Foot Slave Ch. 02

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A continuation of “Foot Slave” by jaffamate

(Jaffamate has allowed me to continue this tale, and I am thankful for that.)

(I recommend reading the original story first, as this one picks up immediately following it.)


The next morning I awoke as Paul rolled over to me on the bed, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

I returned the kiss, prolonging it as I gathered my thoughts. He had been awake, I guessed, and was up to something.

“Whatever,” I thought to myself, “I can handle him now.”

“Hmmm, Paulie, baby, what’s gotten in to you this morning?” I asked. (I knew that he didn’t like it when I called him Paulie or baby, so I would know, if he didn’t say anything that he was, in fact, up to something.)

“Nothing, Toni,” he answered.

“Uh, huh,” I thought to myself, “Something, that’s for sure.”

“I just wanted to thank you for a great anniversary last night,” he continued. “What a fun game we played.”

“Oh, there it is,” I silently thought, “He’s going to try to laugh off the change in our marriage dynamic as a game.”

I decided that I needed to re-assert my dominance.

“Mmm, hmm, Paulie,” I whispered into his ear as I nuzzled into him. “It was wonderful, wasn’t it?”

As I was whispering, I began licking his ear and stroking his leg with my own leg. (Thankfully, I still had stockings on; that would make things much easier.)

He started to stiffen up, as I was now grazing his cock through his chastity belt with my knee. The belt had enough of an opening on the end for him to be able to use the restroom. The small, exposed area now became a tool for my torture, as it allowed my silk stockings to rub against his tip.

He winced in pain as his cock tried to swell but simply could not due to the belt.

He tried to shrug it off as a joke and forced a laugh as he said, “Toni, let me out of this belt so we can finish properly.”

“Oh, Paulie, I would love to,” I answered with a smile, as I rolled him onto his back. As I straddled him, I was thrilled to discover that the tip of his cock was just free enough to rub against my bare pussy. I got wetter as I realized that he could feel my moistness but couldn’t quite penetrate it.

I slowly gyrated, looking down at him with a look, a mixture of pity and concern, as he grimaced and tried with all of his might to somehow enter me.

“But, I can’t baby,” I finished my answer as he looked up at me bewildered. “Remember, Paulie, I don’t have the key, I mailed it last night.”

He didn’t respond, and I assumed that he was planning his next action. Before he had time to think, I leaned back between his legs, now teasing the tip of his cock by rubbing my ass against it. (I hated anal sex but knew that he could do nothing in his current state but grind a little and frustrate himself.)

I extended my legs, in their glorious stockings, along his chest and rested by feet on his face, driving him more into a state of arousal. It got worse for him, as I instructed him to massage my feet and stroke my legs. As I allowed him to suck my toes, he was completely back under my control.

Several minutes later, I got up and began getting dressed. He remained where he was as I instructed him that he was allowed to watch me get dressed.

“What do you say?” I asked.

He looked at me quizzically, as I raised an eyebrow and gave him a serious look. As I expected, he remembered the previous night and responded, “Yes, Mistress Toni, thank you.”

As he spoke, my serious look gave way to a sweet smile and I leaned over and kissed him.

I then let him watch as I put on a slinky red mini-dress, slowly replaced my dirty stockings with new red ones and re-did my hair and make-up. He was mesmerized as I looked better now than he had ever seen me look.

“Now, let’s go home, dear.” I stated.

“Wait, Toni,” he Antep Escort Bayan answered, “I’m still in bed; I need a shower, new clothes and…”

Before he finished, he caught my eye, and there was no mistaking my look. He instantly shut up and looked at the ground, “I’m sorry, Mistress Toni,” he mumbled.

“To the car, now, before I get really angry,” I said, struggling not to laugh, as he jumped up, pulled on his dirty, wrinkled pants and hustled to the door.

“Grab the bags, take them to the car and pull it around for me,” I instructed.

Still almost laughing, I watched him scoop everything up and scoot out the door. I then also left the room and went down to the lobby. As I saw him through the window in the parking lot, I noticed that in the lobby with me was the young businessman who had made a pass at me the previous evening.

I seductively mouthed him a sweet kiss, and he headed over to me immediately. He reached me just as I reached the front desk and began speaking to the innkeeper.

“Please save the same room for me this Friday,” I said, loudly enough for my admirer to hear. The innkeeper began looking down at his reservations ledger and scribbling my instructions down.

