First Crush; First Love

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We had grown up together. He was one of my brothers’ best friends, so he had become like a brother as well. That is until the family moved. By the time that my parents had decided that Florida was not for us, and we moved back, I had developed all the curves that guys drool over, however I was still fairly naive and inexperienced. Bobby however had matured into quite the ladies’ man, or perhaps more accurately, a womanizer. He was certainly built for it. He was gorgeous. The one time skinny kid, was now working out regularly and the effects clearly showed. An all around tall, dark and handsome man, with wit and charm that followed suit.

My brothers and I seemed to fall right back in with our old friends, and soon enough Bobby was a regular around the house. I had an instantaneous crush, and used whatever means possible to find myself in the same room with him. I was unaware at the time that he was completely aware of my infatuation. We were always finding one way or another to ‘play’ physical games. Whether it was a good old fashioned wrestling match, usually ending with me pinned to the ground and him hovering over my heaving chest, or a game of tag football that somehow lead to tackling, and me ending up in the same position. The attraction was tangible, and my brothers were overly aware. Protective older brothers, always ruin the expressive younger sister’s fun, but of course that was only for a time.

Bobby and I were forever bickering, typical for our ages. Somehow the second grade mentality of ‘pull their hair if you like them’ remained. He would criticize any guy that I brought home, and for some reason I took it to heart, meaning no one guy was around all that long. That is until I met Michael. Michael’s personality was everything that Bobby’s was not. He was sweet and caring, and would actually listen when I talked. His physicality even differed. He was just as handsome, but he was blue-eyed, blonde haired, and broad, while Bobby was brown eyed, black haired, and more narrow. It was new and different, and I was wholehearted enjoying the time I spent with Michael. However, I dreaded taking him home. Bobby was always around, and I knew he would make it impossible for Michael and I to be alone. One night however, there was supposedly some huge party happening in town, that everyone was going to, so I decided it was the perfect time to have Michael over, and to make love to him for the first time. Since no guy had ever lasted for any length of time my virginity had stayed with me, for longer than it should have (i.e. longer than I would have liked).

Once everyone was out of the house, I rang Michael insisting he come over immediately. There was a knock on the door shortly after, and I answered it wearing a tight fitted, red cardigan with hip hugging jeans. His baby blues sparkled at the sight, and I playfully grabbed his shirt pulling him to me. My tongue immediately plunged deep into his mouth, as quickly as his lips met mine. We kissed our way into the living room, finding comfort in the warmth of the fire on the nearby couch. We snuggled for a little while, fondling each other, and softly kissing. Before too long however, I was feeling a warmth of my own growing deep inside. I had elected not to wear a bra or panties, never being fond of them, and the effects of which were an ever growing wetness of my pussy, as my jeans rubbed roughly against it. My heart beat was beginning to gain, my breathing deepening and my voice wispy. I kissed to his ear, gently nibbling on it, before whispering with warm, moistened breath for him to, ‘fuck me’.

I leaned back on the couch, smiling at him, as I slowly unbuttoned my sweater. Carefully making sure that no flesh became visible just yet. He was on the other end of the sofa, intently watching me, as I noticed the growth in his pants. I slid my foot in between his legs, tenderly rubbing Kolej Escort on the bulge. He smiled at my pretty foot, with its painted toes, and moaned softly. My hands had finally finished with unbuttoning my sweater, and I was now slowly slipping it away from my breasts. My puffy pink nipples, had already become stiffened to a deep pink. I pinched them between my fingers, and beckoned my Michael to come suck on them for me. He gladly obliged me, laying over me, gently licking under- sides of each breast before focusing on one hardened nipple. It felt so good, as he sucked one into his mouth, his sexy wet tongue flicking over the tip. He pulled it between his teeth, letting it graze the sensitive flesh, before again sucking it deep into his hot mouth, and swirling his tongue around it.

Just as he began to work the same magic on my other neglected nipple, he suddenly had disappeared off my body. My eyes shot open and the first image they saw was that of Bobby swinging at Michael. The next thing I knew Michael was lying on my living room floor, unconscious. I quickly covered myself, and went to tending to my Michael. He quickly regained consciousness, just having the wind knocked out of him. He was up and ready to fight, but I pleaded with him to go home. Promising to call him later. Once I saw him off, I went back into the living room; livid.

