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Finally, we’re going to dinner. I wait for you to pick me up. Think about my preparations. The long warm bath, scented oil in the water, makes my skins so soft, smell so good. Getting dressed, feeling the silky pantyhose slide up my soft legs. Knowing that when I feel them slide back down, you will be there. I pull them up over my smooth round hips, feeling the tightness against my swollen pussy, already wet and hot thinking of you.

I see myself in the mirror, naked but for the sheer hose, the light brown curls between my legs peaking through the shiny nylon. My bare breasts full, nipples hard in the chilly room. I select a black bra, lacy and low-cut, and slip it on, lifting my breasts into the soft cups. My nipples poke against the lace, their dusky pinkness visible through the material. I stroke them with my fingertips and shudder, anxious for your hands and mouth to be there.

I turn to my closet and pull out a short black skirt. I pull it on, feeling the fabric snugly fit my hips. I select a soft, clingy pink sweater and draw it over my head. The material forms itself over my full breasts, outlining their shape. The black lace of my bra is a faint shadow behind the sweater, hinting at what lies beneath. I slide my feet into high-heeled black shoes. In the mirror, my legs seem so long. I know you’ll like the way I look. I stare into the mirror again, seeing myself through your eyes. My hair encircles my head in a halo of soft blonde curls, framing green eyes full of passion. My mouth, its soft, full lips a deep pink, is open slightly, as I think of your kisses. I hear the doorbell, and know it is you.

I open the door, and you’re here, finally. Looking so good, so ready for me. I smile softly, and go to you for a hug, pressing against you like I’ve needed to all day. You touch pendik escort your mouth to mine and I savor the taste of you. I feel the heat and wetness between my legs increase as it always does when I see you, touch you, taste you. You reach under my skirt and grab my ass, pulling me against you, letting me feel even more how much you want me. Then you draw back, knowing if we don’t stop we’ll never make it to dinner. We both know our sex will be even better if we wait. The teasing touches, kisses, looks we exchange over our meal will only increase our need.

As we drive to the restaurant, your hand slides up and down my silky thigh, brushing against my hot, wet pussy. Feeling the heat through the hose. Making me breath harder, faster, need you more. I return the touch, feeling your muscular thigh through your pants, rubbing your hard cock as you drive. We kiss again before we leave the car. Your tongue feels so good in my mouth. Your hands squeeze my breasts, rub my sensitive nipples into hard peaks. I moan softly, begging for more. But you push me back, telling me it’s time to go in. I see in your eyes that you don’t want to stop either. We walk in to the restaurant, your hand on my waist, my nipples still so hard poking at the front of my sweater. I know your cock is hard still. You hold your jacket in front of you to disguise your arousal. We’re seated at a booth in a back corner of the restaurant at your request. The waiter gives us a knowing look, seeing the sexual tension between us.

We make small talk while perusing the menu and ordering. Then, when we’re finally alone again, you pull me closer to you, kissing me softly. I feel your hand beneath the table, sliding up my nylon-covered leg and under my skirt. Your fingers gently rub my pussy. You smile at me, teasing pendik escort me about how wet I am. You talk to me about your day, all the while continuing your teasing caresses. I move my legs apart beneath the tablecloth, so aroused I can’t even respond to your questions. You stop then, holding me close, and I see the waiter returning with our meal.

I can’t even remember what I ordered, not hungry in the least, not for food anyway. We pick at our food, between touches and kisses, not tasting it, not really wanting it. My hand is in your lap, tracing the outline of your hardness through the material of your pants. I tell you how much I want you in my mouth, want to taste your cum. I see your eyes darken with need. You grab my hand and stop it, and I know you’re near the edge, so I don’t fight you. We can’t wait any longer, and leave the restaurant quickly, money left of the table, not worried about the change. Back in the car, you press me against my seat, your tongue in my mouth, hands on my breasts, pulling my sweater up. Your hands feel so good on my skin. Please, I beg, I need you so much. You moan softly, and I feel you pull away, start the car, and know we’ll be home soon.

Walking in the house, one of your hands is around my waist, the other under my sweater, gently pinching my nipples, making my knees weak. I grasp your cock through your pants, holding it while we go in. So hard for me, so full and needing to cum. Entering the house, closing the door, finally we’re alone. You push me against the wall, kissing me while you pull my skirt up to my waist. Squeezing my ass, you press your hard cock against me and I press back, needing to feel your heat, needing it so much. You rub against me rhythmically.

Your hands lift my sweater, pulling it over my head pendik escort between kisses. You find the clasp of my bra between my breasts and with a click it opens. My passion-swollen sensitive breasts spill into your waiting hands. I reach down, working loose the fastening on your pants, needing to feel your skin. I get them open, and slide my hands inside your pants, inside your shorts, grasping your cock with both hands, moaning when I feel the thickness and heat, rubbing my thumb over the sticky sensitive tip. I push your pants and shorts down, exposing your cock and balls, guiding you between my nylon-covered thighs and against my pussy, gripping my thighs tightly on your cock. You pump your cock between my legs, liking the way the silky nylon feels on your hardness, plucking at my nipples, making me whimper with need.

I feel you pulling my pantyhose down, the tight nylon skimming down my hips, feeling like I knew it would when I thought about you undressing me. You stop when my ass and pussy are uncovered, just enough that you can take what you want. You turn me around and I lean over the hall table. You grasp my hips, using one hand to guide your cock into my dripping cunt. I can’t get my legs apart very far because of the hose still around them, but you don’t care, it’s enough. I feel your huge cock pushing inside me, stretching me. So good. You work it in and out, going deeper each time. Finally I feel your balls against me, so full and tight.

You reach under me, cupping my breasts, while you fuck me, deeper and faster, so good. With one hand, you reach down and find my clit, rubbing it through the sticky wetness of my pussy hair. Fucking and rubbing. I can’t take it anymore, and I scream when I cum, wetting your cock even more. Cum so hard! And I feel you cumming in me, ramming your cock up me, filling me with hot semen. I feel the sticky wetness running from my pussy, soaking the pantyhose between my legs, smell the musky scent of our sex. I know that tonight, once won’t be enough. Not with you lover, once isn’t enough. You’re in my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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