Forty-Five Minutes away

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James finished washing his hands and made his way back towards the last spot he saw his mom in: the other side of the gas station store.


She wasn’t around. Did she go back to their car?

Outside, next to the gas pumps, James’ beautiful mom Lilly was laying down the back seats. Her dark, long bangs hanging down and bouncing in front of her face as she made space for… something? He didn’t really get it.

“Mom…?” he tentatively asked, as he approached his mom from behind. The way she was leaning down, it made him want to…

He shouldn’t think those things.

But it’s just- The way her ass just… jutted out of her fucking frame–and how her pencil skirt clung to it…


He knew he wasn’t supposed to think of his mom that way but… it was hard. Even after months of being away from home it was impossible.

“Oh, there you are, sweetheart…!” said his mom, off-handedly, turning her head towards him for the smallest of seconds. Her blue eyes flashed for an instant before she went back to what she was doing.

“Just…” James started “…what are you doing?” he wondered aloud, noticing his mom had been going through their luggage, too “we’re almost there, aren’t we?”

“Oh…? Yes, I suppose we are…” she said, in that strange kinda mid-atlantic, english-lite accent that always made her so sexy. An old residue from her European upraising, a cultural tell of her family’s stock.

She reached further into the car and grabbed something James had failed to notice before: His old comforter and a set of blankets. That’s what she grabbed from their luggage?

“Well, honey… it’s just-” she hesitated to explain, as she set the blankets over the back of the car. She pressed down a couple times, using her full weight each time.

“Hrm! Hrm!” she sounded, every time she bounced her weight on top of it. Testing the softness, maybe?

From where James was standing, it was her bra which was being tested. How could any clothes contain those mammoth breasts of her? Even in her office clothes she looked… obscene.

“It’s just what, mom?” he asked, his eyes not leaving his mom’s almost-hanging udders for even a second.

“Your dad just called and…” she sighed, still not looking his way, still working those blankets and comforters into whatever it was she was doing with them.

“Well-” she started explaining, before finally turning around and… cutting away from her explanation again “-just give me a hand with these please, baby…” she said, interrupting herself before grabbing one of his large suitcases and moving it to the front.

He followed suit. His mom must have her reasons, after all.

After somehow fitting both suitcases on the floor behind the front seats, just beneath the now flattened out headrests of the backseats, his mom went right back to business, slamming the back door and sitting on the driver’s side.

She still hadn’t told him anything.

He smiled her way as they both got on the car, hoping for a continuation of their talk.

“Seatbelts” she said, without looking up.


She got the car out of the gas station and once again sighed a long sigh. James stared at her gorgeous, fat, crimson lips. The way her beautiful brown hair cascaded onto her shoulders, even while more than half of it was caught up in a professional-looking bun. Her immaculate style, her elegance. No wonder she ran the most successful PR firm in the city. Everyone would want to make business with her, even if just to look at her some more.

“As I was saying…” she finally started back again, as she merged into the highway “-your father heard your aunt was coming, and so decided he would go out of his way bring your brother around, too…” she whined “and they’re already there…”

She cleared her throat.

“Colin? But that’s great…!” answered James, not particularly eager to see his younger brother, but happy he had managed to make it to their family weekend after all “I knew dad would make it, but I thought Colin wouldn’t be arriving until Wednesday at least-?”

“Yes! Precisely! Wednesday!” jumped his mom, turning his way. A bit too enthusiastically, thought James. It made him reel back a little bit.

“That’s- um…” she cleared her throat “That’s how I understood it to be as well is what I’m getting at…” she sighed again.

Colin was James’ younger brother. For his graduation present he took a trip, and he supposedly wouldn’t be getting to their shared dorm until a few more days at least. But… apparently their dad had managed to arrange it differently. After all, this was the sole weekend his parents would be available to hang out with their kids, give them both a proper send-off to college. Colin especially, since it would be his first year.

Was this a bad thing?

As if reading his mind, his mom answered his question.

“And, well… you know how he gets…” she lamented “…all day long he wants something… has some sort of plan gerçek resimli gaziantep escort for something… and aaalways its ‘mom, mom, mom’…!” she shook her head disapprovingly “He’ll probably want to stay up late, too, tie us up into a movie or a concert or something…!”