I turned to face my admirer and continued speaking, allegedly for the innkeeper, “I’ll be all alone next week, though, just coming up to relax on my own, unless someone decides to join me.”

As I finished speaking, I winked, turned to the door and walked out. As I glanced back, my admirer hadn’t moved and was still watching me. There was no doubt in my mind; he would definitely show up the next week.

Meanwhile, Paul had pulled the auto up. I just stood near the curb, as he bent over to see why I wasn’t walking toward the car. I gave my serious look and glanced at the car door. He instantly knew that he had fucked up and jumped out of the car and practically ran to my side of the car to open the door.

As he reached for the door handle, I stopped him, “No, Paulie.”

He looked at me, and I pointed to the rear door. He opened it, and I slipped in as he closed the door behind me.

“I’ll ride back here from now on,” I stated as he got back in the car. “You will be my driver.”

“Yes, Mistress Toni,” he answered as he began driving away.

“You can’t see my feet from here, but you are allowed to think about them, Paulie,” I instructed.

“Yes, thank you, Mistress Toni,” he correctly answered.

When we got home, I had him unpack my things and put them away. He was practically shaking while handling my stockings. I told him that if he was very good that week, and he was off to a good start, that I would arrange to have the key delivered the next Friday and that he would have an unforgettable weekend.

He happily agreed so I continued, “Now, Paulie, about my allowance, have you thought of a number, dear?”

“Yes, mistress, I was thinking 150 per week,” he responded, eager to please.

I looked at him, showing no emotion. (That was actually more than I had expected, but I thought that I could easily break him)

“Really,” I said teasingly, “You were thinking 150.”

I watched as a flood of thoughts went through his mind. I had said nothing, not let on whether I was happy or not; I was just watching him. I knew that he was trying to decide what he could financially do as opposed to what would guarantee that I was happy enough to pleasure him on Friday. I patiently waited as I started to notice sweat forming on his brow. I knew that if I didn’t speak, I’d win.

“150 for each of your magnificent feet, mistress; I meant 300 total,” he proudly stated.

“Wow!,” I thought to myself. “That’s far better than I had expected.

“Why, thank you Paulie,” I calmly responded.

“That amount,” I paused for effect, “Pleases me.”

He gave a tremendous sigh of relief as I instructed him on his duties for the week. He happily agreed to prepare all meals and perform all household chores. My responsibility that week was to find new heels and stockings that he would like to touch and, if he was lucky, lick. He told me that he thought that this was a fair arrangement.

I kept him worked up all week, parading around in just stockings and allowing him, pretty much whenever he wanted to, to massage and kiss my feet. He thought that I was being very generous with this, but really, I knew that it was just keeping him on edge.

Friday came, and, as I got out of bed, he followed me around like a lap dog.

“Easy, Paulie,” I said to settle him down. “The key will be here, and you have been a very good little boy, so please don’t ruin it now.”

“Yes, Mistress Toni,” he answered, “What should I do?”

“Well, you have been so good,” I responded, “Why not sit here on the floor where you can see my dressing area and watch me get dressed.”

“Oh, perfect, thank you mistress!” he answered as he dropped to the floor. (There was a chair not two feet away, but he didn’t even think of it. He followed my instructions perfectly.)

I then went through the most erotic version of “getting dressed” imaginable. I rubbed lotions over my entire body, paying special attention to my feet and legs. I slowly pulled on my stockings, as well as panties and my bra, and then a new, sexy dress that he had not previously seen. I then did my hair and makeup.

He didn’t move the entire time; he was completely captivated.

When I was done, I told him to get up and sit in the chair which he did immediately.

“I’m going to run a couple of errands, Paulie,” I seductively said. “When I return, the key will be here, and you’ll have a weekend like you’ve never had before.”

He nodded eagerly.

“Just one little rule, Paulie, you must be in this chair when I return. I have something planned that will only work if you are in this chair. Do you understand?” I said quietly.

“Yes, mistress, I understand,” he quickly answered, “I’ll be right here.”

“Good, good boy,” I reassured him as I watched his eyes dart around the chair. I knew he was imagining me on the arms of the chair, or me using the hooks on the side of the chair for something kinky.

“Whatever,” I thought; I just knew that he wouldn’t willingly leave that chair.

With that, I left and went shopping.

Roughly half an hour later, the doorbell at our home rang. I was still shopping, and Paul, of course, had not moved. It took about 4 rings, but he finally eased out of the chair and peeked out the window.

