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This is a work of total fiction and is intended for adult readers ONLY!!!

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My name is Dain Markenson, and I had just finished up my sophomore year of college when my wrestling coach asked me to be a counselor at his summer instructional wrestling camp. What a perfect summer job offer!! It was going to be held at the college in 4 weekly sessions, with a week off in between each session. Schoolboys in 7th to 12th grade from all over the state would be attending and be housed in the dorms, in one of which I was being assigned as a floor monitor and…oh lucky me…a 7th-8th grade floor!! So, I had to get this straight in my mind. Provide wrestling instruction all day, then shower up with all the lads at the gym before participating in whatever evening activities. Then make sure they all went to sleep at a reasonable hour and without destroying the campus or the rooms they were occupying. Hmmm what to do with this offer? Only took me a nanosecond to accept it!

The thought of what would be happening behind closed doors at night in dorm rooms shared by 2 boys who were just beginning their journeys through puberty, was flooding my imagination as I drove home to spend a week before returning for the start of the camp’s first session. Boys being boys and all, some of them would no doubt do what I did at wrestling camps when I was their age…avail myself of every opportunity to be alone so I could get a jerk-off fix!! Better still, bust someone else doing it…get in on with someone…sex was going to be in the air and I was now formulating a plan to ensure that it did happen…and that it happened in a way that I could control and participate.

At 19, I had never thought of myself as cunning or devious or anything like that before, but I sure did now as I was hatching my plan. And as I pondered the summer ahead, my mind wondered back to the time 3 years before…when I seduced my first boy, and learned how to do it again, and again, and again!

I was 16 at the time of my first conquest of a younger boy. He was a wonderfully cherubic 12-year-old named Billy Patteron. Dark haired like myself, but with piercing blue eyes, compared to my brown ones. He stood 5’2” weighing 100 lbs. and being possessed of an angelic faced with soft alabaster skin. I had known Billy for about 4 months at the time I seduced him, because he was on the 7th grade wrestling team that I was helping to coach. I was 5’ 8” 135 lbs. at the time and, even though I was 16, I looked much younger. I had not shown any outward signs of puberty until just before 9th grade when my first pubic hairs arrived and thankfully excused me from the mock and ridicule I had been experiencing when seen hairless in the showers or on the weigh-in scales before matches. But even at 16 the only bodily hair I had besides on my head, was a respectable if slightly modest dark brown pubic bush above my average 3” flaccid and 5 “ erect circumcised penis. No forearm, leg or armpit hair on me to speak of and my chest, while chiseled, was completely bare.

Besides a very fit athletic body and a handsome face, or so I’ve been told, the main thing I had going for me was that I was a really good wrestler. I had been winning championships at state and national levels since the 6th grade, which had my vanquished pubic-hair-endowed-opponents derisively dub me “The Hairless Wonder.” Now in the middle of an undefeated season during my sophomore year of high school, I had the good fortune of being ranked as the best wrestler in my weight class in the state, having won the state championship at a lighter weight class the year before as a freshman. I was dating the hottest girl in 10th grade, but she wouldn’t put out at all so the only sex I was having was with my highly experienced right hand and with Tommy Jenkins who had been my jack-off buddy since we were 11. Tommy was the star quarterback of our high schools conference and was devotedly gay, though you would never have known it by his demeanor.

Tommy and I had been friends since 3rd grade and in 5th grade he swore me to secrecy before dropping his pants up in his room, between games of Nintendo, to show me the 10 or so jet black pubic hairs that were dotting the circumference of the base of his penis. My jaw dropped when I saw them and the next thing I knew he was teaching me how to jerk off of hairless unit. My first orgasm floored me and the sight of Tommy’s wet orgasm made me green with envy…an envy I would have to endure for another 4 years as Tommy left me further and further behind in the bodily hair department. From masturbating ourselves side-by-side across his, we progressed to masturbating each other and then on to sucking. God what glorious discoveries we had…but that’s another story…sorry for the digression!

The point I want to make here is that by the time I was 16, I knew all about sex with guys and had zero experience with girls, but not from a lack of trying. I never found myself attracted to other boys and thought of sex with Tommy as what I needed to do on occasion until girls would surrender themselves to me. I won’t lie and say that I never jerked off thinking about Tommy, but it was only about the days when we both started…back when he was barely pubescent and when I was not at all. That mindset started to change, however, in the weeks that followed my meeting young Billy Patteron.

