Fashion Show Leads To More

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Big Tits

Now all of you know how much of an exhibitionist I am. I love showing off my body and James loves it too. For about 6 months now we’ve been slowly teasing James’s best friend, Dean. We’ve been sending him sexy pictures of me over snapchat. They went from me in a bikini or a singlet with no bra to naked but with my nipples or pussy covered. We finally decided to take it up a notch and meet him in person and have me model some of my outfits for him. The plan was to be to get down to a micro bikini we recently purchased, possibly topless. If I let him, he could touch my ass but that was it, I didn’t want to get naked or play with James. That was to be saved for another day. But knowing me and how horny I get when I drink, coupled with the fact I was showing myself off, things went much further than I thought.

We arrived at Dean’s house around 8pm. James poured myself and Dean a few shots and I downed them like juice, not due to nerves (I was more excited than anything), I just love the taste! I sat on James’s lap as he fondled me chatting away and laughing with Dean. I was wearing a low cut singlet with my bra showing and a lot of cleavage. I had on tights which showed off my bubble butt. I’ve been working out a lot since our last few stories and have gotten a lot fitter. My stomach is flatter, I’m skinnier which means my chest looks bigger in proportion to my waist but my ass has gotten bigger due to all the squats. It’s also gotten a much rounder and firmer shape.

After the drinks started to hit Dean and I, I went up to start the fashion show.

The first outfit was a backless top with my tights. It was white, thin and had one button at the neck. It was a very loose top, totally backless and showed off a lot of side boob. Obviously I removed my bra.

I walked down the stairs nervous. I had showed Dean this top via snapchat but not in person. My nipples were rock hard from my excitement. I knew from experience that the top did very little at covering my hard nipples and I got the reaction I wanted when I walked down and Dean immediately commented on my nipples. I stood there with my pussy tingling as my nipples poked out very prominently from underneath the thing white material. James got up and came up behind me and started massaging my boobs, much to my delight. It was very clear I wasn’t wearing a bra and shook them to the appreciation of James and Dean. I started to tease James and Dean by pulling the top down. This has the effect of pressing it tight against my boobs and showing off the curves of my perky boobs and rock hard nipples. Dean could do nothing but stare at my nipples.

“Turn around babe and show us the back”, James instructed. I did as I was told and moved my hair to the side to show that the top was totally backless. Then I turned to the side and bent over. The loose shirt moved away from my body and my bare breasts were visible from through the arm holes of the top. After a quick flash I was up and walking up the stairs for outfit number two.

Next was a tight short red mini skirt and black swimsuit top. I had modified it so it was a halter neck top. The front was very low and came down to my stomach in a deep V shape. I moved the V apart till it just covered my nipples and walked down excited.

I did a quick twirl and stood facing James and Dean. James immediately got up and was massaging my boobs again. The black fabric of the top was very thin (being a swimsuit) and my nipples were jutting out quite prominently.

I reached back and felt James’s semi-hard cock. I could tell he was enjoying himself and Dean was openly starring at James groping my tits. I felt very comfortable and horny. Here I was being openly fondled in front of James’s best friend.

Next was the same skirt (but this time without panties) and a very loose halter neck top. Now when I say loose, I mean if I danced for about 5 seconds my nipples would pop out. If I bent over, my nipples would pop out.

“Now this was what I wanted Haley to wear to your 25th Dean”.

“No way, that’s way too scandalous”, was his reply.

And it was. I might have just been naked. I picked up Dean’s drink and bent over in front of him, giving him a good look down my top. Someone my nipples stayed in place but he saw most of my boobs. Deciding to tease him further, I started dancing and within seconds my nipples were out.

“Oops, they just don’t stay in place”, I said as I adjusted the top to cover my rock hard nipples.

“No need to cover up, your nipples are amazing”, Dean commented.

“They are aren’t they”, James replied as he walked over behind me and cupped both breasts and started massaging them again. Here I was with my boobs just covered by James’s hand, nothing more. James slowly moved his hands away and I replaced them and started to tease Dean.

“Do you want to see my boobs Dean?”

I seductively started massaging and groping my tits. I moved just one finger to cover my nipples and teased my nipples. Dean was getting drunk and his jaw was open wide as he was watching me. His hand was down gently massaging his ever growing cock through his pants.

