Freaking Friday Ch. 03

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The phone rang only once before Andy’s deep, pleasant voice answered, “Hello?”

“Hi.” Monica replied, trying to keep her voice from trembling, “Monica just left for a party. I think she’ll be gone most of the night. Would you like to come here, or shall I come there?”

Andy laughed and said, “Why don’t you come over here? That way if she does come home, she won’t catch us in the middle of anything.”

“Ok.” Monica said, “I’ll be there in a little while.”

“Ah my sweet sexy lady, I can hardly wait!” She could hear the grin in his voice.

Monica ran to her mom’s bedroom and started to pull clothes out of her mom’s closet, looking for something provocative to wear. In the back, tucked behind a pant suit outfit, Monica found a delicate, sheer, black lace dress.

She pulled it out and held it up to look at it, grinning and saying aloud, “Why, Mother! Such a revealing thing this! I think I’ll put it to good use!”

Monica dressed quickly, then examined the result in the full-length mirror. She hadn’t put on a bra and was pleased to see her nipples stood out under the lace. Monica debated on whether or not to wear the lace panties that had been with the dress. She looked at herself turning from side to side to appraise her image.

Grinning wickedly, she said, “I don’t think I’ll have it on for long when I get to Andy’s, commando it is!”

Fifteen minutes later, she took a deep breath and knocked lightly on Andy’s motel room door. He opened the door and as he saw her, a grin spread from ear to ear. Without a word he stepped forward, took her in his arms and crushed his lips to hers in a hot, passionate kiss. Even though that was exactly what she was here for, Monica was taken by surprise but only for a moment, then melted she against him and began to kiss him back.

Andy’s hands roamed over her body, touching her breasts, stroking down her sides and along the curves of her hips, finally stopping as he cupped the firm cheeks of her ass.

He broke the kiss and whispered, “Maybe we should go inside? Unless you want to give the other motel patrons a show?”

Monica giggled and replied, “I think inside would suit me fine.”

Andy led her into his room and closed the door. Stepping away, he mixed her a drink from the group of small bottles on the dresser.

As he handed it to her, he asked, “Rum and Coke, right?”

Monica smiled at him, took the glass and sipped at it, letting her gaze take in the man before her. He had dark hair, green eyes and was of medium height, maybe 5 foot 10. Wide shoulders and massive arms were from years of weight lifting. She had always liked Andy, and a few times had thought about what it would be like to fuck him.

Now she had the chance and she was ready. The really nice thing about this was he wasn’t going to feel guilty, be hesitant about it or outright refuse like he would if she were still in her own body. Like the experience she’d had with Bill that afternoon, Monica knew she was in for a really great time. Unlike the afternoon tryst however, she wasn’t being blind-sided by this one. She set her glass down, walked over to Andy and began to run her hands over his chest as she stared into his eyes.

“Please.” She said, “I need you.”

Andy smiled, picked her up and carried her to the bed. He sat her gently on the edge and with one deft motion, pulled her lace dress up and off. His eyes ran up and down her body as if to devour her.

“God, you are gorgeous!” He said.

He unbuttoned and pulled off his shirt, exposing his tanned and muscular torso. He unsnapped and unzipped his slacks, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them. That left a pair of white boxers and with a grin he pulled them down and kicked them off.

Monica sat transfixed. She had never even seen Andy in a pair of shorts, much less naked. He was tanned all over and perfectly proportioned. His hard cock stuck out in front of him like a pole. It was good sized, and girthy, not monstrous by any means, but certainly a very nice example of male member. Andy stepped forward until his hard rod hung in the air only an inch or so from Monica’s face.

“Care for a taste?” He asked with a grin.

Monica hadn’t ever let anyone fuck her before today, but she had sucked a few. She reached up and wrapped her hand around the stiff pole in front of her. Her hand wouldn’t go all the way around it. She leaned forward and slowly ran her tongue along the underside of the purple, engorged, plum-shaped head, then popped it between her lips and back out several times, making Andy laugh. She took as much of it as she could into her mouth, cupped his balls and began to slide it in and out of her ruby lips, all the while using her tongue to good effect.

Andy groaned and said, “My God, Eve! You give the best blow jobs! One of these days I’m going to finally talk you into marrying me.”

Monica almost choked on his cock as she heard his statement. She had no idea how Andy had felt about her mom until that moment.

