First Christmas at the Pole

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There was a time when working at the North Pole was an honor reserved for elves, but the internet changed all that. Elves became online entrepreneurs, marketers, freelance writers or brokers. They also began to move to warmer climates as it became clear that they no longer needed to be seen to be believed. With the departure of hundreds of elves from Santa’s Workshop, jobs opened up and humans seemed to be the next logical source of employees.

I was skeptical, of course, when my Operations Manager came and told me that we needed to cast a broader net to bring in quality employees. Humans, I told him, are great. They can be incredibly smart, kind, creative and the women? Well, let’s just say that when the kids weren’t around, Mommy was doing more than just kissing Santa. But humans tend not to be particularly discreet and there’s still a mystique about Santa and the North Pole that needs to be protected. Bringing in humans could jeopardize all of that, I argued, no matter how desperately we might need the help.

But the reality finally sunk in that we couldn’t run the massive organization that was Santa’s Workshop without proper staffing and so was created NPA Human Resources, Inc. — our own head hunting organization. I wanted only the best and brightest working under me, and my elves set out to bring them in.


I was thirty two years old when I first met Nick. Divorced and looking to change up things in my life, I answered a somewhat cryptically worded ad for a “Seasonal Events Director.” I had three telephone interviews before they told me that the next step would involve flying me to corporate headquarters to meet the CEO. I was surprised at both the plane ride and the CEO visit. It all seemed like a lot for a seasonal job. But then I thought, “What the Hell.” If nothing else, it would be a distraction from my current situation.

When I landed on a snowy airstrip in the middle of nowhere and stepped out onto the frozen tarmac, it occurred to me that I might have made a mistake. It was cold. Really cold. But I dutifully followed the diminutive guy with the sign that said, “Ashley Cantor” into the terminal, past the luggage rack — “We’ll bring it, don’t worry” he said, without slowing down — and into a long red limousine.

We drove for about twenty minutes in silence. I looked out the window and saw little but snow: snow on the ground; snow falling from the sky; snow hills even and what could possibly have been icebergs. But, I reasoned, it was impossible that a plane ride so short could have deposited me somewhere near an iceberg.

“Um…” I started, “Where, exactly, are we?”

The small man responded simply, “You’ll have to wait. We’ll be there in a minute.”

The limo glided to a halt in front of a massive building. Massive doesn’t even seem to quite capture the size of it though. It seemed never to end. As if I was simply incapable of seeing it all. My escort, reading my thoughts, said “It’s bigger than it looks.” I was speechless, and decided to just observe and wait.

“This is the residence hall,” he said, leading me through a series of doors. “And this,” he pushed open a small wooden door that led into a very homey-looking space, “is for you.” I gasped as I walked past him into a cozy, yet luxurious, living room. A fire was lit and the lights were dimmed. It smelled like cranberries and cinnamon. Plush furniture invited me to curl up with a good book and have a glass of wine. “This is ridiculous!” I said. He laughed. “Yeah. Well, it’s home. Anyway, here’s your bags. We’ve arranged a meeting with you and…um…Mr. …Claus for dinner. Just dial two seven when you’re ready, and someone will pick you up and bring you to the central offices. “No rush,” he added. He produced my luggage and left me in my new home.

I took off my coat and threw it on a chair, glancing at the wall clock. Not quite four in the afternoon. I grabbed my suitcase and wandered through the kitchen with its warm tile work and wooden table and down the short hallway, lit with candle sconces, into a cozy bedroom. I set down my case and touched what looked like a light switch. I could have sworn that the bedroom candles suddenly lit. But, I reasoned, they must be fake. All the same, the room had a beckoning feel that made me feel comforted and aroused at the same time.

I sat on the bed and sunk into the soft comforter. The luxuriousness of the room convinced me that I should, perhaps, just crawl under the covers for a moment, just to experience the full impact. I peeled off the pants and sweater that I’d worn for the plane ride and stripped off my panties and bra. Feeling excited, I slipped under the warm blankets. The temperature was as if someone had just left the bed, and I closed my eyes for a moment, imagining a man’s hands sliding over my body. Since my husband’s departure almost a year earlier, no man had touched me. I missed the satisfaction of being caressed and held. I wanted so badly to feel someone newcratos inside me, fucking me until I exploded.