I needed some attention and straddled James and started kissing him passionately. The mini skirt, being so tight, started riding up my thighs and half way over my ass. James loves my butt and his hands were quickly groping them expertly. He has very strong hands and knows just how to massage my ass. I was moaning into his mouth as I kissed him, feeling my skirt ride up further and further. I tried in vain to pull it down knowing I was naked under there (oh by the way, I had gotten a brazillian that day so was very smooth) but James wasn’t having any of that. He pulled me in close and started gently sucking my nipples as his hands pulled up my skirt fully exposing my ass and freshly waxed pussy. I was soaked! The thought of being exposed in front of Dean had me on fire. James was groping me and spreading my cheeks. Eventually I pulled my skirt down and got up only to notice Dean on the ground with an innocent cheeky look on his face. He had been on the ground looking up my skirt at my ass and pussy. He looked adorable, like a child caught opening presents a day early.

I stood up, adjusted the skirt to cover my pussy and ass, pulled the top over my nipples and stumbled up the stairs (by this time I was very tipsy). The next outfit was a smaller pink flowy mini skirt and singlet. I put on a black thong and made my way down the stairs. Now the singlet does very little to cover my nipples and as soon as I was down the stairs I was adjusting it to cover them. I turned around and got on all fours on the couch, crawling, sticking my ass out towards James and Dean.

“Oh my God!”

I smiled to myself. Both James and Dean couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“Babe, your ass has never looked that good in a thong, I can’t believe how hot you are!” James said. That was all the encouragement I needed and I stuck my ass out as much as possible and started to shake it for them.

“I think that skirt needs to come off babe, don’t you Dean?”

Dean could only nod in agreement. I slowly undid the zip at the back of the skirt and slid it down to the ground. I was standing giving them a look at my profile and so decided to turn around and get back on the couch. James came over and started massaging my ass again, then spanking it gently.

“Do you think Dean should get a feel?”

“Ummmmm, does he want to?”

He nodded once again. My heart was racing at the thought of another man touching me. I was so turned on. I knew this was where tonight would go but it was actually getting to that point. I watched as James took Dean’s hand and put it on my right ass cheek. He immediately started groping me, not too rough, but just the right amount to make me know he was enjoying himself.

“I can’t believe this is happening, my mind can’t process this right now”, Dean said as he continued gently touching my ass.

“Spank it Dean”, I said. I couldn’t believe I wanted him to spank my ass. The fact James’s best friend was touching me had me so worked up I wanted more! He didn’t waste any time and immediately I felt him spank me gently. He was so nervous his hand was shaking.

Deciding they’d had enough, I stood up, picked up my skirt and walked up to change into my next outfit. The next costume was a school girl outfit. The skirt was tiny, there’s no other way to put it. It covered less than half my ass. On the picture on ebay it didn’t cover the girl’s ass so there was no way it was going to cover my big ass. It had a wrap around top with a bow at the front and two suspenders that I tied at the back.

“Offft”, was all Dean could say when I walked down the stairs.

“Do you think this skirt is long enough?”

Both James and Dean shook their heads. They were speechless. They were sitting on the couch, elbows on knees, face in their hands like little kids just starring. I came closer to their faces and turned around and bent over, bending my knees and sticking my ass out as much as possible. I heard them both draw a sharp breath at the view.

I decided to up the ante and walked back up, took off the top and used the suspenders to cover my nipples. The suspenders couldn’t cover my boobs and did little to cover my nipples. They kept popping out but that’s exactly what I wanted.

Once again Dean and James were speechless. James got up, came up to me and kissed me passionately as his hands fell to my hands.

“I have to touch myself”, Dean said. I smiled at the thought of him touching himself looking at me. James turned me around so my ass was facing Dean and he started groping, shaking and spanking me for his friend. He must have motioned Dean to come over because I soon had Dean’s hands on my ass and James’s hands caressing my back as he kissed me.

I was moaning and my thong was soaked. I was so horny that I needed to cum bad! Wanting to showcase my final outfit, I somehow managed hizmetçi porno to pull away from James and walked up the stairs.

“Wait, we need to watch you walk up those stairs”, James said.