From day-1 I knew he was totally hooked on me as a wrestler, because chief among the benefits that my athletic celebrity offered, was the idolatry from younger wrestlers like Billy. During practices Billy and other kids his age would constantly pursue me for technical knowledge about wrestling moves and strategies. But Billy was the most persistent of them all and I found that to be very flattering. He was a well accomplished wrestler for his age, but he possessed the same burning desire that I did at his age…to get better…to be the best. Billy came to all of my matches and would congratulate me after my wins asking me how and why I had done certain things. After practices he would seek me out to spend more time on the mats going over moves or just sitting around talking about strategy and training techniques. He so wanted to be like me and I was eager to help him in any way I could.

We were often the last ones to leave the gym which meant we undressed and showered together in relative privacy and, since his school bus would long since be gone by the time we were dressed to leave, I had become accustomed to giving him a ride home in my car…a black Corvette that Billy, and everyone else for that matter, thought was totally Rad. He also never flinched or looked the least bit uncomfortable when he would notice that I was inspecting his nudity in the showers or as we stood next to each other while changing in the locker room. At first, I truly believe it was mere curiosity on my part. His body’s maturation process would have a direct impact on his wrestling ability and I was just checking to see how things were progressing.

When I first saw Billy naked some 4 months prior, he showed no outward signs of puberty. Just your typical hairless 12-year-old. But within a month or so I started to notice that he was clearly beginning puberty, which is to say he had some peach fuzz around the base of his cute little circumcised dick. No coarse curly hairs, but there was a definite sign of “whities” starting to come in. Then, about a month later, when he was wet from the shower I noticed that his white fuzz took on a somewhat darkened tone which suggested to me that he’d be sporting a noticeable growth in the coming months. The kızkalesi escort kid was way ahead of where I was at his age and the sight of him began to make me stir in a way I didn’t truly put my finger on until I found myself jacking off to the thought of him and doing so with the crushing effects of hurricane-force orgasms with volcanic eruptions.

Thoughts of Tommy and girls had now been purged from the repertoire of my masturbation fantasies. I only had thoughts of snuggling next to Billy’s soft body and gifting my knowledge of sexual pleasure to him, as he would pleasure me in return. But I fought to suppress any thoughts of converting my fantasy into a reality, and I was winning that war against my psyche…that is until the day I knew I could not hold out any longer.

It was after a usual wrestling practice where Billy had asked me to stay late and continue to work with him. By the time we were done and headed into the locker room to shower, we found that we were the only ones there. We stripped out of our gear and as I reached for a towel before heading to the shower room, I stopped to watch Billy as he slowly pulled down the small jock strap he was wearing. His small sweaty penis and testicles popped into full view with his cute white sprout-lets matted to the sides of his penis, instead of sticking out straight like new grass seedlings straining towards the sun.

He was just a foot or so from where I was standing over him when I noticed that something was different, something that caused my penis to stir the second I comprehended its meaning. What I saw was the telltale swelling at the base of his penis head…right along his circumcision scar. Oh man! The little guy has been jerking off…and doing it OFTEN. He paid no attention to my staring as we headed off to the shower without speaking. Then as I watched him washing in the shower, lathering his privates with soapy suds, the sight of his beautiful nakedness made me feel compelled to see if I could lure him into sex with me. So, I summoned up all of my courage and decided to make a play for him….that day!

Knowing that my house was empty and we could have hours there alone together, I asked Billy if, instead of me just driving him home, did he wanted to call his Mom and ask if he could come over to my house to lift weights and go over some moves on the mats that were spread out on the floor of our garage. Billy was ecstatic at the idea and couldn’t get his cell phone out of his backpack fast enough to call. His mother agreed and during the drive to my house our conversations about wrestling techniques and training methods, soon transitioned to the process of bodily maturation and its impact on Billy’s ability to improve in the sport. He was hanging on my every word and I was intentionally focusing him on his body and the changes it was going through.

When we arrived, I showed Billy into the garage and then offered him an old red wrestling singlet that I had worn at his age while getting a blue one for myself. ‘Do you have a jock that will fit me?” he asked.