James worried if perhaps she wasn’t being a bit too mean about his brother. He was… maybe overactive, though. That was true.

“He’s just…” she recanted, realizing how she had spoken “…a bit overbearing” she clarified, trying to be more careful with her words.

“Well…” laughed James “that he is…”

She wasn’t lying, he thought. Colin was a lot more of a class clown than he was. And he enjoyed getting attention. He usually had some sort of plan going, and he always dragged people into his business.

Last year, when it was just James they were sending off, Colin came along as well, and his energy–like it usually did–sort of overwhelmed everyone. Well, and he’d always been a big momma’s boy, too, so a lot of it fell onto their mom. Being the youngest, it had always been that way. And he leaned into it. He liked it. So… James figured it was understandable.

This year, it shouldn’t be any different. Especially since it was actually Colin’s turn to be sent off. No one thought he’d get into the same big-name college that James had, but then he surprised everyone! It was a big deal.

“Well, and the thing is, Jamie…” continued his mom “This year I was hoping that, uh-” she cleared her throat again.

Was she ever nervous? James was sure she wasn’t. So what was the big deal?

She sighed again.

“This year, I was hoping I could send you off properly…” she said “last year I…” she trailed off, still not looking his way “…I just thought I could be fine with just… and, well…”

James was still a bit lost. She wasn’t really saying anything.

His mom took an exit and moved into a small, rural road.

“Uh… are you sure this is the right…?” mumbled James, taking note of the radical change in direction they were suddenly making.

But his mom didn’t answer. She just kept driving forward.

The car bumped and swayed over the old, neglected road, and James couldn’t help noticing how it made his mom’s tits sway and bounce even in her very formal, very modest business suit.

He looked up to find her smiling his way, and shaking her head. Had she seen him looking?


“Don’t worry, sweetheart… I know all about where this road will take us…” she informed him, without really explaining anything, but flashing him a big, motherly smile.

“Right but… it doesn’t lead to our dorms, right?” asked James, a bit impatient now “aren’t- isn’t dad already waiting for us?”

He’d said ‘dad’ but who he was really thinking about was Colin. Wouldn’t he have cut short his super trip to make it and see both his dad and his mom? Wasn’t it for their sake? He would be sharing a room with Colin for the foreseeable future, so it could hardly be for the sake of seeing him.

Before his mom gave any answer, they reached the outskirts of a tiny little beach. Probably a bay away from their actual destination, but what seemed to be a nice little spot, with a currently empty shack a few meters in front, a few rows of beach cabins a few meters past that still, and a thick set of palm trees and greenery right in front and to the side of them.

His mom parked the car to their left–right next to some palms–in a bit of a hill overlooking the bay, but still far away from most of the handful of beach-goers still around. The tiny spot seemed like it wasn’t meant for parking, but there weren’t enough people around for anyone to care, and it did have a nice view of the upcoming sunset.

James looked at the time: 16:57. They were making good time, even with this mystery detour, but he had to wonder what exactly it was all about.

“When I was in high-school, I came to this beach once…” his mom said “it was a secret spot back then, but it seems like it’s not really secret anymore” she chuckled, looking around.

James was looking around, too. It was definitely a nice little beach spot, but he still didn’t quite understand what was going on.

“Do you like it?” she asked “…I didn’t really think I’d ever be back…” she trailed off.

“Sure, uh…” started James a bit confused still “It’s really nice…”

His mom let out another long sigh, and turned off the engine.

“I’m glad you like it… it’s a nice view…” she almost growled, her voice lowering almost into a purr “maybe this will still turn out for the best…”

“Is this what you wanted to show me, mom?” asked James, sincerely, trying to finally find out what was happening.

“Oh, no, it wasn’t…” chuckled his mother “I guess I still haven’t explained…”

The way she was looking at him, it was somehow different, thought James. He had seen it before, that gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan expression, but it wasn’t often. She seemed, somehow, more vulnerable but also more… secretive.

“Your father was supposed to get to Cape Haven tonight… tomorrow, really. His plane landed at around 3 am…” she explained, so far bringing up stuff he already figured “however, last minute he changed his itinerary–on his end and without telling me–to get there earlier…” she went on.