Andy glanced down at her, a concerned isveçbahis look on his face and asked, “Are you ok?”

Monica popped his cock from her mouth and replied, “I’m fine. I got a pubic hair stuck in my throat is all.”

Andy chuckled, then a look of ecstasy filled his face as she again swallowed his cock. She was both amused and pleased at his response to her blow-job. She was so pleased she decided she would try to make this blow job one he’d never forget. As she stroked and kneaded his balls, she wrapped her other hand around the base of his hard shaft. Tilting her head back, she swallowed his hard shaft to the root, then pulled back, sliding it out. Her tongue worked the tender underside as her lips stroked over the girth of it. When her full, red lips slipped out over the head of his cock, she hesitated a fraction of a second, then shoved her head forward, again taking the entire length of it into her mouth and throat.

Under such sensual ministrations, it wasn’t long before Andy groaned, “OH GOD, Baby! I’m gonna cum!”

A split-second later Monica was swallowing desperately to keep up with the volume of cum Andy was squirting into her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, Andy’s hard rod twitched one last time as the final drop of his spunk dripped onto her tongue. She had allowed a few guys to cum in her mouth in the past, so she wasn’t a stranger to the taste. Actually, she liked it, but she had never had anyone with Andy’s volume. She was surprised to find she had swallowed it all.

Andy grinned down at her and gently pulled his cock from her mouth. He took her by the arms and raised her to her feet. Pulling her slowly to him, then crushed his lips to hers. His tongue snaked between her full lips and his fingers found their way to her wet slit. He kissed her hard, diddling her creamy, sloppy sex as he did.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered, “Come on. It’s your turn to cum.” Taking her shoulders and gently pushing her back onto the bed, he knelt at the edge, grasped her legs and pushed them up, exposing her swollen, glistening, pink labia.

Leaning forward, he brought his mouth to her pussy, then stopped, holding himself motionless. Monica could feel his hot breath against her aching sex. As minutes ticked by, Monica could feel a tense knot of desire building in her as Andy’s warm lips and hot breath played havoc against her pussy. Finally, Monica could take no more.

“Oh, God!” She moaned, “Ohhhhh…GOD! Please…please eat meeee!”

As the long, drawn-out “me” left her lips, Andy shoved his tongue between her swollen petals and began to lick her clit.

Monica grabbed the back of his head and pulled, moaning over and over, “Oh, God! Oh…God! Oh…god…Oh…god…Oh…god-Ohhhhhhhh..myyyyy..Godddddd!!”

Andy slipped two fingers into her wetness. He hooked them upwards to rub at her g-spot. As he did, an electric shock coursed through Monica. Before she knew it, before she could even think about it, a tremendous orgasm washed over her. It was so intense she couldn’t even moan. As the massive orgasm thundered through her, all she could do was tremble.

Finally, she managed to gasp out, “No…No more! Oh, God…S-S-Stop! N-No more!”

Andy gave her sopping sex one last, long, tender lick, then slowly pulled his fingers from inside her.

He grinned mischievously, “My goodness Eve, you’ve always been a hot lover, but tonight you’re like twenty degrees beyond hot!”

“And now, my hot, sexy lover,” he said, grasping his hard cock, placing it at her entrance, “It’s time for this.”

On the last word, he pushed forward, sliding the length of his rod balls deep into her warm wetness. Monica groaned at the sensation. She couldn’t believe how good a hard cock felt when it filled her this way. Without pulling out of her, Andy slid her around until they were both on the bed. He pulled her legs up over his arms, grasped her hips and began to slowly thrust in, then pull out of her until just the tip of his cock was lodged between her pussy lips, then back in until his balls gently nudged at her ass. Gradually, as his passion rose, Andy’s pace increased until his balls were slapping her ass and her tits were bouncing with the power of each stroke.

Every fiber of Monica’s consciousness was concentrated on the sensation of Andy’s cock slamming into her. She could feel another climax growing, feel the tension tighten inside her as her impending orgasm grew. When it hit, the sheer waves of intense pleasure filling her senses forced moans, then screams of rapture from her throat. A moment later, she felt Andy’s body stiffen, and his cock throb as he filled her depths with jets of hot cum. And just as with Bill, this caused yet another orgasm to thunder through her sensitized body. As her third orgasm ebbed, she became aware of Andy’s body on top of her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around him.

She kissed his cheek and purred, “Oh God, lover!”