“No, sorry, all the ones your size were thrown out years ago, and the ones I do have would fall off you. Screw it,” I told him “we’ll just free-ball it!” We both laughed as we began to undress unblinking as we stood face to face while we stripped. I told him we’d just lift and wrestle barefoot, as we both stepped naked between the cutout legs of our singlets and then pulled them up over our butts and genitals before hooking the thin straps over our shoulders. Only those thin millimeters of colored fabric covered us and the outline of or genitals was plainly visible against the tight nylon that was pressing them up between our legs. The silhouette of my package showed the entirety of my flaccid length and my ample sack, while Billy displayed only the head of his dicklet and the outline of his small testicles.

“Let’s stretch first before we workout and we can talk about strategy and stuff while we do it,” I suggested as I sat down in the center of the mat and began the ritual we would both follow of loosening up all of our major muscle groups.

“So,” I began as we sat about 2 feet across from each other stretching our backs by twisting slowly from side to side “what can I tell you about today?”

“Getting stronger and faster,” Billy replied instantly. “I feel like I know so many moves and strategies and stuff, but I think I need to get bigger and faster like you are Dain.”

“Well Billy, you know that a lot of that stuff is outside your control, don’t you?” I asked as I watched him begin to stretch his legs out wide to loosen his hamstrings.

“Well kind of, I guess, but not really,” he fumbled trying to make him self clearer. “I mean I run lots and lift 3 times a day but I’m not getting way big muscles or lifting higher amounts of weight. I feel like I’ve stalled out or something.”

What a perfect low hanging curve this was to hit out of the park of seduction! He had just opened the door to the topic I so dearly wanted to broach with him…his bodily development. “That’s what I’m trying to say Billy,” I continued trying not to rush the topic and risk scaring him off “until puberty really begins for you there’s not much else you’re going to be able to do.” Then I saw his face take on a contorted look and begin to redden and then, staring straight down at the mat in front of him, Billy began to sob. “Dude, what’s wrong,” I said as I slid next to him and put a comforting arm across his shoulder.

“Dain…I…err….I think maybe…I…err…I’m doing bad stuff or something,” Billy blurted out before bawling like a baby.

“Hey, pal, its OK, I’m sure its nothing I don’t already know about,” I whispered to him softly as I cradled his head to my chest feeling his falling tears as they splashed below my neck. I knew exactly where this was going…the old sports myth perhaps no more strongly advanced than by boxers and wrestlers: sex makes you physically weak and you have to abstain from it to stay strong…what hogwash!! But this was now so perfect a foil that I felt my penis begin to stiffen as I knew the first domino had just been toppled and when the last one fell… OK, I had to get a grip on things and play out this scenario, so I told myself to breathe and relax and deflate, as I continued to comfort the sobbing boy.

“Billy, just tell me flat out OK, because I’m pretty sure I know what’s bugging you but I can’t say it in case I’m wrong. But if I’m right then I will be telling you that everyone does it and its not bad OK…so you just have to be brave enough to say what’s going on.”

Fighting to catch his breath and find his voice, Billy pulled back slowly from my chest but never looked up from the floor as he said “I…I…oh shit Dain…I jerk off all the time! Everyday and more than once or even twice, I do it a lot!!!!” And the floodgates opened again as I was quick to swoop him back into my arms.

“Billy, that’s what I thought you’d say. Relax its fine we can talk all about it. It’s not bad, it won’t hurt your wrestling, it’s great to discover that your body can be made to feel so good. Hell, jerking off might even help you grow faster.” That remark caught him completely off guard.

“H-h-how can it h-help me Dain?”

“Well, let’s begin by making sure you understand what puberty is exactly. Tell me what you know about it.”

Wiping his eyes and with regained composure Billy, to my surprise, spewed forth a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the biological process of sexual development, to which I then added, “That’s right, you have a good handle on it conceptually but let me tell you about how it relates to you specifically…or at least how it related to me, tarsus escort which I’m sure is pretty much how it goes for everyone.”

Billy was staring at me intently as I continued “So your body is maturing and you feel it lots of places like in your dick which gets hard because you are getting the hormones you said you knew about and all.” Billy giggled and then pawed lightly at his crotch as I continued, “Well, I think that when you jerk off its like a signal to your body that things are all working so keep the hormones coming. And, best of all, the more those hormones come the stronger and bigger you will get especially if you are working out like you do.”

