First Time

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You come over to watch the game. We go downstairs and have a few beers on the couch. The conversation turns to sex – about the things we like and the things our women won’t do. To test the waters, I suggest that I might be willing to suck a cock in order to get mine sucked.

That kind of shocks you, but you take the bait and wonder aloud if you could ever make such an exchange. You say that you might depending upon how the penis looked. I really want a blow job, so I stand up and unzip and show you my semi-hard cock. You stare in amazement. Another man’s cock is staring back at you!

You ask me if you can touch it. In response I move your hand onto my member. As you touch it, it grows in your hand. That gives you a thrill and you grab it hard. You look up at me and say “a blow job for a blow job, right?” I acknowledge the deal and push forward. I guide my cock to first brush your lips, but then rub it along your cheeks, across your nose, touching your lips again, then to your forehead so that you have an opportunity to lick my balls. Then I drag it across your face and focus on your lips. I keep teasing your lips with the head.

Your mind has already made the leap. You no longer wonder if you can do this. You now wish that my cock would be inside your mouth. I grant your wish and push past your lips. Your lips trace the contours of my head. Then your tongue experiences the underside of my cock as I approach your throat. You just suck on my dick loving the feeling in your mouth. I begin to fuck your face and you realize you are rock hard and loving the fact that you are finally sucking cock…

…you continue sucking my cock and loving the feeling of the hard meat with skin so smooth on your tongue and pressed against the roof of your mouth. I realize that I am getting close – so I pull out, not wanting our fun to cum to such a quick end.

I stand you up and get down on my knees. I slowly unzip your pants and pull them down in one quick motion. Your now free cock slaps me in the chin and now I am face to face with the object of my fantasies of many many years. Yet I take it slow – wanting to savor the moment. I study your beautiful hard cock. I gently use my fingertips to move it around so that I can see all of it. “Can I kiss it?” You nod your approval and I plant a kiss with my lips onto your cock head. I sneak in a little tongue and lick you slit which by now is slightly dripping with your pre-cum. I now have my first taste of another mans cum on my tongue and I let it slowly sink in like I am tasting a fine wine. Once it fades, l look up at you again – “can I suck it, please?” By now you are going crazy with anticipation and you grab my head and push your hard shaft into my mouth as deep as it will go.

Now is my time to let everything wash over me. I have a rock hard cock in my mouth. Fındıkzade Escort I love it. I am finally sucking cock. I have crossed the line and am now a COCKSUCKER!

After a while of sucking, I begin to fondle your balls and lay you down on the couch. I push your legs back and suck your nuts in earnest. With one hand I am jacking your dick, but with my other I am massaging your taint. I use lotion on your taint, but before long I am sucking your cock again and my taint massage has widened to include your rosebud. I am simply teasing it so far – no penetration. You are going crazy and can’t wait for what comes next.

As I apply pressure with one of my fingers to your ass – your body is way ahead of me and pushes down onto my hand forcing the finger to fully insert itself. As that was so easy, I lube up another finger, and again another and start to fuck you with them. All the while your hard cock is pumping in and out of my mouth…

…I love sucking your cock. I love having it in my mouth. Feeling the heat of it. Tasting your manhood. Knowing the pleasure I am giving you. Knowing that tonight I am going to experience many firsts – including you blasting your cum all over my face and in my mouth.

Right now I shift my focus back to your ass. I release your cock from my mouth and pin your knees to your ears. You are wide open now and I am pounding your prostate from the inside. I get in front of you – in what would be a decent 69 position if your ass wasn’t high in the air – and feed you my cock as I continue to finger bang your ass. I am doing whatever I please with your body and you are loving it. Your inverted position is disorienting, but that just adds to your focus on my cock filling your mouth in sync with the rhythm of my fingers violating your ass.

Then suddenly I get up and walk away to wash up. You are confused and left feeling empty in both of your holes. You are left with a longing to be filled again.

Then I come back in and you see my big hard tool swinging in front of me, covered in a condom and you understand. Your virginity will be taken from you in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to be told what to do. You have wanted this for many years. You assume the position – first on all fours – then you put your face and chest on the pillow so you can use your hands to spread yourself and present your ass to me…

…I apply a generous portion of lube onto my cock and bring it right to your asshole. You are quivering with anticipation – the adrenaline coursing through your body from the realization that you are now going to be fucked. I press in and the head of my cock passes your ring and into you. I continue to press and the entire shaft enters your ass. Our balls are now in contact as I bottom out inside of you.

