Finding My Role as a Submissive Ch. 02

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Okay, for those of you who read my last story—I’ve gotten some positive feedback and decided to write a follow-up to detail how great our sexual relationship has become since I moved in here two years ago.

Dan and I have worked into a very comfortable situation of regular sex. To give examples of our typical sessions:

We often watch sports at night in our living room. Several times per week, Dan will sit back in a chair or on the couch and lower his shorts. That is my signal to come over and kneel between his legs—which I readily do. Dan often refers to me as “boy” or “slave” and I must call him “Sir” or “Master” whenever we are having sex.

I begin by kissing and licking his balls while he wipes his semi hard cock across my face. As Dan’s cock hardens against my face, he makes me beg to suck it.

He’ll call me a whore and let me go down on his cock. And go down on it I do! I literally feast upon his mean like a starving man. It feels SO good to suck him.

Just like our first time, Dan takes it to the next level when he gives me the signal by placing his hands on my head. I know to relax my throat because within a minute, his strong hands will be pushing me down onto his cock until the fat head slides into my open gullet. (He was right…I would be having his cock in my throat a lot!!)

After Ankara escort a while of pushing his cock deep in my mouth, Dan will start pulling his cock out and slapping it wetly all over my face. When he jams it back in my mouth, he’s calling me names like cocksucker and asking me how much I like his dick in my mouth, knowing I can’t answer me because he’s got my mouth full of him.

We get into a rhythm of him fucking my throat for a while. Then…one of several things will happen.

Most often:

Then he will pull his cock back in my mouth so that just the head remains. At that point, I am required to look up into his eyes…as his beautiful, bulbous cockhead pulses jet after jet of creamy white cum onto my slutty tongue.

I gulp it down.

Second most often: Exactly like the first time we had sex. I jerk him off with his cock a few inches from my face. We all know what happens next…I get sprayed with cum. Degrading yet delicious.

Third most often, something which usually happens about twice per week:

Dan will get up and I will lie down on the couch on my back, face up. Dan will straddle my head facing his ass toward it and sit on my face.

As he and I have made perfectly clear through our actions. One man services the other this way as a sign of dominance Escort ankara and respect. The ass eater is the lower man on the totem pole and as a straight man would eat a pussy, I am made to eat a man’s asshole.

I learned eating ass is really good the first time he made me do it. I rim lick and suck his hole and Dan grinds his ass down on my face to get as much of my tongue inside him as possible.

After doing this for about 10 minutes. Dan will climb off me. That is my cue to go to our bathroom. There, I give myself an enema and put on a leather collar.

I go into Dan’s bedroom and lie face up on a specially designed sex pillow. Dan comes next to me and places a tube of lube in my hand. I am then instructed to push some lube in my ass and rub it all over his hard cock.

We were both tested for STDs multiple times and since we are exclusive, no longer need condoms. Once I have lubed my master, he pushes my legs back and begins rubbing his fat cockhead all over my anus…pushing at it just a bit, teasing me. He’s told me he likes his initial penetration to be when he can see the reaction on my face.

That’s probably because I can never help moaning a bit when he finally pushes his cock through my sphincter.

Dan then typically does some very slow fucking of Ankara escort bayan my ass this way to get it used to his cock. After a few minutes, we will begin to change positions. I will be commanded to ride his cock and squeeze it with my ass muscle. Often I am placed on my side and he pumps me full of cock for a while that way too. The room really begins to smell of his cock and my ass…a sweet, hot, masculine scent.

Dan usually likes to complete my submission with me on all fours. At this point, my ass is very loose and lubed and I am taking him in long, slippery strokes.

He slaps my ass cheeks hard while calling me a slut and a whore. Then, Dan will firmly grab my collar and pull my head back. His command of me becomes absolute. His verbal assault kicks in and he tells me what a total pansy I am to suck his cock and lick his asshole; that any man who would do that deserves to be fucked hard.

As he says this, his fucking becomes animalistic. His balls are slapping mine back and forth. After a couple of minutes of pounding my ass mercilessly, Dan ejaculates a hot load deep inside me.

When he pulls out of me, he walks around and rubs his cock, dripping of lube and semen, all over my face. I am then ordered to jerk off into a cup. Dan takes the cup, grabs my collar again and tilts my head back so that I may eat my own cum.

I am not allowed to wash my face until following morning. I go back to my own bed and sleep with his taste and smell in me and on me.

I don’t know if I have another story in me but please feel free to give feedback on this one.


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