For Jimmy

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I wrote this for my boyfriend, since we’re apart for far too long, and he gave me permission to post. I hope you all enjoy it as much as he did!



It’s been a long week for both of us. You’ve been working long hours third shift, and I’ve been taking on additional shifts in the air. We haven’t seen each other literally for almost a week, and it’s wearing on us. Sleeping alone, eating alone, showering alone. Finally I catch an unexpected break, and find myself back at our place. I notice your absence and set about preparing a surprise for you, knowing that soon you’ll be home.

I hide my car a block away and hurry back here. I think about tidying up, but decide that doing so will give my presence away. So I hurry and shower, thinking about the look on your face when you see me. I change the sheets on our bed, then slide inside. I’m giddy with nervous excitement.

When I hear the front door close, I start masturbating. My fingers tease my nipples before sliding downward. They part my pussy lips and begin massaging my clit, making me moist. A shudder ripples through me. My eyes close and I have to force them to stay open, to greet you.

I hear you putzing around downstairs. My fingers work faster; my pussy gets wetter. I can’t wait for you to come up, and almost call out to you. I bite my bottom lip to keep from doing so. Finally I hear you coming up the steps to retire for the day. I bend my legs, feet planted on the bed, and spread them wide. You have a perfect shot of me.

I keep my lust-filled eyes on the door. Finally your presence fills the entry. The look on your face, the surprise at seeing your baby, takes my breath away. I smile, you smile. Then you cross the room at record breaking speed, joining me on the bed. I slide my arms around your neck and my legs around your waist as our lips fuse together. We kiss hotly, wantonly. Our desire simmers just beneath the surface. When we find a break in that kiss, I whisper,

“Hi, Baby.”

“Hi my Gabbi-doll,” you say, pushing my hair from my face.

“Let’s fuck,” I whisper almost shyly, though I have no idea why. Soon your clothes are ripped off and you’re as naked as I. Your cock, long ago hardened, stands proudly. My mouth is soon covering it as you lay on your back.

I slide your head past my lips, savoring your taste. I slide you as far as I can inside, sucking hard, urgent. My moans cause vibrations around your cock. I feel your hands on my head, hear your cries of pleasure. My hands massage your balls slowly, while my mouth moves rapidly. Taking you to my throat, then sucking isveçbahis on your head. Working your cock rapidly, then slowly and tenderly.

My right hand strokes the length that my mouth can’t cover. My eyes meet yours. A tremble passes through me at the look in your eyes. I think to myself just how much I love this man. My mouth moves to the head, then off. I stare down at your cock while my hand strokes you. I lap at the underside of the shaf like a kitten. Small, innocent licks.

Finally I can’t take it anymore. I have to have you inside me. I slide up your body. My lips fuse hotly with yours again, our tongues dancing wildly. I guide your shaft to my entrance and all but slam down on you. I’m so wet that you slide in easily. I groan with pleasure. God, I can’t wait to make you cum.

My hips raise for the first time. The ridge around your head spreads me a bit. I slide back down, feeling your length spread me to the core. I sit up, you slip in deeper. My love for you shows on my face. I take both your hands in mine, our fingers intertwined.

I start fucking you. Riding your cock up and down, rapidly. Like every time, I marvel at how perfectly we fit. How wonderfully you feel. My head tilts back, my eyes close. My breasts, nipples perky, bounce against my chest. The muscles in my abs contract as I move.

To add to the pleasure, my hips start riding you in a V motion. I can’t get enough of your cock. I ride you as if it’s my last time. Fast, urgent, needy. My fingers squeeze yours tightly, and I feel as if I’m crushing your hands, but I can’t let go. I feel my desire boiling inside me. I know that soon I’ll be cascading over the cliff of ecstacy.

I can’t stop fucking you. My hips move up and down. I hope I’m pleasing you, and for a moment I worry. Then I’m able to hear the sounds you’ve been making. Your groans, your panting. I cry out your name. My hands squeeze yours more tightly, if possible.

With an earth-shattering scream, I release the tensions that’ve been building up inside. I fall over that cliff. I tremble around your cock, coating it with my juices. I get dizzy with release. I feel your hands sliding around me, holding me close. I love you, I think to myself, feeling your tender embrace. I finally look at you. Your eyes are so tender, so full of your own burning need, and I see your weariness. I almost feel bad for keeping you awake when you should be in a deep sleep.

I slide off you and get on my hands and knees. I know how you favor this position. I wiggle my hips, my ass shaking. “Mmmm, Gabbi,” I hear your praise. I tremble. Then I tremble again isveçbahis giriş when I feel your lips on my ass. You love my ass. I love you loving my ass.