I slid my hand down between my legs, softly circling my clit. “I have a meeting,” I reprimanded myself. But the candles flickered, and the room seemed to warm up. My body began to tingle and I felt a growing desire. I turned onto my stomach and pulled the plush pillows under my body, crouching on all fours and rubbing my clit harder. I fantasized that I had climbed on top of a huge cock and it was driving into me again and again. I frantically rubbed until I felt an exquisite orgasm radiate through my body. I drove my fingers into my dripping pussy, pounding against my swollen lips. I slowed the pace of my pounding, and caressed my throbbing clit. Eventually I rolled over and tossed the covers off to the side. The temperature of the room was perfect and I felt as if I could have stayed there forever. I closed my eyes and smiled, enjoying the calm that follows an awesome orgasm.

I was awakened by a pounding at the front door. “Oh SHIT!” I yelped, as I leapt out of bed. I threw open the suitcase and pulled out my new work outfit. “Be right there!” I yelled to the door. “Shit shit shit!” I repeated as I pulled on my panties and nylons, clasped my bra and slipped into my blouse. I pulled my skirt up, grabbed my jacket and shoes and raced down the hall. At the door, I threw my shoes to the floor and stepped into them as I buttoned the blouse up and tucked it in. I was just throwing on my jacket and smoothing my hair as I flung open the door.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” I blurted, leaving the door hanging open as I turned and trotted into the living room to grab my purse off of the chair where I’d deposited my coat earlier. “I’ll be right there. I’m just…oh, God, what time is it?” I glanced up at the clock and felt a thrill of remorse as I saw that two hours had passed. I spun back around to face the stranger who’d knocked at my door and stuttered “I’m…I’m…so…”

“I know,” he said softly. “It’s okay.” The stranger held out his hand and looked at me with the sexiest, bluest eyes I’d ever seen. I felt myself blushing as a tried to meet his gaze. It seemed that he was looking right through me and the smile he gave me reminded me that I hadn’t washed my hands after my recent adventure in the bedroom. I reached out to shake his hand anyway, not knowing what else to do, and his smile broadened. He took my hand and pulled me to him in a hug that was so gentle and heartfelt that it felt like a lovers embrace. I felt the warmth between my legs start all over again as he stepped away from me, moving his hands to my elbows. He held me at arms-length and seemed to assess me anew. “Sorry, Ashley,” he grinned. “We’re huggers around here.” He could have been a sophisticated forty five, or a youthful seventy. It was almost impossible to tell. His hair was gray but full and wavy. His eyes crinkled when he smiled and his dimples made me want to kiss his cheeks. A five o’clock shadow gave him a rugged look that only made him even sexier. He wasn’t tall, maybe five foot nine or ten, but the brief hug proved that his body was solid and toned.

I’d just met this man, but for some reason, I wanted to pull him down onto the fireside rug and lick every inch of his body.


The first time I met Ashley, she smelled like sex. I’d waited for my assistant to bring her to me, but finally hunger forced me to seek her out myself. Elves are good helpers, but whatever isn’t done by five o’clock…well, you might as well forget it. And obviously, she hadn’t made a call by five because there was no sign of her or anyone else around the office when I poked my head out at five thirty. So I jumped into the sleigh and rode over to the residence hall. I figured she’d probably made the mistake of thinking that she could call at five o’six and get someone to answer, then didn’t know what to do when no one actually was there. But her harried state when she threw open the door to me told me that she’d fallen asleep. And the scent of pussy in the air told me that she’d apparently been busy before that. The interesting thing about elf residences is that they are imbued with magic that amplifies whatever you’re thinking about and makes it that much more intense. So if you’re enjoying the warm room, it’s warmer. If you’re turned on, suddenly you want to fuck whoever is with you so bad that if you’re not used to the sensation, it can overcome your normal resistance. I knew that she was alone, so I could pretty much put two and two together and figure out why she’d missed our dinner interview.