Alright. He still didn’t see the big deal.

“And, beforehand, convinced your brother to cut his trip short and meet him at his layover…”

This, he didn’t know. But how was it a bad thing? Or… any kind of thing?

She sighed.

“If it was just your father, I think we could manage… but then it’s your brother, too…?” she whined, looking up into the ceiling with a tired grimace.

Okay. We could manage what? James wanted to ask. None of this was making any sense.

“I mean, he’s supposed to be sleeping in your room–there’d be no way for him not to notice if-“

“Mom,” he finally interrupted “you still haven’t… said anything that explains-” he was struggling with finding the proper way of phrasing it. He felt impatient, but didn’t want to be impolite.

“I thought I just did!” his mom laughed “we’ll be swamped with attention as soon as we get there, and your brother’s going to be around all night…” his mom said, shaking her head again “Sorry, I just- I’m figuring this out as we go along, too…” she sighed, undoing her half-made bun and letting her beautiful, long hair fall free. The way her soft locks framed her face, the way her deep blue eyes accentuated the hue of her long, silky hair… it was distracting. For any man. Even her son.

So James focused.

“Figuring what out?” he asked, upfront.

“Well… how to finally give you your send-off present…! The one I wanted to give you last year, honey…!” she finally said, looking at him with an almost worried expression. Almost, but not quite. Her eyebrows were pained and pressed together, a pleading frown over her eyes–her lips, on the other hand, were halfway between a smile and a pout. Pressed together but pursed outwards. She had one hand over her mane of hair, tussling it away from its previous, more business-like configuration.

“Uh… what present?” asked James, growing a bit nervous all of a sudden. Excited? Not quite. Anxious.

“Oh, I think you know what present…” his mother said, finally smiling again. A motherly smile. An understanding smile. It looked sweet, and honest. It looked perfectly at home in his mother’s loving, beautiful face. Completely mundane…

However… something about it made James’ heart skip a beat. Something else, that he felt, but couldn’t quite parse.

Silence filled the car.


“Last year, your brother went, too… remember? Slept with us, at the hotel?” his mom started again, interrupting him past the silence with a chuckle “And he was everywhere…! Alongside your father, of course…” she rolled her eyes.

James remembered. They were a rambunctious pair, the two of them.

“And… well, I was already very hesitant, to begin with–stupid me–I should have just- I mean when you finally turned 18 I…” she trailed off, her voice breathy.

James had never seen her like this. But, as they both turned towards one another, he could see her breath speed up. The energy in the car change.

“All semester I waited it out, you know? And I considered visiting so many times…!” she half-chuckled half-whined “I should have…! But…” she shook her head “I guess I didn’t know how to- make it seem like-“

How to what?

And she had visited. With his dad.

“And then this summer break,” she kept going, turning back towards him but pushing right past her previous train of thought “I was hoping we could finally do it, but you went straight to that hiking trip with your girlfriend and the rest of your buddies–and then yesterday when you finally got home, I had my big presentation at work which would have been fine because today was perfect! Everything had lined up so well! It’d be just you and me in your dorm, your dad wouldn’t make it, your brother wouldn’t be there, I brought my outfit and-” she said, almost ranting “And then your stupid dad had to–bless his heart–he had to just-“

He had to what?

“Oh my god he can be so clueless!” she growled to the heavens, shaking both her hands. The way her sexy red lips pursed outwards as she cursed her husband was somehow incredibly sexy.

Everything about her was.

“Why couldn’t- why shouldn’t dad have-” James stuttered. Not really sure why he was so nervous.

Lilly looked at her handsome son in the afternoon light and for the first time in that whole exchange realized he really didn’t get it. Her lips curled up into an amused smile as both her gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort palms reached her face.

“Ooh, sweetie…” she giggled “are you playing dumb, or…?”

The way his mom looked at him… James didn’t know what to say. What was he supposed to know?

“Playing- uh…” James gulped in some air “…playing dumb about what?”

“Honey…” his mom giggled “Baby…!” she brought her hands to her mouth.