What right did he have? None, he had no right, and I was ready to tell him that. Bobby was standing, gazing into the fire, seemingly entranced. “Bobby, what the fuck were you thinking? Who the hell do you think you are?” I started.

He was silent, just staring into the flames. “Bobby!” I demanded, “listen to me, answer me, you fucking ass-hole.”

He suddenly turned to me, and grabbed my arms tightly, looking hard into my eyes. It was such an intense look, I grew intimidated and meek. I struggled against his grasp, but it was pointless. I used the classic line- “stop it, you’re hurting me.”

As soon as the words came flowing from my mouth, so did a stream line of tears from my eyes. He let go straightaway and mumbled an apology. I had never seen him like he was that night. He had never looked at me in that way. I couldn’t even place it. Gone was the brotherly(like) love, replaced with intensity and something else. What was it?

He sat silently on the couch, staring off into oblivion. The tears were drying on my face, and a pair of hand prints bruised on my arms. I couldn’t understand him.

I quietly whispered to him as I approached the couch, “Bobby?”

He straightened himself and looked back at me; softer, calmer. I feigned a smile and felt a sizable lump forming in my throat. The tears refilling. Tenderness came into his eyes as he reached for me again. I shuddered and pulled back, and just as quickly he backed off, and finally began to speak.

“I’m sorry, Laney. I am so sorry. I saw you with that kid, and I. . . I. . . I just couldn’t stand it. I’m sorry,” he said so sincerely.

The tears were freely flowing by this time and at the end of his shortly sweet apology, I reached out for him. He looked surprised and relieved as my arms wrapped around his neck. After a few moments I felt his arms wrap around my back and softly stroke it. He kept whispering, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

To have him show so much emotion, for me, was astounding. This was a guy who never so much as flinched when he broke a girl’s heart. A guy who would just as rather die, than be vulnerable, and to be vulnerable to a woman was to him, tantamount to death. A death of his bravado, ego, and facade.

Minutes upon minutes passed and we stayed lovingly holding each other. Finally, he pulled away, again looking into my now reddened eyes, and taking my face into his hands. I initiated the kiss. Just titling my head towards Sincan Escort his, my lips brushing at first softly against his. I relaxed into his hands, as they pulled me closer into this inevitable kiss. Our lips mutually and simultaneously parting, allowing our timid, but eager tongues to search out the others. It was the softest, sweetest kiss I had ever experienced. It was almost as if it were my first, and maybe his too. The emotion swept over me and I knew that I needed him. If only for that night, I needed him to be with me. I wanted him in my arms, I wanted him in my body; completing me.

His kisses went down to my neck, soft little pecks, as his tongue would occasionally snake out to have a taste. I could hardly stand it, he felt so good. My fingers were pressing tightly into his back, my mouth agape, trying to breathe, trying to utter the words, the words I knew he was waiting to hear. The words, that I would say if only he would allow me to catch my breath. But, his mouth was just devouring any opportunity. Hot, wet kisses from my neck to my mouth, and back again. Finally, he pulled back and I didn’t know whether I would go on with my request or just bitch at him for stopping (what’s a girl to do?).

He looked a little dazed, like he didn’t know whether to continue or run. That proverbial- ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look, which only a frightened man could really reproduce. He started to speak, but I knew better than to let him. My finger quickly pursed his lips, and having since regained my breath and my voice, I spoke.

“Listen, I want you, and obviously you want me too. So, let’s just make this simple, okay? We do this, we have sex…or make love, or fuck, or whatever the hell you want to call it, and we just do it. No strings, just this single act.” I figured I would make him an offer he couldn’t refuse, or at least that is what I thought I was doing, until he said no. He told me that he could, “fuck whenever” (direct quote, isn’t he full of class?) but what he wanted was something more meaningful.

He said, “Lane, I want to *love* someone, that I have loved for years.”

“So, what are you doing here?” I asked coyly.

