For The Love of the Mob Ch. 09

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Nia stood frozen in her tracks. “W-what are you doing here?”

Antoni walked closer with a sly, devilish smile. “I just wanted to say hi to my girl.”

She continued to walk a few steps back. She quickly snapped a photo of him as evidence. “Get away from me, Antoni! I-I have a gun!” she screamed as she reached in her purse for her knife.

A light appeared from the balcony above them, causing them both to jump. “Is everything okay down there?” a voice called out.

When Nia looked over again, he was gone in the wind. Her heart raced and she’d never been so frightened. She couldn’t have imagined him there, he was clear as day.

Nia looked around one more time before she raced into her building and into her apartment. She immediately locked her door and the windows. She highly doubted that he would climb eight floors, but she put nothing past him.

With shaky hands, Nia dialed Lorenzo’s number. She found herself pacing around her apartment until Lorenzo arrived at her apartment a few minutes later. He was heated and angry and he wanted to kick himself for not having someone follow her.

“I wanna know what this fucker looks like!” Lorenzo growled.

Nia showed him the picture on her phone before she sat on the couch.

“Oh fuck, that’s Joey,” Lorenzo said as he examined the blurry photo.

Nia furrowed her brow.”Who’s Joey?”

“Joey’s the kid I’ve been mentoring for a while,” Lorenzo said as he angrily paced around the room. “Ronny’s nephew, I met him back in New York.”

“Oh my god,” Nia cried and jumped to her feet, running to her bedroom in search of a suitcase. “I need to go, he’s gonna kill me.”

Lorenzo followed behind her and turned her around, holding her by her shoulders. “He’s not going to do anything.”

“You don’t get it,” Nia said, shaking. “He wanted to kill me before and he’ll try to do it again. I can’t be here.”

“I’ll set his ass straight.”

That night, Lorenzo met with his men and had them look for Antoni. He knew where he lived and even though it was nearly midnight, he kept looking. This man didn’t deserve to breathe but Lorenzo had to hold himself back from doing anything irrational. Ronny was his uncle and he’d have Lorenzo’s ass if he killed Antoni. The only silver lining in all of this was that Lorenzo knew that Ronny was planning on murdering Major Anderson of New York, that was his only leverage.

After looking into the early morning hours, Lorenzo retired back to Nia’s apartment to find her asleep, safe and sound in her bed. He let the man watching her leave for the night, but required him back by dawn.

Nia was on edge for the next few days to the point where she never left Lorenzo’s side. She didn’t go anywhere without him and if she did, Lorenzo kept tabs on her as if he were the Secret Service. Lorenzo was glad to be in her life again, but she needed to learn how to defend herself. She knew there was no future for her if she depended on a man to do everything, even the killing.

Lorenzo gave Nia one of his guns and brought her to a shooting range in the city. He knew everyone who worked there and they got through without a problem.

“Listen, one of the best things you can do for yourself is learning how to handle a gun.” Lorenzo said as he handed Nia the gun.. “If you want this man gone, that’s what you’ll need to do.”

Nia was nervous being at a shooting range, but,n she knew there was truth in Lorenzo’s words. She didn’t want Antoni having his way with her, she’d be damned if he ever put one hand on her again.

She held her arms out straight and studied the target before squeezing the trigger. The bullet aimed just below the chest, and Nia shook with the force of the weapon.

“Good job, baby.” Lorenzo gave her a pat on the back “You’re getting there.”

The two practiced for another few hours and Nia loosened up and began to make better shots. She was surprised at the adrenaline pumping through her veins, it gave her power. It gave the push she needed.

“I think you’re ready.” he said when they were finally in the car again.”Put it in the back of your waistband with the safety on. Always keep the safety on until you’re ready to shoot and always keep your silencer close by, you don’t need witnesses or else…”

“I’d have to kill them too,” Nia finished his sentence.


Lorenzo stayed by Nia’s side for the next few days and they both enjoyed their time together. She felt as if they were falling in love all over again. She loved him and the way he made her feel safe, but he couldn’t always be there. Lorenzo had a meeting outside the city with Kenny and some of their associates about passing the torch. Nia had been cooped up in her apartment for what felt like forever and she knew she was taking a risk but she did it anyway. Nia and Sloan decided to catch a movie just before dark at the theatre on North Broad Street. Sloan was worried about Nia but she was relieved that she always had a gun. Nia told Lorenzo where she’d be, and just for her safety, he istanbul escort told her he’d meet her at her apartment by ten at the latest.