“You know all about steroids, right?” to which Billy nodded his understanding. “OK, so the hormones your body is producing are natural steroids, and the more you produce the stronger you’ll get. Hell, when I was your age I couldn’t jerk off enough because I wasn’t as developed as I think you are now, so I was like trying to play catch up and telling my body ‘Hey…send down the hormones…I’m ready fro Christ’s sake.’”

Billy laughed as he asked “So how often were you doing it?”

“Pretty much the same as now, except I could shoot stuff back then.” and here I wanted to be careful to paint as erotic a picture as I could, “but I was having super orgasm feelings even when they were dry or just little water spitters.” Now it was time to get Billy involved in this conversation…”Are you still dry or can you make some water yet,” I asked looking him in the eyes sincerely but trustingly.

To my delight he didn’t hesitate at all when he replied “I was all dry until about a month ago when some funny stuff dripped out when the great feeling first hits me, and now sometimes it will shoot out a little at the beginning but for most of the feeling part its dry.”

“The feeling part is called an orgasm Billy, and like I said you are ahead of me because at your age I was all dry. I couldn’t do the water stuff until I was 13 and I couldn’t shoot the real stuff like I do now, until I was 14. I’ll bet you will be doing it much sooner.”

“How can you tell that,” he asked.

“Well, we’ll come back to that but first let me answer your how-many-times question. And the answer is….whenever IT came up!” I said pointing down to my crotch. Billy laughed as I continued “I mean I’d jack every morning that I woke up with a woodie, at school after a bumpy bus ride, in the shower at home, before going to bed, and always when I was in bed before going to sleep. 3 times a day easy…even now.”

“Wow,” Billy exclaimed in relief and perhaps awe “that’s maybe even more than I do it.”

“Yep, that’s what I mean…nothing bad there, at least nothing bad that ever happened to me. In fact if I hadn’t jacked off so much, maybe I wouldn’t have grown in time to win state’s my freshman year.”

“Holly shit Dain, do you really think so?”

“Well, I don’t know it there’s scientific evidence on it but it’s what I think so what the fuck.”

“God, I feel like such an idiot for being such a baby and all…but Dain how is it you think I’m ahead of where you were at my age, besides making some water stuff?”

“Well I’ve seen you in the showers and kind of checked you out…you do know that I’ve looked you over right??”

“Yeah, sure…everyone looks.”

“Well Billy, you’re right everyone looks…but not everyone sees. For example: the fuzzy white hairs you have are starting to darken. And your balls have come all the way down now, not like Pat Johnson’s who’s sack skin kinda hangs underneath where his balls are.”

“Yeah,” Billie chirped “I seen that, but I thought he was holding them up like when you’re cold and stuff.”

“Nope, that’s just a sign that he’s not as mature as you are” and now to set the hook…”at least as mature as I THINK you are.”

“Shit…well…I mean, how can you know for sure?” Billy asked in a voice desperate for confirmation.

“Piece of cake, I’d just have to check you out more closely than from across a locker room.”

“You mean get naked in front of you now?” Billy asked not in shock as much as for clarification “like in a doctor’s office?”

“Exactly…I mean only if you want me to.”

“Yeah sure,” he said as in one fluid motion he unhooked the shoulder straps of his singlet, tugged it down from his waist and then stepped clear of it standing proudly naked before walking up to where I was sitting. I scrambled to my knees and took hold of his hips as I stared intently at his unexcited 2” flaccid penis as it rested against a scrotum of only slightly greater length. His aroma intoxicated me and I had to fight the erection that wanted to spring from my loins.

No pubic hairs at all, just a white fuzziness in the lower areas to either side of his penis. And he never flinched as I reached out to swirl my finger tips through his downy collection and then as I caressed his marble-sized balls. But when I lifted and took hold of his penis shaft, he pulled back abruptly and covered himself quickly with his hands.

“W-w-why did you do that,” he stammered not seeming mad as much as surprised.

“Oh, sorry” I said “it’s just when it’s not hard the only way to know how long it is, is to stretch it out. You can do it yourself if you want.”

“Don’t have to,” Billy said smiling slyly as he uncovered himself revealing a thin boyish    3-½” erection “the reason I pulled away is when you touched it like that I knew I’d be getting a boner.”

