seconds.

My wife is not the supermodel type, but is very sexy and desirable. She is 5′ 4″, but is big framed, especially around the rib cage. She could diet until she died of malnutrition, and she still wouldn’t look incredibly thin. While she does have some extra pounds, they wear well on her due to her frame.

She has dark, thick hair with highlights, which lately she has kept cut above her shoulders. Summer days floating nude in our pool has lightly tanned her white skin, and has also caused numerous freckles to appear on her shoulders and upper arms, with a light speckling on her face and nose.

Her breasts are a beautiful, round 38C, with a slight natural sag that I love, and large pink areolas with a circle of bumps and nipples that always protrude out a little bit. When she gets
excited, the areolas wrinkle and bump up like you were reading a braille book, and her nipples firmly stick out.

She works out three or four times a week, so her legs are very muscular, and you could bounce quarters off of her ass. It is one of my favorite physical parts of her.

So there we were, standing there naked, with “CUM HERE” and “RLAY HERE” on her belly, but only one thing was missing: the blindfold. I took out one of the silk ties I had brought, was able to wrap it around her eyes twice, and tied it off. The tie was thick enough and on firmly, so no light got in and she was totally in the dark. There would be no sneaking peeks tonight. Some people had already accumulated outside the open door.

I laid her on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs open wide, towards the door and one of the viewing windows. She hadn’t waxed for a couple months, so her pussy and pelvic mound were lightly covered with short coarse dark hair. Her pussy, reddening as blood rushed to the area, was on full display, and her darker anus winked out from between her round ass cheeks. Her soft breasts settled out in a natural way, with the areolas puckered up and bumpy with excitement, and her stiff nipples showing their readiness. All the anticipation and seeing her in this position had me standing at full attention.

I felt the need to get things started, settled myself between her legs, and spread open her pussy. Her inner lips and hooded clit were exposed to all that could see. I moved in, playfully licking and sucking on her. I pulled up her hood with my thumb, exposing her already engorged clit, and gave it a special lick and nibble. She didn’t need any encouragement, as she was already very wet with anticipation. She moaned and started to make a grinding motion, plus she took the opportunity to massage her own breasts and tug on her sensitive nipples.

After about a minute of licking and sucking, I looked up at the door, and there were a crowd of guys watching, some rubbing their crotches, some with their hands in their half-undone pants. I stepped out of the way, waved them into the room, and let them know to help themselves.

I didn’t have to ask twice. Before you knew it, five of them were in the room, and a couple of the quicker ones jumped up on the bed on each side of her. In about ten seconds, there she was, naked and blindfolded, with a mystery bursa escort bayan cock firmly in each hand. One guy was suckling on her breasts, and the other had started rubbing on her wet pussy. The three other guys stood off of the bed, stroking themselves and fondling any part of her body that was available. I crawled up on the bed and sat naked up above her head and watched.

One guy down by her legs pulled out a condom and ripped it open, thinking he might be in for an easy lay. A quick and quiet “no” from me let him know that that kind of activity wasn’t in the game plan. He was cool about it, and tucked the condom back into his pocket.

Flash forward a couple minutes, and she was licking up and down Lucky Guy

‘s hard-on, occasionally sucking on his ball sack or guiding the shaft deep into her mouth. Lucky Guy

had three fingers of his right hand deep in her pussy and his left hand on her pelvic mound, aggressively working away, while she stroked his cock with her right hand. Others were still jerking off and touching different parts of her body, while more watched from the doorway and through the windows. I continued sitting above her head supervising the action.

She kept working Lucky Guy

‘s cock with her mouth, while letting muffled moans out. It wasn’t long before the moans got quicker and louder. You could feel her tension building while Lucky Guy

continued plunging his fingers deep into her pussy, until she suddenly arched her back and lifted her ass off of the bed, and screamed out her first orgasm of the night that announced to everyone within shouting distance that some naughty fun was going on in this room!

The missus shared with me later that Lucky Guy

had some serious fingering skills. He had her so wet and dripping – gushing really, that unbeknownst to me; he had slipped a finger into her ass and was working both of her holes at the same time. He continued to do so until she had cum several times. The wet sounds of him working his drenched hand in and out of her filled the room, and there was a puddle of her juices pooling on the bed under her ass. It was at about that time that he blew an impressive load on her right side, being the first one to cum. Like a good sport, he cleaned up after himself, and stepped down so someone else could have a turn.

She focused on LG

for a while, while others continued to play with the lower half of her body. But after a bit, he was taking a little too long, so I mentioned to him that she’d love to have him cum on her tits. He jokingly mentioned stage fright, but started working on himself. LG
hopped up on the bed, with his hard dick already out, and my wife eagerly started servicing him. About a minute later, LG

successfully came all over her tits.