“Get home safe, girl,” Nia said as Sloan dropped her off at her apartment.

“Thanks, get some sleep tonight.” Sloan said as she reached for her car keys to hold between her knuckles.

When Sloan left, Nia placed her purse with her gun inside on the couch and went straight to her bathroom to strip down for her shower. She threw her braids up into a donut-like bun piled on top of her head and turned her shower on in the hottest setting. She exhaled as the hot water ran over her body. All she could think about was being wrapped up in Lorenzo’s arms tonight. She was scrubbing her arms when she heard her front door open.

“Lorenzo, honey?” Nia called as she rinsed herself off.

She didn’t hear a response back and continued to wash her body. When she heard another sound, a cold shiver ran through her spine. She knew this wasn’t a good sign.

Nia quickly grabbed her pink robe from the hook on the bathroom door and slipped into pink slippers before opening the door slowly to poke her head out. Her bathroom provided a view to her bedroom, which was empty, and she knew Lorenzo had a habit of taking

With her arm wrapped tightly around her robe, she slowly crept out of the bathroom.

“Lorenzo, are you here?” she called again.

When she didn’t get a response, she made a bolt for her purse in her walk-in closet. Before she could make it to the closet doorway, she felt as if she’d been tackled and rambled into the side of her dresser.

Her head was throbbing and when she looked over, it was like seeing the devil himself. Antoni stood above her. Nia opened her mouth to scream but kept her mouth shut when she saw Antoni holding a gun pointed directly at her.

“Wh-hy are you here?” Nia asked sheepishly, gathering her thoughts.

Antoni had a cold look in his eyes. “I think you know why I’m here. I came here to finish what I started.”

His eyes roamed her body as he kept a tight hold on his gun. When his eyes reached her face, he enjoyed the look of fear in her eyes.

“Please go,” Nia pleaded, holding back tears staring at the barrel of the gun. “You don’t have to hurt me. “

Nia was shaking with fear as Antoni smiled. She knew she needed her gun but it may have as well been impossible.

“I didn’t want anyone to have you,” Antoni said before he slapped her in the face. “You were a disgusting whore and I wanted you to stop escorting and just be mine but you couldn’t fucking listen.”

Nia rubbed her red cheek and stared up the barrel of the gun was still pointed at her. “Why did you come back?”

“I heard you were dating a mob boss and I thought, what are the odds.” Antoni chuckled. “At first, you had me going for a minute. I thought you were fucking my uncle on the side but then I realized it was Lorenzo fucking Nicosio the whole time and I thought, wow, this little slut is really making her rounds with everyone. I came back because I wanted you both to suffer.”

Nia slowly crept back, away from him and the gun. “And what did you think? That you could just kill me while he’s with me?”

“I should’ve just killed you when we were together and saved us both the fucking trouble.” Antoni hissed as his eyes roamed her body. “You were always so easy to get in bed, I just wanted you one last time.”

She felt disgusted, Antoni reached for her robe, she instinctively pushed him away but he persisted.

“Scream and I’ll fucking kill you.” he threatened.

Antoni had a devilish grin as he undid her robe. Nia felt ashamed, she’d never felt so violated in her life, this had to be her lowest point. As he undid his fly on his pants with his free hand, Nia kneed him in the groin. As Antoni reached for his throbbing appendage, Nia pushed his gun out of the way and pushed him off of her. Antoni swore and grabbed her leg, causing her trip on the shag carpet and landed on her side.

Nia kicked and screamed for help as Antoni made his way closer to her. She quickly jumped back to her feet and bolted to her closet and locked the door behind her. Nia rummaged around in her purse before finding her gun and cell phone. With her gun pointed at the closet door, she dialed Lorenzo’s number with her free hand.

“Lorenzo, I need you to come home,” Nia cried. “Antoni’s here and I’m in the closet and—“

The line went dead before Nia could finish speaking. She could hear Antoni yelling and taunting her from the other side of the door with threats before she heard his body violently slamming against the door. Nia wiped her tears before holding her gun with both hands as adrenaline pumped through her veins. She knew it would only be a matter of time before Antoni would beat down the door and kill her, she was not going to let that happen.

“Leave my fucking home or I’ll shoot!” Nia yelled as she inched closer to the door.

There was silence before Nia heard a gun clicking Escort Anadolu Yakası noise, presumably Antoni loading his gun.

“Lights out, bitch!” Antoni said before he shot a bullet into the door, aiming just to the left of Nia, missing her by mere inches.