“Very funny, now come back over here so I can finish,” I laughed as his now fully engaged penis approached me. I rolled at its head and under its side as I watched Billy’s face become blissful and his eyes closed.   Then I used my other hand to massage his scrotum and rub behind it, along the magic strip of his perineum.

“OH GOD” he cried as that previously unexplored spot sent shockwaves of delight through his young body. “Dain stop…you better stop or I’m gonna get off.”

“That’s the idea Billy,” I comforted him “I want to see the water you’re making. Here, lay down and I’ll finish you…unless you’d rather just do it yourself.”

“No, no go ahead it feels so great” he panted as he almost fell to his back beside me.

“OK Billy just close you eyes and relax OK?” I whispered as began to take hold of his erection. It felt so hot and hard and alive! “mmmmmmmmmm” he purred as I began to stroke slowly up and down his slender erection, using a 3-finger grip with my thumb index and middle fingers. I thrilled at the contrast between the length of his shaft and his lovely penis head as it tickled my palm on the upstroke before popping out the top of my grip when my hand descended. In addition to stimulating his perineum with my free hand, I also circled the tip of my index finger around the exterior of his anus…not poking or prodding…just circular rubbing. Then he gasped. And twitched. And spread his legs wide as I jacked him fast and hard to the finish line.

“Oooooohhh, ssssshhittt…ooooohhh, gggggod, uummmah, uuunnnnnuuufff, aaaaaaaahhhhhggg” and his face drew tight, with shut eyes and an open mouth as his erect penis grew harder and hotter in my flailing hand until a single light spray flew softly from the tip of his boyhood landing at his naval as he convulsed through the twisted mask of joy on his face, in the pure ecstasy of a pre-teen consumed by an earth-shattering orgasm. His testicles rose and fell no less than 6 more times as he barked out his climax, with the final volleys of his pleasure slowly spilling a few last drops of boy juice from him without ever getting airborne. Though the best of it had passed, I could sense that he did not want my stroking to stop but I slowed my pace to a crawl and anamur escort significantly loosened my grip.

Slowly he opened his eyes and then backed his hips away in order to free his penis from my hand. He was so spent looking as he muttered “Oh that was so wicked Dain…I loved it so much,” then he sat up and looked at me for an answer and I knew that my reply would have to come out as being purely honest when he asked me “Dain…what we just did…does it make us gay?”      

“Hell no!” I shot back with conviction. “It is only exploration dude. I’ve done it with a guy before when I was your age, and I’m still trying like crazy to get into Carol Birk’s pants.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you with her, she’s really pretty,” Billy said admiringly.

“Pretty yes, but prudey too…can’t even get a hand job out of her,” I sighed in remembrance of many a sexually frustrated evening.

“Well, I’ll give you one,” Billy said smiling. “I never touched anyone before and I’d really like to see what real stuff you can shoot out.”

“You don’t have to, “ I said “but if you do then great…if not I am happy to jack off in front of you so you can see my cum shot.”

“No,” Billy responded quickly “I really want to do it…just tell me how.”

“Piece of cake pal…just do it to me like you do it to yourself.”

Of course I wanted him to do me in the worst way and I had been stone hard since I began my physical inspection of this gorgeous lad. When I stood to remove my singlet, my dick was tenting out at a 45 degree angle from the nylon front and as I lowered the shoulder straps, I had to pull my 5-incher back to get the damned thing off of me. Billy’s eyes were fixed on me with my jutting, seemingly monstrous to him, hard-on adorned by a decent sized swatch of dark brown pubic hair and my low hanging balls that ached to release their seed.

I lay down on my back in front of where Billy was sitting and I noticed that his previously limp penis was beginning to regain some girth, signaling his excitement at touching the first penis other than his own. His hand was trembling as it reached out to touch me and I sighed deeply as his soft small fingers encircled my shaft. “It’s so hard and fat and long,” he said “I can’t believe how warm and smooth it feels too.”

“It’s not all that big,” I told him “it just seems that way to you.”

“A monster hog cock,” he sputtered out in a laugh that I quickly joined in before playfully slapping at his bare butt with my open hand, which made a decidedly loud SMACK noise, to which he playfully smiled at me and perhaps foretold of other things young Billy might find erotic. Then he began to stoke me with excellence and I rested my head down against the mat with one of my arms draped across my eyes as he stroked up and down, and up and down…each stroke seeming to make the semen in the caldrons of my testicles come closer and closer to a full boil.