But God, she was gorgeous. Her legs were slim and attractive, elevated a bit by her heels and accentuated by the short skirt. Her breasts were full and sexy, especially since she’d missed a button or two at the top, and I could clearly see her lacy bra. Her hair was a tiny bit rumpled and the temperature of the room rose a little when she bent over newcratos giriş the chair to grab her purse. Thankfully I’d worn my long coat that hid the growing lump in my pants. I had hugged her a little more firmly than I originally intended to. When she took my hand, her fingers felt sticky and combined with the smell of sex and her floral perfume, it took every ounce of restraint I had not to cup her breast and start sucking on her nipples. But it seemed like an unwise way to meet your first human employee, so I “elved up” and thought about snow balls.

“I’m Nick Claus,” I offered. “I’m so sorry that my assistants didn’t get your call.” I held her coat for her and she shrugged it on. “They’re pretty bad about doing anything after five o’clock.” I figured it would give her an out, and she took it. “Oh, that’s okay,” she laughed. “You’re here now!”

She followed me out to the sleigh, pausing for just a moment before scrambling in after me.

“Do you mind if we just go over to the office and grab a bite to eat? I don’t want to wear you out on your first day or bore you with the details of your job.” She laughed a little and tucked her chin down against the bitter wind. The North Pole isn’t a very big place and it was a quick journey back to the main building — which served as both my home and the main headquarters of Santa’s Workshop. A large gate opened and I glided the sleigh directly into the building, where the winter cold was left behind us and the lights came on, illuminating the Workshop. “Wow,” Ashley sighed, “This is pretty amazing.” Lit by chandeliers and glittering from every surface, the Workshop really did shine. Sometimes I get so used to seeing it that I forget how beautiful it is. The elves take incredible care to make sure that it’s clean every night, so it always looks brand new. Seeing it through her eyes made me grateful that this was my life.

Dinner was simple: leftovers that Elf Ella had made the night before. She’s a sweet woman who can really cook…it more ways than one. But it was just sex with us, and we both knew it. She had someone else, and I had my work. As if reading my thoughts, Ashley set down her fork and said, “So, where’s Mrs. Claus tonight?” She smiled naively, and I again suppressed the urge to throw her down and ravage her. “You’ve probably figured out where you are by now,” I started. “And who I am.”

“I think so,” she answered.

“I guess I’m grateful that you haven’t freaked out.”

She took her napkin from her lap and leaned back. “I’m interested.” She said. “This is pretty exciting. I feel like I know what’s supposed to happen here, but everything that I imagined about the North Pole seems pretty childish.”

I started “Well,” I offered, “how about a tour? But I meant it about letting you get your rest tonight. We have ten other new staff members joining us tomorrow and it’s going to be a long day.”

I led her onto the Workshop floor. She looked around in wonder as we passed long rows of toy making machines, and strolled down corridors of offices. When we reached the entrance to my private residence I stopped. “That’s about it,” I said, turning back and gesturing to the expanse of Workshop. “The whole place. Tomorrow everyone will be assigned to their offices and given their list of duties. We’ll get everyone signed up for trainings and you’ll meet all the elves.”

“You never answered my question,” she smiled. “About Mrs. Claus… All my life I’ve heard about her. I’m so curious to meet her – now that I find myself actually here.” I laughed and took her arm. “That, my dear, is publicity. There never has been a Mrs. Claus. But it sure makes me sound wholesome, doesn’t it?” I led her down a hallway that brought us back to the sleigh. “Let’s get you back to your place. You have a big day tomorrow!”


It was a whirlwind of a day. A plane ride in the morning, followed by meeting “The Boss.” We spent what felt like days touring the factory and offices and learning more about what we’d be doing at Santa’s Workshop in the coming months. I just couldn’t get over the fact that this was all real. I was really here at the North Pole. I was seriously going to be working for fucking SANTA. Unreal. He was really cool. I was surprised. When they told us who we were working for, I didn’t believe them. I mean, come ON. Santa? But when you’re walking the endless miles of Workshop, seeing the lights and the toys…well, it’s real all right. I thought he’d be fat. He definitely had eyes that twinkled and dimples, but there was no belly like a bowlful of jelly. Seriously, he made me think that I need to visit the gym more often. They actually have a gym there, so maybe I will do that. But he seemed like a nice guy and I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

Tonight is the get together with all the new employees. Mr. Claus thought it would be a good way for us to “bond.” I guess because the elves have all been working together for millennium, they felt that the new humans should probably take at least a night to get together. There are five men and five women who are new…and human. Everyone else is an elf. That was another shocker, actually. Elves aren’t all tiny. I mean, none of them are BIG, but I always thought elves were like three feet tall or something. In reality, they’re all about the same height as my ex-girlfriend. Probably five feet — give or take a couple of inches. Some of the women are knockouts. I think Santa has a thing for seeing the women’s assets because they have fur everywhere. They look so soft and sexy.