She shrieked and started shooting at the door but stopped when she heard the front door open and close again. She unlocked her closet door, and before Nia could think, Lorenzo was pummeling Antoni to the floor. Lorenzo dragged Antoni to the living room before the two men used the room as a boxing ring. Nia screamed as the two men fought, with Antoni landing on her glass coffee table, shattering it to pieces. Antoni was yelling as Lorenzo beat him into a bloody pulp, somehow losing his gun in the scuffle. Nia snatched it up and hid it in her robe pocket while watching the fight unfold. Suddenly, Antoni took hold of Lorenzo’s neck and began to choke him and gaining power.

“Stop it!” Nia yelled. “Stop choking him!”

Nia watched in horror as Lorenzo’s face began to turn blue and she knew she had to act. She pulled out her gun and fired it, accidentally landing on her couch.

She jumped, startled from the art, but grew angry as Antoni looked back at her with daggers in his eyes.

“You dumb bitch, you can’t even shoot–” Antoni spat before Nia shot him again in the head.

Antoni collapsed on top of Lorenzo and he pushed him off, but something came over her, she shot him six more times just to be sure. By the end, she was breathless and panting, no longer fearing for her life.

Lorenzo coughed, catching his breath as he laid beside Antoni’s lifeless body. There was blood everywhere and Nia was shaking. Before Lorenzo could console her, there was a knock on the door. He signaled to Nia to go to the bedroom and stay there before he composed himself to open the front door.

“Is there a problem, officer?” Lorenzo asked cooly.

A younger officer raised his eyebrows as he took in Lorenzo’s disheveled appearance. “No, no, Mr. Nicosio, we received a noise complaint from a neighbor and we’re just checking up.”

“I can assure you, everything’s fine here.” Lorenzo said, smoothing his hair. “It’s my girlfriend’s place, I’m just helping her move furniture and take out the trash, that’s all.”

The officers ignored the scratches on his forearms and the blood on his shirt. “Understood. Have a good night, sir. Won’t bother you again.”

Nia overheard the exchange and exhaled. She knew he had held the police force by the balls. But she was still angry as she looked down at Antoni’s lifeless body in her living room. When Lorenzo returned to her, she was seething with fury, still holding the gun.

“You son of a bitch!” Nia yelled before she started kicking Antoni’s ribs.

Lorenzo stood there and crossed his arms. He was still pissed, but pulled Nia back as she began to hit Antonis’ face with the gun, causing it to cave in and become disfigured.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Lorenzo pulled Nia away. “He’s dead now, he can’t hurt you.”

Nia cried loudly into his chest, dropping the gun. “How do you know?”

Lorenzo chuckled and looked over at Antoni’s corpse. “I know a stiff when I see one. He’s gone for good. You killed him and I’m proud of you.”

Antoni was gone for good, but that didn’t change the fact he was related to a made man. Things could get messy. After Nia took another shower and calmed down, cleaned up and Lorenzo dialed for Ronny.

“You need to come down here tonight.” Lorenzo said. “Meet me at the pier.”

It was nearly midnight when Ronny showed up at the pier. He didn’t look happy at all.

“What the fuck happened, Lorenzo?” Ronny said, running up on Lorenzo, visibly angry. “What the fuck did you do to my nephew?”

“I killed him,” Lorenzo lied. “He tried to kill my girl.”

Ronny’s face softened a little but he kept his ground. “Did they know each other or somethin’?”

“They used to date and he put his hands on her.” Lorenzo explained. “You should be happy I didn’t cut his balls off.”

“What did you do with him?”

Lorenzo stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I was thinking I’d put his sorry ass in acid barrels, but I’ll leave that up to you. Since I know yous so close and all.”

The men stared at one another with hard expressions. Ronny allowed that thought to marinate before he got too angry with Lorenzo.

“That’s my wife’s nephew, not mine.” Ronny finally said. “I never really knew the kid, just thought I’d give him a taste of the life. He seemed lost, needed direction.”

“I don’t give a shit about his sob story. You let him under my wing and he almost killed my girlfriend.” Lorenzo clenched his jaw. “And why the fuck do yous call him Joey when his name is Antoni? The plastic surgery? We couldn’t find anything on him.”

“His name is Antoni Joseph Scaretti.” Ronny said. “In the family we call him Joey for short. I don’t know why he got the surgery, we thought he got into a fight or somethin.’ It’s Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort not my fault yous don’t do a better job at looking into your people.”

Lorenzo shrugged.”It was an oversight.”