When, through pure improvise, he began to use both oh his hands to cover the entirety of the shaft and head of my erection as he masturbated me, my head popped up and I looked lovingly into his sparkling deep blue eyes. He knew he was pleasuring me greatly and he was taking pride in the effect of his efforts. I stole a glance at his lap and saw that he had re-attained full mast and, lest his ship sail uncrewed, I reached out and took his pulsing boyhood once again into the caress of my wanting palm and fingers.

“Here, lay down on you back beside me like this,” I said as I pulled him to me and we lay hip to hip with our heads in opposite directions. “This way we can do it to each other easier.” Billy willingly complied and soon we were comfortably stroking away with our pumping arms crossed over each other. Then I pulled us to our sides as I said “I want to suck on you if that’s OK, but you don’t have to suck on me.”

“NO!” he protested loudly as I felt both shocked and saddened before he read the look on my face and continued “no Dain…I mean I want you to suck me but I do want to suck on you too.”

“OK,” I replied tousling his hair in approval “but go slow because it will choke you if you go too deep on me. Getting it all in take practice so just do as much as is comfortable and use one of your hands to stroke the rest. Also, when I tell you, take your mouth off and just use your hand so I don’t shoot in your mouth.” Billy nodded his understanding as I lowered my face to him and breathed in his wondrous nectar. His penis twitched rapidly and he squealed with delight when I sucked him in and swirled my tongue across the head of his tender young rod.

“Ooohh fuck that feels so gooooood,” he cooed as he lay there frozen and unable to comprehend the extent of the pleasure he was feeling. Then some 10 or 12 full sucking strokes later I watched as he pensively brought his face to the brink of accepting me into his small mouth. At first just his soft lips covered my burning glans and I felt the drool of his saliva drip down my shaft and begin to flood my pubic hairs which caused by scrotum to tingle and tighten into a leathery clamp around my testicles. Slowly but surely he took more and more of me in, as his hot young mouth slid expertly up and down. He choked several times trying to go deeper on me but the kid was a trooper and before long he had conquered his gag reflex…his head now flying up and down my full length and his nose dipping into the wet mass of hair at the base.

For my part, I was sucking him at a fever pitch and I felt him buck on several occasions which previewed that his release was near. The thought of that event took me to the edge and I pulled off of him only long enough to say “I’m close Billy, better go back to your hand now.”

He looked up from my crotch with my erection still in his mouth as he devilishly smiled a and muttered a muted “Unn ahhh”…as in “No Way!” I smiled at him in a thankful manner and then slathered at his twitching penis before coating my fingers in the saliva pool at the base of his penis and then used by slickened digits to caress the hairless crack of his butt while bumping across his puckering boyhole. “Aaaahh ggggoddd,” I groaned into his penis as I felt him running his own spit-soaked fingers through the crevice of my own buttocks.    

I know this will sound cliché, but it really did happen: we climaxed in virtual unison. His initial guttural sounds caused my climax to launch and we bucked our hips into each others faces in hard, full, deep strokes. I cried out as my first shot felt like a hose going off and I heard him cough and then felt the volume of my discharge slide from his mouth back down my shaft as the second third and fourth shots followed suit. Billy was groaning back at me and a light spray crossed my tongue and the sweet salinity of it made me suck harder and faster for more.

Thank God no one was within earshot because we were making more noises of passion than a raunchy porn video, and after we had both crescendoed, we release the penis we were sucking and collapsed to our backs panting for air like we’d just completed a 5 mile run.

“I never knew,” Billy huffed “I never thought it could ever feel so good!”

“I know Billy, I know…I can still remember my first time…don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

Then pulling himself to his side Billy asked “How am I ever gonna be able to just jerk off after that?” he lamented.

“You’ll make room for it Billy, don’t doubt that for a minute. But anytime you want, if time and privacy allow it I mean…I mean I’ll do it with you anytime you say.”

Billy smiled radiantly as he said “Hey Dain…I’m free this time tomorrow! I mean what a great way to workout!!”

And we both fell back in boyish laughter, secure in the knowledge that much more lay ahead for us both.

***Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tale. Shall I continue? With tale of young Billy and ultimately of the wrestling camp adventures of 3 years hence? Do write to the email address above and give me your thoughts…it is that which compensates we writers!

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