While all this was going on, I snuck out into the viewing area a couple times to see how many people were watching the fun. I lost count at twenty, and that’s not even counting those who had passed by. You could constantly hear people out there, and you could always see couples and singles trying to get a better look from the doorway. I consistently invited everyone in, but some people are just shy.

Two Hispanic men had been playing with themselves while watching off to the side in the room. Once LG

cleaned up and stepped down, one of the Hispanic men (now LG ) stepped up to her left side and started getting attention from her. I went to the end of the bed, and helped the other Hispanic play with her legs and feet, while LG
& were up top getting sucked and stroked and they played with her tits and pussy.

An older, somewhat distinguished gentleman entered the room and asked for permission to play, which I gave, of course. A little after he arrived, LG
and shot their loads, including one in her mouth. This was a little surprising, because she usually doesn’t like it in the mouth, but I guess this was a special occasion! The missus later claimed he didn’t cum that much, so she could hardly tell he had. We joked that he was bursa escort running dry from jacking off so much earlier in the day!

The older man (now LG ), after fingering her pussy for a bit, wanted to wear a condom for oral. He put it on and moved into position. My wife touched him with her hand for about two seconds, and he blew his load. He laughed about it and thanked us, and we took it as a testament of how sexy my wife really is! In hindsight, it’s a blessing that he did, as my wife is allergic to latex, and sucking on a condom probably wouldn’t have had the desired results!

The room got emptier, but there were still plenty of people in the viewing area. The second Hispanic (now LG

) hopped up and my wife started stroking him while the first Hispanic watched, but her right side was still vacant. That didn’t seem right to me, so I put my semi-hard dick in her mouth to suck on until a very talkative younger man came in and asked for permission to play. After being given the thumbs up (LG
), I got out of the way, and he hopped on the bed and quickly had his hardening dick in her mouth and his hand on her pussy. He was very chatty, saying how sexy she was, how lucky I was, how lucky he was, how cool we were, etc. A few minutes later he blew his load, and sometime close to then, LG

did the same.

This is where things get a little hazy – I think there may have been more men in the mix, but frankly, we don’t remember. And I want to keep this non-fiction, and not make up people we don’t remember!

The next thing you know, the room was empty, but you could still hear people in the lounge area. I didn’t think she had had enough, or maybe I just wanted my turn. So I rolled her over flat on her belly near the side of the bed, with her blind-folded head hanging off the end. I spread open her legs slightly then straddled them, and firmly grabbed her ass with both hands. Knowing what was coming she rotated her ass up, further revealing her asshole and pussy, so I could enter her from behind – one of our favorite positions.

She was so physically sopping wet, her pussy and asshole were glistening, both from her juices and all of the sweat that accumulated between her and the vinyl mattress. I teased her pussy and asshole with the head of my dick for a moment to make it fully erect, and then with all of the wetness, easily slipped it into her waiting pussy. My hard-on shone as I slid in and out.

While riding her, LG #8 walked in and asked if he could play, too. Of course! She propped herself up on her elbows to give him easier access to her mouth, causing her squished breasts to come out and hang below her. Slam, bam, and she was sucking on his dick with one of his hands on the back of her head, and the other caressing a breast. I continued to ride her from behind. We went on like this for a minute or two, but honestly, we can’t remember if he came or not. Either way, he played briefly, and was done.

The room was empty again.

We have no idea how much time passed during all this fun, but if I were to do some math, I’d have to guess about an hour. She was spent, tired, and honestly, a little sore. She took off her blindfold, blinked away the sudden bright lights, and we got ready to go home. An unfortunate late comer was just coming in the room as we were walking out, but I’m pretty sure he was a repeater anyways – and he was out of luck. We walked out of the club, and headed home.

Once home, she showered and crashed naked into our bed. I still hadn’t yet come, so I felt the need to finish, too. So in honor of the evening, she laid on our bed on her back while I stood over her and stroked. After a few minutes, I blew a pent-up load right on “RLAY HERE”.



Estimated, because she was still pretty drunk, and I don’t remember so clearly either!

* Lucky guys played with: At least eight, but I’m pretty sure there were a couple more
* Her orgasms: No idea, but I know of three very loud ones
* Splashes on her: Seven for sure, maybe more, not including mine later
* Other cum shots: No idea, because we couldn’t see what was happening in the lounge. But there sure was a lot of noise coming from out there!

I think I’ll share this with the wife, and maybe try to talk her into writing her side of the story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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