He grinned…and I kissed him. A deeply passionate kiss that spoke of all the feelings that had accumulated over the years. I was completely contented with this unspoken speech of love. However, he one upped me (what can I say, he hates to lose). He broke from the kiss, his eyes so full of life and looking sweetly into my own, and he spoke. He spoke so softly I could barely hear, that which was equal to a whisper. But, I knew what he had said. His lips were unmistakable, “I just love you.” Simple and perfect. And then he kissed me again. I was ecstatic, I wanted to combust on so many levels. All of my emotions were releasing themselves in a sexual frenzy. I may have been less than experienced, but I was so excited and ready I hardly faltered. We quickly undressed one another. Our eyes locked on one others’ body. I couldn’t contain myself. I didn’t want to be away from his body. As soon as we were both nude, I embraced him-pulling him tightly against me. My lips kissed all over his face. I felt as if I would devour him. I wanted to taste every inch of him. I could feel his cock pressed up against my taut stomach. It throbbed and pulsed against me. God, it felt so warm, it felt so good. My body was at such a level of arousal that any touch caused intense pleasure. My moans were growing louder and deeper with each kiss, with each caress. I repeatedly told him how much I needed him, how much I wanted him. We eventually found our way onto the living floor, just in front of the fire. We were wetly kissing and tenderly touching each other for what seemed like an eternity. I was as hot and wet as I had ever been, more aroused than I could Yenimahalle Escort ever imagine being. There was an profound desire that I needed to be fulfilled. I found myself on top of him. My legs straddled his sides. I sat up, breaking this seemingly ongoing kiss, and looked down at him surely with lust in my eyes. Time seemed to be at a stand still. He smiled at me, while his arm extended toward my breast. He took a nipple between his fingers, and gingerly pinched.

“Oh, yes Bobby. Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I moaned as I slid down his stomach. My clit rubbing against his hard muscles driving me wild. I moved onto his cock. My swollen puffy pussy lips engulfing him in a wet warmth. He gasped and moaned with me. It felt inexpressibly fantastic to have him so close. To knew that within minutes I would have him inside of me. Feel him throb inside of me rather than outside. I could barely wait, but I wanted to make him feel as good as he was making me feel-with his hands kneading my breasts, squeezing my nipples, pulling them; they were incredibly hard, and felt outstanding. I wanted to tease him and bring him to a point of desire that he had yet to be. I knew I was close (I’m confident. *S*). I slowly moved back and forth over his pulsating cock, getting it dripping wet. I was so wet, it was audible. I kept moaning, I wanted him to know how good it felt.

“Mm, Bobby you feel so good, I want you so much. God, I want to fuck you. I want to feel your hard cock in my tight cunt.” My vulgar language was surprising the shit out of him, but he was eating it up. I could feel his hips involuntarily thrust forward whenever I said a particularly nasty comment. I loved it. “Oh, god Bobby, Bobby I can’t take it anymore. I have to….ahhhh..” That’s when I slid my body up over his rigid cock, and plunged down onto him…. breaking through my hymen. I barely blinked an eye at the pain, it was just another sensation. I held him full engorged in my pussy for a few moments. Just feels him in me. My pussy would spasm around him, and each time he softly moaned. I started to rock up and down over him. I was so tight it was hard to move, even though I was so wet. Oh, I was so wet. My juices were coating each of us. All over his stomach and our thighs, dripping down to his tight sacs. This along with our mutual sweat made it feel sexily smooth as we slid against each other.

Then suddenly Bobby pulled himself up, gripping onto me and flipping me onto my back. All he said was, “God, baby you feel so good, I just need to fuck you.” I smiled, looking up at him, as he pulled my legs up, and said, “Mm, fuck me hard.”

With that he started to bury his cock into my cunt. He said he needed to fuck me and that is what he did. He thrust over and over into me. I could hear and feel the slap of his balls against my ass. Over and over, he just kept pushing and pulling out of my body. All I could muster to say or rather scream, was ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, yes….fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…’ I was trembling. He was quite quiet in comparison to me- Just giving an occasional grunt and moan. It seemed like I had a 30 minute orgasm. It was splendiferous (I needed an out of the ordinary word to really establish this out of this world experience).

Finally, when I thought I could not withstand any more, he let go of my legs, which I quickly wrapped around him, leaned forward-starting to shake, rammed his cock to the hilt, and groaned into my ear that he was cumming. I grabbed him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, my hips bucking against him, my pussy clenching and convulsing around his spurting cock. I could feel myself grip his pulsating cock as it filled my cunt with his rich creamy cum. Minutes upon minutes passed, and my hips were still occasionally jerking against his groin. He was now kissing my face and neck, tenderly. Whispering sweetness into my ears.

I thought I would cry, but I didn’t. I smiled, thinking that I had given myself to a guy that I had never even dated. A guy that I had never even kissed until that night. I gave myself to a guy, to a man, that I had loved most of my life. I wrapped myself tightly around him, having had a dream come true, and closed my eyes to dream of more.

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