First Holiday Together

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We are on holiday together in Greece. We’ve only been together a few months but want to get way to relax properly and enjoy each other’s company. It is early June, the weather is hot but not unbearable. The journey over was lovely and we wake up on the first morning of the holiday refreshed and ready to explore.

Our accommodation is a one-bedroom villa with private infinity pool. The resort is built on the coast with access straight to the beach. The pool area is not overlooked and perfect to ensure a gorgeous all over tan.

We order a light breakfast to the room to enjoy on the terrace. Beautifully cut fruit, juices and water, we sit in our robes and enjoy the heat as it builds for the day.

After our food we decide to dress for a morning walk and swim at the beach, I allow you into the room first and the chill of the air conditioning hits us as we enter. You walk to the wardrobe and let your robe hit the floor while you search for your swim wear, your tan from earlier in the year is there, your gorgeous bum is pearl white. I playful give it a little slap and cuddle you from behind. My arm brushes your nipples, they are so hard in the chill of the room. You dress in your swim wear and turn to find me looking you up and down, admiring every inch of you. You tell me to stop as we’ll get distracted. I drop my robe and stand there naked in front of you as I get my swim shorts. I can feel your eyes all over my body and when I turn to you you are staring at my legs and up to my cock, I cover myself in a childish manner and quickly pull up my shorts, making sure my cock bulges into them. I can feel the sexual tension building already, I love when we do this, tease each other all day.

We walk down on to the beach, the sand in the shade is cool between our toes while the sun is on our backs. We walk hand in hand towards the end of the cove. The waves are lapping very slightly and the soft breeze floats over our skin. I bend down to collect small shells and to feel the sand. I feel your hand lightly on my back and it sends shivers down my spine, your touch is electric and makes me feel alive.

We walk a little further and sit on the beach just away from the water, feeling the sand, the breeze, the sun. Listening to the waves, the occasional bird and our own breathing. We both relax and enjoy just being. I put my arm behind you, you lean into my shoulder. I surround you with my arm. Your hand is on my knee, you start to run your finger along my calve, I tense as I know you like it. You run your finger higher up my leg playfully and start feeling the line of my swim shorts. I can feel your hand brushing my thigh and instantly I can feel myself start to get hard. I make no noise or movement; I know you aren’t trying to turn me on but you have so easily. You continue to play and then as you reach across to hug and kiss me your hand brushes against my hard cock. You look at me surprised, I just shrug my shoulders and apologise. You put your hand lightly around my cock and kiss me lightly, you don’t move your hand you are again just teasing me. The touch of your hand on me even though through swim shorts turns me on even more, I groan a little, longing for a bit more. With that you stop kissing me and remove your hand.

“Into the sea you, you need to cool off,” you get up and walk to digitalbahis yeni giriş the sea. I watch your gorgeous body enter the sea. I stand up to follow, my shorts looking like a tent. I walk straight into the sea and join you, I grab you and put your legs around my waste. I kiss you passionately and deeply. I can feel that you are pushing onto my hard cock, you grind your hips slightly as the water laps at our shoulders. You can feel my hardness pushing at your swimsuit. I can sense your breathing quickening and you are pushing harder on to me. You are making me squirm and I need this continue.

I suggest that we need to take a walk back to the room and get some real privacy. You leave the sea and I stay just a few moments longer to let the bulge in my shorts subside slightly. We walk back to the room a lot faster than we had left. We came off the beach at our private gate and found the terrace and pool was in full sun, I suggested we used our outdoor shower to remove the sand and salt. I dropped my swim shorts and got under the rainfall shower head. I saw through blurry eyes you remove your swimwear and felt you join me under the water. I pulled you close to me, a hand around your shoulders and one around your waist. I kiss your neck, across your shoulders and my mouth traces down to your nipple. I flick your nipple with my tongue and suck it in swirling my tongue around it. You have a hand on my head as I explore you. The water is cascading over our bodies and cooling our skin. I stand to kiss you, my hand feels down your body and to your pussy, you spread your legs slightly to allow me to feel you. I gently touch your clit and I feel you tense in excitement; we kiss while I am teasing you. I can feel your breathing picking up. I stop the shower and scoop you up. I walk you to the double sunbed sitting on the terrace, I lay you down gently and straddle your hips, my cock is laying on your stomach. I lean forward to whisper into your ear “I’m going to go down on you, I don’t want you to stop me, I’m going to lick and finger you until you come.”

I slide myself down you and come to rest between your legs. I put my arms under your legs so they are on my shoulders and I reach up to feel your breasts and body. My tongue starts to explore your pussy, drawing a line down you, circling your clit and inside you. You push your body against me and guide me to where you like it. You are very wet and you taste incredible. I bring one hand to play with you while I lick your clit, the tip of my finger dips gently inside you. I leave it there while I continue to lick. I gently remove my finger and slightly pull at your lips, I then re-enter you and go a little deeper. I am teasing you and you are hating that I am in control. My finger teases you until I give you it all. You like the depth and the feeling. I lick you softly and first while gently inside you. I feel your hips grinding with my motion. I finger you harder and watch your face as your eyes roll into your head. I then slow my pace and pull my finger out and push in very gently and softly while my tongue is on you. Your back arches gently and I grab it and pull you towards me more. You are gripping the bed with your hands, I can hear your breathing and gentle moans, your orgasm is building, and I’m not going to stop it. Your digitalbahis giriş body is still wet from the shower and your pussy is so wet on my finger. You grab the back of my head and push me into you, forcing me to lick harder, I feel your pussy grip my finger, your back arches, you moan and with a load moan you orgasm, your legs shake and I feel your pussy pulsating. I continue to gently lick you as you become sensitive. Your body goes limp and you lay breathing heavily, you release my head and guide me to lay next to you. I join you on my side, turn your head towards me and kiss you, you can taste yourself on my tongue.