She was amused beyond words. Giggling short, nervous giggles every other breath.

“You’re going to-” she giggled “…you’re going to make me say it…?”

James was paralyzed. He recognized this energy. He wasn’t any kind of virgin. He did well with girls. He was comfortable around them, and had enjoyed his share of them even before leaving high-school. So he… he felt what was happening. His brain just refused to process it.

“Let me give you some clues, then…” said his mom, still all smiles about the way he was acting.

In one motion, she removed her business suit jacket and threw it over the backrest of her seat. As she arched her back to get the sleeves off, her shirt stretched itself over her amazing breasts, really testing the strength of those buttons. And as she bounced around in the seat to accommodate her disrobing, she turned slightly towards him.

She smiled a huge smile. An eager smile. Sat back, and unbuttoned the first few buttons in her blouse. Just enough to expose a smidge of cleavage.

James noticed, because anyone would.

“You’re paying too much attention to that…” she laughed, and James eyes immediately snapped back up.

“Your mom’s eyes are up here, you know…?” she mocked, pointing at the two pieces of ocean she had for eyes.

James breath sped up. Noticeably so.

His mom laughed again, and raised her feet up onto the car seat, curling them up beneath her and removing her shoes.

“You don’t think there’s… a thing happening here…?” she said next, pointing at the both of them with her free hand “most sons don’t go around… noticing their mom’s cleavage, you know…?”

James face grew beet red.

“Or noticing them as hard as you do…” she shrugged.

The air in the car kept growing thicker and thicker.

“Let me show you what I had in mind for today…” she said, bringing her feet back down and raising her ass from the seat. Her hands worked on the hem of her pencil skirt and she was pulling it down soon enough.

James couldn’t even believe he was watching his mom take off her clothes, much less the implication behind her words. Or was he imagining that part?

Beneath her skirt she didn’t have underwear… or not exactly. Instead, she was wearing something halfway between hot pants and volleyball shorts. A pastel-cyan color, and made up of two layers of fabric–both extremely short–one tight to her skin, and one flowy and light over it. It made the shorts look a bit like a really, really short skirt, while accentuating her impressive, perfectly round, perky ass.

James was almost gasping at the sight.

The shorts rode so high up her legs, you could see the garter belt that held her nylon panties up. Had you looked at her previous outfit, it would have been impossible to tell this is what was beneath it.

She smiled an amused smile at him as she carefully folded her skirt and put it on top of the dashboard.

“Hand me my…” his mom muttered, barely over her breath, as she gestured towards her bag, laying at his feet.

James hands were shaking as he obliged.

His mom giggled. She went into her bag and took out a case of eyeglasses, opened it, removed the pair of glasses inside, and put it on top of the dashboard–still staring at him, still with a broad, entirely too amused smile.

She put on the pair of glasses–thick-rimmed, black–and in a flash put up her hair in a ponytail, replacing her jewelry for less elegant, more youthful designs.

She finished the transformation by opening up her blouse, unbuttoning her sleeves, and tying it beneath her heavy, incredible set of breasts.

She opened her door, put on her shoes, and stood right outside for James to admire. A whistle of admiration could be heard coming from someone among the beach-goers.

All of a sudden, she looked 21–if that.

And not just that… the choices… she didn’t just look like a college student. She looked like the sluttiest college student he had ever seen. The exposed garter belt was really the highlight. She looked like a hipster chick, making some sort of statement, while looking exactly like the kind of girl who would suck your dick in the laundry room if you got lucky enough.

Shit, shit, shit, shit… she was just so fucking hot. Smoking hot. What the fuck, why was this his mom?

Why was she doing this?

“How do I look?” she then asked, knowing the answer perfectly well “I haven’t done my makeup accordingly, but I think the effect is still pretty good, right?” she said, turning on her side and posing some leg angles for her son.

James cleared his throat “Uh- I mean-“

“I was thinking about this all semester…” his mom said, with a pout, blowing right past his answer “Figuring out… how can I show up to your dorm with you? Can I pull off “college girl”, still?”

Holy shit, holy shit, thought James.

“These shorts are your cousin’s, you know?” she explained “but I think I pull them off nicely, right?” she asked.

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