Your tongue travels down my crack and I shudder. God, you know what turns me on. Your lips kiss every inch of my cheeks. I feel your hands gently urging my legs further apart. My head lowers to the bed to thrust my ass backwards more. Within seconds I feel your tongue prodding my wet slit. I cry out.

Then your lips are on my clit. My hands fist the sheets. Your tongue enters me. Oh this isn’t supposed to be happening. I’m supposed to be pleasing you. Yet you always pleasure me, no matter how tired you are. You penetrate me deeply, tasting my juices mixed with your precum. Your nose presses into my asshole. A deep, contented sigh erupts my lungs.

Suddenly your tongue isn’t there anymore. I whimper in protest until I feel it on my asshole. It circles, then slides up to the small of my back. I tremble and cry out. You’re just teasing me now. I whimper again with frustration. I hear your laugh as your tongue slides back down to my ass. You’re licking my hole again.

“Baby, please, please, I need your cock,” I beg softly, my voice lowered with emotion. In response, my hole is spread with your tongue. I cry out with pleasure. You fuck my ass with your tongue and I all but cum a second time. Somehow you know this as I’m soon filled with three of your fingers. Your fingers of your other hand find my clit.

It’s enough to send me crashing over the edge again. I cum hard around your fingers. I hear your moans of praise. While I’m still cumming, I feel your cock enter me. I never felt your tongue or fingers leave, but I’d know your cock anywhere.

You start fucking me from behind, your fingers digging into my hips, slamming me back onto you. You feel so great fucking me. I love your cock and you know it. You slow down, letting me feel your long, slow thrusts. Letting me feel the entire length of your cock. I take pleasure in knowing it’s all mine. You’re all mine.

You speed up again, surprising me. I yelp in excitement. I clench my pussy muscles together and hear your groan of approval. I want to make you cum. I love feeling those bursts of your seed deep inside me. Your hand comes down on my cheek hard. A pang of pleasure shoots straight to my pussy. I moan. It illicits another slap to the other side. I moan again.


“Gabbi, oh God,” you cry. I feel your cock throbbing inside me. I feel it grow. I prepare for the urgent fucking that accompanies your release. It never comes. You’re holding out. isveçbahis yeni giriş Then I find out why.

A wet finger teases my ass. It makes its way inside. To the first knuckle, back out. Then back in to the hilt. God, Jimmy! I tremble. You pull your fingers out. I feel your cock leave and I cry out in disappointment. Soon two of your fingers are in my pussy, getting wet. They thrust a few times. Oh it feels so good.

They’re at my ass again. In to the first knuckle. Then all the way. I feel you scissoring them inside me. I cry out. While you do that, your cock fills me. I shudder around it, threatening another climax. Somehow you start fucking me again, while keeping your fingers fucking my ass. The pleasure is almost too much. I get dizzy with emotion again and am thankful my head is down.

Your free hand digs into my hips. Your cock fucks my pussy raw. The sounds of our cries and the slurping of our lovemaking fill the air. Your fingers work my ass. I reach back with my right hand, pulling the back of your thigh to me. You know how much I crave you. You slow down a second, letting me feel the length of your cock. Then you piston back in.

Finally the roughness of you getting ready to cum. You pound my pussy. Faster, harder. I plead with you to go harder. I plead for more. You give it to me. Pounding, thrusting, pistoning. And finally, finally, as I climax hard, nearly blacking out, I feel your seed shooting deep inside of me.

I feel your cock erupting with a ferocity. I shriek in pleasure. I love that feeling. Spurt after spurt. I feel our mixed juices running down my inner thighs. I feel your fingers stop as your hips thrust the last of your juices inside me. The hand on my hips relaxes a bit. I know I’ll have bruises, but at the moment it doesn’t matter.

We came together. We surrendered to each other in the most intimate of ways. I feel you slip from me. My pussy burns. It aches. It throbs. It wants more at the same time a wave of fatigue hits. I realize I’m still suffering jet lag. I feel you lying beside me.

I turn and face you. Our eyes meet and we smile a sated smile. “Hi,” you whisper.

“Hi,” I reply back, sleepily.

“Oh my Gabbi baby, it’s good to have you home.” I slide into your arms, resting my head on your shoulder. I hear myself murmuring, but it’s incoherent. I’m babbling softly after a great fuck. My arm rests on your chest, my leg draped over one of yours. I feel your arms tighten around me, and I soak up your body heat.

I think I tell you that I love you, but I can’t be sure. My body is drifting off into a blissful sleep even though my mind is telling it not to. I try again, thinking I’ve mumbled the three precious words. Fatigue is setting in. Then I hear:

“I love you too, Gabbi-doll.” I smile and drift off into sleep, safe in your arms.

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