Slowly, Andy slipped from between her legs, stretched out on his side and pulled her to him.

As she snuggled isveçbahis giriş up to him, he said, “Eve my sweet, you are good, so very, very good! I love being with you.”

Wrapped in his arms, Monica felt sated and happy, but she could feel sleep filtering into her body. “Mmmmm, I want you again and again, but I… think…we…need…a…ah…a n-na…n-nap.”

A few moments later, sleep pulled them both gently down into its soft embrace.


As Eve walked into the wall of noise that filled the cabin, Morgan appeared by her side, pressing a glass into her hand. She took a sip, and was delighted to find it was a rum and coke. She gratefully took a long pull, draining half the glass.

Morgan put his mouth next to her ear and almost yelled so she could understand him, “Let’s dance!”

Pulling her close, they started to sway and gyrate to the music. Before long, she could feel the lump of his hard-on pressing against her. This caused her body to respond and she could feel her pussy getting wet. She looked up at him and before she knew it, his lips were on hers, kissing her hungrily. She hesitated only a moment, then kissed him back. She could feel his hands slide down to cup her ass. In response, she pushed her hips forward, grinding her mound against the bulge of his cock.

The dance ended and Morgan took her hand and led her to a chair. It was a large, overstuffed thing, big enough for both of them. He sat down and patted his knee. Eve hesitated, then settled onto his lap. Before long, she was lost in the feeling of his hands wandering over her bare legs, rubbing along her sides and occasionally brushing the firm mounds of her breasts through her top. Eve groaned as his fingers stroked across her erect nipples.

‘I don’t know if I can keep from jumping him right here.’ She thought, ‘I don’t know if I want to keep from it!’

For the next couple of hours, they alternated between the dance floor and the overstuffed chair. During the sessions in the chair, Eve sat on his lap and the petting became very passionate. Eve had allowed Morgan to work his hand into her panties and she was very aware of how wet she was. The crotch of her panties was soaked and her inner thighs were damp. Morgan had his finger between the hot, swollen lips of her pussy, rubbing it over her clit. As he did Eve couldn’t help but rock back and forth in response. She was so very turned on and so very, very horny.

Morgan put his lips next to her ear., “Want to take a walk?”

Somehow, it sounded more like a command than a request. Eve shivered. She knew what he meant, knew he wanted to get her alone, knew that it might lead to her losing her daughter’s cherry, but she wanted to go with him. Not trusting her voice, she just nodded. He took her hand and led her out of the cabin and down toward the lake. As they reached the water, he turned to follow the shore. She had no idea where they were going, but it seemed like he did. A few minutes later, he led her to the door of another cabin that sat a short way down the shore. Producing a key, he unlocked the door and entered, motioning her to follow.

“Whose is this?” Eve asked.

“It belongs to my parents.” He replied.

He closed the door behind them and turned on the light. Eve looked around and found the place to be small and cozy. The main room was both kitchen and living room – the kitchen along one wall, a couch, chair, and tv along the other, with a table and chairs in the middle. Through one open door she could see a bathroom and through another a bed. She also noticed a ladder that lead to a sleeping loft.

Morgan turned on a CD player that sat on the same table as the TV, filling the room with music. He rummaged around in a cupboard, pulled out two glasses, and filled them with ice from the small ancient ‘fridge in the corner. Adding coke and a splash of rum from a bottle he pulled from his pocket, he smiled and handed it to Eve.

She took the offered drink and drained half the contents of the glass while Morgan watched her closely. She had thought about her talk with Monica all the way out to the party and had finally decided on what she was going to do. Setting her glass down and walking over to Morgan, she put her hand behind his head and pulled his lips down to meet hers. He yielded and she kissed him with everything she had. She put every ounce of passion and yearning she had into it. Morgan’s hands slid up under her skirt and his fingers slipped under the hem of her panties and into her very aroused cunt.

Morgan pulled his lips from hers, took her hand and led her into the bedroom. He sat down on the edge of the bed then pulled her down next to him. He wrapped his arms around her, crushing his lips to hers and kissing her with renewed fervor. She groaned as his tongue snaked between her lips to duel with hers. She moaned and pushed her hips toward his hand as she felt his fingers find her sex again, sliding up and down her wet slit.