My cock is throbbing as I got so excited from pleasing you. I let you lay there enjoying your afterglow of your orgasm.

I stand up to cool off in the shower.

We spend the rest of the morning sun bathing, swimming in our pool and enjoying the view out to see. We dress and talk a walk to a local village to find some lunch. You have on a gorgeous floaty dress and some lovely sandles. I’m wearing some chino shorts that are tight to my thighs and a short sleeved shirt. We walk hand in hand to a local taverna to have a light lunch. The owner sits us on a little table at the front over looking the sea, I order a beer and I order for you. You love I take control and order for you. We choose some little dishes to share. While the food is cooking we sit enjoying our drinks, you have slipped your sandle off and are running your foot along my calve. I pretend not to notice, you put your hand on my leg and squeeze at my thigh, you lean in and whisper very quietly in my ear. “My pussy is still twitching from my orgasm. I need your cock so badly, after lunch I want you…. No actually I need you.”

We enjoy our meal but all I can think about is being inside you. I sit for the meal with my shorts being restricted, you keep teasing me and gently touching me. I am getting hot and it’s not the Greek sun. You pop to the toilet, I sit there finishing my beer and my phone goes off with a message, it’s from you, a photo. A photo of your French knickers down and you feeling your pussy. It drives me wild, my cock is throbbing and leaking in my boxers, I have a wet patch on my shorts. You come back to the table, I’ve already paid and I’m ready to leave. The short walk was agony, trying to hide my hardness, needing to get back and you not helping by grabbing and guiding me by my cock.

We get into the room and you start to undo my shirt, I go to help and you slap my hand away. ‘no I’m in control’ you kiss each bit of my chest as you undress me. You take my shirt off and push me on to the bed. You take off my flip flops and you straddle my chest, your legs pin my arms down, it hurts but I like it. You pull your dress up and put it over my head. I can see you caressing your body under your dress. I want desperately to feel you but I’m pinned. You lift your dress over your head, you are wearing gorgeous matching white bra and white French knickers, the white material is already showing off your tan. You realise my arms so I can feel your body. You move down me slightly so I can feel you better, you put your hands on my chest and arch your back as my hands are all over you. I undo your bra and throw it to the floor, I feel your gorgeous breast and gently pinch your digitalbahis güvenilirmi nipples. You start to move further down my body until you can feel the firmness of my cock just touching you. You reach back and undo my button and flies of my shorts, my hardness pushes through and stretches my boxers further.

You then get off me and straddle the other way facing away from me. I grab your hips and caress your thighs. You skilfully work off my shorts and boxers revealing my hard cock, you put your hands on my thighs and slowly lower yourself, you kiss the tip and the feeling is incredible. Your French knickers are pulled tight against you as you lean forward, I feel you grind into them as the seam touches you. You shuffle your bum back towards and lean fully onto my body, your pussy is an inch from my face behind wet fabric, I lick your inner thigh and trace my tongue to your pussy. I lick at the material and I can taste you. You have your head next to my cock and you are gently licking at the base and my balls. You are just playing and I love the feeling, I’m dripping with knowing what’s coming. You take the pre-cum off my tip and lick it off your finger. You lick at the tip and then take me into your mouth, your tongue circles me and I feel you suck at it hard.

With my tongue I pull your knickers to one side and lick at your wetness, your pussy is dripping. I suck and lick at you while you are just letting me tip in your mouth. I feel your hand around the base of my cock and then your mouth takes me all in, you pull back off and you start sucking me. I bury my tongue deep into your pussy and I hear you groan. I start to thrust my hips towards your mouth to get even deeper, I hear you gag a little, that makes me feel good at my size. You remove your hand from my cock and take me all in, I feel your nose on my balls. Your tongue is on my shaft and I feel fully in your mouth.

You lean back and let me have one last lick before you spread my legs and get between them. I can see you on all fours in the mirror, the site of your pussy still slightly exposed from your knickers drive me wild. You put one hand on my balls and one steading yourself on my thigh. You look me in the eye and say ‘I’m not going to stop, I want to swallow your come’

You start gently at first with the tip, you quickly start taking all of me in your mouth. Your hand is moving in unison with your lips, making the feeling better. You pace is perfect you eyes do not leave mine. You start swirling your hand as your mouth pumps up and down. The site in front of me is perfect, my cock in a gorgeous woman’s mouth, her breasts pert, her arse in the mirror and her pussy waiting for me, but that’s later.

Your pace increases, you can see me getting close. My back arches, my legs are twitching and my chest is heaving. You slow your pace and look at me, you let me orgasm tail off slightly, but then suck harder than ever and grip me stronger. I feel the power building, I hold your head as I feel my orgasm about to explode, my back arches and I come, the first shot is soft, the second and third make you gag with the amount you’ve teased out of me. I come for ages, you can’t keep up, but you’re a pro. I can hardly speak with the pleasure but I ask you not to swallow it all. I finish and you instantly lay next to me and we kiss, you know I wanted to taste myself on your tongue. We kiss passionately and deeply. I am spent and can’t function.

We move out to the terrace and lay in the sun, my cock slowly going down, your pussy wet and ready for more.

“Don’t be long bouncing back I need you inside me.”

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