Foray in the Hospital

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Ryan felt his stomach tighten a little more with nervousness as he walked into the hospital. Trying to relax and act like he was supposed to be there he headed toward the elevator up to one of the patient floors. Stepping onto the elevator he was relieved to find it empty, which was what he had hoped for in coming at 3:00 in the morning as he was.

Pressing the button Ryan again considered his motivation in coming tonight. Thinking again that he was twenty-four years old and single he would never have a better opportunity to explore his bisexual fantasies. He had often thought about and gotten himself off to thoughts and sexual contact with another man and in particular wanted the experience of giving a blowjob. But he lacked the courage to arrange for that happen in any sort of social setting so had slowly hatched his plan.

By his reasoning, there were almost no guys out there that would refuse a blowjob, especially if they were to wake up in the middle of it, and where but the hospital could he find lots of people sleeping with their doors open. Also, he figured that anyone in the hospital needed a little distraction from whatever had put them there.

So İkitelli Escort here he was, stepping off the elevator onto one of the less-intensive patient floors. Hoping to avoid notice by the nurses he headed for the closest patient room and slipped inside. As quietly as possible he moved closer to the bed, to find that this one held a rather attractive middle-aged woman.

Moving to the next room Ryan again found a female patient, it was in the third room that he found what he was looking for. Again quietly moving up to the bed he found this one held a young man, Ryan guessed around twenty. “Perfect” Ryan thought to himself. Finding a folded blanket on a chair next to the bed he moved down to the patient’s waist and set the blanket on the floor. Kneeling on the blanket he cautiously reached out and moved the blanket aside from around his goal.

Moving the young man’s gown up Ryan finally laid eyes on his goal. His limp cock lay nestled in a bed of nicely trimmed pubic hair, and was just begging for Ryan’s mouth. Gingerly, Ryan leaned forward for his taste of another man. Slowly he gently licked from top to bottom and proceeded İkitelli Escort Bayan to take the whole of the sleeping young many’s cock in his mouth. Still he gave no indication that he noticed or was waking up. Encouraged, Ryan started gently sucking on the limp manhood he held in his mouth, working his tongue around on the underside while he did so.

Soon he was rewarded and the young man’s cock began to grow and get increasingly firm in his mouth. Thrilled, and finding that he was really enjoying himself Ryan continued his ministrations. Soon he found that the young man’s cock was hard enough that he could start to slide his mouth up and down the shaft. Shortly the boy reached full hardness and Ryan found that he was pleased with the size. Certainly sufficient but not huge he guessed the first cock in his mouth was about six and a half inches long and thick enough to provide a mouthful without straining his jaw.

Gaining enthusiasm Ryan slid his mouth down the shaft and found that he couldn’t quite fit all of the sleeping young man’s cock in his mouth. He didn’t let this slow him down as he proceeded to take as much as he could Escort İkitelli into his mouth again and again.

Suddenly he felt a hand on the back of his head. In a combination of surprise and fear Ryan froze with his mouth half full of cock. “No don’t stop.” the young man whispered, and with a feeling of relief Ryan continued doing his best to get his cock all the way in his mouth.

A few moments later he heard the young man starting breathing heavily and felt his tense up. Ryan guessed what this meant but was still caught off guard with the first spurt of come splashing against the back of his mouth. Hurriedly swallowing Ryan tried to keep up with the streams of cum, only losing only a little dribble. Swallowing the last mouthful Ryan slid up and down the young man’s cock to clean him up and savored his first taste of another man’s come.

After a few more gentle strokes Ryan let the young man slip from his mouth. Looking up he found his eyes closed as he reveled in post-orgasmic bliss. Seeing that as his chance to make a quick getaway Ryan stood up and snuck out the door.

Back in the elevator Ryan went over the incident again and again in his mind, almost disbelieving at how much he had enjoyed it. By the time he walked out of the hospital he had decided that he needed another experience to check again that loved sucking cock. And that needed to be as soon as possible. But first he needed to hurry home to get himself off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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