I slowed down and deliberately stuck out my ass as I wiggled it and walked up the stairs.

“Oh my God, her ass is out of this world!” Dean complimented.

My final outfit was a micro bikini. The bikini was basically a string back with an inch over each nipple and my pussy. It did not cover much at all. I could see my left areola peeking out from under the black fabric.

“Do you think I could wear this out to Bondi beach Dean?”

He just nodded. I laughed. I knew it was too crazy for a non-nude beach, especially in Sydney, but obviously Dean wasn’t thinking rationally.

“Bend over babe” James instructed.

I bent over knowing full well the string at the back wasn’t going to cover much. I was wet and the micro thong had slipped into my pussy lips and my lips were poking out from either side engulfing the bikini bottom (James told me afterwards). Next thing I knew two sets of hands were on my ass groping me and I was loving it.

I stood up and James got down on his knees and gently rubbed my pussy through the bikini bottom. I closed my eyes and moaned hoping for more but it his fingers were gone.

“You’ve never felt the effects of a brazillian wax have you, feel Haley”, James told Dean. He looked at me and I nodded my approval. He tentatively reached over and felt my bikini bottoms and could feel how smooth I was under it. He didn’t touch my pussy but just above my clit. This was incredible. I’d never been touched by someone else and here I was standing in this tiny bikini with Dean’s hands on me. What a turn on!

“I need to cum”, I said as I sat on the edge of the couch and spread my legs wide.

James came up next to me and kissed me passionately as his hands expertly teased my clit. I moaned out loud and closed my eyes and enjoyed his fingers on my clit. I couldn’t believe I was sitting with my legs in front of another man as James was pleasing me.

I needed to really kiss James and I also wanted to tease Dean further. I pushed James onto the couch and straddled him.

“Ok Dean, you can’t move, you have to sit there”.

I started kissing James and undid my bikini top. My heart was pounding in my chest from the excitement of being topless in front of Dean.

“Oh my God, what’s happening”, James said, clearly enjoying himself and wanting to tease Dean further.

I could hear Dean breathing heavily as he was beating his cock furiously. I threw the bikini top to the ground and grabbed James’s hands and put them on my boobs. He didn’t need any further encouragement and started massaging my tits as we kissed passionately. It felt wonderfully erotic to be topless but so in control. Hearing Dean breathing heavily and knowing he was jerking himself off because of me was turning me on.

“This is too cruel babe, I think Dean wants you to turn around”, James said in between sucking each nipple.

I wanted to turn around, but I hadn’t planned to do that. Then again, I was so horny I didn’t care. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew I was going to do it no matter what. The question was whether I drag it out. I was too horny to drag it out and I stood up and covered my tits and turned towards Dean.

“Do you want to see my boobs Dean?”


I wanted him to see them. He was so eager, so horny for me. I felt incredible being in control. Having James and Dean so horny, feeling so wanted, so needed, having them lusting after my body. I was in a heightened state of arousal. I readied myself and dropped my hands to my sides, finally unveiling my boobs to Dean.

“Oh my God, those nipples, they’re amazing”.

Dean was furiously working his cock and it was making me hotter.

“I think you should really tease him babe”, James said as he motioned me closer to Dean.

“Straddle him and put your boobs right in front of his face, but tell him he can’t touch”, James whispered in my ear.

My mind was reeling. Topless is one thing, but straddling him topless? Did James really want me to? He did! Did I? I think I did. I felt unsure but I knew it would be hot. I knew Dean would go crazy, and that’s what we were here for, to tease him. I slowly straddled him. All I was wearing was this tiny micro bikini bottom, nothing else.

“You can’t touch ok?”

Dean nodded.

I moved my boobs closer to his face. His eyes were almost glazed, his breathing very heavy. His hands were on his cock massaging them as my boobs were inches from his face. To his credit he did as he was told and didn’t move, though I’m sure it was a struggle.

“Ok go sit on the other couch”, I instructed James and Dean.

I sat on the edge of the couch and spread my legs and started playing with my pussy.

“I need to cum James, make me cum!”

“Come here”, he instructed.