Eve felt the cool air against her nipple as Morgan’s hand slid under her top isveçbahis yeni giriş and pulled it up. A moment later, her body vibrated with want as his fingers stroked across her hard, crinkled nipple. He pulled his mouth from hers and transferred his lips to the nipple he was stroking. Eve thought she would cum on the spot as his warm mouth engulfed it. She placed her hand behind his head and pulled him towards her.

She felt him working her panties down off her hips, then felt him pulling them down her legs and off over her feet. Returning up her body, his fingertips slid slowly up and down her slit, brushing over her clit, then down until they touched her opening, sending a jolt through her each time he did. Eve was lost in the feel of his fingers probing her so deliciously, his lips pressed against hers and his tongue tangling with her own.

As if from a distance, she felt him unzip his jeans and pull them down. A moment later she felt the head of his cock touch the wet, swollen lips of her pussy. A moment more and the engorged head of his hard shaft slipped between her labia. He stopped and lay still, the crown of his cock nestled between her wet, swollen lips.

‘Oh God! I want it!’ the thought filled her mind, ‘All I’ve got to do is spread my legs and pull him to me and he’ll be inside me in an instant. God! I want him to fuck me!’

But then through the haze of passion, sanity crashed onto her senses. She clamped her legs against him and pushed at him, stopping him from penetrating farther into her daughter’s virginity.

“No! No!” She gasped, “I can’t, I just can’t! I can’t let you fuck me!” Morgan groaned and reluctantly pulled back. Gritting his teeth and shuddering as the head of his cock slipped from between the warm, wet, inviting petals of her sex. He rolled to one side and lay on his back.

“So, what now?” Morgan asked in an exasperated tone.

Eve was aware of his mood and knew he felt she was a tease. She reached over, wrapped her hand around his hard rod and began to stroke it.

“Just because I won’t let you fuck me doesn’t mean we can’t do other things.” She offered.

A bit of precum glistened at the tip as she slowly stroked his cock. Morgan closed his eyes, expecting her to use her hand to bring him to a climax. He was taken totally by surprise, however, when she leaned forward and wrapped her warm lips around the engorged purple head of his rod. Morgan had never had a blowjob, so didn’t know what to expect. But Eve loved sucking cock and was about to give him the benefit of all her sexual experience.

Kneading his balls as she sucked him, she took more and more of his length until she had his entire cock in her mouth and throat. As she worked her mouth up and down his shaft, her tongue swirled along the sensitive underside. Her expertise, combined with Morgan’s youth, and being horny as hell from fingering her, it only took a couple of minutes before he came.

Eve was delighted as she felt his cock throb and the first hot squirt entered her mouth. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, squeezing and stroking as she cupped his balls with the other. She used her tongue to lick along his shaft as she swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum. After what seemed like an eternity, she swallowed the last dribbled bit. Gently, she licked the head of his cock, then lay still, her hand still wrapped around it, her mouth engulfing the head. Morgan stroked her hair and said, “My God! Where did you learn that? I thought you were a virgin?”

“That only means I’ve never had a cock in me,” Eve smiled, “That doesn’t mean I don’t know other things. Now, would you like to do some tasting of your own?”

Morgan grinned and said, “I never have, but I damn sure would like to try it!”

Eve climbed onto the bed and pulled her skirt up. She spread her legs, exposing the wet glistening lips of her tight, young snatch. She motioned Morgan to her. He scrambled across the bed and stretched out on his stomach between her legs.

“Put your tongue right here.” Eve instructed, spreading the lips of her cunt and touching her clit.

Morgan leaned forward, extended his tongue and ran the tip over the hard nub of her clit.

Eve groaned, “Oh, God YES! Right there!” as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth hard against her swollen sex.

Morgan’s cock twitched as he tasted pussy for the first time. He couldn’t believe how good it was! He licked hard at her clit, wanting to make her cum.

Eve groaned and began pulling frantically at the back of his head, wanting his mouth and tongue against her wet, wanting sex. She felt her climax building and couldn’t believe how quickly her daughter’s body was responding to Morgan’s inexperienced tongue. Eve’s climb towards climax continued to build as Morgan licked and sucked at her clit. He slipped two fingers into her opening, surprised when his fingers slid into her to the second knuckle. As she felt his fingers slide into her, Eve was confused. Her daughter said she was a virgin! Then through the hot haze of sex, her mind made sense of it. Monica was a very active girl and probably lost her hymen while being so physically active. With that resolved, Eve moaned and relaxed, a seed of what she wanted to do planted in her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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