“Bloody hell,” he thought as he saw my nineteen year old sister, Phoebe, ringing the bell.

As she continued to ring the bell, he quickly scanned the street, and, when he was confident that I was nowhere in sight, ran to the door.

He flung it open and practically screamed “What?” at my poor sister.

“Easy, Paul,” she said, “Toni asked me to come by.”

“Oh, alright, well, you can wait for her or do whatever you need to do,” he said, “I’ll be in my room.” He was practically already down the hall and back in his chair when he finished speaking.

Phoebe followed without missing a beat, “What’s gotten in to you, Paul, are you alright?” she sweetly asked.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he tersely answered. “Why are you here anyway?”

“Toni told me that I could borrow a dress for a dance tonight so I’m going to try some on,” she replied.

She kicked off her shoes, and while nonchalantly rubbing one foot against her leg, began holding up dresses to her body while she looked in the mirror.

This was maddening for Paul as he let out a barely perceptible whimper. Phoebe turned to him and said, “Paulie, can you wait in the other room?”

He didn’t notice that he had been called “Paulie,” but instinctively he became more submissive. “I need to stay in my chair, please.” He stated.

She calmly replied, “That’s alright, Paulie, you don’t mind if I try on some clothes, do you?”

She gave him a comfortable, sweet smile and continued, “I don’t mind; in fact, I can be quite the exhibitionist.” She gave him a slightly evil grin. “You might even like it, and it’ll be our secret.”

“Fine,” he replied, barely listening, “I must stay in my chair,” he mumbled, as if convincing himself.

But he soon became enchanted as this 19 year old goddess began trying on his wife’s sexy dresses. Phoebe was careful to never show her tits or pussy; that would have been far too obvious. But she let her feet dance around and rub each other and rub her legs, while trying different stockings under the dresses.

She knew exactly what she was doing, but Paul had no idea that Phoebe knew about his foot fetish.

Finally, she approached him, wearing a tight, royal blue spandex mini-dress and matching blue thigh high stockings. She raised a stocking covered leg toward him and asked if he thought that color worked. He nodded furiously, while biting his lip. The pain in his belt was nearly unbearable.

“Why are you so flustered, Paulie?” she innocently asked.

As he stared at her, she acted as if she had just remembered something. “Oh, I know; I’m sorry I forgot; you need this key.”

Excitedly, she held up a key, “Toni told me to give you this while I was here.”

He looked at it, totally confused as to what to do. On the one hand, he certainly wanted out of the belt, but, on the other, something told him that he should wait for me to return home.

Before he reached a decision, Phoebe approached and arrived at his chair.

“I’ll help you, Paulie, you’ve been so sweet to me today,” she said sweetly.

She reached down over him and lowered his pants down, just a little and began fingering his belt. Her fingers quickly found his tip and began lightly feathering it, while soothingly talking to him that she would help him.

Deep down, he knew that this wasn’t right, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop her. He needed the pain to stop, and he needed a release. As she unlocked the belt, her fingers freed his cock, allowing it to fully extend for the first time in a week.

He relaxed back in his chair, as Phoebe softly spoke, “Oh, Paulie, baby, it looks so sore; let me help you make it feel better.”

Before her words sunk into his brain, she perched herself on one of the arms of the chair and began softly rubbing her silk covered foot up and down his shaft.

This sensation brought him to full alertness, but as Phoebe was softly and soothingly speaking to him, he couldn’t resist. He had been in the belt six full days and had received no sexual relief, despite having endured my teasing of him all week and having spent much time with his hands on my feet and stockings.

“Oh baby, that’s it,” she said as she brought her other foot up, allowing her feet to form sort of a cup around his cock. “Just lie back, let my silk feet make it better, I’ll make it better, uh huh, baby.” Her feet began moving more rapidly, as she continued, “Oh, Paul, do it for me, think of me in those stockings, think of me naked wearing only stockings, think of me on your bed doing anything you want, Paulie. Oh, yes, think of my feet, baby, they can be yours; think of your hands on my feet, your tongue on my feet, my feet where they are right now, baby, on your beautiful cock!”

He exploded with an intensity like he had never experienced as Phoebe’s magic foot stroked and stroked.

As soon as he began to shoot, I, Toni, quietly entered the room. I had been waiting just outside the room, having come home and slipped silently into the house during Phoebe’s fashion show.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” I asked. Phoebe jumped up, as planned, while the now panicked Paulie, looking terrified, struggled to sit up and contain his still spurting cock.

To be continued…

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