He ifşa porno stood up and started kissing me passionately. I was now standing topless in front of Dean as James’s right hand slowly worked its way to my aching pussy. He slipped his middle finger inside the bottoms and into my pussy. I was so wet it easily slipped in. He started slowly pumping his finger in and out of my pussy. I couldn’t hold it and started moaning out loud as he fingered me. The bikini bottom was restricting his access and it wasn’t covering my pussy anyway. Dean was once again on his hands and knees right in front of my pussy watching intently.

With one swift motion James slipped the thong off and now I was left standing naked.

“I can’t believe this is happening”, Dean exclaimed.

Neither could I! I was naked in front of Dean but I didn’t care. James was fingering me hard and I was screaming out in pleasure.

“Haley looks so hot, her orgasm face is amazing!”

I had never thought I looked attractive when I was being fingered or cumming but this gave me some much needed confidence. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I begged James to keep going.

“Don’t stop, make me cum, make me squirt”, I pleaded.

James continued fingering me hard and soon I was shaking as my pussy juices being gushing covering his whole hand. I pushed his hand away shaking as Dean used his finger to scoop some of my cum and licked it. The whole scene was very erotic.

I pushed James on the couch and took out his cock and went straight to work. I licked his shaft up and down, licked the head and engulfed his cock down to the base, gagging slightly.

“Haley looks like she gives such a good blowjob”, Dean said as he worked his cock hard. He was jerking away as I bobbed up and down on James’s rock hard cock. This was the first time James had his cock out in front of his friend but the whole scene was so erotic he was rock hard. Dean as starring at me encouraging me to make James cum.

“Get up babe, I need to lick you”. I started to protest as I was sensitive from being fingered and didn’t think I’d come but I also wanted his expert tongue on my clit. I lay down and spread my legs. Dean finally got a good close up look at my pussy lips as James spread them and went to work pleasing me. I just moaned out loud as he gently kissed my clit, then licked and started sucking on it. I didn’t think I would cum but it felt amazing.

James started sucking me harder and Dean’s face was right next to my nipple.

“Please let me suck your nipple”, he pleaded.

“No, you have to wait”.


“Ok, suck me”, I moaned. Without missing a beat Dean’s mouth wrapped around my left nipple and started sucking and sucking for all it was worth. It hurt a little but it was so erotic. I couldn’t believe another man was sucking my nipple as James was licking out my wet pussy. I knew I wasn’t going to cum as I was very sensitive after the intense fingering but the whole scene was so erotic. James’s tongue on my clit felt amazing and I lay there moaning as Dean continued sucking my tits.

“Suck the other one”, I moaned but he was too immersed in my right nipple that he didn’t hear. My nipple was getting too sensitive so I pushed him away but he didn’t seem to care as he continued beating off his cock while staring intently at me as I moaned.

James licked his middle finger on his right hand and slowly inserted it into my wet pussy. I didn’t think I could take more but i wanted it! James started fingering me, slowly at first but soon was slamming into me as I screamed and screamed in pleasure. I could hear Dean breathing heavily as he continued jerking off his cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore and my body shook in another orgasm. I pushed James’s hand away and knelt to the ground in front of him. i pulled out his cock, moaning at how hard he was and went to work on his magnificent cock. My body was still spasming from my orgasm but I continued as best I could to suck him.

Dean sat next to James watching me and continued jerking off. I made sure I gave James a sloppy, very vocal blowjob as I wanted to put on the best show possible (the exhibitionist in me of course). I moaned as I bobbed up and down on his cock, taking it all the way to the base to make sure it was nice and wet. I pulled up, gasping for breath and started jerking off his cock.

“See how amazing her tits look when she jerks me off, see how they jiggle”, James said to Dean.

Dean could only nod as he watched me jerking off his best friend. Now James always comments how sexy I look when I jerk him off. My perky round full boobs jiggle as I jerk him off and it usually makes him cum quite quick looking at them. I made sure to squeeze give my boobs an extra little shake as I worked on James’s cock ensuring they jiggled more than usual.

“Ok babe, go stand over there and show us your sexy body”, James instructed.

On a sexual high, I stood up and modelled for them again. I turned around and shook my ass, then bent over and started playing with my pussy. It felt amazing! I could feel their eyes burning into me and my fingers worked on my clit. Oh how I wished James would have plunged his rock hard cock into my aching pussy and pounded me for all I was worth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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