First Time Dogging

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Knock off time at work and its like OMG, now to get ready. I have raced down to at least get my haircut cos I cannot get it coloured in time.

I get home and the anticipation starts to build.

I know that tonight is going to be really exciting and the adrenalin is already kicking in…

Heading for the shower I am using the scented body wash, Twilight magic, just like I hope my evening to be…Cleaning every part of my body and making sure it is hair free… Even rubbing the scrunchy over my skin to wash it is exciting me.

Love the way my body joins my mind in an interlude of its own whenever I am heading to a playdate. Stepping out of the shower I quickly brush my hair and whack a little wax into it. (Doesnt take much as it is back to how I like it . Bloody short and easy to manage.)

I open my lingerie drawer, choices are always hard. Red, blue, floral, orange, grey, purple or maroon? Settle on the electric blue set. (Somehow I really struggle to go past that one) I put them on and lift the little thigh length dress over my head and let it drop into place…

I reach into my bedside drawer and pull out the bag with the condoms in it, it has a bottle of wet stuff in there and a vibrating cock ring,(Not the proper variety, but just a quickie disposable one.

I place them into my hand bag. I need to know that I have them in case ardahan escort we want them. I am doing something I am not sure how it works after all…

Ok, I am ready but still way too early as I don t know how to be late for anything. Kiss the kids goodbye and let the sitter know the details in case she needs them…

I jump in the car and start heading down there … Have been driving for about ten minutes when the message comes through saying that he is to have easy access to my cunt. I send back and ask him if there is anything I need to do or will we discuss it there. The message comes back saying it is a silent meet. You dont need to talk. I will come to you and you will know it is me.

Wow now Im really wet… removing my panties while I am driving and I can smell the excitement in them. My cunt is almost dripping with anticipation of what is about to happen. One town, two towns, three towns… Next is where we meet. God, I am nervous now.

I send the messages saying that ok I am here. He pulls into the parking bay just on dusk as he had explained its the best time to do this. The sunset does look amazing. And I am so horny now and nervous. Oh my god, am I nervous.

He gets out of the car and walks over to me and straight away his hand in up my dress to feel my exposed cunt. “Good girl” he tells me. His artvin escort fingers straight in between the folds and feeling my moist cunt.

I moan and reach for his belt. I want to feel that cock. I undo the buckle and let them drop to his ankles. I reach into my ute tray and grab a matt that is in there to put onto the ground. I then drop to my knees and release his cock from his boxers. Mmm smell that cock. Mixed with the scent of man…

Now that is my favourite smell,and this one does smell manly. Fuck I love that. My tongue is licking against his skin, from his sides up to his pierced nipples and back again… taking him in.

My tongue darts out to flick his tip and wrap around him to pull him back into my mouth. No hands needed really as my mouth loves cock and can work it alone, or with my fingers assisting.

His cock grows rapidly in my mouth… expanding and larger than I expected. His hand reaches down and holds the back of my head guiding me and fucking my throat slowly. I can see already that he loves making me gag on it. But Christ it feels good.

He pulls me upward and leans me over into the back seat. He pulls my cunt lips apart as he guides that cock into my cunt. Taking hold of my hips he gives me his length, but only at his pace … I try moving back onto it but he can see what I am doing. aydın escort He fucks me for a while then pulls out and puts his fingers into me…

Starting to stretch me wider he puts in two, then three, then four… He is fucking my cunt with most of his hand… trying to get it in there … I am moaning, all the trucks are driving past.

One pulls into the parking bay and I thought we would stop.;I was wrong. He kept his fingers in my cunt and plays more. I am so excited that we are not even using wet stuff, this is all natural… damn he is good.

He pulls out and lets me go back to sucking his cock. my tongue playing and licking his balls, they are cute, not large ones but he has the perfect accompaniment to that cock.. my mouth taking it and he reaches under my chin and holds my neck firmly there…

Pushing his cock further into the back of my throat. I am gagging on it but it is such a hot experience I am so getting off on it. He lets me slip a finger into his ass as I am taking all of his cock into my throat, more and more he is guiding me, face fucking me but not in a really hard way.

He has told me he will go at my pace as I get used to doing it. His orgasm is building and I start to suck harder, he finally cums, holding my face into the hilt of his cock, gagging but oh the sweet taste of his cum…

He eases my face off his cock and then my other senses kick in. I just want to devour this man

… he has a man scent that I could lick and lick off him, or sniff him.

He tells me how he loved the chance of catching up and that hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. He then jumps back in his car and leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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