Forbidden Longing

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From as early as 18 years old, I could remember my older male cousin Boyd, putting himself in compromising positions to stimulate my sexual senses. My senses were being sexually stimulated. I often caught glances of his long dick while he showered with the door slightly open, or as he milled around the house when I was home alone, in only his underwear. He even chose to pass close behind me in passage ways, where I could detect a slight bulge in his pants, even as he playfully gave me bear hugs, or ruffled my hair. I welcomed all of these activities, though I feigned innocence through it all. I was secretly dreaming of the day he would “man-up” and make his move.

I guess he had a reason to desire me; I was after all, a short beautiful young woman, who oozed with mystery and seduction. I was commanding the attention of quite a few guys, but I could have them if I wanted. I wanted to feel his touch and have a close up look at that lethal looking dick he kept giving only peek-a-boo shots off, even though the secrecy made me so hot with wanting for him.

I couldn’t keep waiting for him to approach me, so I went out into the world to experience my sexual appetite, and give and receive of all the lustful things I have been dreaming. I had many experiences, with guys, and girls, and multiple partners, all blissfully pleasurable, but nothing could have prepared me for a surprise visit on a hot summer weekend. My boyfriend had decided to take me out on an outing the evening. It was a fairly early relationship, so I still wanted to look sexy for him. I opted to wear a mid-arm length low-cut yellow top, with short black mini skirt, and yellow peep-toe heels. My hair was in a bun to complete the look and sultry, woody perfume to close the deal. We settled for ice cream after going to the cinemas to find out our much anticipated movie was sold out. Seeing we had time to kill we went to a nearby look-out spot in the hills to just bask in the sights of beautiful Kingston. We had a nice chat with Bycasino playful teasing, which led to light stimulation, and then a heated and swift fucking in the back of his car. It was great and we could see that other visitors were enjoying themselves as well, with cars gently rocking back and forth.

We soon had to leave as my boyfriend was to report for work in the night. So I was taken home. As I was getting out of the car I saw Boyd, my handsome and well sculpted cousin waiting on the patio. He had a look of slight surprise yet smirk on his face, not knowing what to make of it I smiled surprisingly at as I asked him what he was doing there, especially knowing that only my grandma was at home now. He told me he was seeing some friends in the area and so was just passing through to say hi to the family. My aunt and sister weren’t home so he was waiting on them, as he struck up a chat with our grandma. Great explanation for me, and I didn’t contest it while he was staring down the front of my blouse or gazing at my thigh not sure which one to choose. I excuse my self so I could put some more clothes on and wash off my make-up.

About 3 minutes into my changing I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I yelled “I’m in here”, and thought whoever it was would go use the other bathroom, but to my surprise Boyd stepped in behind me, as I was soaping and massaging my face in the mirror. I yelped wide-eyed and whispered “Get out!!” He didn’t budge, I repeated and asked him to go but he just smirked and stared down at my ass, then slowly inched forward to close the gap between my ass and the front of his pants.

“Who was that?” he whispered in my ear. My brows furrowed and my mouth fell open,” What are you talking about?” I was genuinely not into his questioning now, plus I was concerned about our grandma coming in on us. With that I voiced my concern, “get out before grandma comes looking for you”. He just casually said her bible group had come and were with her. Bycasino giriş And resume with the questioning look on his face.

“It’s my boyfriend, what?” I defended, why I was defensive, I don’t know, but felt I should stand some ground.

Without moving he retorted “So you think you grown enough to have a boyfriend now huh?”

“Yes I do” I snapped back. And with that we had an eye show down in the mirror, neither of us backing down from the stare. I could feel the tension rising in the tiny bathroom, and he felt it too. It must have been very stimulating for him cause his stare started to soften and his breathing quickened, Next thing I knew his hand was on my ass and he shifted a little so I could feel a stiff rod behind me.

“Lets see…” he huskily replied and gently sauntered to his knees. Alarm set in and I attempted to turn around to see what he was about to do, but he firmly held me in place and as he pressed his face to my ass. An exhilarating feeling set in as I finally realized that after so many years of teasing and taunting, I was going to finally experience him. I felt his firm cool hands and the came up my thighs, under my skirt to caress my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help but exhale, as I felt his breathe on the back of my thighs as he trailed kisses there,…wet, slowing , lingering kisses. It felt so good, and I wasn’t dreaming. But something jerked me back to reality. “I just had sex, I need to shower first.” I whispered.

” I know…”, and with that he menacing pulled my hongs down and spread those cheeks to expose my musky pussy. The touch of his tongue spelt extasy in my deepest crevices, and I had to be stifling my moans of pleasure. He then propped my right foot up on his thigh and went to work flicking, and nipping and pulling my inner-most flesh, and it was a matter of minutes before I was on the brink of orgasm. He felt it coming on and immediately stuck his pointer finger up my butt. I had to inhaled deeply to Bycasino deneme bonusu prevent myself from screaming, as the fluids flowed from my dam. Damn he was good, and swallowed every drop of that nectar. I was in pure bliss.

He slowly stood and I could see the juices on his face as he came closer for a kiss, and I could taste me on his tongue. But the kissing was short and intense, because he hastily bent me over the closed toilet before whispering in my ear, “I’ve waited so long to touch this body of yours, and know I can get to fuck you here, I don’t want to loose it”, because time was indeed against us. The others will be home soon, and the house will be abuzz with life. He was sucking on my neck as he menacingly pulled my skirt off completely to the floor, and within seconds his dick was impaling me, with long deep even strokes. He muffled throaty, curses and groans. Only thing I could keep quiet enough to hear “Oh my Godddd”…”been thinking about this pussy for so long”…”fucking take this dick”… “Keeping it tight for me?”…”open it up for me”…”yeeeaaaaahhhhhh”. I was in heaven; my head is in a tailspin. This was so fucking good, but I was suppose to feel bad, this was my cousin. But how can u think logically with a 9 inches dick lodge so far up my womb I could hear it popping, not to mention the orgasm that I was having?!? I know I couldn’t and it was a matter of time before he was on the verge of coming, ohh yea, bring on the good stuff, cause now he spread my ass so wide so he could really go deep in that pussy.

Then, a knock at the door. What the hell do I do now!?!?? I glance back to look at Boyd now and he was so lost in his orgasm that he started yell, “I’m coming, I’m coming”. To which my aunt answered ok, I’ll use the other one. I guess my exhaling from near heart failure, caused my pussy to contract so hard that he immediately blew his load right up inside of me. This was a crazy thrill, but we had to recover and fast, before anybody else came. With that our eyes did the goodbyes, and he was gone in an instant. It was a matter of time before I could move and I had to sit down to really close up. But in all this was a really nice, short, but really nice evening. And it was inevitable that we had to get together again. But definitely not here…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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