Back in my room though I just kept thinking about this one new girl, Ashley. She must have met Mr. Claus before, because they seemed to know each other pretty well. All of the new people are pretty attractive. It’s weird here though. It’s like you can’t tell by looking at people how old they are. They all look just good. That doesn’t make any sense though. They can’t ALL be hot, can they? That’s gotta be illegal. But that Ashley… Maybe it was her perfume, but she just smelled nice. Not nice, really. Naughty. Tonight I’m going to try to see if I can’t get to know her a little better.

I hopped in the shower to get ready for the party. The bathroom in my place is perfect. The shower has heads at either end of the shower stall, so while the hot water was running over my body I started lathering up and thinking about how this room was built for two people. My cock was getting hard thinking about Ashley under the other shower head – water pouring over her naked body. I lathered up my hard cock and closed my eyes, imagining me sudsing up her tits and rubbing my soapy cock up and down the crack of her ass. I squeezed harder and thrust my cock in and out of my fist. I knew her pussy would be tight. I could always tell. So tight and wet. I would pound my cock into her until she screamed out my name. Then I’d pull my cock out of her dripping pussy and press it into her tight little ass. Oh, she’d want it so bad she would thrust against my cock until it was buried in her asshole. I’d part the cheeks of her ass and watch my cock disappear again and again into her ass. Then I’d pull out and squirt cum all over her back, letting the water wash it away as I rubbed my cock on her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks.

I came so hard I had to brace myself against the wall of the shower. I seriously don’t think I’d ever cum that hard. It was almost surreal. I rest my head against the wall and softly kneaded the head of my cock. If I had a chance, I was seriously going to fuck her tonight.


It was a long first day at the new job. That makes it sound so normal. It wasn’t normal at all, though. I work for Santa. At the North Pole. That’s not normal. But it kind of feels normal today, in a surreal kind of way. And back in my room, I feel really good. The elves were kind of making jokes about how we humans would probably all really like our rooms. That we’d really like The Pole. I don’t know exactly what was so funny, but they were all really sweet about it, and I felt like they were kind of encouraging us more than laughing at us. But all the same, it felt like being on the outside of an inside joke. Not a mean joke, but still it makes you wish you were on the inside. Well, it was the first day. What can you expect?

But I’m just putting all that behind me, because tonight we’re going to party at the community room in the residence hall. All of our housing areas are connected — even the elves who live “on campus” are here in this building. But they aren’t coming to the party tonight. Santa — Mr. Claus — made it clear that everyone was invited, but the elves all basically said that they wanted us to get to know each other better. That’s okay, I guess. I’m kind of excited to get to know some of these people better. They’re all pretty hot, and I’m pretty much in dire need of a good fuck. Let’s hope that there’s not so much goodness up here at the North Pole that fucking for the sake of it isn’t allowed. I have a good feeling about tonight.


I’m not going to the gathering tonight. Well, I might just observe. I don’t want to get in the way of the humans getting better acquainted, but I have to admit that I’m curious about how they interact with their own kind. Today was full of meetings and trainings, but there wasn’t an opportunity to get to know what humans are really like. We don’t seem all that different, but who knows?

We elves have the ability to not be seen. I mean, we’re not invisible, but we can just be unnoticeable. Maybe that’s too subtle of a difference, but that’s elves for ya! So I’m just going to stay out of sight and see what happens. We’ve got food and music. That ought to keep ’em talking for a little while. We’re all going to be together a lot, so I figure it’s important that we all are pretty tight. I just hope that everyone gets along.


The party room was amazing. Soft lighting, candles (what IS it with these elves and fire, anyway?) and hors d’oevres like I’d never seen. I don’t know if that is reindeer meat or what, but it’s really good on skewers.

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