Ronny took a step closer.”And what makes you think I won’t kill you right now?”

“I know you’re planning on killing Mayor Anderson, why is that?” Lorenzo said cooly. He knew that was Ronny’s weak spot and he was willing to run with it.

Ronny cleared his throat, visibly uncomfortable. “I helped fund his reelection campaign and then I find out he’s fucking my wife.” Ronny said. “Besides, what am I supposed to tell my family when they ask where Antoni is? Did you even think of that?”

“Tell them it was a drug deal gone wrong.”

There was a long silence, as if Ronny was lost in thought. “You’ve stepped on a lot of people’s toes, Lorenzo. I hope you realize this shit may come back to bite you.”

Lorenzo nodded. “I’m aware.”

He knew it had its risks. Hell, being in the mob put a constant target on his back, but he was determined to do what’s right, even if it made him the bad guy. He’s gotten death threats and he’d been shot at, but none of that scared him. The only thing that scared him was the thought of losing Nia again.

Lorenzo watched as Ronny disappeared into his black SUV and sped off. He exhaled. That was one task crossed off the list, but there was still a detective breathing down his neck.


Nia was restless for the remainder of the night as she waited for Lorenzo’s return. She could barely sit still as Lorenzo had his men clean her apartment spotless of blood and evidence, and she cried as they hauled Antoni’s lifeless body away into a suitcase. Lorenzo made the decision to have his body thrown in an acid barrel in Delaware, there would be no trace of that son of a bitch. Nia worried about what her neighbors may have heard, but Lorenzo made sure to financially secure the situation; there would be no witnesses.

“Are you okay?” Lorenzo asked as he cuddled beside her in bed.

Nia covered herself with a blanket. “Now I am. I’m glad he’s finally gone.”

“You were brave.” Lorenzo kissed her forehead. “He’s out of your life forever now.”

Nia looked up at him with teary eyes. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, you did this.This changes things, Nia.” Lorenzo said as he embraced her. “People are going to wonder where he is, and when they ask, you don’t know anything and you didn’t see anything. Capece?”

“Yes.” Nia nodded.

Lorenzo leaned down to kiss her. He pressed his forehead against hers as before seductively biting her lower lip. They were connected through murder now, and there was nothing sexier than that, but Lorenzo needed to focus.

“We need to lay low for a while.” Lorenzo said as he pulled the covers on himself. “We need to go someplace else.”

Nia sat up and looked at him “We can go to your house in south Philly for a while.”

Lorenzo shook his head. “I mean, we need to leave the country for a while. Get up early, pack your bags tomorrow, we’re going to Sicily first thing in the morning.”


Nia fell asleep during the second half of the long flight to Italy. Lorenzo enjoyed watching her fall in and out of consciousness as they flew among the clouds. When they landed, he didn’t want to wake her. Instead, he picked her up and carried her into the limousine and outside as the beautiful lights and water of Sicily awaited them.

They checked into the San Pietro Hotel in Sicily. The room was modern with high ceilings and light blue walls with a large, plush bed that felt soft like rose petals. The bathroom was covered in white marble and included a hot tub and walk-in shower, and full-body vanity. The room was plain in comparison to the views. It was breathtaking with their room overlooking the clear blue ocean.

Nia slept their first day away and when she awoke, Lorenzo was standing outside on the balcony wearing a white button-down shirt and white pants, a rare sight.

“What time is it?” Nia asked as she rubbed her eyes.

Lorenzo took off his sunglasses and walked into the bedroom. “It’s time for you to get up.”

When Nia sat up, she remembered where she was and the events that had taken place the previous night.

“Antoni is. . .dead b-but what does this mean for us?” she asked as she tightened the blanket around herself. “What’s going to happen?”

“I’ve taken care of it,” Lorenzo said as he placed her empty glass back on the nightstand. “I just want you to relax and we’ll leave that shit in the past.”

Nia leaned over to give Lorenzo a kiss before getting out of bed. She let her box braids hang on her shoulders while she picked out a rustic mustard yellow sundress to wear for the day. She applied light makeup and red lipstick, but opted for sunglasses.

Italy was more beautiful than she had imagined. The bright, clear blue waters in the canals were gorgeous and shimmed under the sunlight. The streets were busy, lined with tourists, but everywhere they went, Lorenzo seemed to have no issue since he was fluent in Italian and somehow knew his way around. Their morning was filled with museum tours and sightseeing before the two decided it was time for bunch. Lorenzo and Nia sat down at a little cafe near the hotel that had outdoor seating.

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