All of the simulation you Fındıkzade Escort Bayan have performed over the years and all of my foreplay with your ass did not prepare you for the sheer size of my entire cock filling your ass. It takes your breath away and you exist in stunned bliss at the new sensations you are feeling. I then pull all the way out and again you are left with that feeling of emptiness and longing. I leave my cock head at your entrance for some seconds and your longing builds. Then I drive back into you balls deep. You are thankful for the work we put into your ass – you experience no pain – just intense pleasure as my dick fills your ass.

Now that it is clear to me that you are loving my cock in your ass, I pick up the pace. I ram my cock inside of you with force, again and again. I fuck your ass so hard that I am knocking the wind out of you with each thrust, but I am ramming you so fast you can barely inhale enough air to keep up. The thought goes through your head of how perfect my cock is for fucking your ass: so hard and pulsing yet living flesh rounded and spongy in all the right ways. It pounds your prostate yet conforms to it as well. I pound you long and hard. Your ass has been well fucked. You love my cock.

You are overcome with thoughts of my cock and need it in your mouth now. You roll over at just the right time. I have been fucking you so hard that I can feel my climax building. You grab my cock and rip the condom off and pull me to your mouth. Once again my cock slides past your lips but there is no subtlety now – I am fucking your mouth. You quickly get a mouthful of cock pumping in and out. After another minute of jamming my dick past your lips and over your tongue I pull out and stroke my own cock. You are ready for this. You open your mouth and close your eyes and feel the first stream of my hot cum lash across your face landing on your cheek, chin and open mouth. Then I quickly jam my cock back into your mouth as my second explosion jets to your throat and over your tongue. I pull out again for the third blast. It hits your other cheek, lips and chin, but I am not done yet. This is the most erotic experience of my life and the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I just keep cumming all over your face. Your eye, your forehead, your nose and the rest of your face are all covered with my cum. It is dripping into your mouth and onto your chest. I am so satisfied.

I lay back to catch my breath as you sit up with your cum covered face and raging cock staring at me…

… Now it is my turn to realize my fantasy. I stop you where you are – I don’t want you to come to me. Instead I crawl over to you, get off the bed and get down on my knees in front of you.

Now I tease myself with your cock. I let my lips and tongue experience your swollen Escort Fındıkzade head. I rub your cock all over my face. I cover myself with your scent. You feed me your T-Bag and I just enjoy the feeling of your nuts in my mouth. Finally I lick my way up your shaft and inhale your rock hard cock. I am doing it again – sucking cock. I love your cock.

After just sucking and savoring the feel, the taste and the texture of your cock, I start to focus on you. The this is my first blow job I want it to be great. I want to serve this cock properly. I am now a cocksucker. I want to be a brilliant cocksucker. I look up at you and see the lust in your eyes. I begin to use my hands on your long dick.

I make a fist right in front of my mouth to simulate an extra long pussy. As you push through my fist into my mouth, I twist it with a firm grip. I suck hard with my mouth. As you pull out, I twist back the other way. Then I use both hands to stoke you straight on but hard. Then it is back to the one hand twist with full penetration into my mouth and hitting my throat. I mix up the technique to keep you guessing.

I love the way your body is responding to my ministration. Your cock is rock hard. Your hips can’t stop pumping even if you wanted them to. This is the best blow job you have ever had. I look up at you again “may I please have your cum?” Now I keep going, on my knees, serving your cock. One hand stroking and twisting – my mouth sucking on every thrust – and my other hand fondling your balls. It is all too much for you as you submit to your need to cum.

Your cock starts to throb and I know what is cumming. This is the culmination of my dreams. I have loved the minutes leading up to this, but the feeling of your cock pulsing on my tongue intensifies my pleasure exponentially. I want a facial but right now I can’t imagine denying myself of even an instant of your cock in my mouth – or of experiencing your explosion. And you do explode. The earlier prostate stimulation built up a massive load – and you deliver it to me.

My mouth is full of cum with your first jet. I am ecstatic. Salty, sweet, sticky, hot. While I am savoring the first blast, you blast me again. I am still sucking hard, pumping and fondling. The copious amount of cum filling my mouth now starts to spill out past my lips and onto your shaft. I am not going to slow down. I continue serving your cock so that you can get the full enjoyment out of feeding me your full load. You don’t disappoint – you just keep on blasting jets of cum into my mouth. I have not mastered swallowing yet – so your cum continues to slip past my lips and onto your cock. As your orgasm subsides, I swallow all of the cum in my mouth and gently suck and lick the rest off of your cock and balls – being careful with the head. This experience is everything I have dreamed of and wanted for so long. I am extremely satisfied.

We clean up and get dressed. I offer you another beer, but you are confused and decide to go home without discussing it – other than to mention that no one can ever find out about this. I tell you not to worry – discretion is key to me as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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