First Time With Daniel

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Danielle and Sarah were talking on the phone one night, discussing whether they should have sex with their boyfriends or not. Danielles boyfriend was very calm, and liked to talk things over with her. He didnt want to pressure her in any way, because he didnt want to make her feel uncomfortable.

“I mean…Sarah, look. You’re boyfriend is pretty much saying ‘do it, or I’ll leave you. so i think you should just dump him. but mine…i know he loves me. he’s not pressuring me, he’s letting me think, he barely brings it up, and he always asks before even feeling me up, or fingering me.”

“Yea, that’s true. Maybe i’ll leave Josh. He is being an ass…but i mean, you’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

“Yes…poor little virgin over here..haha. But i really want daniel to be my first. He’s so sweet, and i think I’m old enough. 18 is exceptional, isnt it?”

“In my opinion..yea.”

“Well sarah, daniel and i are going on a date. So i’ll talk to you tomorrow ok?”

“Ok. But if anything goes down…be careful huh? i wouldnt want you pregnant.”

“Oh dont worry. I’ll be fine.”

“Bye sarah.”


She hung up, and ran into the shower. Daniel and her were going out to eat, and then they were going to his house afterwards. His parents would be out for the evening, until late morning the next day. That’s why she had been disgussing whether or not she should have sex with Daniel. But damn he’s fine. She washed herself, got out, and went to her closet. After about 10 minutes, she finally picked out a cute outfit. A simple short, black miniskirt, and a pink tanktop. She had a cute silver choker on, and some sliver bracelets to match. She had her hair up in a ponytail for easy access to her face, and some eyeliner and mascera on. “There…done.” She checked herself over. Her 36D breasts were shown like they should be. With cleavage. She put on her perfume, and ran downstairs. As she was going down the stairs, the door rang.

“Hey Sweetheart. You look beautiful.”

“Thanks Daniel. You’re so sweet.” They kissed, and she yelled to her parents she’d Cebeci Escort be out with Daniel, and then she’d sleep over sarah’s after, and she left. They went to a fancy french resteraunt, and talked, and kissed. They always enjoyed eachothers company. And when she got back in the car to go to his house, she knew that THIS would be the night.

“We’re here.” He said, as he pulled up into the driveway of a large house. It was bigger than she had expected, and the driveway was bigger than a parking lot.

“Wow, you seem like you never have company.”

They walked in, Daniel leading her, and went to the living room. Daniel turned on a movie, which neither of them watched. They sat on the couch, and kissed eachother. Gently roaming one anothers mouths with their tongues. Daniel started caressing her breasts, and pinching her nipples slightly, letting her feel his cock on the outside of his pants. He instantly got hard, and started pinching her pussy, and softly pinching her nipples. She wanted to make a move, so she stradled on top of him, and unzipped his pants. She rubbed lifted her tight skirt higher, and revealed a fully shaved pussy, considering she wore no underwear. He was so turned on, he started kissing her agressivly, and picked her up by her ass. He carried her up to the bedroom and said “Are you sure u want to do this? I know you’re a virgin, and i dont want to push you.”

“If i didnt want to do it, i’d tell you. I love you so much. And i want you to be my first.”

At that, he laid her down, and took off all her clothes. She took off his while he was taking off hers, and he started sucking her nipples. She leaned her head back, and moaned, because she’s never felt this before. He kissed her chest bone, and moved over to her other breast. He held it in his hand, and sucked on her nipple, and then blew. Making it harder than she thought possible. He nibbled on her nipples with his teeth, lightly, and blew, keeping them firm. He then moved down, and started kissing around her naval. He darted his tongue Çıtır Escort in and out, and went around in circles in her naval, making her hot, thinking about his cock in her pussy like that. He finally moved down, and started kissing her shaved pussy. It was so perfect, he had to lick it. He licked just her pussy lips, and then planted a kiss right on her clit. She quivered, and he held her hand, and began licking her pussy while he rubbed her clit softly.

She moaned slightly as he licked her pussy and her clit, and he became more agressive each time she moaned. He finally shoved his first finger into her, making her moan louder. and then a second finger. her pussy was so tight, he couldnt insert a third, and he continued to finger her. as he fingered her, he licked around her pussy, and rubbed her clit gently. she was so overwhelmed, her body started tensing up for orgasm. Keith noticed this, and he pulled his fingers out, and inserted his tongue, and rubbed her clit harder and faster. She came all in his mouth, and some drooled down his chin. he licked it up the best he could. then, he crawled on top of her, and kissed her on her neck. he licked gently, and sucked diligently. he then, whispered “i love you” in her ear, and slowly guided himself into her. only the head of his cock was in her, and she squirmed a little, because she wasnt used to having anything larger than fingers in her pussy. he pushed a little, getting her comfortable, and slid it in a little more. every minute he pushed in another inch, and then went around in circles, getting her pussy used to his cock. he finally inserted all of his cock, and she gasped slightly, because it was her first time, and it kind of hurt. there was a mix between extreme pleasure, and pain. there was more pleasure than pain, so she let him continue. He got a hold of her hips, and slowly thrust in and out, gliding in her wet, hot, tight pussy. she moaned, and started getting used to the feeling. He started thrusting a little faster, but not too hard, knowing she wasnt used Demetevler Escort to it. so moaned, and started getting into it more. she started bucking her hips towards him, and he got the hint to go faster. He let go of her hips, and moved his hands to cup her breasts. He rocked fast, back and forth, while rubbing her tits. She leaned her head back and moaned, while saying “Daniel” under her panting breathing rhythm. She started bucking harder, coming close to another orgasm. he was so hot and sweaty, and her pussy was so extremely tight, he had to really concentrate on not letting go. She came, and he got off of her, and laid on the bed. She instantly got on top of him in a 69 position, and started sucking his large cock. she licked the hole on the tip of his dick, and then slowly moved down, so that only the head of his cock was in her mouth. he licked her pussy juices dry, and started fondling her clit with his tongue. She moaned on his cock, and it made it vibrate slightly, making his balls tense up slightly, and he leaked some precum into her mouth. She knew soon after he’d cum, so she climbed off of him, and turned around to face him. She started rubbing her pussy on his chest, making him very excited, smelling her pussy right out front of his face. Her pussy tasted and smelled so sweet, he couldnt get enough of it. She then slid down toward his cock, and she guided herself into him. She didnt quite know what she was doing, so he held on to her hips, and guided her up and down on his cock. He was so close to reaching his climax, he let go, and threw his head foreward toward her, and announced that he was going to cum. She got off quickly, and started rubbing his balls with one hand, rubbing the base of his cock with another, fast and hard, and sucking diligently on the head of his cock.she hummed, making it vibrate. He shot his hot load in her mouth, and yelled out “DANIELLE” to the whole neighborhood, and moaned loudly as he came. Even though nothing was even touching her pussy, she came too. just to hear him moan, and his hot cum in her mouth, as she came. They finally finished, and she laid next to him, both of them panting.

“God, that was great. that was my first time. ill never forget this. and ill always love you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. but dont worry, there will be more times. i’ll always love you sweetheart.”

And they cuddled for the rest of the night, and eventually fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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